by Brett Davis

Geely Automotive Holdings, owner of Volvo Cars, in China has just unveiled a car of its own at Auto Shanghai 2011, called the Geely McCAR. The car is a small city car and is powered by hybrid or electric technology. It also comes with its own three-wheeled electronic mobility scooter.

The Geely McCAR (the ‘Mc’ bit apparently means ‘Magic’, nothing to do with the McDonald’s menu) has been unveiled offering two different proposed drivelines: a gas/electric hybrid and a fully electric set-up. Both versions are equipped with a unique three-wheeled electric scooted which can be detached from the rear compartment.

When the scooter is still attached, its batteries and power can be utilised as well as recharged using the car’s powertrain circuitry. When the scooter is detached, the three wheeler can apparently travel for up to 29km before it runs out of juice.

Details and specifications of the car, including its electric charge range, are yet to be confirmed. What is known is that it offers a typical two-door, four-seat layout like other compact city cars. With the scooter left at home, however, there’s even more rear compartment space than comparative models, making it perfect for wheelchair access.

The McCAR was designed with city transport in mind, and dense traffic areas such as those found in China. Parking is also made a bit easier as users needn’t worry about finding a close park to their destination as the handy scooter will make up the difference.

  • Fiz

    That’s different. I love it.


  • http://CarAdvice Michael Todd

    Clever. The Mc part might attract some attention from the good folks at McDonalds.

    • J

      Yeah – they could give one away in each happy meal.

      I can see the car dealers in full up-sell mode: “Would you like fries with that rust proofing?”


  • Karl Krankschaft

    Clever but that design is generic and bland . Like some other Mc branded products I can think of. McDonalds

  • lu

    there you go, finally not copying anymore. how hard is it really…

  • Ruud

    some more “study models” from Geely, still waiting for their “launched models” from 2 and 3 car shows before this one.

    Another question is where to park the 3 wheeler. A folding bike does the trick people, no need to invent for the sake of inventing

    • Duckula

      What about people who ( for whatever reason) are unable to ride a bike…. and is the bike not a re invention of riding a horse?

  • nickdl

    Well it’s a little bit fancy. Good to see that the Chinese care about innovation. I wonder how much of Volvo’s safety technology will trickle down in to Geely models in the future?

    • lu

      in the future maybe quite a lot..

      but for now i believe they can’t use it because they got some sort of agreement with ford when purchasing the brand.


    stand by for the legal stouch with the golden arches…

  • Fiz

    I just got it. I know what it looks like, an F-86 Fighter Jet (of Korean War vintage), with that big nose hole. Cool.


  • afikim

    beautifully & cleverly designed.
    When will it be in the US & how much will it cost?

  • elite mobility

    The best mobility scooter up sell i’ve seen in a long time :)

  • http://Telsa paulb

    Well done to Volvo and Geely,very clever.Busy city areas are perfect for this vechle,great to see people with disabilities are though about.

  • Joseph Tan