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You may think it’s not a relevant car to the Australian market, but some would have you believe the all-new Ford Taurus may one day be the underpinnings of the next-generation Ford Falcon.

Ford unveiled the new 2013 Taurus at the New York Autoshow today, showcasing the 2.0-litre four-cylinder ecoboost engine that will also be launched in the Falcon in the next few months.

The ecoboost engine in the Taurus delivers around 7.5L/100km on the highway in U.S. testing. Figures for the Falcon are yet to be released. If the same power and torque figures are kept from the Taurus, the Ford Falcon ecboboost will have 237 horsepower (177kW) and 250 lb.-ft. (339Nm) of torque.

The new Taurus is unlike any Ford we’ve seen before. It features a whole range of technologies more accustomed to European brands, these include adaptive cruise control, collision warning with brake support, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®), cross-traffic alert and the MyKey® system.

Apart from the standard 2.0-litre ecoboost, Ford will also offer a 3.5-litre V6 model with 216kW.

From the outside the new Taurus is one of the nicer cars in Ford’s lineup, offering a blend between modern-age car design and American expressionism. The big grille is not overdone but the rear does remind you that it’s designed for the North American market.

The interior is also surprising for Ford, with a load of features we would love to see in the Falcon. From soft-touch material and a generally upmarket feel for the whole cabin to some notable features including a heated steering wheel, Multicontour seats with Active Motion™ (massage), push-button start, auto high beams and a rear view camera wired up to an 8-inch screen.

If you want an XR6 Turbo replacement, what about the Ford Taurus SHO (pronounced as “show”)? The 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 delivers an impressive 272 kW of power and 475 Nm of torque. If you’re thinking that all that power couldn’t possibly go through the front wheels you’d be right because the Taurus SHO is all-wheel drive! A variant we’d love to see in the Ford Australia lineup. Perhaps Ford might put this engine in the Falcon?

The turbocharged V6 is matched to a six-speed high- capacity 6F55 SelectShift Automatic™ transmission.

What do you think of the new Taurus? Would you buy one if it was called Falcon in Australia?

  • Ox

    I can see a shared styling theme with the new Terri

  • V8 UTE!

    I dont mind the car, the interior is much nicer than the exterior………..one thing the Tauras has is the black interior roof lining in some of the pics above, i would like to see this in the Falcon like holden has done in most of the commodore sedans and utes for years!

  • Pantone 021c

    When you say Tauras the dark days of the 90\’s come flooding back. Its impact on the Falcon with the \”New Edge\” design philosophy destroyed Ford\’s creditability for four lonely years. But what we see here is an answer to Ford Australia\’s issue. We will miss the rwd layout but its time to save jobs and build a car that costs less, has more technology and is focused on future. All we can ask for is that they ram a V8 under the bonnet and keep the GT going!

    • Brett

      Exactly. If we can build it here and for that matter the rest of the right hand drive market, why not?

  • Stal

    Please, Search-and-replace TaurAS with TaurUS in the article. I thought they’d renamed it for the relaunch.

    Sexy-looking car, though.

  • CJ

    Bye Bye Falcon……

    • ddd

      falcon is dead and buried now anyway.

      fords been trying to kill it for years, looks like they will get their way very soon.

      as sad as it is :(

    • http://TATA Robert

      I think many people would be upset if this import replaced the Falcon. I think maybe not, as the sales in the US are only twice the actual sales here for the Falcon. It’s actual driving dynamics are not that impressive as well, although it is big.

  • Monk

    470Nm torque in the V6 is a significant drop from the 533Nm currently in the XR6T.

    No V6 will ever be as good as the beautiful feel of the I6 – Ford and BMW know what I\’m talking about!

    • ddd

      never a truer word spoken!

      spot on monk!

      • Phil

        There is no specific “feel” of a I6.

        There are specifics to a engine that has a bad “feel”. Have you ever revved a Falcon past 5000rpm? If you have, you would’ve noticed the power quickly dies off and the engine has a very harsh note. Under acceleration at low revs, they make a annoying whining sound – not unlike a household appliance. Most (if not all) Falcon 6s I’ve been in only revved to 5500 anyway, which is the same as some modern Diesels!

        A BMW 6 on the other hand makes a beautiful smooth sound at all revs and powers right up to the redline. It feels nothing like a Falcon 6.

        • Steve

          By sounds of it your talking about SOHC Falcons with the 4spd auto of falcons from 10years ago. The whine is the Auto in first gear. Current XR6 Turbos with the 6spd ZF rev to 7200rpm to keep the turbo on boost and sound like jets with popping on each gear change. They sound epic.

          • Ford Man

            Phil, I suggest you drive a newer Falcon. There is no harsh note past 5000RPM on the FG, in fact its been commented in reviews that the air induction passed 4000RPM is music to the ears. In terms of low RPM, it does sound different to a V engine, but this is simply because it is not a peaky engine but rather due to its high level of torque does all its work down at lower RPM. If you drive the I6 ‘normally’. you dont need to go passed 2500RPM.

            As others have said, this car is a compromises from the Turbo I6 which achieves the same power and far more torque without the direct injection technology seen in the Taurus. I cant imagine the numbers Ford Australia could achieve with direct injection in the I6!

        • http://www.v8supergeek.com Luke

          Lol, are you seriously commenting about an engine from over 10 years ago here? Get a clue.

          • Phil

            This sub-section is about the supposed ‘feel’ of a inline 6 engine.

            If this ‘feel’ existed, it would be present in all inline 6 engines right? Yet your saying I must only look at ones less than 10 years old?
            Based on that, this supposed ‘feel’ comes from modern development(s) not the inline positioning.

            I have been in Falcons less than 10 years old. The NSW Taxi fleet is not allowed to operate vehicles over 8 years old and I am a regular user. Recent trips in Taxis – which are always Falcons, are still showing a Tacho that redlines at 5500 and they whine under power at low revs in all 4 gears (and its a seperate whine to the often present diff whine). All are 4 speed Autos. Ford was still putting 4 speed autos in Falcons far more recently than 10 years ago.

          • Steve

            You do realise that is a LPG only inline 6 with the old vapour injection method to a motor that runs on petrol and has sequential fuel injection? The old method which is no longer in production though reliable and cheaper than LPI it has its limitations such less power, and as you noted lower rev limit since its peak power is achieved somewhere around 4750rpm. Ford no longer fit 4spd autos to current falcons. Again your describing a poverty pack taxi that has done 300k+ plus k’s being driven hard by a lets admit it, a not very skilled driver 24hours a day. The general feel of a inline 6 is more torque down low with the ability to rev high. Your argument in the modern day is invalid. Check out the EcoLPI falcon coming mid 2011, coming to a taxi near you.

          • Steve

            your comparing*

  • Skybreak

    Hi Alborz,
    How does the Taurus compare size-wise to a Falcon?
    Can you still fit 3 adults in reasonable comfort across the back seat? And what are the boot sizes?

    • ddd

      when was the last time u saw a falcodore with 5 people in it??

      i myself, cant remember???

      no one needs large cars these days

      • Skybreak

        I almost never see 5 adults in any car, but that’s not the point. Some people want/need full sized car, even if it only occasionally. I had 5 adults in my car at Christmas, although you might not be able to remember that far back.

      • nickdl

        Ever seen a taxi before?

        Actually I see five people in a Falcodore much more often than most other cars. They’re the only cars wide enough for three back seat passengers to be able to put seatbelts on without some awkward shuffling around and sitting up.

        Anyway the Taurus is similar in length to a Falcon, maybe closer to a Statesman in length. The boot is quite big I think and if it’s carrying full-size Americans it’s probably pretty wide.

  • Skybreak

    If I was in the market for a car this size I would certainly consider the Taurus. It looks pretty good and seems well spec’d.

    But if Ford kill the Falcon and put Falcon badges on this I will not be impressed. While most of the motoring public wouldn’t know or care greatly I will and I would hope the motoring enthusiasts and motor journalists will give Ford a good kicking for it.

    The only way Ford can kill the Falcon (and its RWD V8 powered goodness) and keep fans happy is to bring the Mustang here.

    • MattW

      I agree, to reuse the Falcon nameplate just wouldn’t be right, and the Taurus name is tarnished here by the earlier generation they brought out here. But it was also tarnished in the US to the point they dropped it. With a good product they turned it around… and Holden has managed to successfully reuse the “Cruze” nameplate despite that abortion they used it for in 2003…

  • Shak

    Learning more and more about this car, it makes you think it wouldnt be so bad to replace the Falcon. By replace i mean not use the Falcon name, because that car has too much history here, and replacing that name with a FWD Yank tank just wont go down here. By all means if it can match the current levels of prowess present in the Falcon, then bring it in here with all of that tech, but if its just a stop gap, dont bother because sales will just tank even more than they currently are.

  • Frostie

    The Inline 6 configuration is irreplaceable. Its an icon of the Falcon. All Ford needs to do is eco boost their Inline 6 engine (not just the LPi variant) and give the car an AWD torque split system (similar to a GT-R), those special massaging seats, xenon headlamps and a better still user interface.

    • Richo

      The whole point of “eco boost” is to turbocharge a small capacity engine to give it the same power as a big capacity engine. The inline 6 is already a big capacity engine, so its not possible therefore to eco boost it.

      • TMG

        Take the Engine back to the old 144cu or 170 cu, then Ecoboost it, it still shares the bore dimensions…..

      • Frostie

        The LPi eco boost engine is Inline 6 according to ford.com.au

      • Frostie

        Ford Eco boost is: Direct port fuel injection, and two small turbochargers to eliminate turbo lag. That’s it. If this can power six cylinders in a V6 Taurus, then it should be able to power six cylinders in an Inline 6 Falcon.

        • Buntz

          The EcoBoost tech also delivers what known as lean burn. Which is basically ensuring the the turbo’s deliver more air into the chamber to give it a higher fuel/air burn ratio. Using less fuel. So the boost itself doesn’t have to be strong, but adequate over the whole range to have say… 70-80% fuel air mix.

          So while that wouldn’t be as powerful as an XR6T it would be more fuel efficient. But would it be more fuel efficient than the NA version? Don’t know. Certainly a V8. But then they don’t have a V8 anymore anyway.

          I think we might keep the RWD falcon here in Aus. But our sacrifice will be the I6.

    • Phil

      Do you really think that the Government/Business/Rental car fleets – which make up 80% of Falcon sales, care about whether the engine’s cylinders are in two small straight lines or one single straight line?
      Why even would the private customers care? Most wouldn’t know what a Inline or Vee configuration was.

  • jbot

    TaurUs, with a U. Front end looks great, and the interior looks good too. But that rear end just ruins it for me. And the I6 will be missed, especially the turbo.

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    Hopfully Ford are following the europeans and offer this as a premium model,thus leaving Falcon as the standard model,so there no Falcon loss

  • http://caradvice.com.au Dougie D

    One has to hope it is a better car than the old one it was a mechanical nightmare

    • ddd

      i know a bloke who has an original aussie release taurus, it has 29 thousand kays on it, its immaculate.

      i HATED them when they were released…. guess what…. they have a certain air of coolness now!

      love the interior, it is so smooth and comfy, damn, id even own it now!!

      • Buntz

        You are a troll. Find something better to do.

  • nick99

    Forget about building a Falcon with the Taurus features you like, just slap a Falcon badge on it and be done with it. Import it as is and we can all enjoy cheaper cars. The Falcon is a good car but in a ever declining niche market, Ford bosses have said so themselves. Aussies want smaller cars and 90% of them couldn\’t open a bonnet let alone know or care which wheels are driven.

  • The Dazzler

    For a mainstream car that’s pretty sexy.

  • Duckula

    I have to agree with you nick…as a fleet manager, which is where the majority of this type of car goes, I couldnt give 2 hoots what wheels drive the car, as long as it comes in, on or under budget, carries 5 people, and has the required safety features thats all that matters. Having said that I kinda like it in a weird way. oh and CA fix this stupid anti spam word problem…

  • Blitzkrieg

    Tell you what that looks pretty good,if it comes here just dont call it taurus.

    • Kampfer

      I rather Ford keep Taurus, just don’t name it Falcon…

  • http://caradvice craigMM

    That front end made me think “future Falcon” straight away!

    • ddd

      sorry mate but falcon and future wont be used in the same sentence.

      sadly, falcon is doomed.

  • Sam

    I would be happy to have either the Taurus or the Malibu in my garage.

  • Valet Dabess

    front looks great, interior looks great, range of engines to choose from, awd. hell yeah. the only think i don’t like is the rear

  • midi

    Im a massive Ford Au supporter but Ford should definitely replace the falcon with this!! Looks amazing all round. Back is a bit plain but just look at the back of the VE Commodore, not much different!! Ford Au should stop wasting time and money and re-launch the whole brand with with fiesta, focus, mondeo, terri and this taurus!! That way they can move away from being the taxi falcon company!! :)

    • Lox

      …and what’s to stop taxi’s from buying these then?

      • Lox

        *taxi drivers

        • Kampfer

          Taxi drivers will start to drive “Chevrolet” Caprice with taxi pack…

    • Ford Fairlane

      Ha Ha,Ford AU supporter,my Big Toe.

    • Falcodore

      Midi, you cant have Territory without the Falcon. They use the same platform.

      • Buntz

        Actually. FG is on a new platform. E8. TErritory is still running on the AU/BA derived platform. I can’t say for sure about the latest Territory, because they haven’t released all the info yet.

  • Rocketman

    I like it a lot. Look guys, rear wheel drive is great, but there are advantages in packaging with a FWD. There’s no point having a large car that seats five if the fifth person has to straddle the transmission tunnel like I had to do last week, sitting in the middle rear seat of a Commodore.

    • Ford Fairlane

      I think the steering feel of RWD will beat packaging advantages of FWD everytime to a driving enthusiast.

      People who buy large FWD cars are not enthusiast drivers,there commuter drivers,big difference.

      • Phil

        The simple matter of FWD or RWD has little effect on steering feel.

        Have you ever noticed that the steering in Ford Fairlane’s – especially older ones, is so light that there is no feel at all?

        Ford’s German models have the best feel and are all FWD.

        • Ford Fairlane

          Nice Joke Phil

          ever heard of torquesteer

          and are you saying Fords FWD RS Focus has a better steering feel then a BMW M3…Hmm

          Ford Fairlane G220 had very good steering feel and the older ones feel old because they are old,you can’t expect a 95 Fairlane to handle like a 09 SS commodore

          • Phil

            Where did I mention a M3? In the Ford range the German models have the best steering and also happen to all be FWD.

            Very few FWDs suffer from torque steer and even then its only under heavy acceleration.

            G220 Fairlane is only one version out of about 10 (?) generations. What are you saying there about the old ones – that they age very quickly? Or that Ford botched 9 generations and only got one version right?
            If it was so good, how come Fairlanes were only ever bought by pensioners and Taxi fleets and sales dried up?

          • Ford Fairlane

            I mentioned M3 as a pure FWD v RWD comparison the manufacturer is irrelevant.

            Well Years ago when working class people wanted to treat themself to a more expensive drive,would aspire towards a luxury variant Fairlane LTD,these days its more toward sport variants XR6T,XR8,FPV.

            The g220 was a compromise and what a goodone for drivers but sadly not sales.

            Fairlanes in there hayday trumped Euros(because there were crap basically) for reliabilty,power,towing ablity,price,ruggedness,service cost.
            All Japan offerd was Toyota Crown,the only competition was statesman.

            The only slight blemish is the start of the production run for na/da series.


    • bangel

      Remember that they were selling 10,000 plus crummercoons a month 10 years ago , now it about half , so those drivers have moved to guess what a FWD car of some shape or they have bought a quality euro/jap RWD .

      large car sales are dying , ford cannot afford to make 1500 plus a month falcoons and break even , let alone a profit .

      • Hung Low

        The large car has been replaced with the SUV craze, no two ways about it. SUV’s are the new generation large car.

    • Ford Man

      If you tow something, you got for a Falcon because it has torque AND RWD. A FWD Taurus with way less torque and FWD will not cut it. An AWD Taurus with 15L per 100km because its heavy and drives 4 wheels will not cut it. They WILL be losing sales to Commodore as a result. Its not a maybe, its a definite.

  • nickdl

    You’ve got quite a bit of editing to do there. It’s TaurUS not TaurAS. As for the car, I really like it as a Taurus, as a Falcon replacement not so sure. It’s quite good looking (from the front at least) and the interior is very nice with much more technology that we have in the Falcon. But without RWD or an I6 it wouldn’t be the same.

    • Buntz

      They should turn the Taurus into an X6 competitor. And make the Falcon the global large car.

  • Opelman

    Welcome to the new falcon!

    • Ford Fairlane


  • Hjalle

    I like it, the exterior and interior are both really nice. The interior is definatly a lot nicer on this than the Falcon. I think if Ford decided to import this the Commodore would have some stiff competition

  • http://Telsa paulb

    A big improvment on the last Taurus we seen her in OZ.Interior finish is good,outside styling is just a pass.
    XR6 still superior in looks+Barra16,however if LPI+Ecoboost doesnt work in Falcon.Taurus will have to do.

    • Blitzkrieg

      I remember the last taurus,the cockroach on wheels it was.

      • http://Telsa paulb

        Blitzkrieg,this 1 looks better but in the flesh im not to sure.The back?front guards?the height?lenght of boot?.Reminds me a bit of the AU Falcon

        • matt

          paul… where the hell is this LPI+ecoboost crap coming from? why pick the one thing ford au are not working on and use it as a negitive? i dont get it, you must be 15.

          • Buntz

            He means EcoLPi.

            We won’t be getting this car in any form you see here… even if Falcon does get replaced by an overseas model.

            It’s simply too big.

          • paulb

            OK EcoLPI+Ecoboost new technologys soon to available in the Falcon range.The Taurus in the picture shown above will struggle in this market.The size for starters.

  • Peter

    It’s not bad. You can tell it’s designed for the American market but I think there would be hints here for the next gen Falcon, although i’m not so keen on the back. But that dark interior and layout is awesome! Definately needs to be looked at for next gen Falcon…we shall see…

  • Lox

    It can never be brought in as a Falcon EVER.

    Its a decent looking car.

  • http://Caradvice Onepoppa

    Who really needs the Falcon – so big and heavy with so little room inside to show for it? And in 2011 an engine of such size, thirst and emissions. Look at what the Germans do with sub 3 litre engines – petrol and diesels. It looks like the market is showing how little people care which set of wheels are driven – the recognise a dinosaur when they see one.

    • Ford Fairlane

      Have you heard of Eco boost??

      and Which market would that be,not the large car segment that Toyota has tryed a failed twice to sell fwd.

      People who buy Falcons and commodores know what they want and its not FWD

      • Phil

        80% of Falcon and Commodore sales go to Government/Business fleets. These customers want a cheap medium/large car. Ford/Holden offer massive discounts to capture these sales. The fleet customers couldn’t care less if it were FWD or RWD. Why would they?

      • Phil

        It’s funny you have the name “Ford Fairlane”.

        Didn’t you know the Ford Fairlane was in the Large car segment?

        Did you know it was RWD and that is became extremely unpopular?

        Did you know it was discontinued due to shrinking market demand and poor sales?

        Most Falcons and Commodores are not bought by people as such. They are bought by Government departments, Business Fleets and Rental companys. These ‘people’ couldn’t care less about whether the car was driven by the front or rear wheels.

        • Aquahead

          But these government departmentds all rely on the residual value at the end of use to get something back. Its the second owner of these cars who really drives the market for large cars. The families towing trailers, boats and caravans.

          Without a good market to flog theses cars off too, the government’s resale value will plumet and they will start looking elsewhere. How many government plated Aurions do you see? I park in a carpark where several gov depts also park, their fleet is Falcon, Commodore & Camry. Don;t forget that government deps have a buy Aussie policy too.

          • TMG

            Which Govt depts? here in Qld QFleet (yes thats the government) can not buy Fords (not only the Falcon but nothing) as they are not on the approved list (go look it up) Qld Police, have a preference for Holdens and the Toyota, and most of the Large not for profits buy Toyota’s (Blue Care, OZ Care, to name the biggest), The Taxi industry is swinging towards anything but Fords (no Wagon no lpg) and the rentals tend to buy white Toyota Corrolas, and Camrys (that where they get their figurs from)
            So please as an ex Fleet salesman from a multi franchise dealer let me know where I could have sold my wares….

        • Ford Fairlane

          Yes Ford Fairlane….


          Yes It was RWD and became unpopular but not because it was RWD……Ever heard of TRD Aurion that never become popular because of its FWD layout.

          Like plenty of cars before it,nothing new there.

          • Phil

            Are you able to provide a real basis for your continued claim that RWD automatically means good?

            Aurion failed because it entered during a depressed market, it was crap to drive, ugly and too expensive.

    • Karl

      A big engine does not necessarily mean high fuel consumption.
      The Falcons packaging is comparable with any similar car. Have you ever sat in the back seat of a 1 series? RWD + inline 6 is always going to be a compromise in space, even if there is a German badge on the front (shock horror!).

  • laurie

    USA Mondeo

    • matt

      that be the fusion

  • http://ca auto

    set it up for Australian conditions and get it out here asap.

    • Andrew M

      That may actually be the tricky bit, but since Ford Aus never usually buys crate products as their bread products, I would assume if it did come here the engineers in OZ would put their eyes over it quite well

  • bangel

    looks very stylish when compared to the jap offerings released today , certainly has a euro/american sustance to it , good one ford will sell very well in OZ in FWD and AWD .

  • Andrew M

    It may have an impressive list of features, but some would be irrelevant on the Falcon.

    For starters, the heated steering wheel and seats brigade always get me into a chuckle.

    Another thing, its one thing having auto high beam and Xenons, but will they be better than the Falcons current set up?

    Also I dont know why You are bragging about a 272kw and 475nm engine variant Alborz, thats actually a step backwards.

    Some things though like the assumingly better Sony system, blind spot, my key etc would be nice to bring local, but Im still not saying it could act as a direct substitute for the Falcon.
    They could certainly share some elements though.

    Ford has already scaled back “Falcon” name plating with introduction of FG, This may give them options with later decisions still pending.

    Whether this will or wont become a replacement product lies in the hands of Lpi, Ecoboost and Diesel Terry and how they perform over the next 12 months

    • http://Telsa paulb

      Andrew,taking away Taurus front grill it looks very Korean.A bigger vechle than a Korean sedan,fwd v6 is like a sleeping tablet.

  • Karl

    If it can accept AWD, surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to make it RWD(by removing the front drive shaft)?
    Maybe Ford US could build the all/front wheel drive and Ford AU could build a RWD version? It’s still the same chassis, and it would fit in with Fords “one car” philosophy.
    Considering Ford is chasing better fuel economy out of the Falcon, it doesn’t make sense to go AWD, which is heavier and has higher drive train losses due to friction.

    • Buntz

      The car would need a transmission tunnel and place for the diff.

      Falcon is a better car by far. Ford just need to ship their dazzling tech down under so we can screw it in.

  • Me

    That foot-brake :(

  • filippo

    If the Falcon has to die and be replaced by a FWD vehicle, then I think the Mondeo has everything that an Australian buyer would want. American design tastes are too particular, so even though the Taurus in this article looks ok, the next model is sure to be a disaster.

    • Buntz

      I also agree. If you’re going to replace the Falcon with a FWD car. Why not just let it be the similarly sized Mondeo, and you can keep your yanky crap.

  • Michael

    I quite like the interior, and don’t mind the front design of the Taurus, but I personally don’t like the overall profile of the car, reminds me a bit of a Honda Accord.

    I personally think the current shape Falcon is a much nicer design and a fantastic car to drive. It would be a really sad day I think if the Aussie Falcon is lost. It really is a great car and well suited to this country.

  • Ford Man

    Im a Ford Man.

    I have no idea how anyone can find that front end good looking. The grille is far far far too big.

    The problem with the Taurus as a ‘falcon replacement’ is that:

    a. It looks like an American car not a Australia car;
    b. Is still a large car with similarly poor fuel consumption.

    I bought a Falcon because it can tow. If its between a Taurus and a Commodore I will take the Commodore. It would be a real shame for the Inline 6 to die off as I dont think the V6 in the Taurus is doing anything better especially considering it would have had more money thrown at it compared to the I6 in R&D. What Ford Australia have done to the I6 with a limited budget is amazing. It would be a true shame to see it disappear.

    If they are real about keeping the I6 they need to develop a alloy block for it to improve fuel efficiency.

    • Me

      I6 will be dead by 2015. Whether it gets replaced by a different engine or a different car (Taurus) is a different story. It’s the sad truth.

      • Buntz

        Unfortunately true. Not sure if they will continue to manufacture a 6 cylinder here at the plant, or shut it down along with the engine, and cut the jobs. But we will most likely get the V6 with the Next Falcon be RWD or god forbid FWD/AWD.

        But the plus side is, they can put two tail pipes on it.

  • Bob

    “The new Taurus is unlike any Ford we’ve seen before. It features a whole range of technologies more accustomed to European brands, these include adaptive cruise control, collision warning with brake support, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®), cross-traffic alert and the MyKey® system.”

    Unlike any Ford we’ve seen before, except for maybe one you might have driven before currently on sale in Australia… Heard of a Mondeo Titanium?

  • BK

    Dont panic people the Falcon aint leaving OZ

  • bangel

    All the dreamers keep hoping the beloved falcon will go on , get over it the numbers dont compute , less than 2000 a month its a melt down .

    This is the future falcon or eagle or owl , and its a better looking car than the malabore which is pig ugly around the back .

    Embrace the future of ford it looks good .

    • BK

      if they wanna shut up shop for the falcon why dont they do it now. Wait till they get all these new engines in there cars it will be a different story. All the critics get it wrong all the time

  • I Farted

    rip out the front axles in the awd & it may sell here

  • Sumpguard

    I like it. I see a hint of mustang in the styling.

  • Schumi

    This thing is the best looking Ford I have ever seen and there hasn’t been too many ugly ones!

  • Mick

    The Ford Tuarus is a very overrated car. The last time the Ford Taurus was in Australia it didn’t go to well, and it wouldn’t go well now either. Like most American built cars (and I don’t mean ‘American’ cars that are built in Canada, Brazil, Mexico etc)! they aren’t meant to last for two main reasons. The first is its cheaper to make, and secondly since they salt the roads in areas where it snows (quite a bit of the country) which help remove snow and ‘black ice’, it causes cars to rust quickly, so no point making them last a long time anyway!

    The main thing that happened with the last Taurus brought out here was a lot of disappointed owners with cars that fell to bits. What Ford really needs to do is make a left hand drive variant of the Falcon and Territory (they should stroke it to a 3.0/3.2L diesel), and export it to the US and other countries. They will actually go well over there!

    • MattW

      That earlier Taurus they brought here also was a dog in the US and sales tanked there too. I think you need to read a few reviews of the current Taurus

  • MattW

    I have a FG XR6T and love it. But looking at 2010 sales…

    -Territory 12k
    -Falcon 43k
    -Taurus 74k
    -Mustang 80k
    -Mondeo 158k
    -Fusion 249k

    …you have to be realistic and see that if Ford are going to merge the Mondeo & Fusion platforms together even when they sell those volumes, the Falcon platform as a standalone won’t continue. You can’t just say merge it with the Mustang or the Taurus because Falcon sits in the middle of those two size-wise and they are unlikely to make compromises to accommodate a car that sells half as much. The Taurus updates here shows where the platform is heading, there is talk about the future of the Mustang and the Falcon but the Falcon is closer to the Taurus in purpose than the Mustang, and plenty of people in the US keep saying to Ford don’t let the Mustang get bloated like the (Commodore platform based) Camaro.

    I’m hoping the new Territory knocks it out of the park and the updates coming for the Falcon pick sales back up as the only thing I can see keeping them going is that they are based off the same platform.

    The R&D guys will still have jobs, they have shown what great work they can do not just with Falcon & Territory but the upcoming Ranger & the small car in India (name escapes me at the moment). Perhaps they will be able to do a RHD of the Mustang to bring in? Or get to put a Miami V8 into the Taurus?

    • Ford Man

      When you consider the massive difference in population size, the only vehicle that is selling OK is the Fusion. I say ok not great because the U.S has about 12x the size of our population yet it is only 5x the sales of the Falcon. Its a crude way of looking at it but it has some substance.

      This may sound ridiculous but did Ford ever consider the possibility of further deveoping the I6 for applications in vehicle such as the Taurus? It seems its all focused on Ford US and now giving us their engine but the Ford Australia crew have done a great job with the I6 and the Falcon in general despite very limited resources. I cant imagine what they could do to that engine with more resources. Currently it matches (kw and fuel efficiency) and to some extent exceeds (torque) local competition including the Aurion which is basically the benchmark in terms of quality modern engines in our market (having been derived from Lexus). If they had the resources to design the I6 with an alloy block this would certainly improve fuel efficiency as it would be both lighter and run more efficiently on start up (cast iron takes longer to heat up). Then you also have direct injection. I wont even start on suspension etc which has made a large car like the Territory a class leader with car like handling.

      Im not sure about CA figures regarding the 3.5L having 216kw, the U.S website has it as 196kw at 6250RPM (unless my calc is wrong, its listed as 263HP) and 337Nm at 4500RPM. Now thats compared to the relatively ‘old tech’ I6 which has 195kw at 6000RPM and 391Nm at 3250RPM (mind you, we all know that using higher quality petrol can achieve 420Nm but Im sure the Taurus can also achieve an increase albeit probably not as large). So basically you have the same power at higher RPM and 54Nm less at 750Nm higher (and I can guarantee unlike the I6 which has a flat torque curve it would be a much more peaky engine so you wont be accessing anywhere near that peak for a few thousand RPM unlike the I6).

      I dont know why they decided against exporting the Falcon or its engine. They must have their reasons. But what i have demonstrated above is that the Taurus does NOTHING better than the Falcon in the engine department despite more resources available for it. In terms of looks, its subjective, but I think the Taurus is too American but regardless sheet metal is nothing to write off the Falcon over. In terms of technology, again these are things which can be implemented in the Falcon but for Ford U.S withholding it as they want to differentiate between cars.

      At the end of the day the Taurus may be what Ford go with for Australia. But it will NOT be an improvement in sales over the Falcon. If the Australian public are not happy with a car that has been designed in Australia and an engine which performs arguably better than its U.S counterpart, there is no reason why they would be happier with the Taurus. The only advantage in the Taurus is that given its R&D is a sunk cost, because it will be designed for the U.S market regardless, then it would result in cost savings for Ford per unit comparison to the Falcon which incurs additional costs for R&D.

      • Phil

        Its called emissions.

        The I6 is so polluting that it cannot be sold in most overseas markets.

        The only reason it can be sold here, is that our emission laws are so lax – but even then, Ford was forced to pull the XR8 and LPG model from market as it no longer met our standard.

    • Andrew M

      As far as merging platforms go you are forgetting the Lincoln which would be comparible and its also been mentioned.
      Lincoln will be RWD and the contract for developing the new platform is still on the table.

      Also figures wise, what you should be looking at is that Ford Aus produced 55K Falcon products.
      Territory is effectively a varient of the Falcon like the Sports wagon is a variant of the Commodore sedan.

      The total for Terry and Falcon will be what is bidding for viablilty not the 2 products as a standalone.

      As an interesting point, the Commodore plate sold 45K units for 2010.
      In saying that, I believe Terry and Falcon was about 43K combined, not just for the sedan.

      Either way, 45K sales for the Commodore vs 43K sales for the Falcon products is pretty competitive.
      If Ford Aus is in trouble with those figures then Holden is doing a great job under the radar to avoid bad press as they appear to also be juggling the viability stakes.

      Surely with LPG back online, Diesel Terry and Ecoboost they will leap frog Holden on Australian production numbers.

      The bottom line is Holden is in no better shape.
      I think they used to say 3000 units per month is what the aussie plants need to remain viable, and Both Ford and Holden are above that

      • Phil

        Except that Holden exports another ~25K which puts their production about 50% higher than Fords.

        • Andrew M

          And what Margin do they get when the US dollar is worth nothing and they retail them for considerably less than we pay here

          • Phil

            The exports in question go to the middle east not USA.

            Holden’s USA exports were canned about two years ago.

    • Jack

      Taurus 74k in a market of 300 million +

      Surely Falcon’s 43k is better per-population than this result!

    • Buntz

      Let me give you some facts… instead of letting continue to be ignorant.

      * The Falcon is millimetres apart in wheelbase to Mustang.
      * Taurus in it’s current format is not long for this world either.
      *Despite being a fat, bloated commodore. Camaro outsells the Mustang.
      * And finally, the Coyote will not fit into that transverse setup. If you bring Taurus, say goodbye to V8’s too.

  • Mark

    Anyone can review the price for this car in North America?

    • Ford Man

      Starts at $25,420 and finishes at $38,020. HOWEVER this is Amercian pricing so that is actually quite expensive particularly the Turbo model as you can add like $10k when its gets to Australia.

  • Mark

    I have a FG XR6 Turbo which i love.I definately will not upgrade to the Taurus.I like to buy Australian and will definately get a commodore before this .
    I dont understand why Ford and Holden dont offer a modern fuel efficient 2.0 – 2.2 litre diesel.Then we would be able to enjoy our large cars with the economy of a four.
    I dont like SUVs so dont go there.
    If fuel goes up my next purchase will be a large car with diesel.

    • Ford Man

      Mark, the very soon to be released FG LPI Falcon will be the answer the fuel efficiency question. If you do the maths it will be far cheaper to run than Diesel (LPG has poorer fuel efficiency but is signifcantly cheaper than diesel). Im hoping LPI is the start of a recovery for the Falcon as it has the potential to do.

    • Andrew M

      Keen to hear why LPG hasnt entered your equation…

      • Mark

        Im a bit funny about my kids sitting on a gas tank.
        Also whats the point of a big car with no boot.

        • Andrew M

          Well unleaded fuel combusts a little easier than LPG

          LPG tanks also arent allowed to be placed under seats &

          When its dedicated LPG you dont have it plonked in the boot.

          Any other excuses you need busted??

          • Mark

            Have you seen the size of the boot in an FG with dedicated gas.
            If they ever do a ded gas where the tank sits where the fuel tank usually sits,and theres no loss of boot space i will probably be interested.
            My brother gets 900 ks out of a tank of diesel in his passatt.He also has a BF on gas.
            He thinks they cost him about the same to run.
            The BF has a $4500 system.

          • Ford Man

            Mark, LPG is cheaper to run than Diesel. There was a calc done in another article which highlighted this. LPG per L is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than Diesel per L which more than makes up for its poorer efficiency. The LPI Falcon achives this whilst alot having the same power and torque as the regular Falcon. Its a real winner.

          • Ford Man

            Mind you I should address your point more directly. The Passatt as an example probably does have similar running costs HOWEVER a passat is not a large familar car. A diesel in that kind of application would certainly not be cheaper to run than a Falcon on LPG.

          • Andrew M

            If your brothers BF has a $4,500 system then its obviously an aftermarket system.
            Packaging in the Factory Ford system is a little better, and the upcoming LPi loses even less space.

            The BF will be cheaper to run, the Passatt VS LPG arguent has been discussed in depth before.

            On top of that the Passatt is a medium sized vehicle, notably smaller than the true large vehicles like Falcon and Commodore

          • Ford Man

            Not to mention the Passats looks make me fall asleep yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

          • Buntz

            I would also add that the new EcoLPi is more fuel efficient than the previous Egas.

        • Dave S

          Large cars have a big enough boot, that you can sacrafice a bit for an extra tank and still have a lot of space.

          Plenty of taxis have lots of boots space still.

          Also, go LWB (LTD or Statesman – extra cabin space for kids and more boots space).

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose

    The end of Falcon dosn’t have to mean the end of FordOz,I mean,it is 51 years old and sales are their lowest ever.The time is rotten-ripe for them to start over with a clean slate-like they did in 1960. If now isn’t the time,when is? For Ford to replace the FG with yet another Falcon would be utterly foolish as the demand is just no longer there.As for the Terry which is based on it,that will be a sad casualty,but nessessary for them to survive.The bottom line….they need product that keeps them viable.

    • Ford Man

      I dont know if Ford are going that badly are they?

      Everyone is of the opinion that they are but only 12 months ago or so the Falcon was exceeding the Commodore in sales for a short period and people from Ford were saying they couldnt export because they didnt have the capacity to do so.

      Now 12 months later there is excess capacity and the Falcon is selling so poorly?

      Funny how things change so rapidly.

      • Unknown

        I am always skeptical of these figures.

        Yes Holden sell so many cars but they have a significanly lower margin on them.

        The Falcon has had decreased sales for the first quarter. But they have significanly reduces the price of their vehicles to compensate for this and I would expect the figures to bounce back in the next quarter. Its great for consumers, the G6 or XR6 are going for $35k!!!

        In anycase the Falcon will recover from this poor period and with the introduction of the new Territory and LPI Falcon they will come home in the second half of the year very strongly.

        • BK

          i bought my BA XR6 for 36grand back in 2003. There a bargain at 2011 prices.

          • bangel

            And in 3 years it will be worth $14,000 .

          • Ford Man

            Bangel they certainly do have poor resale values but for myself at least, I buy a car to hold it for a large part of its life, by which time all cars are relatively worthless.

          • BK

            8 yrs later only has 92,000km on it. gonna keep it for another 10 yrs easily. its a ford they last for ever

          • Andrew M

            They are worth a bit more than 14k in 3 years time.

            But exact figures aside, what Large vehicle wont lose that sort of $’s over 3 years??

  • justinx

    This car looks huge! I’ve seen it parked next to a full sized Cadillac DTS sedan here in the US and it dwarfed it.

  • Plot

    You guys do realize that Ford and GM are trying hard to destroy the Camry? This taurus has been through 2 generation after the current Camry was out in 06 while the Camry is still on it’s current gen..

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose

    Anyway,I hope you all enjoy the New Territory’s launch next month.It could turn out being Fords last new local model.

  • bangel

    In 10 years time it will have 200k on the clock and will probably be still going , lot of repairs to cover during that time ,plus fuel will be $5+ a litre , so it wont be moving about much .

    • BK

      why bother with a car at all. many other ways of transport. people need to be smarter in how they use transport.

      • Ford Man

        Then just get it converted to LPG as at $5 per litre you will recoup the outlay in no time. Always options with the Falcon.

        • BK

          No need for LPG

          • matt

            lol BK… overpriced unreliable aussie public transport? no thanks, ipswich to brisbane for work, its cheaper to drive, even using premium at nearly $1.60/l

  • Gary

    Fords in line 6 with Orbitals Flex-Di would be a pretty good engine,it would be extremely economical and able to run on any fuel,LPG,CNG,petrol,diesel,hydrogen,ethanol. Its Australian technology and Ford is already working with Orbital with the lpi Eco, so who knows whats in the pipeline.—-[check out the FLEX-DI website]

  • TBS260Z

    The death of the I6 is sad but at least we will have the 3.5 liter V6 to look forward to, 216kw :].

  • Ford Man

    3.5L doesnt have 420Nm (with 98RON).

    The Inline 6 needs an alloy block and direct injection. Then it will far exceed the power and efficiency of this yank V6.

  • Joh

    Looks nice from the front and side – the back looks ugly though. However, this car is older than it appears – underneath the swish bodywork is the basic platform design of the 1998 Volvo S80…

  • Peter King

    The Taurus seems like great competition for the Camry, Accord, Maxima and Optima but it’s too small to replace the Falcon. I just can’t see 3 decently sized Aussies fitting in the back row. I think Ford Australia should put the new 2.7 litre Diesel territory motor in the current Falcon to pick sales up. The Falcon is a classy, well built, genuine family car, it would be a terrible shame to see it go the way of the Mitsubishi Magna/380!

  • carguy

    the falcon wagon died in 2010 and the Mondeo wagon replaced it, the falcon sedans are planned to go in 2014 and be replaced with the Ford taurus sedans and the Fpv falcons will be replaced with the mustang, these cars already have popularity here, and most ford fans will keep existing fords and be able to watch falcon still competing in v8 motorsport until the late 2010s before the cross over happens. Holden makes more sales than ford in this country now.