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  • Steve-Poyza

    Finally we get some news on the Latitude. Interior looks great. The belt line of the car really rises a lot though, hinting its Laguna origins.

  • Kieran

    Wow, that’s some pretty sharp pricing! Standard equipment list looks pretty good – why bother even looking at the options list? And not a space-saver in sight! I’m impressed!

  • anthony

    It is a very good looking sedan

    • Jimmy

      I don’t see it… it looks like an Epica.

      • Grammar Nazi

        I think it looks great, it does evoke a few hints of the Epica in its proportions, especially around the lights/bonnet.

      • nick

        I have to agree with you Jimmy. In my opinion it looks completely bland and undesirable by Renault standards. Proportionally it appears awkward, too. The interior looks tasteful and comfy though.

  • Nick K

    The other Korean offerings look better… Really boring exterior design… Diesel auto is very welcome, sharp pricing… Deserves to do well though.

  • Tim

    Peugeot and Renault are kicking goals lately, this one of them. Good work!

  • Able

    Yawn, it’s just a diesel Maxima with a slightly less ugly exterior design and seemingly half of the old Maxima’s interior design. I bet it drives like rubbish too. At least the level of kit’s pretty high…

    Renault’s soul is gone! Crappy Fluence, boring Megane and Koleos. The only desirable cars are the RS250 Megane and RS200 Clio and none of the desirables from Europe are here. They’ve sold their soul to sales and even that hasn’t worked!

    • PJK

      “I bet it drives like rubbish too”. Based on???

  • Lukaas

    the interior looks decent to nice.

    but the front exterior styling is very un-inspired… a Camry looks aggressive and wild compare to that.

    the grille and head lamps looked like they were designed in the mid 90s.

  • http://Neptune Rabbit

    I…like it.

    It needs a wagon body though, for sure! I think it’d look pimp.

  • save it for the track

    looking at the power and torque figures, looks like yet another diesel will outperform it’s petrol sibling. The difference in weight diesel vs petrol will be interesting. I look forward to the review. Please include boot space (or a link to those figures), interior space etc.
    I’d also be interested to know how it compares to the Maxima. Is it the VQ25 Nissan engine? If so, appears down by 1kw and up by about 7Nm. (exhaust system or cpu?) Interestingly the diesel appears the same as X-trail/Koleos with 20Nm more torque.

  • save it for the track

    whoops. Koleos only has the lower power/torque diesel. Meant x-trail 127/360 version.

  • t39

    I drive a renault and am a fan of the brand, but things like this should have been left to Nissan. I’d rather see Renault bring the new Grand Scenic (Diesel) or Grand Espace instead. Renault is better at being different than trying a “me too”.

  • Golfschwein

    It’s missing the wow factor that I remember the Renault 25 and its high-fallutin’ voice synthesizer exuded, gawd, back in 85 or thereabouts.

    Even the bustle-bummed Megane had the wow factor. This hasn’t, but it’s a damned nice looking car for the price and deserves a steady stream of buyers.

  • Alex II

    The biggest problem for Renault in Australia (which may well be insurmountable) is perception:

    Dealers (other than Renault) don’t want to touch used ones meaning the used values take a huge hit, mechanics charge like wounded bulls because it’s European and Renault has had a couple false starts here.

    I agree with you t39, this should be a Nissan, if it was they wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand.

    • Brett

      I actual drive a Renosport Megane and yes nobody wants it. However looking at upgrading and whats on offer is very very poor. Plenty of gadgets thee days but not much else. However running costs are really cheap compared to focus, suburu, skoda etc.If they publish the running costs, which is something this very website should also bother to research, then perhaps we would here constantly how good skoda and VW are.

      • PJK

        I may have just had a bad experience but I used to own a GTi Golf (or the wife did) and it ALWAYS had something wrong with it, that on two occasions left it off the road for 3 weeks at a time. So I would hardly call that a benchmark for reliability. As Alex says above, renaults biggest problem is perception..

  • YoLex

    Meh! Just another Maxima, outside and inside

  • fishman

    At last, a manufacturer offering a diesel option at the same price as the petrol, instead of trying to fleece customers by charging an unwarrented premium.

    Other manufacturers should take note, but of course they won’t while they can make a fast buck…good on you Renault!

  • save it for the track

    Used Renault Laguna prices on discountusedcars are quite interesting. Also, maybe the diesel doesn’t cost anymore as it doesn’t ‘owe’ any money to Renault/Nissan for development. If I was in the market, I’d probably try and find a Laguna diesel wagon lying around a dealership 2009 or 2010 model, because once these Latitudes come out, laguna resale will probably fall a bit more. Laguna’s weren’r really bad cars, but I’d hate to have bought one for 50k + then seen them trying to flog them off 12 to 18 montsh later for mid 30′s. Renault seem to have dropped their prices in recent times, and if they can offer the features listed at a competitive price there’s no reason why they shouldn’t do well. My concern with this 2.5 v6 is that it hardly seems to offer comparable power/torque to the large 4 cylinders on offer in i45/optima and the like. Diesel seems the way to go.
    And Brett, I’m sure there’s a market for Renaultsport vehicles, it’s just some of us aren’t currently in a position to buy due to family vehicle compromises we’ve had to make. In another year or two, i’ll be on a serious hunt for a Renaultsport Megane (likely a late model bubble butt variety, but we’ll see how 250 resale goes).

  • Doctor

    “you’ve got to ask yourself: is Australia ready for a car of this size from a carmaker that has made a name for itself in the small hatch market?”
    The question s/be: would you pay this sort of money for a Korean mid-sizer when the Kia/Hyundai offerings are newer?
    My answer would be NO.

    • mmmmmm

      agree with your point
      but unlike the kia/hyundais your neighbours will think this is a euro not a korean, albeit a fairly unpopular euro
      its cheap for a renault but dear for a korean

    • PJK

      OMG, that means my BM isn’t German, it’s South African!! Argghhh….!!!!

  • Yonny

    Does anyone else think the bonnet looks just a tiny bit like a Tiida?

    Good looking car I think, well equipped and a reasonable price. Must admit, I’m a bit of Renault fan, have owned a few, though I’ve never had the courage to buy a new one.

    • Duckula

      Yonny, I think you may have hit the nail on the head, I think thats what might stop a lot of people from buying a new one…like you they are probably scared to buy a new one, just in case the close up shop….cos they keep changing their model line up and stuff….I have this image in my head that every year they toss a coin whether to stay in this market or not… ( again,not a comment on the product- I think it looks ok actually ) but I can understand people thinking twice before buying a new one.. its the uncertainty…

  • Duckula

    You have to give the frogs – points for trying, any other car company would have given up years ago… I cant comment on their product, never driven any… but I have to say the only ( modern) frog boxes Ive seen have all been Europcar rentals, so why not just change the name of the company to Europcar and be done with it… but anything that can take sales away from the stupid Camry ( sorry just a personal hatred of them.. with no sound basis, so any Toyota loving types can be quiet)

  • Phil

    No one in France drives automatic, so why is this french car automatic only?

    • TMG

      There was an uprising about this car in France (of the not made here kind). I believe it won’t be sold in the French market, and is only availabe in Germany on a Lease arragement. well that is what Autocar stated.

  • Duckula

    Not sure if you have noticed, this isnt France… and aussies (statistically speaking) prefer to drive Auto’s….ergo they would import auto’s, as Im assuming they would like to actually sell a few – me thinks its not Rocket surgery.

  • Bimmerc

    Diesel engine is very impressive. Is it really same price of petrol engine? Who’s going to buy the petrol engine?

  • PROJET – L

    I saw one on the south eastern freeway (Melb) a few weeks back and it looked quite good. Understated and classy.
    This won\’t date like a Kia Optima or Hyundai i45, ( which I think look great as well by the way).
    Looks better in the flesh than a Maxima too.
    Diesel is a cracker. Anyone know where the gearbox is from?

    • Myke

      I think I may have seen the same one, it was on Little Bourke St near David Jones. I personally thought it was a bit bland, I prefer the Optima or even its predecessor the Laguna.

  • Rob

    This is what happens when a Mitsubish 380 has sex with a Holden Epica while holidaying in North Korea. A car like this is born…why oh why would anyone buy this thing unless they needed it to drive to the lawn bowls on weekends

    • Doctor

      I think you might have picked the target market! :-)

  • Henry

    Nice look car inside and out, wouldn’t mind buying one now if only they could fix the 2005 looking front…

  • Stoney!

    I was pretty impressed with this, equipment, price, interior look, fronts a bit meh but oh well, till I saw the 2.5 V6 has 5nm less torque than my 1.4 twin charged golf….


  • clavie

    Seriously, you gotto drive it in order to FEEL it. We drove it for 30mins and when we got back to our euro (das-auto) everything just seems to be stone age. Ahead of technologies, luxury feel when on the road at half the cost of other brands, WHY NOT??