by Brett Davis

Land Rover Australia has just announced pricing for the upcoming, and highly anticipated, Range Rover Evoque sports SUV. Ranging from $53,395 to $77,395, the new Range Rover is expected to sell better than hotcakes.

The Evoque will be available in three trim levels; Pure, Dynamic and Prestige. Starting the range will be the Range Rover Evoque TD4 Pure fitted with a six-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive available from $53,395. Standard features include a five-inch TFT Driver Information Centre colour display, climate control, Bluetooth, as well as parking sensors and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Both two-door Coupe and five-door versions will be on offer in all trim levels. Engines include the TD4 2.2-litre turbo diesel producing either 110kW or 140kW, and the new 2.0-litre EcoBoost Si4 engine developing 177kW.

The Dynamic models (sports-inclined) will come standard with body-coloured sills and bumper bars, 19-inch alloy wheels, brushed aluminium accents throughout the interior, and the same level of in-car entertainment as the Prestige (see below).

Topping off the range will be the Evoque Si4 Prestige (luxury-inclined) four-wheel drive model fitted with a six-speed automatic gearbox, available from $77,395. Standard features include high-resolution eight-inch touchscreen with an 11-speaker 380-watt Meridian Sound system, two USB ports, 19-inch alloy wheels, Oxford leather interior and adjustable mood lighting.

Deliveries are set to start in November this year, with a two-wheel drive eD4 diesel (110kW, six-speed manual) variant coming in 2012.

Pricing for all models are as follows (Recommended Retail Prices for the five-door, Coupe versions cost an additional $1500):

TD4 110kW six-speed Manual 4WD

  • TD4 Pure six-speed Manual 4WD – $53,395
  • TD4 Dynamic six-speed Manual 4WD – $66,895
  • TD4 Prestige six-speed Manual 4WD – $68,895

SD4 140kW six-speed Manual 4WD

  • SD4 Pure six-speed Manual 4WD – $57,395
  • SD4 Dynamic six-speed Manual 4WD – $70,895
  • SD4 Prestige six-speed Manual 4WD – $72,895

Si4 177kW six-speed Automatic 4WD

  • Si4 Pure six-speed Automatic 4WD – $60,395
  • Si4 Dynamic six-speed Automatic 4WD – $73,895
  • Si4 Prestige six-speed Automatic 4WD – $75,895

Key Option Prices

  • Six-speed automatic transmission with drive select and paddle shift (TD4/SD4 only) – $2480

Option Packs

  • Pure Tech Pack (mandatory fit to Pure models until November production) – $4500
  • Prestige/Dynamic Tech Pack – $5900
  • Dynamic Plus Pack – $7200

The Pure Teck pack includes an eight-inch high resolution touchscreen, 380-watt Meridian sound system, audio connectivity system, configurable interior mood lighting, leather seats, carpet mat set and 18-inch Style 2 Sparkle Silver alloy wheels.

The Prestige/Dynamic Teck pack comes with high-definition premium navigation system including 4×4 information, hard disc drive audio server for 10 CD storage and DVD playback, voice control, headlamp power wash, power tailgate, illuminated treadplates, loadspace stowage rails, front parking aid, rear-view camera including trailer hitch guidance and advanced climate control with air filtration, air quality sensor and automatic recirculation.

The Dynamic Plus pack includes a sporty interior layout in Velocity (ebony) or Agility (red) including single-piece sports seats. The seats are also heated and electronically adjustable eight ways. This pack is only available on Dynamic variants.

Individual Options

  • HDD Navigation including 4×4 information and hard disc drive audio server – $3400
  • Park Assist – $1090
  • Power Tailgate – $1020
  • Metallic Paint – $1300

  • m2m

    Next car, for sure!

    • andronicus

      agreed. looks like im trading up!

      also, is it just me but does this thing just look classier in white?

      • Biker

        Agree on white.

  • Nath746

    Certainly looks nice, and with a manual gearbox available (didn’t think this was going to happen) makes it high on my list of vehicles to buy.

    CA – will you be doing a review of this car when it comes out? and if so, can you please do an off-road test of it as well?

  • Pops

    There’s a 5 door already available? I thought it was only 2 door initially with the 5 door to be released later?

  • PeterG

    A bit down on power.

    • poweerrrrrrrr

      The power doesn’t seem that bad, the SD4 looks promising. i wonder how the SD4 and the petrol compare.

      • Don

        SD4 is an excellent engine, power is there when you need it, and the lag is less noticeable compare with the TD4. Can’t really say much about the si4, however it seems like the engine is quite similar to the Volvo S60 T5 engine.

  • Andrew of Melbourne

    The best looking, best value for money and best-equipped car in its class and the cheapest as well. Expect this car to be the sales leader in its segment by a big margin.

  • shane

    I think Charles Spencer King (the original Range Rover designer) would be mortified if he saw this and what the Range Rover has become. he designed a timeless classic and it has been twisted into this contrived piece of nonsense

    • Matt

      I think he’d be happy this car was working.

    • A

      People are downrating your comment, but you are actually right. He’s on record saying he hated that the Range Rover had become a status symbol that was more common in the city than in the country. However, I think business is business and I think this is an exciting little car that I can’t wait to have a drive of or possibly own, so I don’t really care what Mr. King’s original idea was, because it’s outdated.

  • Homer

    What is a comparable size to this? X3/Q5 or X5/Q7?

    • Andrew of Melbourne

      Audi Q5, BMW X3, Land Rover FreeLander2 would be Evoque’s main competitors.

      • Hector

        not true. these cars you have mentioned are a level above the evoque. the X1, Q3 and other crossover models are in the same market segment.

        • Spook

          Hector is correct. Size-wise, the Evoque competes with the X1/Q3 crowd. Compare the size.

          Evoque 5-door(L/H/W in mm):

          BMW X1

          Audi Q3

          Price-wise, it will probably be a closer match to the Q5 and X3.

  • Able

    Now this here is STUNNING in both appearance and price, something that I really didn’t expect (well, the pricing part anyway). I was thinking base would be around $70k going up to $90k for the top but I’ve been proven wrong.

    Mmmmm, I’m thinking this could be my 330d replacement in a year or so…

  • laurie

    Is that the Ford EcoBoost engine looks like the same specs

    • Spook

      Yes. The Si4 is the same unit as the Volvo T5 as well.

  • Hector

    don’t forget dealer delivery and LCT folks.

    • Able

      You add it to all the rivals too…

    • Spook

      Go easy on the option list and there won’t be much LCT to pay on the TD and SD engines. Per the UK specs (which would be similar to Oz), combined fuel consumption for the manual SD4 is 5.6 L/100km and 6.6 L/100km for the auto SD4. The Si4 on the other hand is 8.4 L/100km.

  • ford

    best land rover I have ever seen

  • Vince

    Range Rover will not be able to make enough!

  • Biker

    So where do I get all the tech details?
    It is an awesome car as seen at Sydney motor show. I was surprised to find the roof line to be quite low. I’m sure all the competitors are a bit ‘higher’.

    • Hector

      i too was a bit disappointed with the roof line of the car. i was expecting to be much higher and closer to the sport/vogue however it looks a little pathetic standing next to the sport/vogue.

      the X3/Q5 do sit higher. i think this car would compete with the crossover market ie the new Q3 coming out

      • Biker

        Saw on a UK website the approach/departure and ramp-over angles. Not too bad. I was susprised the ground clearance for front axle being 215mm and rear axle 240 mm. Wade depth 500 mm

  • Golfschwein

    It’s extremely desirable. If I could afford it, and then justify it, I would. Actually no, don’t bother justifying it.

  • Sandy

    wow from only $53K?!?!?!?! i am almost gobsmacked.

  • Smeagle

    Deposit down on a baltic blue prestige. The order list will exceed 12 months before first deliveries in November. It’s like a BMW X5 for nearly half the money. SOLD!

    • Charles

      Yeah, but half the size…I’d rather have a bigger car than a X1 sized crossover.

  • Matt

    I don’t get why they’re calling LWB a 5-door and the SWB a 2 door coupe. Does the “coupe” not have a tailgate?

  • bruzzer

    I think the pricing is all wrong, how come the Volvo XC60 which has the same engine is cheaper and is sold as an entry level model.
    as oppose to Range Rover the 2.0 turbo is the top of the range model.

    Although the design is stunning and should be winner with anyone.

    • Andrew of Melbourne

      Volvo xc60 is irrelevant when compared to this beautiful piece of car. This Range Rover will outsell the xc60 within a couple of months by a significant margin.

  • Gavin

    Smallest rear window ever!
    Good thing a rear-view camera is available.

  • Daniel

    Well I would say that the price would put it in competition with the Ford Territory too (bad news for Ford)…it is a no brainer to work out which one I would purchase.

    • phase3

      unless you needed to carry a full-load regularly.

      horses for courses, really…

  • Jeef Beef

    This car would be perfect with the brilliant 3.0 TDV6. I’d pay the premium to have that engine.

  • Micky M

    Never been into SUV’s until now, love the lines of this car, sign me up when it’s out!

  • goran

    why same car in US cost only 41000 USD?????

    • Biker

      If I translate $41k (US) to AUD at rate of 1.06 AUD to the USD, this cost the equavalent of AUD 38 679 (in the US. And we pay $53k?
      Are they flying them in on business class or shipping them down under?

  • Julian

    Finally somebody speaks sense. Again, we the Australian consumers are taken for a ride. How come the same car in US cost double here in Australia? I just did calculation for the Dynamic model, top specifications would cost (at today’s exchange rate) $ 51,345 (US$ 56,650).
    The same model in UK would cost $ 69,050..(keep in mind 20% VAT)
    Here in Australia over $ 93,000. Is Land over serous about the Ozy market?
    For me if a product cost $ 1 overseas should cost $ 1 here as well.
    I love the car and was serously considering buying it but at this price simply is out of question. If somebody has the money to burn…good for Land Rover.

  • andrew

    Yes very nice car. Saw it at Bondi Junction (sydney)on the weekend. the Coupe is very sexy.

    The reason why they charge the Australian’s more is because we a silly enough to pay it. Our dollar is strong and compared to the rest of the world we are not doing to badly with the current economical situation that effect most of the rest of the world.
    Which don’t make it right.
    Yes in the US they have a much larger customer base hence sell more cars, have a greater competition but in the end they do lead us like fools when it come to anything sold in Australia compared to other countries. and no this does not make it right.

  • Lead Eater

    Love the car, I think it bird – poos all over the Freelander!
    The pricing is suprisingly good but would love an auto diesel. I do 600km per week and just get sick of gears. I know sounds boring but I want to point and shoot, not play speed racer at traffic lights.

    • The Guv

      Other than some cosmetic differences the Evoque is a Freelander2. Same power plant under the bonnet and same chassis as well I am told.

  • test driven

    It’s overrated and an overpriced box.

    Cut off 39k$ from the
    prestige price.