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by Karl Peskett

Veritas, the creator of the truly bonkers RSIII supercar, has given CarAdvice a tour of its German headquarters today, and revealed exclusive first pictures of its forthcoming Coupe on a display screen.

While we’re not sure what it will be called when it enters production, the new two door takes clear styling direction from the RSIII.

While these pictures are still development images and don’t quite show the final product, they give a clear indication of the balance of the Coupe shape, and one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a fantastic looking car.

Rather than using the BMW M5 V10 like the RSIII, the new coupe will use the engine from the X5M and X6M twins, meaning a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 and well over 410kW with the modifications planned. For this to be achieved more frontal work has to be done to the car’s aerodynamics, as Veritas told us that “this engine needs a lot of cooling, much more than the V10.”

Given the roadster costs around EUR340,000, it’s a safe bet that the Coupe will come in at slightly more than that, given the extra carbon-fibre needed to create the bodywork.

Production is still a little while away, but CarAdvice will bring you a road test on the new Veritas Coupe in due course.

  • nick

    Hark-back to old morgans?

    • nick

      I meant Marcos

      • Baddass

        Very much so.

  • xman

    If this car is as lame as the 3d modelling shown in the pictures, I can’t see a prosperous future for this car…

  • Sreejith Vasant

    Dear Sir,

    I am using a Honda Accord 2008. Before two months I have changed my two tyres with size 225 x 50 R17 (Toyo Tires) and last week I changed my another two sets with 225 x 50 R17 (Nexen Tires). Now, eventhough the alignment and balancing is OK, I am getting steering vibration. Upon checking with one of the wheel alignment companies they said the vibration will continue since the tyres are of different brands. Please let me know whether this information is correct and how can I rectify this.

    Appreciate your response. Thanks.

    Sreejith Vasant