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Volvo Car Australia has recalled 691 Volvo XC90 SUVs over an issue with the power steering.

The recall applies to 2010 and 2011 model year XC90 vehicles within the VIN range 553910 and 576645.

According to the official recall notice on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission website, affected vehicles exhibit oil leakage from the steering gear.

“It is most likely that the leakage will occur gradually and slowly drain the power steering oil, generating noise and gradually decreased power steering assistance.

“In the worst case scenario the defect may result in sudden drainage of power steering oil and a loss of power steering assistance. Since this may appear suddenly and without any relevant warnings to the driver, the condition poses an unreasonable risk to motor vehicle safety.”

Volvo Car Australia’s Jaedene Hudson said the recall was issued globally. She said Volvo had received no reports of incidents from Australian owners.

“There have definitely been no instances here of vehicles losing power steering,” Ms Hudson said.

She said the recall service, which involves replacing the internal pipes, would take around two hours and would be conducted free of charge.

Volvo Car Australia is currently in the process of contacting all owners by mail, and encourages affected owners to contact their authorised Volvo dealer for more information.

  • Carbine

    Awaiting the keyboard-ninjas…
    Blah blah blah… Volvo’s are crap and unsafe…
    Blah blah blah… So much for Swedish safety and reliability…
    Blah blah blah… my Kiyundai i30/Folden Auridore was never recalled, therefore it’s a much better car….

  • Andrew of Melbourne

    Absolutely sunshine, the proof is in the pudding. Latest JD Power Dependability survey shows Volvo is still below industry average. Therefore the best choices are the ones above industry average such as the Japanese and MB and Porsche which have the least problems found. Not sure what you drive but you’ll be better off driving a car from a reliable brand such as Merc, they excel in every area of car making.

    • Carbine

      Sure, like the W210 E-Class that suffered body rust while they were still perfecting their water based paint technology. Or the first four production years of exploding 5-speed automatic gearboxes. Or perhaps the auto-closing doors on W220 S-Classes that go on strike? I’ve experienced all three, sunshine!

      • Andrew of Melbourne

        You should know if you aren’t aware that during the production years the particular models were made, MB was experiencing quality control issues that the company itself acknowledged. And during that time which these cars were made the last of them around 2006 the slip in build quality was accurately recorded in the same JD surveys during the early to mid 2000s. It was a well-known fact amongst consumers and the company about the reliability of the product during this time but steps were taken to address those issues. Which is why MB has actually worked its way up the ranks to where it is now around 4th or 5th. Whereas Volvo has consistently never made it above industry average for a long, long time.

        • Carbine

          ” It was a well-known fact amongst consumers ” – on hindsight, yes it’s well known. It’s no comfort to the consumers who bought them new at the time expecting a quality product to reflect it’s price tag and reputation. It goes to show that any car can be subject to recalls, even your hallowed Mercedes-Benz, but simply making a recall does not make a bad car. Even hand-built Rolls-Royce motor cars are recalled occasionally.

  • Elise

    I still dont understand all the soccer mums who buy these cars, ridiculously over priced and plentiful of problems….take for instance 60% of XC90s that have ‘blown gearboxes’ costing around 9-12k each!

  • Benny

    Stay clear of Volvo. They once might have been a relaible car but my XC90 transmission has given me all sorts of grief. They migh look nice but they cost heaps to keep running.