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by George Skentzos

A Holden HRT-427 has just become the most expensive Australian car ever sold, fetching a price tag of $920,000 – well beyond the previous $750,000 price payed for a Ford Falcon 1971 GTHO Phase III.

One of only two ever made by Holden for testing and touring motor shows, the near million dollar bid was placed by a bloke in shorts and thongs known only as ‘Chooka’.

Australia’s most expensive car, the HRT 427

Based on a Corvette C5R race engine, the HRT-427 is powered by a 417kW 7.0-litre V8 engine – hence the namesake.

Australia’s most expensive car, the HRT 427

No expense was spared for the HRT 427, combining a heavy-duty 900Nm clutch mated to a custom T56 six-speed manual gearbox handbuilt by Tremec for HSV, AP Racing six-piston brake package, half rollcage and Sparco Pro 2000 driving seats as used in the British Touring Car Championship.

Australia’s most expensive car, the HRT 427

Along with the deletion of the audio and air-conditioning systems, carbon fibre was used extensively for a 100kg weight reduction over the standard HSV GTS Coupe, tipping the scales at just 1575kg.

Australia’s most expensive car, the HRT 427

After it became apparent to Holden that the high-spec HRT 427 couldn’t be built in such limited quanities for the $215,000 asking price, the project was eventually cancelled with deposits returned to eager buyers.

Australia’s most expensive car, the HRT 427

For Chooka at least, the HRT 427 will join his collection of over 20 mint-condition Monaro’s dating from 1968 through to 2006.

Source: News.com.au, Supercars.net

  • jamison


    with a 500K, you could probably buy a used leMans Corvette CR5… the whole works… looks ten fold better too.

    Or how about the Corvette ZR1…. or the Michellin ZR1… I saw them first hand, I have to say, Corvettes look tough as nails.

    The HRT427 is wrong in many accounts…. its basically a Monaro body shell with reinforced underbody and Corvette parts… heck, you can probably buy the parts seperately and do the reinforcing in a race garage… do it better too… for under 500K.

    People with money… and impulse purchase problems.

  • jamison

    also, I worked carbon fiber body structures before for formula SAE back in uni days… and for about 50K you can probably reproduce the whole body shell in CF/Epoxy with aluminum honeycomb core… same as F1 bodys.

    Okay, maybe 100K… Carbon Fiber is expensive, but its mainly the labour and tooling.. but you can just reproduce a mold if you have a bout 3 weeks free time and about 4 friends to help… not that hard.

    My point… its very overpriced… 500K would of been tops… but 920K??? geez….

    Heck, you can purchase a brand new Corvette ZR1 and spend 100K on it to produce a lot more than 417KW…. Nissan GTRs laugh at 417kWs…. spend $5K and you basically close onto 350kW from stock engine… spend another 50K and you will be in the 800hp region or even 1000hp… its not that common…

    but thats just ridiculous…. you’d need jet fuel or atleast way higher octane than 9800 premiums sold today.

    Basically… I just cannot fathom the logic and justification to spend that much on a Holden GTS with a corvette race car engine… thats basically it…

  • Prumm

    This car isn’t about facts and figures. There’s only two. Hows that for limited production! (Don’t kill me, I know its not actually production). At least you would never pull up to one at the lights haha. Its an icon. An ephiphany. Jamison, I ask you, wheres the passion?

  • golfschwein

    Where’s the PASSSSHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUN? With Chooka! Enjoy it, Chooka, wherever you are.

  • D Ferguson

    fetching a price tag of $920,000
    the near half-million dollar bid was placed

    427 is powered by a 417kW 7.0-litre V8 engine – hence the namesake.

    Did you write this stuff drunk???????

  • Skybreak

    The 427 “namesake” refers to the 7.0 litres being 427 cubic inches.
    If Holden could have made it 427Kw as well that would have been nice, but 417Kw is still petty damn impressive.

  • Skybreak

    It’s pity that Holden didn’t put this into production. Personally I think it’s muchbetter looking than the W427.

    And how good goes that engine bay look!

  • http://integra Rick Harris

    give me the GTHO any day

  • Skybreak

    And while I’m here dreaming of owning a nice new Holden coupe, I hope wish and pray that Holden gets the green-light to build the Coupe60. Of course it’d be a Monaro here and whatever you want to call it for the o/s markets.

    What bugs is that if GM doesn’t want it for the US then no one gets it.
    Surely there’d be enough interest here, NZ, Britain, Brazil, the Middle East, and where ever else Holden is already to, to justify going ahead and producing it.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/11572/60th-anniversary-holden-specials/#comment-64120 Atomic SSV

    This wouldnt be able to be road registered would it?
    Im guessing no with all the parts and its power that it has.
    And this HRT 427 is missing some of the parts the original show car had, such as the real roll cage and im sure the one “Chooka” bought doesnt have the aluminium fuel cap has pictured.
    That ones special in holdens concept place.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Yes it is road registered and I know the owner who still drives it on the road sometimes. its Garage is North Brisbane



  • PoisonEagle

    I have no doubt somebody will crack the million for HOey again.

  • golfschwein

    Jealousy’s not a good like, guys.

  • Andrew M

    my first thoughts were with AtomicSSV,

    is it able to be registered?
    since it is not a recognised production vehicle, i say prob not

  • golfschwein

    “Jealousy’s not a good like, guys.” – me. Oopsy. How did that get out? Not a good look, I meant to say.

  • Joober

    Its a collectors item, only go up in price if kept pristine, 1 million dollar bids wouldnt be suprising anyway.. Cars getting older and more rare + People out there having more disposable income (disposable as some may think) + the time value of money.

  • Wheelnut

    It can’t be road registered as its essentially a one off show car [prototype] which is yet to go through the series of tests inorder to meet the Australian Design Regulations and Safety Standards – Oh and I almost forgot the ANCrAP Crash Tests..

  • Wheelnut

    Both HRT 427 Coupes are exactly the same – the reason there are two is so that Holden could show it off on both the east coast and west coast at recognised motor-shows as well as the various hot-rod/street machine shows and the All Holden Days etc

  • http://barina SteveV

    Holden still can’t match a legendary Ford.


    Cobrajet XY Falcon

    Superfalcon XY.

    to name three that would well surpass a mill…

  • http://- Crouchy

    I wonder if chooka was one of the original deposit placers??? Looking at it now at $218000 that wouldve been a steal.

  • Jason

    Wheelnut ADR’s aren’t a series of tests, they’re design standards that must be conformed to when producing a car in order to get approval (i.e. a tick) for road registration. The concept car was intended for track use only and hence wasn’t developed to comply with ADR’s.

    As for the ANCAP tests. These aren’t compulsory for low production cars, just take a look at all the low vehicle imports on our roads that have never been subjected to ANCAP testing.

  • HSV Senator

    A man from NSW who owns a black FX 1948 holden (first ever holden), only 116 produced, only three left in existance, 2 owned by holden. A man offered $900,000, but the owner knocked it back, because the owner wanted $1.2 million. This is the only one left which has the deluxe options other two are standard. Ws’nt the xy sold for $683,000 not $750,000 it was a ugly green colour, prefer the orange.

  • Wheelnut

    I know but how do you ascertain whether or not something or someone is able to meet a certain standard… you assess them by carrying out a number of tests. Driving Tests for example

    I mean you can’t really tell if something or someone is good enough to do something just by looking at them can you.

    Youd want to know how they work what they can/can’t do; do they meet the criteria do they have the required features/specifications etc.

    So whilst the ADR’s are a series of standards the only practical way those standards can be met is via a series of tests

  • Wheelnut

    I mean is the design of the car or a particular part of the car engineered properly; is the construction sound and is it able to perform its primary function without putting the driver or anyone else at risk.

    The car companies are aware of the ADRs.
    Which is why as part of the research and development of a new car they have equipment which put certain parts of a car under stress etc for extended perioda of time..
    For instance when building the VE Holden created a number of machines which for example Open and Shut Bootlids and Car Doors over and over again to see if they are built to meet the engineering standard or if anything fails etc

  • Wheelnut

    I agree The Concept Car didn’t have to meet the ADRs as it was merely a concept but that would have changed had the car made it into production..

    Becuse just as there are other High Performance Cars such as Ferraris which are primarily a Race car transformed into a road car the HRT 427 would have been pretty much the same
    And not all owners would be able to; let alone want to limit the use of a car like the 427 to just track days
    but also get out on the open road which would mean they would have to register it and inorder to do so would have to meet ADRs

    I mean whats the point of having a car Like a Ferrari if you can’t enjoy it

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/11680/fpv-f6-with-310kw/ Atomic SSV

    I agree wheelnut.
    I often see this F430 spyder, well hear then see it and when i see it i think at least his driving it for what it was meant to be used for.
    Since most people who buy them keep them in storage which i dont blame them for but if you have sucha nice car, you should drive it for what it was meant for.

  • B///M3

    That rich dumbass could have bought atleast 1 Veyron for that kind of money. The name “Chooka” says it all.

  • Wheelnut

    Not quite; a Veyron costs approx $1.4 million

  • B///M3

    “Wheelnut Says:
    April 6th, 2008 at 9:22 am
    Not quite; a Veyron costs approx $1.4 million”

    Ok, well he could have bought Porsche GT3 (AUD$570,431) or Nissan GT-R for that kind of money.

  • Phill

    This is the car that killed off nations cup racing & the Bathurst 24hr race.Ford would have pat Holden on the back for that one

  • Andrew M

    HSV Senator,
    im pretty sure a phase 111 has reached 800,000.
    there are a few that hit the auction from time to time and this one was in top nick. i cant remember exactlly but im sure it went for 800,000.
    also dont forget the guy who was offered well over 1 mill for his Phase 1111 falcon, of which i believe there are only 3 left in existence and 2 of which are the only ones left in Australia.
    was the guy who got the offer a dentist? i think he is from memory.

    it certainly did.
    i still to this day cant understand how the fully race prepared 427 monaro was allowed to enter and ruin the series.
    i clearly remember when john bowe ran a stock as a rock mustang, and they had to keep slowing it up because it was wiping the floor. bowe eventually pulled from the series as he thought it pointless to compete with the restrictions placed on him.
    and then they brought in the 427’s????????

  • SRTargets

    Actualy, a veyron cost more than $2 mill.

  • anthony C

    you would be nuts to actually use this car. you could build thsi car for cheaper….. but as an investment its not a bad idea.

    i mean.. take the veyron.. its majestic as they come… its never gona go down in value.. a better investment than shares if u ask me.

    so the rich bogan who bought this car will prob make cash on it in 20 years time


  • Duck

    See the speedomoter. That idea was carried onto the Coupe60 concept.

  • Andrew M

    anthony C,
    yep as far as cars go they are a good investment, but as an investment i doubt it would be.
    unless it increases $72,000 a year than he would be better sticking the money in the bank and not having to pay the massive insurance premium on it

    in 20yrs time, the thing would have to be worth 2.5 mill otherwise i say its not an investment

  • http://evosrule.com evo

    why the hell would u pay that much for a holden

    rather buy a GT ford :)

    holdens are a waste of money and re sale value is up to crap with any car……… what a waste!

  • Duck

    ^To crap resale what the hell do u mean!!!!! Go have a look at ford falcons and saab’s. Thats what u call bad resale!

  • golfschwein

    Look at you all. You’re as mad as all hell just because a Holden has usurped your beloved GTHO Phase III as the sure-fire most valuable Aussie car ever sold.

    Like I said earlier, jealousy is not a good look. Go to Bunnings and let this bloke enjoy his purchase.

    • Mike

      What the hell Golfschwein…For starters there is no comparison between a Phase 3 and this…..piece of crap. Firstly: A phase 3 was a family car….It had 4 doors and could be bought in it’s day for 5000 dollars….and if you bought one you could go down to Bathurst and race and even possibly win if you were a good driver.
      This pile of crap doesn’t even look good. Holden have made some nice looking cars over the years….but this isn’t one of them. To me it looks like a VZ commodore that has had it’s mouth pulled wide open and then had 500 kg or dead weight put in the ass. The GTHO had class, presence and best of all….A shaker scoop. This has none. Don’t go comparing a tarted up VZ to Australia’s best muscle car.

      • The Real Car Fanatic

        Mike settle down and appreciate the car for what it is, not what badge is on the front. I’m no big fan of Holden but this thing puts out 417 Kw and 780 Nm of torque. The badge means nothing, the output is awesome and would be an absolute adrenalin rush to drive. I have driven a GTHO Phase 3 and yes it fun to a degree, but I have driven loads more modern cars that were that much better than a GTHO and had 3/4’s the output of the HRT.

        Besides Golfies comments were about how rare it is, hell Adolf Hitlers Merc sold for millions of Euros ‘but no one bitched about how that stacks up against a GTHO.

        • Mike

          I know mate, sure the Phase 3 does drive like a drunk cow, BUT. That’s not the point, compared to a GT-R skyline this thing would drive like a sack of spuds as well. I just can’t see why everyone is gawking at this thing.

          As for the performance figures…
          An F6 falcon can pull 500 Nm of torque……and 315kw of power…Sure it’s forced induction, but it’s also a 4 liter motor….and costs about 800 K less.

  • http://www.modifiedcarforums.com/ Paul

    Good luck Chooka if you have it why not spend it on what ever you want, who really cares what anyone thinks. It would be a nice ride to take to a track day, if you are into your monaro\’s.

  • AGM

    This is a bit of apples and oranges – though both the HO and the 427 are muscle cars this was a very limited run concept, and the HO was an actual production car. You’d be better comparing the 427 with Bill Bourke’s XW Cobrajet big block Falcon.
    Good on chooka for his purchase – even as a Ford fan I was drooling over this thing when Holden brought it out. On a side note it’s a shame Holden didn’t take the Nations Cup Monaros to Europe for a fair 24-hour fight…

  • John D

    The less numbers made of a car the rarer it is , in this case its 2, the figures mean nothing you could build your own supercar for a lot less money but it has no history so even if you spent 200 grand you will probably get 50 grand for it, just the way it works, if you go by figures the power rating of the 700 grand phase 3 that is the next expensive car is no more impressive than a toyota aurion and it had no brakes and yet they are in hot demand

  • Thommo

    Values are based on personal tastes……….

    Who pay big money for a GT-HO Phase III that was based on the same body as a taxi cab, and lost to the XU-1 at Bathurst ?

    Answer: A ford fan with lots of money.

    I say good on ya Chooka, it will go nicely with your Nations Cup 427 winning Monaro.

    • Mike

      Who buys a 900 K muscle car that\’s just a monaro with waaaay too much money spent on it ?

      Answer: A holden fan with too much money.

      And boyoh, the reason the Phase 3 was so great in essence is because it was a taxi cab base. The fact that the phase 3 was the fastest 4 door car in the world helps….This thing wouldn\’t even be in the top 100.

  • Nikhil

    Australias most expensive car is now the Pagani Zonda worth at a hefty $1.5 million Australian.

  • dazz

    what a peice of fugly poo…

  • monaro4evr

    Please help How do we make contact chooka, that is chooka who owns the $920.000 HRT 427 coupe, its very important I do so, and soon.

  • http://mazda vetty spaghetti

    i’m an ooooooold friend of his and can get a message to him if you would like

  • 408ci

    just gotta love a 7 litre Monaro ! beautiful in all ways ! so many haters on here wanna try and justify their feeble existance with stOOpid comments ! p.s I owned a gt-r skyline and no wonder i sold it ! no match for a stroked 408 ls1 !

  • TTCV8

    Good on you Chooka Will make a nice addition toh huge collection you have Looking foward to cecking it out at the Cairns holden day next month

  • Matty Doan

    This car is awesome & it’s the best fast street legal Holden.
    It is sad it wasn’t put into production, but this rich Chooka guy is so lucky. Is he just a normal Australian citizen with the money? He can drive it on the roads if he wants. If I am rich I wouldn’t mind buying if it is on sale again. You can download the 427C for NFS6 Hot Pursuit 2 game from http://www.nfs-planet.de

  • kd

    YOU IDIOTS. Who gives two shits on how you think the near-million dollars should be spent.
    OBVIOUSLY he has more than enough money and no financial limits, well to this extent anyway.

    You all make stupid suggestions on how he should spent the money for which he could probably build another 10 of the same thing and still have money left over, but who gives a shit when a guy like that is probably wiping his ass with $100 bills.

    So stop wasting comment space and just admire the car. She’s beautiful and if i had very deep pockets like him i wouldn’t care how overpriced the car is.

  • http://don'tknow. Bob Book

    This isn\’t about what car is best. It\’s far more intelligent than that.

    This particular vehicle is one of only two made. That makes it a collectible. That makes it as valuable as whatever anyone is prepared to pay. It does not make it a brand winner, it makes it the most valuable collected vehicle of its type due to the price it attracted at the time of its last sale.

    Personally, I\’d rather have that money in something as risk free as a Fixed Term Deposit, but maybe this person has some of his cash kept that way already, maybe he has a range of investments and this is nothing more than another one to add to his diversification of his funds, so that whatever happens, he\’ll still have some things of value to liquefy should the need arise.

    Seriously, most of the comments here are infantile and ignorant.

    Everyone values different things, everything has a value, so no matter what you preserve, it will always have a value to someone, this is what collecting is all about, that and the hope that one day whatever you collect will bring you a nice tidy sum if you ever need it.

    It most definitely isn’t about who can piss the furthest.

  • ,,SELFISH,,

    If i had 1mill to my name,,, id buye the HRT 427. So good luck to how ever gets there hands on 1 of 2.
    Ill just keep on dreaming,,,,,, Buy the way!!! 1 of those 2 HRT 427 is goning under the hammer on monday 7/6/10 4:30pm aest Gooooooood luck!! to new owner……