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Audi has released official preview sketches of the next-generation 2013 Audi A3 in hatch and sedan form. Audi has also released a sketch of the upcoming model’s interior.

The 2013 Audi A3 isn’t set to go on sale until some time in 2012, but Audi is keen on building anticipation and releasing early previews of the car. Audi already unveiled the Audi A3 sedan concept earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, but this is the first time we get a glimpse of the all-new hatch.

From the sketches we can see the new model features a sharper cut design language, especially in hatch form. The roofline appears to be much lower and sleeker than the existing lineup while the windscreen also looks as though it could present a longer and lower rake. A new crease has made its way onto the side of the car too, above the sill panel on the bottom of the door.

The interior of the new model looks as though it will present much the same design as seen in the sedan concept unveiled at Geneva, showcasing a less cluttered layout than the existing model. The lower section of the centre fascia also presents a new tunnel layout with no slab or connecting console between the transmission tunnel and the air-conditioning controls on the dashboard.

Engine option details of the new model are yet to be released, however, reports say to expect a range of turbocharged petrol and diesel four cylinder variants, as well as the potential for a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric package.

According to various reports, the new 2013 Audi A3 hatch is expected to be unveiled in full at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. We’ll keep you updated with more details on the engines as well as the official debut date.

  • Hearnty Frazzleziieeet


  • andronicus

    So…..looks like the current model but with a few sharper lines….which will be washed out come production.

    I love Audi and have really enjoyed the turn around over the last 10 years….but….. Im getting a bit bored with them and this current design language.

  • Showtime

    I hope the A3 sedan has significantly smaller length then the A4 … I’ve been after a small-size sedan for awhile.

  • Andrew Juma

    I like very much.

  • Sam

    So…it is going to look pretty much the same as the current one. Someone give the A3 design team a raise. They have all worked really hard this year.

  • Ox

    Hope there will be a “sportsback” in the style of a mini A7

  • Octavian

    Typical good Audi minimalistic design, just hope the next A3 receives a more sporty chassis and smoother ride.