Ford has been caught testing the upcoming Ford Fiesta ST (potentially Australia’s next Ford Fiesta XR4) on Germany’s Nurburgring. It looks like it’ll be one angry little hot hatch, sporting an aggressive bodykit, a huge, gulping front apron and a turbocharged engine producing around 140kW of power.

Looking a bit like its higher-powered big brother – the new Ford Focus ST – the Fiesta ST takes on Ford’s latest design language which showcases a wide-open front fascia and grille area. This will provide plenty of fresh air for various coolers and deep breaths for the engine.

It seems Ford is very serious about providing a true sports hot hatch with this test mule being pounded around the ‘Ring for optimum development. This particular test car also appears to feature a six-point roll cage, which proves the test drivers have been given strict instructions to really get the most out of the car.

Although engine details aren’t yet official, reports suggest the hot hatch will be powered by a 1.6-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing around 140kW of power. This will help it rival the likes of the Renault Clio 200 and the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Acceleration from 0-100km/h is expected to be under the six-second range, while a top speed of 240km/h is also on the cards.

The production car will include various track-ready components such as a sports suspension setup, six-speed manual transmission, uprated brakes with multi-piston calipers and a variety of cosmetic revisions which will help the body cut through the air.

The Ford Fiesta ST will be unveiled in 2012, after the Focus ST makes a debut at the end of this year.

  • Toyota Guru

    Hey Mazda, are you reading this? How about doing a Mazda2 MPS since you’re sharing this platform with Ford!

    • andronicus

      u ever sat in a Mazda 2? its like sitting in a plastic bucket. the fiesta interior is really quite nice. suprising because mazda usually get their interiors pretty right.

      sorry, sort of unrelated :)

  • Philthy

    Ooh, potential replacement for my Polo GTI.. I like it!

  • Catter29

    gonna get one.

  • asin

    I see a roll-cage in there! is it normal for test cars to have roll cages?

    • Robert

      i couldn’t imagine so? they don’t sell it with a roll cage so why would they test it with one

  • Showtime

    That black grill makes it look like it has a big muzzle on!

  • Kanji

    With 140kw I doubt it would do 0-100 in less than 6 seconds. The Focus RS and the new ST do it in 5.9sec even though they are heavier with lots more power.

  • sm

    front end is like hanibal lector

    • pezza


  • eskylid

    sign me up for one, always liked the look of the fiesta, it just need a hot hatch in the range.

  • Michael

    Pity the interior quality isn’t up to the same mark as the 2011 Polo GTI, unless it’s made in Europe (as opposed to Thailand).

    • RS200

      At least it’s a Manual gearbox a not a “Modern” Automatic!

      How do you enter a tight curve and use the engine to break? You don’t there are reviews on the Polo GTI justifying this simple fact.
      The front end of the car just under-steers.

      Dual Clutch yes but make it completely manual!

      • richard

        Easy, you just downchange using the stick or the steering wheel paddles. It will then stay in the gear you select.

    • MattW

      I’d say the ST will be build in Germany like the Econetic version is

  • Fiesta

    Will be made in Europe (at least initially) as the Thailand factory does not make the 3-door models.

    It’s an absolutely sensational chassis. Just have a look at what Ken Block has done in the rally championships with his Fiesta. The ability is there for this car to handle a LOT of power.

    This should sell really well in Australia – really only competing with a Polo GTI (I would argue Focus XR5 replacement is the competitor for the Golf GTI).

    If they can price it at 30k or under, it will go like bananas.

    I currently own a German-built WS Fiesta with a few mods that give me a bit more power and torque than the standard …
    I’ve never driven a car where you can literally throw so much sideways force at it and it just holds the road like the Fiesta does (apart from an M3 but that’s a different story).

    Can’t wait for Ford Aus to bring this here.

    • RS200

      Only competes with the Polo GTI! What?

      The Renault Clio RS 200 will eat it alive but I must say if anyone can come close or beat Renault it’s Ford.

      But saying it will compete with the Polo GTI is a little ignorant no?

      Renault Clio Rs 200, Skoda Fabia vRS, Mini Cooper S, Fiat 500 Abarth are the Aussie competition for this Fiesta ST.

      • bangel

        Yes but the clio has no resale value and will be plagued with reliability issues .

        Be smaert by the ford or the VW .

    • RS200

      “I’ve never driven a car where you can literally throw so much sideways force at it and it just holds the road like the Fiesta does (apart from an M3 but that’s a different story).”

      You haven’t driven the Clio RS 200 have you?

      • bangel

        Yes i have and i hate the high seating , just dumb , its not earth shattering by any means

        • Leyianart

          High seating?

          What Clio are you talking about? RS 200 has Recaro seat’s and are not hight in any way.

          But who cares get a VAG it’s your loss trust me!

          • Damian

            RS200, the Clio should be good considering its near $40k price tag. It’s natural competitors cost $10k less.

  • mmmmmm

    they took an already ugly car and just kept hitting it with the ugly stick. ford stylists must all need guide dogs

    • Catter29

      you need the guide dog, you cant even see it properly.

  • Kanji

    VW Polo has the same power to weight ratio and does 0-100 in 7sec. It also has a DSG which is faster in shifting than a 6 speed manual. I don’t see how this can do 0-100 in less than 6 seconds.

    • Andrew M

      We dont know torque figures yet so hold onto your predictions

      • Kanji

        True that, but again being realistic I highly doubt ford will put out more than 300NM from that 1.6L engine to the front wheels (Polo GTI 250NM). Or unless they decide have the Fiesta RS200 drvetrain push all 4 wheels (I WISH). But by the looks of it I’m sure it’ll impress.

    • filippo

      Faster in changing gears sure, however DSGs have this annoying habit of spending about half a second – from the time you put your foot down – to decide whether to start in first or second.

  • catter29


  • FordSTNation

    OMG, I want the 3 door so bad here in America. I really hope they bring out a 3-door fiesta ST to U.S. It would be such a mad car. That car looks really sick!