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The all-new Nissan Versa (Micra-based sedan) has been unveiled at the New York Motorshow. The compact Japanese sedan has had a major redesign to appeal to the widest demographic of potential buyers.

The car uses the same V-Platform as our local Nissan Micra and will be offered, in the US, with a 1.6-litre, 81kW four-cylinder engine. It’ll come with the option of a five-speed manual or a new Xtronic CVT transmission.

Nissan Australia has announced the compact sedan will be heading to our shores some time next year, joining the Nissan Micra showroom lineup.

Under the US combined cycle, the compact sedan uses around 7L/100km (please note this is a different, generally higher figure, than our combined fuel economy tests in Australia).

The new Nissan Versa has lost about 68kg and gained more legroom for rear passengers compared with the previous Micra-based sedan.

In the US prices start from an unbelievably low $10,990, but the more expensive models in the range consist of such features as Bluetooth, navigation system with a five-inch touch-screen display, satellite radio and an iPod/USB interface.

  • Baddass

    The one good thing about the old model was its interior space, especially rear legroom. This new model must rival a Statesman if it really is improved. I wish they focused on improving the proportions…

  • john

    Nissan is currently holding classes on how too make a hideous car (current tiida) even more hideous. The winner has just been revealed above!

    • Crummydore

      Looks like they are trying to out do that wonderful design from the 70’s – the 120Y!

  • V8 UTE!

    the interior looks as if it has been made from american mcdonals bench seats! that looks so hard plastic that it would have still been horrible in 1956

    • Blitzkrieg

      Perfectly said

  • Matt J

    How can a company that makes the overly flamboyant Juke, amongst others make such a bland car? flamboyant or bland, Nissan cant seem to deliver.

    I’ll let my grandparents know…

  • Ovr40

    The Pulsar name belongs to the past, along with all those other spacedout names like the Ford Meteor and Telstar, Holdens StarFire4 engine and the Apollo camry.
    Especially after they destroyed its memory with that horrible chrome-plated version in 2003.

  • Tim

    Looks wise, looks as bad as the Chinese. HORRIBLE, inside and out!

  • Chris MC

    Still as ugly as sin

  • Duckula

    OMG!! They managed to make something truely awful even more awfullera… hats off to them….for their drive and ability to make a pigs ear into a pigs b*m…

  • Blitzkrieg

    You have got to be joking nissan,you seriously can not think that this is an improvement on the tiida.
    That 1st photo reminded me of a 1970 datsun sunny and the interior design and plastics i would expect in a russian built 4wd.
    I\’ve owned many nissans through the 80s and 90s because they were desirable but the last decade you have aimed your cars at people over the age of 70 except the GTR but who can afford that. Simply dreadful.

  • m2m

    I thought this was the Nissan Sunny?

    • Ant

      You are correct m2m. Other sites are stating that this the Nissan Sunny, not Tiida replacement

  • http://caradvice craigMM

    Please Nissan, dont’t make this the next Pulsar! I’m begging you, please don’t!!!!

  • A.M

    This is the Nissan Sunny.

    I don’t think this is the new Tiida/Pulsar that will come here as it looks different to the hatch revealed in Shanghai and the wheelbase is 100mm shorter. If this were coming here I this it is meant to compete with the Yaris sedan.

    I think the Tiida/Pulsar sedan will be different.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      spot on…

  • Josh

    OMG! All these articles on new upcoming models from Japan have proven one thing they’ve all lost the plot. I haven’t seen an interior like that since the 90’s. Even the VW Polo interior smashes this to pieces. I dunno wats going on but with this and the bland looking new Civic and hideous Subaru I think I’ll be starting to buy European/Korean made cars. Sure they maybe more expensive to sevice but heck I’d rather pay a bit more to have a good looking car, with nice interior and better engine performance. The only Jap manufacturer I can take seriously atm is Mazda I can’t wait to see what they have in store especially after seeing the CX-5 concept.

  • Ant

    This is called the “Sunny” in other parts of the world. It is based on the micra platform. On other motoring websites, Nissan is quoted as saying this is the sedan version of the Micra (and priced same) and is not got anything to do with Pulsar/Tiida.

  • Ant

    Nissan city sedan revealed Steve Colquhoun
    April 21, 2011 – 5:07PM

    Comments 1
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    Click for more photos
    Nissan’s unnamed 2011 small sedan concept
    Nissan’s unnamed 2011 small sedan concept

    ..Nissan confirms plans to import Tardis-like miniature sedan from next year.

    Nissan will bring a tiny sedan to Australia next year to sit alongside its diminutive Micra hatch.

    As Quoted-

    “The sedan was unveiled this week at the New York motor show as the Versa, carrying over the name applied in the US to the previous model, which was the car sold in Australia as the now-discontinued Tiida.

    Nissan Australia spokesman Jeff Fisher says the new model will not be called Versa, Tiida or even Micra sedan, with a number of options still under consideration”.

  • HJP

    That interior quality is making me vomit. My request to Nissan Australia, make the interior with better quality and best of all, drop Tiida name and start using Pulsar name again.

  • bangel

    That interior is weird , the exterior is strange , to appeal to the widest market, in outer mongolia .

    What is happening in japan , only mazda has any direction .

  • pirakavezok


  • erneztp

    What is this horrid creatures? Are we living in the 60s?

  • LN

    ugly and bland.

    But knowing Nissan Australia this car will be available in Australia.

  • Noely

    OMG!I couldn’t even imagine a car any uglier than this.If it is a Micra based Sedan,then just call it Micra Sedan.I just dunt get the point that NISSAN stupidly badged this car under “Versa”/”Sunny” name,they were better cars than this with no doubt.PLEASE NISSAN Australia just PLEASE don’t call it Tiida or Pulsar here.Now I’m very happy with that new gen Tiida debuted in Shanghai,you better call that one “Pulsar” and leave this crap in the Micra line-up.

  • Biker

    Even a blind audience would disapprove of this ugly car.
    It looks like an over fed city pond duck. They hired the designers from GWM or what?

  • chnny

    usher said


  • Des

    Now we know where the Ssanyong designers got a new job. That thing looks so awkward

  • Henry

    What the! Nissan vs Subaru who will win the ugliest car design award?

  • Henry

    OMG The Asian Chick’s will love and all go for this!!!

    Holy Crap :O