• JasonT5

    Beautiful car, difference between Ferrari and Lamborghini, Ferraris don’t age! And this design is a testament to that fact.

  • BenDyno

    Yes beautiful car, but why hasn’t anyone done a comparo with the Scuderia against the Superleggera or, well, now the LP560?

  • o

    and this is relavneat why? seems to me you guys just want to drive a fearri.Still brilliant car and they dont age eirter.anyway some day [gets back into commodore omega and drives to suburban area eats steak nad shripm on the barbie then goes and wathes football]Lol JKing im ENgilish cross australina cross french cross belguim

  • o

    one thing though why blue red is the only colour a fereari should be maybe yellow

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Matt

    Awesome and stunning car, brilliant review! Well done!

  • http://evo Frugal One

    Great write up, great car.

    Alas, as a Italiano i rather take the girl, Beatrice, than the Ferrari…

    Thats just me though! :-)




    No ferrari has inpsired me as much as the Ford Cobra, Mustang, or the delightful GT40, Alborz have you driven a 200m/h plus GT lately, remember Le Mans GT40 kicked Ferrai to the kerb and still does, even looks heaps better, GT 4 me, the Ferrari is ugly as sin….

  • BMWsauberF1

    ^^ ahh don’t be silly f-o she is’nt that great anyway. I’d take the ferrari in a heartbeat, atleast you can have your way with it any time you please 😉


    Everyone has thier opinion, I would take the a new GT40 in a heartbeat….

  • Bob Hume

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say “Ugly as Sin”, however the jury has alway been split on this car. Don’t forget that conceptually, the F430 is a race-bred inspiration and there was always going to be aesthetic challenges. There is a ‘function over form’ bias.

    I think it looks incredible considering the aerodynamic constraints placed on Pininfarina as a designer, were dealt with pretty well. It’s relatively easy to make a prettier car do 200MPH but it’s all about the delivery.

    Thanks for all your comments – keep ’em coming.

  • No Name

    Hi Bob – where are you in the UK mate. I don;t recognise the scenery.

  • Bob Hume

    The shoot was Ben Crom Reservoir Dam in the Mourne Mountains, County Down, Northern Ireland.

  • Paul Green

    I can testify that it is a very quick car – I was one of those passengers uttering other-worldy noises, while being pinned to the passenger seat! Looks great, sounds awesome and goes like stink!

  • Nick

    O….why is this relevant? who really cares!?

  • http://www.geardiary.com Mitchell Oke

    Not a fan of that colour scheme (blue with yellow callipers?) but otherwise fantastic!

  • The Boy Lard

    Whilst I am no Ferrari fan (Sorry Bob!)I don’t think the car is an ugly car. Certainly, from some angles it looks like Mr Miyagi with a smile on his face, but overall it’s undisputedly Italian.
    I don’t think you can compare a Ferrari with, say a Mustang or Cobra (Not that I am saying Yank cars are rubbish), they are just very different in every aspect; especially in their appeal.
    You wouldn’t see many toothless rednecks driving Ferraris, I would imagine……..

  • realcars

    good read


    I have seen toothless rednecks driving Ferrari’s in Toorak, no different to commodore or jap import bogans burning rubber at the lights…

  • The Boy Lard

    Would there be many toothless rednecks in Toorak, AC? :)



  • Bob Hume

    Toothless Rednecks in Ferraris?
    “Git them chickens outa the Superamericee Joleen, we done hittin’ the town and gittin’ us a beer!”


    lol, BOB Hume

  • Bob Hume

    That’s Billy-Bob!

    Respec’ AC

  • Bavarian Missile

    Brother who married his sister said…………
    “”Sssshes shooort”n”sssstocky but shesssss stronooooooog””

    Love that episode of Clarksons!

  • joober


    With that car you can have 100 beatrices waiting for you lol!.

  • The Boy Lard

    Hey Billy-Bob, I’s gone got me a “B Class” round back if yee wanna store yer birds in it.

  • Bob Hume

    Ma chickens got taste y’all!

  • Torr Head

    But could it take a White Pug 106 on two wheels round the Horse Shoe Bend?

    Good site, well done mate!!!

  • Top Secret

    A beautiful Italian isn’t she :) but sorry i’d have any modern jap/italian sportbike over her. Forget power/weight, think cost/performance. Reality=bike

  • bob

    blue doesn’t suit ferrari. I don’t care how old i become, i am going to buy a ferrari one day !!!

  • paul

    ha i just got a 430 u guys r jealous ha ha and its a beastttttttttt

  • Richie

    I’ve heard of an agency that organizes tours around Italy in ferrari, you get the chance to rent and drive a ferrari in it’s homeland!
    A friend of mine booked a tour for September and he is really looking forward to it.
    If you’re interested, here’s the link to agency’s website:


  • lola

    Ford Falcon XR6Turbo from BA to FG will eat this.

  • Daniel

    Ferrari is a beautiful car company and the F430 is no joke one of the best cars made by ferrari but the car I would own is the 2010 ferrari california verde with a bordeaux interior and a 20in. sport diamond-finished wheels.

  • r.a.

    I have a 430 about 18 months old now. it is a wonderful car and a delight to drive.
    I also own some similar style vehicles by other manufacturers and they also great in their own way.
    Buying cars of this nature is very much a personal choice and each car has its pitfalls. The Ferrari is my first and sadly my last as the warrantee support by Ferrari is a disgrace and virtually non-existant. Ford or Holden have better coverage than Ferrari.

  • peter

    hey ra

    since you’ve owned it for 18 months. can you give us an idea of running cost ie insurance, servicing costs, real world fuel economy etc.

  • deborahh

    a stock standard el cheapo ba xr6 turbo 5 speed manual will keep up with this
    the fg 6 speed auto xr6 turbo will beat it
    and the fg GT 5.0 supercharged will destroy it.

  • FrugalOne

    Any more pictures of the girl?



  • Adam67

    I had a BF FPV Typhoon from new. Quality wise it was rubbish. Brilliant in a straight line once flashed to 400kw with all standard parts. Terrible in corners. How can people say the prefer a XR6 Turbo to a F430. It needed a new Tremec after 5 months. Clutch was good and lasted 5 years. Ford were terrible with warranty. Eventually fixed all the problems but tried to give me the run around so many times. No wonder they are going under. Never buy a Ford.