Mazda isn’t exactly synonymous with utilities but the new 2007 Mazda BT-50 utility is set to bring the Japanese brand to the spotlight in the utility market. BT-50 replaces Mazda’s proven B Series, which Mazda claims has sold more than three million vehicles worldwide.

The Mazda BT-50 is powered by high-performance diesel engines. Mazda designers and engineers built the BT-50 to possess five key values.

  1. Its stylish and athletic design aims to express the individual;
  2. its craftsmanship aims to deliver functional beauty, build quality and customer delight;
  3. driving performance features new powerful yet fuel-efficient diesel engines combined with superb handling;
  4. it adopts unique features with utility for a variety of practical purposes,
  5. it aims to provide safety levels that are top in its class.

The BT-50 comes in three available body types –

  • Single Cab,
  • Freestyle Cab
  • Dual Cab –

The Single Cab body can comfortably seat two or three occupants, and provides a long 2400mm accessory alloy tray providing one of the largest load capacities in its class. At 1410kg the BT-50 Single Cab can haul an additional 30kg over the superseded B Series model.

In two-wheel drive, the Single Cab Chassis is powered by a new MZR-CD 2.5-litre, common-rail, DOHC 16-valve diesel engine that is more refined and fuel efficient than the previous engine, while producing an additional 23 kilowatts of power (now 105kW at 3500rpm) and 59 Newton metres more torque (now 330Nm at 1800rpm).

2007 Mazda BT-50

The 4×2 Single Cab Chassis consumes 8.3L/100km compared with 9.7L/100km (a 14.4 per cent improvement) for the equivalent B Series model according to ADR 81/01 fuel tests. Mated to a new five-speed manual gearbox it can accelerate from 0-100kmh in 10.4 seconds. Towing capacity has also improved with the braked capacity increasing significantly from 1800kg to 2250kg.

All other models in the range – 4×4 Single Cabs, Freestyle and Dual Cabs in both 4×2 and 4×4 specification – are powered by a new 3.0-litre common rail, DOHC 16-valve diesel engine that develops 115kW at 3200rpm (up 33kW) and 380Nm at 1800rpm (up 109Nm) on the superseded 2.5-litre diesel engine.

The use of a variable geometry turbocharger and a large intercooler ensure spirited acceleration, while a Variable Swirl Control Valve (VSCV) combined with an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system and a high-efficiency EGR cooler ensures both engines meet Euro Stage IV compliance.

Maximum payload has improved over B Series from 1371kg to 1430kg and braked towing capacity has jumped from 1800kg to 2500kg.

Fuel consumption for all 4x4s has improved with five-speed manual models consuming on average 9.2L/100km, down from 10.1L/100km for the B Series. Range-topping Dual Cab SDX 4×4 models are also offered with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The Dual Cab body provides roomy comfort for five occupants, with two in the front and three in the back, making it just right for family use or for moving small work teams between locations.

Featuring the large door opening and easy access of Mazda’s unique Freestyle Door System, the Freestyle Cab body accommodates two in the front and two in the back, with the back offering plenty of room for carrying precious belongings. The front doors and rear access panels open from the centre in a design that uses no centre pillar to create an unobstructed opening of a wide 1,500mm.

2007 Mazda BT-50

With sedan-like atmosphere, helped by impressively low NVH levels, the Mazda BT-50’s sophisticated interior is enough to make occupants forget they are in a workhorse. With its subdued two-tone colour scheme employing grey as the keynote colour and with silver-finish accents highlighting details, the interior creates a modern, clean ambience that speaks of high quality.

The new instrument panel design features individual highlights common to those used in Mazda passenger cars. Three large meters are each framed by a stylish silver ring that instils a look of greater luxury.

A modular audio unit fits cleanly within the centre stack, and is covered by a silver-faced panel that ties well with the clean look of the cockpit. Both the single disc and six disc systems are MP3 compatible.

A keyless entry system is standard on all models making it easy to lock or unlock the doors (even when both of your hands are encumbered with boxes or bags.)

Safety has also been seriously considered by Mazda in developing the new BT-50. ABS anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brake force Distribution are available on all but the entry Single Cab chassis 4×2 model.

Dual front airbags and front seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters are standard on all but the farmer focussed Single Cab 4×4 model. In this case the airbags are an option. An airbag compatible bullbar will be offered on all 4×4 models.

Front seatbelt height adjusters are standard on all Dual Cab models.

Two types of 4WD system are available — manual shift or electric shift — with each offering easy operation between 4×2 and 4×4 modes and go-anywhere performance.

While carrying over the double wishbone front design and rear leaf springs proven tough and reliable on previous Mazda utilities, the system is refined to offer a smoother, more comfortable ride. Braking has also been upgraded.

All Mazda’s offer great value and the BT-50 range is no exception. Priced from $20,990 with air conditioning and an alloy tray, the Single Cab 4×2 model also includes alloy wheels, CD player, remote locking, variable intermittent wipers, low fuel warning light, engine immobiliser and dual airbags.

The promotional price for the 3.0-litre powered 4×4 version, complete with overfenders and automatic locking remote free wheel hubs, as well as an alloy tray and air conditioning, is $28,990.

Doug Dickson, Mazda Australia’s managing director, said:

BT-50 offers commercial ute buyers a real Zoom-Zoom alternative. It blends tough workhorse credentials with great style, comfort and naturally driving enjoyment“.

Mazda Australia expects to build on the B Series sales success, which with 6269 sales year-to-date October, is enjoying its best year ever. BT-50 is expected to sell about 700 a month with 4×4 sales taking 50 per cent of the volume (up from 45 per cent now).

BT-50 is protected by a two year, unlimited kilometre or three year/100,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

  • David Rome

    The look of the new Mazda BT-50 is great and I will be happy to update my Bravo 4×4 for a new 3ltr turbo diesel dual cab.

  • Cameron S

    I just ordered 2 BT-50 Freestyles for my business, I went for the 4×4 3 litre plus packs, one with the style side and one with a tray, but the factory bullbar is somewhat unappealing in the looks department and I reccon if my 3 year old hung on it, the bar would snap,,, c’mon ARB and the likes and get a decent roo bar into production. Other than that, this new kid in the Mazda stable gave me a big smile on the test drive. Well done Mazda, I’m sold.

  • Lorraine

    Looking for a ute to pull a horse float with one horse in it. Double float approx. 780Kg plus horse approx.500Kg. would this ute(BT50)be suitable?

  • jeff

    do you have any idea when the mazda bt-50 is coming to canada?

    thks jeff

  • gerald

    do we get any petrol engines in south africa

  • Kate Wilson

    Is BT-50 suitable for towing caravan 1475kg? It says so but we have been told it won’t and to read the fine print? Any comments appreciated!!!

  • Charles

    I do over 100,000 kms a year, this is the first Mazda BT50 i’ve had,(2×4, 2.5lt diesel),I am very happy with it. I believe it will knock Toyota off the pedestal. Can I get Cruise Control for it, and if so, how much.

    • justin

      bt-50 goes extremely well, but fuel economy is way to high, i get 400 km’s to a tank, i have two tool boxes a air compressor and small generator on the back and done 5th gear at 60,000 km,s, wouldn’t buy another one

      • Bwahno_84

        Ive done 120,000kms in my 4×2 and get 600+ per tank. Better than any other ute I’ve ever owned by 100kms

  • trent kempster

    hi there recently bought a bt-50 freestyle cab chassis i have 2 tool boxes on the back and they have a combined weight of 200kgs with tools
    i currently only get 480klm per tank thats a rate of 14.5/100k and you claim they get 9.2l/100k around the city im aware that i wont get 9.2 but you wouldn,t think it would be 14.5 and thats driving easy no ac on either
    should i get the dealer to have a look at the problem ?
    thank you

  • Andrew M

    is it the diesel model you have trent?

  • Ken Drane

    Bought a BT 50 in January 2008 to replace a ten year old Land Rover Defender. Had an ARB diff lock fitted by the dealer before taking delivery.
    Used the diff lock twice. Something went amiss inside the diff. it is presseurised and diff oil vapour comming out of seals when diff lock engaged.

    Dealership says “see the company we subcontracted to fit it”.

    Subcontractor says “see dealer, they bought the unit”.

    Mazda Australia says “we can’t do anything, the diff lock is not a Mazda product”.

    ARB says “we will honour the warrantee if our product is faulty”.

    Contractor says “leave the vehicle with us we will pull it down, see what is wrong and order the parts”.

    They are 3 or 4 hours drive from home. That means two vehicles travelling 8 hours and at least 2 days without the new Mazda.

    No-one has offered to provide a replacement vehicle during the time taken to fix it.

    Gee, am I sorry I din’t just keep the old Land Rover.

  • Johnny B

    I purchased a new BT-50 SDX Dual Cab in March 2007. After 12 months and 25000kms I can report that – a.) economy is fantastic – regularly get 9.2l/100km in a variety of conditions with best of 8.9l/100km on trip out west(so I would suggest Trent definitely sees his dealer!!) b.) cost of 20000km service diabolical at $720!! – dealer advised that Mazda changed service requirements for this service to include tappet adjustment which alone takes over 2 1/2 hours! I argued (without success) that if this was to fix problems discovered subsequent to vehicle’s release, this should have been a vehicle recall. Also gave negative feedback to Mazda Australia without reply! Apparently this will also be required at 120000km service so I’ll be trading before then and carefully considering other options!

  • Graham Chad

    I agree with Ken, I wish I had kept my Toyota.

    Purchased 2003 Mazda Bravo 2.5LTD with 91,000 Kls.
    Since then at 103,000 kls had to have 5th gear/reverse hub assy and mainshaft replaced at cost of $2,500.
    Mazda don’t want to know about it, but did tell me that the gearbox had been replaced Aug, 2006 at 50,000 kls. Obviously replaced with another faulty gearbox.

    I don’t think I will buy another Mazda, this will be my first and last.

    • Igotsuckedin

      The clutch/flywheel is a major problem with these vehicles. I am a steady driver and still have had two replaced under warantee.

      Last Mazda I will buy for sure.

      • Bwahno_84

        sounds like your riding the clutch mate, it’s not a horse, take your foot off it.

    • Bwahno_84

      the new bt-50’s have solved the 5th gear problem, mazda know about the faulty gear box and have designed the new one to erradicate those problems. I have a 1400kg trailer and town it all day in 5th at 110 on the highway.

  • AeroKits

    Have a BT50 Freestyle cab chassis with 12,000 Km and am flat out getting 11L/100km on H/way at legal speed no air.
    Has any one worked out how to achieve the claimed 9.2L/100Km.

    • Igotsuckedin

      They must have switched off the engine and rolled down a lot of hills to get their claimed fuel consumption figures.

      Best I have got is 10.6l/100km and that was with a tail wind on the flat highway out West.

      Towing the camper drags it down to 14.7l/100km over the same road.

      My Dual cab has 15″ wheels as standard from dealer as new vehicle but a friend has one bought at same time and it has 16″ wheels and he gets close to the factory claim when not pulling his camper – but strangely we get the same consumption when pulling our campers along the same roads.

  • Johnny B

    Aerokit – are you getting litres per 100km confused with km per litre?? I regularly get 8.9 – 9.4 l/100km in all conditions. Worst I have had was 12.2l/100km towing 1000kg camper trailer over 300km and including some serious playing in the sand dunes!

    9.2l/100km is equiv to 10.87 km/l. Formula is: litres used/km travelled x 100 = l/100km

    • Matt

      using your formula my average is 12ltrs per 100km have spoken to my mazda dealer and was told this is normal.
      As well as going back over 20 times for warranty work (Dry front hubs, Leaking doors faulty cruise control etc

  • Gabriel

    @ AeroKits & trent kempster. I bought a BT-50 about 7 months ago. my fuel consumption was a nightmare. I got 6.8km/L in town and 4km/L on the highway!!!!! (Thats about 480 km on a 70 liter tank in town and about 280 km on the highway driving about 160km/h). So thats 13.5L/100km town an 23.2L/100km highway. Mazda SA sed my BT-50 was in spec? thats one hell of a spec don’t you think?

    • Gary

      Was this problem ever sorted out ? I am experiencing a simmilar fault problem with my BT50.


  • Gabriel

    Its a 3L diesel CRDI singel cab

  • Johnny B

    Gabriel – I have just returned from a 1200km trip to central west qld towing the camper – worst consumption just over 12l/100km. SDX dual cab has close to 40,000k’s up now and I have had no worries with it other than crap tyres fitted as standard. If I were you I would either get fair up Mazda or check your handbrake isn’t on!

  • http://private kahuna

    Ive got a b2600 freestyle 2005 4 cyl, bought at 29000km. Its my baby and i smother it. Only done 10000km in 18months. ive put it on lpg as all my other cars over the last 23 years no probs. You guys think you have consumption probs, its a 54ltr usable, and despite gently accelerating and good maintenance, im getting 20LT PER 100km on gas…Pathetic…the worst was towing a 4.5m tinny.On highway cycle it was even worse, gently cruising but taking into account extra weight etc.. i only managed 25LT per 100 km !!! Based on formula of mileage = consumption divided by distance..cleaned O2 sensor, vehicle tuned and maintained…Thats worse than my old babied 10yo triton that got me better mileage.No one can help Whilst i accept diesel/unleaded are different fuels and gas has a lesser tolerance in consumption, im still disappointed… Any ideas…thanks

    • Gilly

      Get an Lpg mechanic to adjust your mixtures and tune the lpg module for bottom end power. My manual B2600 does 15l/100km of lpg in the suburbs or 400km out of my 64L tank.

  • http://private kahuna

    The reason i left my message re the Freestyle 4 cyl was that i was thinking about getting a bt50, as i am a tall boy and would like the extra little room and grunt to tow occasionally without straining…But reading the comments re the above bt50’s im thinking twice…I absolutely love the suicide doors, which lets me get in the back seat and put in things and carry kids without squeezing behind the seats like the other rodeos and others.. This was a deciding factor but like some cars you take more of the plusses and perhaps tolerate some of the smaller negatives..thanks again

  • Gabriel

    @ Johnny B.

    handbrake is never on (hahaha). Luckily my car was stolen a month ago. I’m once again going to buy a BT-50. ( I love the way it drives :) ) Most people i spoke to about fuel consumption sed they got between 12 and 14 km on a liter. so my car was a dud???

  • Doug Oldham

    My BT-50 is 11 months old. I have just driven from most easterly point to most westerly point of Oz via Simpson desert, Gary junction rd, Exmouth, Carnarvon Gunbarrell & Plenty H’ways, 14770kms & averaged 12.09 litres /100kms carrying a well back camper weighing 850kgs.
    But on arrival home I discovered a cracked chassis. Mazda Australia consulted Japan who have refused any claim on warranty because I fitted air bag assist springs to stop the tail sagging under the load. My previous Bravo had the same air bags & load for 55000kms with no problems. BT-50 has 120mm longer rear springs!! funny coincidence that the chassis should fail?? I have heard Bravos had this problem. Anyone else know of same problem?

  • aiden

    Just bought a BT-50 08 single cab model second hand at 6000km and can’t get any better then 10.3l/100km, only done 8000 kay so i hope the 10000 service will maybe help that out. Anyone else out there with a bt had fuel consumption lose coming up to 10000 service,hopeing that’s all it is.

    • justin

      we have three bt-50’s as work ute’s, serviced every 5,000 k’s, all three utes have now got over 50,000 k’s and all the utes only get about 400k’s to a tank, doesn’t look good

  • Aaron

    Would anyone be able to tell me whay oil do i put in the gearbox of my mazda BT 50 ute, is it TFC450 or something else. thanks.

  • Paddy

    I have a BT-50. Its fuel consumption is rubbish. I traded a Nissan Patrol with a 4.2 diesel, which had none of the fancy engine management, and weighed half a tonne more. It got the same fuel figures, in fact slightly better. Driven like a granny, the mazda can’t get 11k/l at 90kph, empty.
    Dealer thinks up all sorts of ingenious excuses to do nothing.
    Even tried to tell me it wouldn’t be run in until 100,000km!!
    Thinking Mazda: don’t bother.
    The service has been lousy.

  • Paddy

    Does anybody know of a site where we can get a serious review of the fuel consumption of cars [BT-50] tested in the real world?
    I’d just like to know what normal people can expect for fuel consumption driving an unloaded BT-50 on the highway at 100kph.
    Everyone [where is RACV when you need them?] seems to want to keep this information secret, when it’s really the only thing that we all want to know !

  • Glenn

    Hey Paddy,
    I bought a BT50 19months ago new(duel cab diesel 3L)around town with tools in the back get 10L p100km then twice a year i go on a trip (bout 5000k round trip) towing an offroad camper and average about 11.5L p100km also with abit of beach n bush driving thrown in. Did take about 10-15,000km for the economy to even out.Have thrown standard shocks for good after market and ride is less like a wet sponge(that was at 10,000k) Now 40,000km on the clock and runs well. Yes mazda service sucks.Glad it doesnt say the same for the vehicles. Have a read of 4wd action they have been doing up a BT 50 as a tourer and camera support truck.
    Also look on there website they do have realworld tests on economy on different trucks.

  • Jim

    I have a 2008 3 litre SDX dual cab with 28000 kms. The fuel consumption is excellent. I regularly get 800-850 kms per tank. I did a trip across Australia from Perth to Brisbane, towing a camper trailer with heaps of gear in the tub and generally got around 700 km per tank. I have noticed that the consumption can vary depending on where you get your fuel. In addition, the speedo is way out. When I am doing 100km/hr on the speedo the GPS indicates around 90km/hr. I’m wondering if this means the trip meter is out and mileage is not as good as I think? The standard suspension is crap and has already sagged considerably (the car has copped a bit of a flogging though). Has anyone fitted aftermarket suspension that they can recommend?

  • Gabriel

    To everyone here:

    There is one word to describe the Mazda BT-50: inconsistent…….

    I bought a new BT-50 and got about 9L/100km on highway (At 160km/H) and about 11L/100km in town….

    Please see previous comment: September 20th, 2008

    • Bwahno_84

      @Gabriel, why do you bother telling us what fuel consumption you get at 160km/h????? How about you stick to the speed limit, put your a/c on because it’s not a 1965 holden, turn your stereo up and quit whinging.

  • Harry

    Gear change from 1st to 2nd on my bt50 hard. Ihave a 2007 4×4 model double cab.

  • kevin

    i have a bt50 duell cab auto it dose around 15/100 i have have had it dynoed and it comes up with 89 kw @3014rpm 320 Nm @ 2569 a long way from mazda spec mazda is still trying to recify after 12 mths.For poeple with bad fuel econemy and no power over 100 km get dyno and complain

    • David Potts

      I had Diesel Gas fitted to my 3L BT50 as it didn’t have the get up and go I would expect. On a number of occassions 60% of power was lost while towing 1.5T but came back. Mazda could not find problem. After a long trip Perth to Carnarvon & return I had the motor Dyno checked. They found the motor only generating 80kW instead of 115kW. With gas running it was producing 100kW. Mazda have pulled the engine down at my expense as was found only half compression in cylinders. Found scored bores and pitted intake valves. $14,000 repair quote. Investigation is still pending however it has been suggested the gas caused the problem. This voids new car warranty. I would suggest getting a compression check on your engine. Minimum pressure should be 385psi. I was getting between 180 & 200psi on all 4 cylinders. New head gasket alone is $600. I hope your car is still under warranty and you haven’t modified it in any way. Good luck.

  • Samson

    I bought my BT50 2.5L Diesel Dual cab in Nov 2008. In town 10 L will get me 100 km.
    My family and I do a 450 km (round trip) for the kids to visit their grannies every school holidays. A full tank (70L) will get us there and back @ 100 km/hr.

  • Dom

    I bought a 2008 3 litre SDX dual cab and within a month had problems with it. The engine light came on as we were driving and it became difficult to start. Called the dealer and was told to bring it in. After being stuffed around for 2 days, a control unit in the engine management system was replaced. Within 2 months the light was back on. Took it back to the dealer and was told me there was nothing they could do and to keep driving it. The fuel consumption is rubbish, driving like a granny with the aircon off, I can only get about 13ltrs/100ks (around 450-500 ks out of a tank). Spoke to the dealer and told the advertised consumption rate is crap.

    Also had a right rear shocky leak and replaced by the dealer. The ABS has started playing up and the gear selector in the cabin has broken. The auto slips from 2 to 3 when cold, will not come down from 4th unless you basically stop and thumps when going from 3 to 4. After continually taking back to the dealer, (nothing has been repaired except the shocky) they finally acknowledged in writing that Mazda is aware of the problem with the engine management system and auto and are Japan are working on a solution. I was told not to hold my breath – that was 6 months ago.

    I have just about had enough with both the Dealer (who damaged the vehicle at the last service) and Mazda for their apparent “dont care attitude”. I was speaking to a random who just purchased one and within a week the engine light came on. Why are these vehicles still being sold? With less than 20,000 Ks on the clock it is going to be a long road to redemption.

    Is anyone else having similar problems?

    • russell

      I have had similar issues with my 2007 , 3l td, auto dual cab. Mazda have now fitted a higher cranking capacity battry under warranty about 4 weeks ago, so far no engine light coming on.
      Very poor fuel economy 12.5/100km, my 30ltd Rodeo gets 8.5, but the Mazda has heaps more power.
      Auto trani is the worst auto I have ever had.
      43000km to date
      engine light around 80 times ( under test with new battry)
      accelerator sensor fell appart ( replaced in 2 days)
      crap auto trani ( Mazda Dealer- feels normal to me)
      Low range selector dident ( rectefied)
      Extreemly overpriced dealer service charges.
      crap wear from stock bridgstone tyres
      crap grip from stock bridgstone tyres

      But I do find the car very comfortable to drive
      bty -it needs cruise control.

      • Geoff. Frazer

        2007 BT50 SDX 4×4 DUAL CAB TURBO DIESEL AUTO: Good to hear that others have the same problems that I have. My fuel economy was great until Mazda replaced the ECU at Christmas 2008, AVERAGE NOW IS 14.2 Per/100 Ks. Also the Auto does the worst gear changes, (slipping & thumping ) & Mazda are saying that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. The vehicle has been on the dyno, (by an independent operator) but the computer is unable to be reprogrammed. I have all the test results on the engine & gear box but Mazda still say nothing is wrong. But computers are not designed to lie about themselves. Basically MAZDA are saying STUFF YOU , so this is my FIRST and LAST Mazda vehicle.

  • Michael Spring

    Hi All, I purchased a BT-50 from centenery mazda in brisbane in septenber this year. I am currently getting 760 klm to the tank. Cant complain about that! Drives great and have never had better service from a dealer.

  • angry

    hi have had my bt50 freestyle dx+ from when they first arrived and have had no problem at all. at first they were a bit thirsty but a early morning drive when dark and another cars light shining from behind you could see the excess fuel smoke on acceleration so i backed off and now drive according and get a constant 10l/100km on peak fuel or 11.2 on caltex or bp.
    love it after 3 years wouldn’t have anything else.

  • vandy

    can somebody help cant identify high pitch noise front end bt 50 4×4 100000k not bearings not brakes

  • vandy

    can anyone tell me if me about noise front end mazda bt 50 not brakes not bearings

    • Ado

      I had a high pitched squeal from the front of my 08 BT50 which turned out to be from the CV shaft seal where it goes into each spindle.Get some WD 40 and spray around the cv shaft seals where they go through the spindle at each wheel end. Should eliminate noise if it is from there. Then will require new seals to remedy problem.

  • ramesh ramadhar

    hey i have a 2007 mazda bt 50 4×4 ,3.0 automatic
    the abs light is on and abs not working i am gettin a code:c-1949 when diagnosed ,can someone comment on that.

  • delano walters

    i have a 2007 bt50 the deisel version. The pressure plate seems to be gone and i have bene trying to source one with no luck, does any one know where i could. please please help me.

  • Andy

    Probably bull bar mounts if you have one.

  • Aaron

    105000 kms gearbox dead, and Mazda don’t want to know about it. Haven’t wanted to know about the inaccurate speedo since day one (may be to get them selves out of warranty clams earlier) Shall next time buy a Triton with 160,000 km warranty. And just to add salt to the wound on the next day received text for “M” day. Never ever again

  • Tony

    I have a 2010 freestyle sdx auto and get really crap milage as well. 15,000 k’s and the auto has burnt out. Mazda tried to blame the aftermarket Bullbar but I had 2 job cards eluding to the problem months before the bullbar went on. They’ve picked up the tab BUT I now have to take the TJM bar off and put a dinky mazda bar on in order to keep the warranty. Have a good secondhand bar but dont have the $580 mounting brackets. Any help out there?

  • Casey

    Only thing i can say is threaten your dealer with the ACC and CONSUMER AFFAIRS, What the dealers and Mazda dont tell you is that your vehicle is covered by 2 warranties 1 by the dealer and 1 is a statutory warranty which states that Mazda must provide goods of a merchantable quality.Quickly made the dealer come to the party for me.Had problems with 5th gear jumping out and was told it would cost around $2000 to fix,wrote a formal letter to dealer explaining that i had spoke to consumer affairs and that i wanted them (Mazda)to fix the problem or was going to foward my complaint to consumer affairs and let them sort the problem out for me.

  • Jays

    I purchased a November 09 2WD BT50. The fuel economy and power is great. Usually 700+ kilometres to a tank. I purchased the vehicle from Grand Prix Mazda in Aspley (QLD) and was disgusted with the service from the service department manager so don’t get the vehicle serviced there. 4th gear can be a little notchy when cold and at 32 000 kilometres I have a leaky front shock absorber which Mazda are looking at next week. I put this down to the rough and bumpy roads when I was working in central queensland. I would recommend the 2WD but I have heard some complaints about fuel economy in the 4WD.

  • gary

    hi all about to buy a bt 50 2x extra cab 2007 has 55000 ks on clock been serviced reg i have read all the feed back some good some bad strait up should i buy or should i not

  • Kyle

    Bought a 2008 2.5 bt50 2wd, had nothing but great experience. all thumbs up.

  • Jez

    There seams to be a large variation in fuel economy with the BT 50’s. I just bought a 2007 dualcab a week ago and got 11.6 L/per 100 km, that is 2 Lt’s more than it should get.I’ll see what the next tank gets, but if it is the same can someone tell me if I can get it looked at under warranty. This is my first diesel ute so don’t know if tuning can fix it.

  • rhett

    i have a bt -50 pretty sure they would only have a 60lt tank in them. i filled mine up today and the fuel light had been on for 5ks and it only took 55lts and i had it coming out of the fill pipe as well

    • Jez

      My BT has a 70lt tank and i’m averaging 10.5 km/100 about 660km to a tank still around 100km of what it should get according to mazda. But it’s better than my wife’s xr falcon that gets 11.9 km/100.

    • Igotsuckedin

      Mine has 70lt tank – approx. 12 lt of fuel left when the warning light comes on – stupidly I trusted the claimed Mazda fuel figures when I first bougth the vehicle – calculated the trip and thought I had plenty of fuel to spare – then ran out in the middle of nowhere. Since then I have never let my tank get below half before I fill up.

  • Aiden

    I Bought my BT 50 new in 2007 and it is used daily as a work vehicle it has progressively got better in engine performance as the klms went on and at 120000 klms is quite amazing in its performance, the first set of tyres did 60000 klms and the new set are well down at twice that the 1 and only problem I have had with it was the clutch pedal spring snapped and was rectified under warranty apart from that i have absolutely loved it the fuel economy is varied but keeping your fuel and air filter regularly replaced does make a difference as far as economy under 10 l per hundred that is bollocks and mine would average between 11 and 12 per hundred on a long haul apart from that it has been great.

    • Bwahno_84

      The tyre on mine are amazing to say the least. 08 4×2 and I have the original tyres on with rubber still left at 98000km/s. I am looking at a new set in the next 10000k’s

  • Jez

    I think its all in the acceleration rate. I’m taking it easy up to speed then sit on 100k’s and got 10.2 out of my last two tanks. Will be getting a power modual next week,will let you know how it goes.

  • Jez

    Just had mine serviced for the first time since i’v had it and the first full tank since then i got 9.6lt/100 still haven’t got the power moduel on it yet so will gte better again should get it on this week. so they are able to get below the 10lt/100 mark depending on how you drive it i guess.

  • carl

    Just about to buy a dual cab BT50 2008 diesel with all the kit on it very clean full service history, very concerned about the fuel consumption, this has done 183.000klm should i be giving this a swerve ?

  • Jez

    The kms seem pretty high for the year of it, I would suggest finding out what sort of kms it’s been doing to be so high.If it has been towing alot or used as a work vehicle ect. as you would have read above mine is getting good economy even before i put the power module on. I would also check to see what’s required in the 200,000 km sevice, and allow for timing belt reguardless.

  • Wayne Williams

    What a mixed lot of commets . Two mates, two BT50s. 2008 models, both fantastc utes.3lt 4x4s

  • Simonwalker6

    2007 auto 4×4 180000 Klms on clock 13litres per 100k  front bearings [sealed] destoyed themselves due to seals letting dust in ,limp mode activated interesting situation with loss of power between 50 &90 percent .

  • Fred

    Bought vehicle new in 2007 (Freestyle 4×4). Clutch collapsed at 47,000km (tended to burn from new) had to install a $2000 heavy durty clutch. Now at 53,000 Km in July 2012 it appears the limited slip diff has gone. This vehicle has been handled and housed with kid gloves. I am aware from the repairer of other light commercials (not limited to Mazda but of the same design) the failure issues are the same. We have had a Mazda six and now a CX7, but that’s it for Mazda and I have advised my dealer of my dissapointment. The main issue is that these light commerials are really only made for around town tradies.

  • Phil

    Have 2010 bt50 2wd hi rider auto just finished 18000km trip towing 14ft caravan fuel consumption for whole trip 1921 litres that equates to 10.6 l/100 or 9.3 kms/litre Very happy. Also towed in overdrive except for when in mountains. Started trip in Adelaide to Cooktown, then Gulf Country, then back to Bundaberg and then home to Adelaide. Only fault with BT50 no LSD but I am rectifying this

    • Raineybn

       Great, but if it’s only a 2 wheel drive it does not come fitted with an LSD. If your putting in a vacuum lock-in system then great. Right hand rear leaf spring has also lost its lift and sags to the right. These leaf springs are still fitted to the 2012.