• http://autosleek.net Tom Harte

    An incredible looking car…

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      I agree, it does look the business.

  • Ox

    Strange that they release the convertible before the coupe

  • Grammar Nazi

    Can’t help but think that the 6-series has lost some of its mojo

  • JD

    i want a hardtop convertible

  • bangel

    Love their big bold grill now on new releases , i thought the audi allroad had an imposing front , but the X5 looks very cool and the 6 very good.

  • nugsdad

    Great article on the Sydney Morning Herald about why these type of cars cost so much. All the talk of tax is crap – short answer is the manufacturers are gouging us.

    • Trump

      Manufacturers blame it on forward currency contracts, which is BS

      But basically they want us to pay for their mistake of locking themselves into onerous contracts

    • http://caradvice.com.au Dougie D

      when you don,t sell alot of vehicles,but run a very expencive business the money has to come from somewhere

  • Hendrik

    Proportions remind me of the 850 from the early 90s.

  • Sam

    Whilst entertaining, this articles was in many places non factual! A significant reason why luxury cars cost so much more is the investment made by premium manufacturers in R&D to develop new technologies to make cars safer, better performing, more efficient etc… The technology and features that are in luxury manufacturers premium models will eventually find their way into more affordable cars. Why do you think non premium manufactures are so cheap now days? It\’s because the technology has been developed for them by others, and in most cases, many years ago!

  • Andrew Juma

    I do not know, something looks wrong with this car. I prefer the old one somehow.

    • Jimmy

      Me too.

  • G

    You\’re completely disregarding the discrepency in prices between countries. Why do we pay more than double what they do in the US? Why is a Commodore exported to the US sold for $20000 cheaper than locally when it has to be shipped halfway around the world. These differences have nothing to do with recovering R&D. What you said about recovering R&D costs accounts for some of the premium but not the amounts we\’re seeing here in Oz.