• Steve-Poyza

    “Despite the SY Territory’s aging design (first seen in April, 2004), it never looked out of date or like it was overdue for a makeover.”

    Haha, you couldn’t be more wrong in my opinion.

    • motla

      In my too. The car never looked modern.

    • gazza

      How anyone would buy one of these dinosaur’s over a KLUGER is beyond me! Little wonder territory sales are going backwards.

      • Ford Man

        I can tell you how…they realise it doesnt driver like a boat as the Kluger does.


        • gazza

          At least the kluger ball joints dont fall out! But FORD doesnt have a problem with territory do they? Also dont trust territory brakes either! A new diesel engine that’s already outdated, trust FORD!

          • troy

            lmao, the FIRST series of terrys had bad ball joins, they fixed this pretty quickly,

            but if its all you have bud, keep wailing it on.

            also no matter how good a Kluger was, NO WAY could i drive something with that name!!! its only a 4×4 pensionmobile ( camry ) to me anyway.

          • Westy

            What is it with people re-hashing a prior issue of the past thinking it still applies to all vehicles today. It’s like the old ‘oh you drive a Falcon, well that’s a taxi’. Cripes people give some silly comments. I have owned a Territory AWD for over 4 years, love it to bits and the ball joints are just fine. Get a grip and stop with the same old diatribe.

          • Zane

            I agree – ive owned a 2004 petrol tx territory for 7half yrs – great car . Just wondering now to buy the new diesal > in either RWD or AWD any thoughts ?

          • Shakow

            I would rather my vehicle’s ball joints fail then it roll over anytime the weather went bad, or cornered too sharp

          • Creativecaz

            Ford replaced the ball joints in my territory FREE of CHARGE

        • Jake the Snake

          Im a Toyota owner and the Kluger is a boat, actually more like a barge.  Great in a straight line, just dont turn it and you’ll be fine.

      • AB

        As Gazza said…
        Drive a Territory then drive the Kluger. That should give you a pretty clear reason why the Territory is better.
        A kluger drives like a 4WD, a Territory drives like a car.

        Plus I dont understand the appeal of a large, front wheel drive SUV. The concept doesn’t make sense!

        • Ford Man

          Yes a FWD SUV is stupid. But you get the demographic of people who are boring and want a fridge who buy them. Anyone with a pulse would choose the Territory.

          • bert

            I have driven both and there is no way a territory drives better than a kluger NO WAY!!! The kluger is a modern car with plenty of room and power and rides way better than the territory you guys are kidding yourselfs, as “gazza” said the territory is a dinosour compared to the KLUGER.

        • Kluger Driver

          I own a FWD Kluger. I don’t use it for towing or any offroad pursuits. I would have it over a Territory in a flash. The Ford is one that I looked at when buying. The Toyota has exceptional quality and build compared to the Ford and the creamy V6 i sin a different class to anything Ford or GM offer. Essentially, the Kluger is a Lexus SUV with a different body. It cruises silently, has a solid tactile feel to everything and exudes quality.

          That’s why AB.

          Ford Man – I would say anyone not interested in quality control or cutting edge technology would prefer the Ford.

          • Fod

            Territory has 2.7 tonnes towing. Kluger has 2 tonnes. This is a testament to the Territories superior construction. Stronger materials used = Greater towing capacity. It is also common knowledge that its handling is class leading. The Kluger has an image. If it didnt have a Toyota badge you wouldnt be buying it.

        • Phil

          How does adding AWD to a FWD “SUV” suddenly improve appeal?

      • Territory1

        Dinosaur… you mean the Kluger with its foot park brake, saggy ride, lack of towing ability in 2wd, giant a/c knobs, fidly cruise… i could name a 100 more things. Im not saying the Kluger is bad, just that the Territory is better.

      • Thetruth

        The Kluger is  a good car, but not for me, I prefer a good aussie car that isnt made of cheap tin! the terri is far better than Kluger

      • Creativecaz

        I totally love my Territory and wouldn’t buy a Kluger – brother in law just sold his Kluger as he wasn’t happy with it and he was the only one in the family of four boys and parents who didn’t have a Territory

      • BUY 3 FOR $10

        kluger drive like a boat, full stop

      • paul

        actually territory sales are going up you should check your facts
        and why would you want a Cluger thats right a Cluger

  • ab

    Had a try of a new territory last week. Very impressed.
    Diesel was unbelievably quiet. Interior was nice and comfortable. And I reckon it looked great in silver!
    However I disagree with your comment about the tx hmi screen. I thought it looked very good for a base model, particularly in comparison to its competitors.
    The new dash looks very classy but not too sure about the silver ‘sashes’ either side of the centre console.
    I highly recommend people take this car for a drive because it is far above many of its competitors!

    • AB

      Also good to read a more in depth assessment of the Fuel Economy. I too have found the current Ford 6 to be very economical and enjoyable to use!

      • Ron R

        My SY Ghia regularly gets low 10’s on the highway Syd to Canberra) and the best we got was on the run to Qld of mid 9’s. It gets around 13l/100km around town (short school runs) – that’s with 95RON. Looking at the RWD Diesel in October this to replace it.

  • john johnny johnston

    Plenty of (interior) pictures! Thank you!!

  • lars

    Already looks dated, inside & out…slab sided..cheap looking plastics & instruments..Ford played it too safe IMHO.

  • Leigh

    Lars…….. You need to open your eyes properly and then go drive one. Territory is still miles ahead of anything in it’s class. If more people went and drove one instead of just slinging biased unfounded comments then they would realize what a great car the Territory is. This new model just makes it even better and further ahead of it’s competition.

    • lars

      nothing unfounded about it mate..in case you haven’t noticed , I’ve commented on it’s looks & cheap interior plastics. A test drive, no matter how impressive, won’t improve on that. Btw, my eyes are opened, maybe you should open the other one.

  • Antoni van der Lee

    Ford, the best car of the world. Value for money.
    Mr. Henry Ford, thank you very much!

    • troy


      ford wont want you telling anyone about it!!!

  • Car Fanatic

    I’ve not driven one yet but I saw the Diesel on display at Movie World and Wet n Wild. Ford seemed to have done a good job, obviously the Ford Haters have already posted and before they jump on me, I’m not a Ford fan but will happily give praise when deserved. The car looks light years better than it’s predecessor and if it drives as CA claim then good on Ford.

  • johnny

    The diesel was taking off in second gear. Why ?. As you said most people just put it in “D” and away they go, Sounds strange to me. What’s wrong with first gear, After all you payed for all of them.

  • davey

    The 3rd row seat strap is only for extending the seat base, not for retracting it…no wonder it got broken if being misused.

  • D

    Doesn’t the ZF in the FG Falcon do the same… it takes off in second gear unless you really put the boot in? Perhaps that behaviour just isn’t well suited to the turbo diesel engine.

    • J

      I’ve heard that in earlier use of the ZF (unconfirmed), but I have a BFII with ZF 6sp and it definitely starts off in 1st from a stand still under any amount of throttle opening. It won’t kick back to 1st until completely stopped, though.

    • Mark

      I have a FG turbo.It only takes off in second gear if you have been driving it in sports mode when u come to a stop.
      If u just leave it in drive it allways takes off in first.


    that technical glitch in the display screen will probably turn into a rework or recall for ford.similar problem in ve’s for holden in 09…

    • Andrew M

      Well the TX appears to get the exact same screen thats been in the FG for 3 years now.

      The only problem Ive heard with them is if the car is locked up sitting in the sun it goes black untill it cools down, but this is normal of any monochrome digital screen when they get exposed to direct sunlight

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      gee i love when i’m right about hunches…

  • Road Warrior

    The ZF has not been implemented across the Territory range. Diesel models use the US-sourced 6R80 from the Ford global parts bin.

    Also, the comment about it being “impossible to tell which buttons you are pressing at night” in relation to the steering wheel controls is inaccurate. The buttons have tactile markers so that you can feel the difference between them and not have to take your eyes off the road.

    • chippies!

      With familiarity perhaps, but for the uninitiated, I would have to agree with the reviewer.

      Suzuki listened to its customers and introduced backlit controls on the SX4 update. I would personally get used to the controls, but it is not an unfair suggestion.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      tell you what road’y,i’ll supa glue a cat-head to the volume button just so you can figure out that one….lol

      • Ford Man

        While I agree they SHOULD be eluminated at night, as Road Warrior stated they have a feeling to them which means after a short time of driving you know where each button is.

    • Andrew M

      The Falcon wheel controls not being illuminated shouldnt be a deal breaker.
      Reviews critisize tham because they have probably just jumped from one that is laid out different.

      After a week the controls become second nature because they are so well laid out….very basic.

      My Mazda on the other hand needs illuminated buttons because buttons are everywhere, certainly not as predictable as my Falcons

      • Pablo

        Totally agree.
        It took me a day or 2 to get used to the FG steering wheel buttons.

    • scottjames_12

      The 6R80 is based on the ZF 6HP26, built under license by Ford. Still a damn good transmission.

  • MattW

    You honestly can’t tell which buttons you are pressing on the steering wheel without looking at them? How do you manage to put your foot on the correct pedal without looking at those as well? You probably also have to look at the power windows buttons to use those…

    Maybe its just me, but I hate backlit buttons when they aren’t required. Driving my brother’s Golf at night was a horrendous sea of red buttons. Maybe there’s an option to turn them off, like you can change how early/late auto headlights turn on…

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      do you honestly think that ford couldn’t of put backlit buttons in a 40k wagon for $2 dollars more?.the red coloured light is the golf’s problem,not the sea of buttons.make it white or blue,problem fixed.or buy a ve matty,then u can get just the speedo to work at night,and do the steve wonder thing with all the other buttons….

      • Andrew M

        Why would you want “JUST” the speedo to work at night??

        In the Falcon, come night time, it automaticcly dims the interior screen and illuminates the speedo

    • Lorenzo

      Back lighting is junk.
      Sony doesn’t backlight the controls for it’s PS2 consoles.
      The controls will instinctively be remembered after a while.

      • nickdl

        Exactly. I got used to the buttons on the wheel of my Territory very quickly. They couldn’t be more simple or ergonomic. The cruise control is so easy to operate, unlike the one they have in Saabs.

  • Jerrycan

    I hope the 1.5 to 3 seconds delay on take-off for the diesel can be fixed. That is truly dangerous and Ford will end up with a class action lawsuit on their hands.
    The fuel consumption figures are really good though for both models, especially in view of the its previous reputation and other recent reviews of these same models.
    Ford’s marketing and timing is poor. I would have bought a diesel powered territory a few years ago if available then but I’m not really interested in the superceded engined version now.
    I think a Direct Injection LPG is the one to wait for (with 6speed ZF box), but please Ford don’t make it the 6 year wait we had for the diesel!

    • A

      Judging by the reviewers ability to work out how to adjust seats wouldn’t be surprised if he had the park brake on…

  • paulb

    Old +outdated already..HaHa,its the smartest looking SUV on the market.The argument about the 7 year old Diesel is becoming tied,it ticks the boxes.
    There may be a few faults as all new models have,Ford are aware.There not rushing into full production to the faults are fixed.

  • BrisVegas

    Pretty impressive figures from the inline 6 petrol. Using your test figures, the diesel is only $700 cheaper for every 20,000km, so you’d need to run it for 4-5 years to recoup the $3250 price difference.

    I drive a Pajero diesel and can barely beat the Territory petrol numbers in mixed driving.

    Well done Ford.

  • Andrew Juma

    There is something intrinsically wrong with the seat feel in Fords; you feel as if you are sat on the car, not in it. Another thing, that interior is shockingly bad and just cannot be compared to European vehicles. However, for the market, I guess it is decent.

    • troy

      funny…. we LOVE the seats in our ba mk2

      the only seats i like better are vy SS commdore leather items, they are WAY ahead of the horrible VE ss seats and their plastic leather.

  • Ace

    The Audi Q7 has a similar hesitation issue. At least in that you can use the steering wheel paddles to change back to first gear to avoid it.

    • Gary

      The Q7 issue is one for those especially if you left foot brake not sure if this is the case in any ford

    • Andrew M

      Do you have to put it into sports mode first though before the paddles work??

  • Gibbo

    The article knocks the diesel engine about being old and “served its purpose in the Discovery 3″ but it isnt a bad motor, and is still offered as the base motor in the Discovery 4

    • paulb

      Im with you Gibbo,if someone doesnt think the Diesel suits there driving .ie Diesel lag,just buy the inline6 petrol.Thats allways been a petrol Vs diesel argument.

  • nickdl

    Looks great and I hope it will sell well. What’s worrying is the lack of advertising on Ford’s behalf. It’s good to see the billboards and sponsorship of the Geelong Football Club but what about TV? Ford seem more concerned about getting rid of run-out Rangers, SY Territorys and Focuses than selling a new product. Haven’t they compared the VE’s launch to the FG’s and the sales that followed?

    I really hope Ford build this Territory well. Ours hasn’t had any issues in over a year of ownership but it really doesn’t feel that solidly built. Not that anything feels like breaking but it’s just not up to the Japanese standards I’m used to. It’s a fantastic drive, especially the ZF auto, and the economy really isn’t as bad as the journos say it is. We get 13.6 L/100km around town. Much better than any Kluger, Tribeca or CX9 then.

    I’d agree with you Paul. I wouldn’t spend the extra on the diesel because the 4.0 I6 is a great engine with the ZF box. It’s not actually a ZF in the diesel, it’s an in house design by Ford based on it.

    I heard that production got put back a couple of weeks because of the ICC screen having a few issues. Can anyone confirm that? It looks like a great system so I’m glad to see Ford are trying to make sure it won’t have any glitches.

    • Andrew M

      I thought we nutted out over a discussion with Alborz that the gearbox is one that was co-developed with ZF and is basiclly a ZF box.

      Why are suggestions of it not now surfacing?

      • nickdl

        That’s why I said it was designed by Ford based on the ZF (based is quite a similar word to basically)…

    • http://ca auto

      I have been told that the territory will not be released in Qld until early June, maybe this is why.

  • http://ca auto

    have ford fixed the dust leaks to the rear wheel arches between the two rubber door seals? Car reviewers never seem to mention anything about rattles,water,and dust leaks but are quick to mention minor things like (there are no auto wind screen wipers)I think most drivers can flick a wiper lever when needed. I would go for the petrol if I was ready to buy.

  • Micka

    Would buy a Hyunda Santa Fe over the territory anyday. Great motor and gearbox and all the bells and whistles cheaper than the Ford with better warranty. Come on Ford lift your game. A motor with that much lag on takeoff is dangerous.

  • Falcodore

    I was thinking about getting an AWD Territory diesel, but after researching and reading the excellent reviews, i might just hold out for a diesel Grand Cherokee. Even the base model Laredo is loaded with kit and apparently a very good drive too.

    • troy

      buy a fire extinguisher if you get a jeep

      • Alex

        Yeah that was funny four years ago…

    • A

      You better buy two Jeeps, one for spare parts…

  • Falcodore

    About the only thing the Grandy needs is an extra cog or two added to the 5spd box, but from what i’ve read its not a big deal.

    • Reckless1

      So a 5 speed box is worse than a 6 speed box that starts only in 2nd gear……….

      I’d rather have a 5 speeder that starts in first.

  • Naughtyius Maximus

    GR8 to see the spare parts bin was partly raided as nice matching up of centre rectangle air vents on dash which really marry up nicely to the outside eliptical air vents. One can see a lot was done but then falls sadly short – side on the car is lagging as virtually only a front and rear tailight change! Most os good…but falls tad short and looks dated already!

    • Falcodore

      There’s a few car companies doing that with air vents now NM, seems to work for Mazda,for example.

      I actually like the looks of the Terry, just prefer the Grandy. It looks the goods to me.

  • Naughtyius Maximus

    GR8 to see the spare parts bin was partly raided as nice matching up of centre rectangle air vents on dash which really marry up nicely to the outside eliptical air vents. One can see a lot was done but then falls sadly short – side on the car is lagging as virtually only a front and rear tailight change! Most is good…but looks dated already!

  • Andrew M

    Didnt CA already road test a diesel Terry??

    Would be interesting to compare notes about the apparent lag

    • jekyl & hyde

      has anyone driven any diesel that doesn’t lag a bit at takeoff? maybe some are just worse than others.i drove a stx550 last week.even with 170kw and 550nm and 7 speed gearbox,it still takes a second to get going(when the fun really begins…

      • Andrew M

        True, but I hope when they say 3 seconds they are exaggerating.
        Im sure anything would seem like an eternity having just jumped out of the petrol version

        • Alex

          Disco 4 180kw/600nm takes off like an electric motor, no kidding. best diesel ever, hands down.

  • Ken

    Prefer my Platinum Sorento instead with the sweet R Series Diesel and 6 speed gearbox for less money. I got mine for under $49,000 drive away. Yeh it’s only a KIA but it drives nice and returns regular 7.4L/100 economy with a mix of highway and city driving. It is smaller than the Territory though in the back when the rear seats are up.
    Not knocking the Territory in any way as I think it’s a nice car overall and would take this over a Kluger anyday.

  • diesel

    did ford hire someone in the design department from VW? the front design and rear tail light essembly could easily come from a golf. Overall tired design, that even the face-lift cannot hide. diesel is 7 years too late and same applies to cx-9 and kluger -both mazda and toyota have superb diesels in their ranges for more than 10 years and yet they will not put a diesel in their range.

  • yonta

    modern diesels are fantastic . this is not one. This motor should cost the same as the petrol.
    For the extra money they are asking it should be a MODERN 3 litre t/d with 170+ kw and 550+Nm (and have lady GaGa sitting in the passenger seat/hanging out the window). And no throttle sleepiness as described.

    • Alex

      I think it is well documented that the 3L twin turbo is woo wide to fit in the narrow engine bay designed for strait six motor.

  • The Oracle

    The third row seats aren’t a problem, it is once again CA operator error. The strap is to pull the seat out from the storage area for use. If you are pulling it to retract the seat, then you can’t tell backwards from forwards! To store the third row you lift the flap from behind the seats and push down on the two locking levers and pull it back. Then you fold the backrest. The base goes away before the backrest. Easy guys, if you RTFM!

    • The Oracle

      PS The third row is standard on the TS and Titanium, not an optional extra. They are however a no cost delete option, no refund either.

  • The Realist

    Typical Ford lovers, putting up with mediocrity…

    • Alex

      I know! You can’t tell em. I’ve been there, got burned, never going back. But I still like there designs, just not the end product.

      Japanese and European all the way.

      • Ford Man

        Japanese all the boring way. Kluger = Handles like a boat.

  • Shak

    I agree with most people that the Territory’s trump card is its likeness to a car, and how it can arguably hold its own to the current SUV driving champion, the X5, but most people looking for a family SUV(which is what the Territory is meant to be at the end of the day) probably dont rate driver involvement that high on the purchasing wishlist.

    Dont get me wrong, im from the Red camp, and i am still a fan of the Territory, but trying to justify the purchase of an AWD diesel model in any grade of this new Territory is going to require either monumental fuel savings, or a hefty discount at the dealership. Ford seemed to have the right intentions with this car, but ultimately there are far better value alternatives in this class.

    • Alex

      My thoughts exactly, a Pajero for Example is near on identical in specs and has even more room, better quality, better warrenty and real 4Wd for the same money.

      • Ford Man

        The Pajero starts at $54k and finishes at $70k. Its bottom of the range is more expensive than the Territorys top. So this is a silly comparison. Not to mention one is an SUV and one is a 4WD ie two different markets are being targeted.

  • paulb

    ABC motor journalist Will Hagan,Australias most exprienced motor journalist.Rates the new Territory very highly,also Mr Hagan is the A-Z of Diesels.Will also highly rates the 2.7TD engine.

    • Benjie

      Most experienced? According to who? He’s an overweight slob. I’m surprised there was enough torque in the engine to move him.

      • paulb


      • chook

        So any critic who gives a ford a good rating will always get some personal insult from you . Im surprised you care mate ….did you also check if he did up his fly . By the way , check some other reviews like in wheels or motor where the territory is compared to the BMW and territory rates well …..

      • DWS1

        Are you referring to his son Toby Hagon?.

        BTW the 2.7 Diesel was Ok for the Multiple award winning LR Discovery and that weighs heaps more than a Ford Territory.


    As good as this car may be.. I just ike the Kluger for some reason and specially the new face lifted one, to me a Kluger or ‘Highlander’ as it was supposed to be called feels like a very luxury, smooth and refined car to me.. if i was in this segment i would get a Toyota Kluger and This territory but Kluger #1

    • Ford Man

      New face is ugly. Kluger is boring and handles like a boat. They should hand out bumper stickers for toyota drivers that reads ‘Fridge on wheels’

  • davey

    I hope for Australia’s sake that Ford get a good return on this vehicle.

    The one big thing that Terri has going for it is that its fantastic driving dynamics may one day save your life, something that is very difficult to quantify in a brochure but leaves you assured as the missus drives off with the kids. That’s the benefit to it being based off the Falcon’s sound driving dynamics and being benchmarked to the BMW X5.

    I would suggest some of the keyboard jocks take this car for a drive…I owned a 2004 AWD Ghia (4.0 4speed) and it drove brilliantly and was faultless. The later 4.0 AWD with the ZF 6speed felt like it had a turbo in comparison. My only gripe which still exists and cannot be fixed until they invest in a new floor is the inadequacy of the 3rd row (no leg depth from cushion to floor at all, no air, no opening windows, moving to the Volvo XC90 fixed two out of three).

    Kluger looks good and is nice to the touch, but the drive experience is second rate as soon as you turn the wheel into a corner. Kluger does however give you the feeling it will go further off-road than Territory.

  • RS200

    My car is better than yours…

    How old are you people 12?

    Ps: For the Toyota fan boys: Wake up and smell the carcass!

  • Mike dutton

    Regarding delay to pull away – we recently bought a 2008 Territory TS RWD with 4-spd auto and found it wouldn’t pull away without excessive pedal pressure which after a delay led to a surge of power – not very smooth. But I checked the ford forums and followed advice to put the ‘box in sport mode and make some quick getaways in 1st a few times, the result was that it seems to have reprogrammed the ‘box or electronic throttle so that one can now put the lightest pressure on the pedal and it eases away nicely, and responds immediately for quicker takeoffs. It’s a shame this isn’t in the manual but it’s worked for us. In addition we are supremely impressed with the car, as the handling is car-like, it’s so quiet, practical, pretty good quality, is spotless after 3 yrs / 72k, plus a number of other families we know love their terry’s. We live in a hilly area and make a lot of short trips so averaging 19 l/100 (previous odyssey avgd 17!) but on a motorway run we’ve had it down to 11 l/100.

  • BJW

    Interesting to read all theses comments……………. My daily drive is a $170,000 European. Our second car?….With $110,000 in our pockets 4 yrs ago we tested everything.Final choice by a country mile, the Territory ( close second was Beemer X5 at twice the price ).Now 4 years on and 2 kids extra we love the Territory as much as the day we got it. We like the new one too , but not even close to being ready to upgrade yet, so good is our old one !

  • BJW

    Oh, and yes, Kluger was on the shopping list, but with 2 roll overs during reviews due to a woeful DSC system there was NO way i’d trust my family in it !( And it looks like a dog. lol )

    • DWS1

      …sorry your last two posts sound like an advert for Ford.

  • sequential

    Looking to buy a 7 seat diesel like everybody else waiting for the Territory to be released. Test drove it on the weekend and must say it drives very nice indeed. Very comfortable to drive, quiet and handling is excellent, I found it to be a little slower than I expected and the gearbox seemed to be unsure at times what gear to select. I wish Ford changed the 7 seat design as it quite poor(knees up)compared to other offerings. Drove Kluger love the power but I could not live with the vague steering and handling it really is an ordinary vehicle to drive and inspires little confidence. I would consider buying the new Territory if it had a little more power (not such an old diesel) and better 7 seat arrangement. Gee it drives well though.

    • nickdl

      Well the petrol does compare to the Kluger more as it only comes in a petrol V6. I’d drive that as well if I were you because around town fuel consumption isn’t that bad, it’s got heaps of power and low-down torque and the reduced price makes up for the added fuel consumption. Either way, the Territory is a great car.

  • frustrated

    Fords Hopeless when it comes to getting the car out to it’s customers in the promised time!!!! Ordered one in April 2011 and still the dealers nor the headoffice know why there is such a delay!!! Hopeless!!

  • dontbeahater

    I test drove the Territory diesel today, drives beautifully .. regardless of the reviews, the proof is in the pudding .. Ford has a winner again 2004 & 2011

  • real car

    why buy a pretend 4×4 when you could buy areal one cheaper

  • Ron R

    Ford – Where’s your advertising?

    A few billboards in Melbourne doesn’t cut it.

    • Ford Man

      There is one advertisement on TV about some woman seeing her FB friends. Ford lift your game. Very poor advertising. Such a great vehicle and you dont do it justice.

      • Ron R

        Heard about this after I posted – guys at work said the ad was moronic.

        C’mon Ford do it properly!

  • MickD

    I currently lease & drive a holden Berlina but recently purchased a caravan so am thinking of moving up to a stroger vehicle for towing. Being a government employee I can only lease Australian made vehicles and when I look for 4WD or AWD options – there is only the Ford Teritory. Is the new Teritory diesel any good or not? Or do I stay with Holden and my current Berlina?

    • dontbeahater

      I driven a territory for the last 3 years and i must admit it has been pretty good fuel and performance wise… and i was very satisfied with it having no plans to chance my car,till i test drove the new terriorty diesel, ford has risen the bar once again but dont take my word for it,you must test drive it for yourself and then LIVE the dream…

    • Ron R

      I’ve had a Territory since 2006 – been a reliable car with car like driving ability – fuel use is not an issue (for me) when you use 95RON, in fact my lease company asked why wasn’t I using the fuel that was factored in the lease. (I was using two thirds of that estimated) – over 5 years I have been getting average 12.5l/100km, which is pretty good for a 2.1tonne vehicle and possible on par with the Berlina. Looking to replace this one with the diesel in October this year and the towing capicity is up to 2700kg like the best in its class (except for the LR Discovery?)

  • bigwad

    do yourselves a favour and take a kia sorento for a run , bought the missus a fully loaded awd diesel platinum , best allround car i have owned. and this is coming from a bloke that plays with serious big block chevs, turbo imports and has owned over a hundred cars

  • Jap Car

    this car needs a make over, o sorry its new ??? dated looks
    god its ugly

  • Owned both

    I’ve had a Territory Ghia SX for 3 years then recently have had a Kluger for 3 years – going back to Territory for the next 3 years. Kluger needs a make over – the like model in the Kluger contains less features than the Territory. Toyota needs to look ata deisels as weell as hybrids.  

  • PD

    I test drove one of the very first TS RWD’s, sat down with the better half and said not sure….she nearly fell over as I’ve alway’s sure about cars I’ve bought in the past alway’s doing my homework to suit a purpose. I took a risk and bought a TS RWD…HD Tow Pack and couldn’t believe how good it was!!! Have driven the Kluger/Pajero/Discovery and not nearly as enjoyable to drive….theatre seating for 7 is just the icing on the cake….the only car where adults are happy to sit in the back seat on a long trip and kids are happy in the 3rd row….I’ve found my kids don’t get travel sickness in the Territory which I gathered is due to sitting higher?? Did have rust spots in the engine bay!! I’m now going to buy the Titanium RWD but would like some advice on the stereo system and is there an upgrade at all as I like my cars to stay factory optioned??

    Would welcome any feedback to my thought’s

    • JW

      Mate thanks for sharing your comments – am pondering a Titanium RWD at present and like you am doing my homework (from Brasil at present) and real-life experiences are highly useful. Noting that several reviews have criticised the sound system i hope you find an answer as an after-market system would be undesirable for myself as well.

      Cheers !!

  • Bynight230

    Don’t bash the territory too much, at least the
    Australian diesel territory has no DPF, if you don’t like diesel smoke too bad
    go petrol or gas. just wait until the 60k plus European diesels with their
    European diesel particle filters start clogging up, the car starts losing power
    and the fright of your life like what happened to my mother when you see clouds
    of smoke from the back of the car cause the catalytic DPF is not getting the
    time to ”regenerate” that some might mistake as coming from under the car,
    respect for the Lord Jesus (wholly st.)

     Mix in a authourised Euro car dealer that don’t
    care a st about you, then the catalytic DPF gets so full of half burnt ash and
    soot cause the problem gets exacerbated by the clogged DPF and the DPF problems
    turn into a blooming nightmare.


     Quite a few in Europe have resorted to taking the
    DPF off, boring a hole through the guts of it or at least bash the st out of it
    then running it with no catalytic DPF filter honeycombe cause the cost of
    replacing them is too darn prohibitive and to make it worse the fg car ECU
    incorporates the catalytic DPF into the engine management a whole lot of st to
    deprogram it from the ECU and add to that turbocharger failure cased by the DPF
    blocking the flow of exhaust from the engine and the darn cost of having a new
    turbo replaced and fitted, fg hell you are up for serious
     Please ladies and gentlemen, be
    warned I did’nt write this article cause I am spitting the dummy cause I can’t
    have a 60k plus luxury European diesel I wrote this out of my own fg disgusting
    European diesels are pure St.and not worth the
    They can go stick their European garbage with their
    emissions BS up their posterior, SERIOUSLY!!!







  • Trev C

    new vw auto tdi vans have the same take off lag as described.. thats just how it is…

  • Dexter

    We are on our 4th and last Territory.  We have had 3 petrol AWDs (Ghia) and they have been fantastic.  We now have the diesel Titanium….can’t wait to get rid of it…whilst the ride is good as before, the turbo lag described above is awful and dangerous.  The interior command system continually looses connection with the iphone and iPod, despite numerous trips back to the dealer.    Do yourself a favour and look at something else!