While the team at Ford Australia are hard at work on the public release of the all-new FG Falcon, the Holden camp are by no means sitting around waiting. Instead, they are designing revisions to the hugely successful VE Commodore.

Holden now sells the VE Commodore all over the world, the only Australian car to have ever gone so far on the international market. A massive credit to the work done by Holden. But now it’s time for a facelift in the form of the VF Commodore.

Rumours circulating the web suggest the VF update will be mostly cosmetic with some updates to the interior and the possibility of a revised (improved) engine lineup.

Official images of the VF Commodore will not find their way on the net for another 12-18 months, but our friends at CGIAutomotive.com have already designed a Computer Generated Image.

Holden VF Commodore

Taking some inspiration from Holden’s Coupe 60 concept that was on display at the Melbourne Motor Show, the VF Commodore aims to differentiate itself from the Ford Falcon and Toyota Aurion.

Other items on the wish-list include

  • 5-Speed automatic transmission for Omega variants and 6-speed for the rest.
  • The same Cylinder deactivation on V8 models as used in U.S. exports
  • Reverse parking sensors standard on all models (bar Omega)

What other improvements would you like to see on the new VF Commodore?

  • Mitch

    auto up and down on all power windows, not just the drivers side.

  • Oz.


    So… I wonder when we see spyshots? Maybe next year sometime?

    In the wish-list there should of also been LSIII for HSV range.

  • Oz.

    (No Primo) :(

  • http://grandJDM.com van

    “the VF Commodore aims to differentiate itself from the Ford Falcon and Toyota Aurion.”

    Funny you mention that, as the TRD Aurion was one of the cars that came to mind when I looked at the rendered image from CGIAutomotive.

  • golfschwein

    I understand it’s very speculative, but the headlight slant looks a touch CGI-lazy. It’ll be Holden’s chance to use a totally new design language for the front of the car, the bit that’s ageing the fastest.

    Inside? Currently, there are two different finishes used for the dash pad and the lower dash and door trims and casings. How about unifying the interior with a single finish, the same used on the dash top? The design ain’t broke, but the finish is.

  • Frugal One

    For the 20 millionth time:




  • Tony M

    Unless Holden and Ford move to diesel derivatives fast, all I can say is here today gone tomorrow. People want their fuel dollar to go further and you don’t get that by switching off cylinders (BMW tried and it got then no where). Ford cannot supply enough diesel Mondeos, they misread what the public wants. Holden needs to go diesel in its update or else the Commodore sales are going to go backwards. Note the Aussie dollar is now below 91c so petrol prices are going to rise.

    • Will

      the problem with putting holdens on diesel is that it would involve redesigning the whole engine, and as a result you wouldn’t get anywhere near the power output as a petrol, also the new petrol engines now like the SIDI are getting so refined that some are near the equivilant of a diesel anyway. i own a VT commadore and on the highway at 110 km/h i can get fuel efficiency of 9 litres per 100ks thats dam good for a petrol

  • golfschwein

    I’m with you on diesel, Tony M. It’s such a no-brainer, I didn’t mention it.

  • Nik

    A quality interior. Those plastics especially glove box are just to cheapy. And interior is too dark.

  • Reckless1

    VM Motori 3.0l V6 diesel, 6 speed auto, industry leading sound insulation so you cannot hear the engine at idle, classier interior.

    Then also offer the Rodeo/replacement with the same engine.

    Forget about gay cylinder shutdown. The pistons still have to move up and down, and since this is the highest source of friction in the engine, the fuel savings are almost worthless.

    Tony, you are right “Ford…misread what the public wants.” That’s what they do best, after all :) Their new manager is on laughing gas as well, he has been quoted as saying the Falcon will outsell the Commodore – see here for a good laugh – carsguide.news.com.au/site/motoring-news/story/ford_bullish_on_falcon_future/

  • http://aca What Eva

    Hugely successful … what eva. The VE is a 1 billion dollar dud that sells half as much as the VT not to mention a crap drivetrain and usual quality drama’s associated with Commodores. Oh yeah, the Australian built Camry sells a damn lot more overseas then the Commodore so it must be tremendously successful.

  • golfschwein

    What improvements would you like to see on the VF Commodore, What Eva?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/11398/2008-subaru-impreza-wrx/6/ Atomic SSV

    Nik Says:
    March 25th, 2008 at 1:46 pm
    A quality interior. Those plastics especially glove box are just to cheapy. And interior is too dark.

    They have changed that on the sport models now.
    By adding a chrome strip along the sides.
    Makes a nice touch too and the ignition coloured interior (whcih i was not fond of) has been replaced with a Voodoo/Blue coloured interior which looks the goods imo.

  • http://aca What Eva Dingo

    who cares – i don’t like Commodores … PERIOD !!

    I’ll be alot more interested in what Toyota does with the Aurion.

  • Rick Harris

    why would any changes be needed? From what I hear about the VE its the best car ever built and is a huge success.Why change ? I cant believe they really spent that much money to maybe get equal to the BF Falcon !!!!!

  • Rick Harris

    Golfschwein I agrre the front of the VE is aging but the big problem for Holden is that the entire design inside as well has aged badly. Look at the interior of the FG Falcon and then look at the VE interior…….it is all black cheap plastic and ergonomically it is way behind even a BA\BF. I think Ford have caught everybody by surprise by the changes between BF and FG.

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Ford spent thier money very well on FG. I’m guessing falcon will be class leader for handling dynamics.

  • golfschwein

    Everyone’s raving about the FG interior. The pictures don’t reveal a single new design element, so I’m guessing it looks good and works well when up close and personal. Our chance to view comes late April.

    Yeah, Holden could well afford to diss that hard, grained plastic for a better quality feel.

  • ADAM

    I would have to agree with Rick Harsi on his coment bwt the interior. the commodore does have a good functional interior, it’s just that it liacks sparkel. Holden MUST do something bwt this. Also, it like to see some decent bolstered seats! Holden drivers love to flog their cars and the seats ( althou very comfortable on loooong journies ) lack support like those in the ford do, just give us some better side and leg support. a center arm rest on all models, door grabs i miss alot, and something to grab onto when closing the boot and BETTER SOUNDING ENGINES! V8 ESPECIALLY!!!! wouldnt go amiss.

  • http://aca Rattle, Clunk, Squeek

    commodore :

    rattle, rattle, rattle, clunk, clunk, clunk, squeek, squeek, squeek, rattle, clunk, squeek, rattle, clunk, squeek, rattle, clunk, squeek.

  • http://aca Rattle, Clunk, Squeek

    VE Commodore :

    questionable interior quality, battery drain saga’s, electrical gremlins including fan switches that will not engage then burst to live, bootlids lifting by themselves on Statemans, suspension bush issues, petrol cap release spring, oil leaks, 3 recalls, harsh drivetrain and so on …

    yeap – it is defantly a huge success.

  • golfschwein

    Another sophisticated comment, this time from someone who can’t spell squeak. Goes to show…

  • http://aca Rattle, clunk, SQUEEEEK

    On a Commodore it is more like a SQUEEEEEEK and not a squeak.

  • golfschwein

    It’s next to the left-side Caps Lock key.

  • realcars

    Australia’s top selling model.

    Agree interior needs a spruce up especially Omega.

    I think if they neglect the Omega it will be at their peril. It needs some bling and wider wheels to fill the guards out. Holden should aim to make every variant look good. Ford have learn’t this with the plain jane taxi pack look in previous xts that detracts from the entire range.

    I.e a mazda 6 looks just as good in any variant from the outside. Commodore need to follow this example so the base model compliments the rest of the range.

  • Carl

    A good honest diesel should be on that wish list!!!

  • Gibbo

    Frugal One: I agree a bench seat in the ute would be nice.


    The Commodore update will be another 1 billion dollar recall number ummmmmm 9 .. :-(

  • Cam

    Fix that fugly handbrake, better plastics, update the front-end. They also may want to redesign those stupid looking bootlid spoilers that went out of fashion sometime in the late 80’s. Get a stonking 3 litre diesel ie. bmw twin turbo unit, loads of grunt but sips 10.3 litres/100km. Overall not a bad car but needs a good polish.

  • Rick Harris

    Why does a two year old billion dollar car look so dated already? FG will age much better as it is a flowing design and not an American syle “looks like added on afterwards” body style. I cant come to grips with those VE front wheel arches…….they are so overdone.

  • Rick Harris

    I also cant believe how old the BF looks when next to an FG …………..it has dated that as well……..as it should have.


    Holden should spend more money to update what is clearly GM inspired design. the terrible VE arches have to go, headlights look very plain. interior is looks cheap, ride comfort is as always below par, I have driven a few VE’s, during that time my experience was not inspired maybe it lacks character..Falcon still has this quality and was rated as good as the VE overall..

    Holden, bring out a diesel or at least try and develop one, this may help your cause..

  • TP

    Looks alrite, clearly speculation at this point… was can expect minor changesto the current similar, similar to Fords very minor changes in the FG over the BF

  • Myke

    I like the look of the Commodore, I don’t think it looks dated at all. Yet I like the appearance of the Falcon, the Falcon is more sleek, while the Commodore is more bold. They are very different in design and that’s the way it should stay.

  • http://integra Rick Harris

    TP are you an idiot? Very minor changes in FG over BF? Totally new exterior……totally new interior……new front suspension…….totally new body shell……….differnt track and wheelbase……..and thats just a few !!!!!!

    • joel

      thats the thing ford made lots of little changes to the bf to make fg were as holden made a whole new car mate ps: commodore and failcon have always been as bad as each other they’ll never beet the germans at qulity or the japs at reliability.

  • Oz.

    I think TP means BA over BF, not “FG over the BF”

  • golfschwein

    Here’s the sad thing, Oz. You’re wrong. He’s serious.

  • Richo

    Direct injection on ALL V6 models is all but confirmed for VF. It will continue with a high and low output version of the motor, with the low output version going up to 200kw from 180kw thats to the DI and the high output version will go from 195kw up to 225kw. The same engine is currently in the new cadillac CTS.

  • Tom

    I really like the look of the VE, I think if the VF comes out looking like that CGI render then it will be a turn for the worst. What Holden needs to work on it interior quality and drivetrain refinement, I think money spent there will provide better value for money development wise than money for a new exterior design.

    I reckon you’ve hit the nail on the head there Myke, the FG and VE styling wise cater for two separate mindsets, the VE is aggressive and butch and the FG is more sleek and sophisticated looking. I like both, lots.


    Holden it’s kinda of minor, but also need to fix the number size’s on the speedo and tacho gauges, you need glasses to see them properly.. little things can pissss people off…

  • Andrew M

    he is obviously baiting us to bite or he is seriously that uneducated.

    on that note, its probably fords fault for not making a big enough song and dance about their improvements like holden does.
    the mid series upgrades ford does is far far greater than what holden does. for eg the AU series 1 and series 11 are totally different vehicles.
    did any one know that the boot and bonnet arent the same panel on the series 1 and 11? not to mention the other things that changed with the passing of the series 1.

    also the BF got some decent under the skin changes to what the BA had yet 99% of people would struggle to tell them apart on the road. and dont forget im talking about the series 1 BF where the headlights were the same unit. (the tail lights changed though)

    so what im getting at is, i feel holden isnt interested in under the skin changes quite so much. and its probably the better move in the interest of the dollar.
    people want to see the change, not read about it in the manual.
    if holden spend tonnes on an under skin improvement on the commy rather than a mild panel upgrade, they wont see a sales boost from it.
    they either get to make under the skin improvements, or a facial makeover.
    and holden being holden i would suggest most of the dosh would go towards a facial

  • Andrew M

    Rick Harris,
    and just a side note,
    did you know that ford has even upgraded its fuel level receiver in the aim to provide an even more accurate fuel level and also to ensure it remains accurate after living a life dipped in petrol.
    but no i wouldnt expect any one as simple as TP to see those sort of things.
    yep, even the fuel receiver gets an upgrade

  • No Name

    Not that it matters to me but silk from a sows ear given all the grief i’ve read about the commie. Just wish Vauxhall would bring the RWD platform to the UK. Currently the Vectra is the most expensive UK VX car and thats substandard compared to rivals.

  • mark

    heres an idea dont spend a billion dollars on business airfares to china to sourse dodgy plastic parts and invest in quality! aus has a market that wants quality eg: why toyota now gets the current corolla from japan instead of south africa.

  • http://aca Dingo

    Andrew … really – they even updated the fuel receiver.

    Gee – that’s it, i’m gonna rush out and buy a new Falcon because that is just marvellous.

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the other one was a little shonky by any chance would it … !!

  • Andrew M

    you are a tool. you are always looking to start a little argumant arent you.
    you obviously missed my point. if they spend that much time on a fuel guage where most people would just say why bother, then it shows they dont only look at the things that need fixing
    the commodore fuel guages are the ones that have a bad reputation.
    a guy that works for RACQ told me never trust an LPG guage or commodore fuel guages

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    SPOT ON ANDREW ABOUT LPG GUAGE. LOL…..would of thought get the metrinch out and tighten the bolts of his neck more so then a tool!


    Holden dosen’t sell VE all over the world, that statement is wrong, it’s GM making the moves, as (Holden) is just a name, in respect it sells in certain countries, I don’t see any in Germany or Japan, China etc etc etc,, lol.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ben.blaker benjo

      Hi mate over in those country like Germany they are considered to be the Vauxhall and other brands like that.

    • ABMPSV

      That is correct. The is No VE over there. Just check opel website.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/11456/2010-holden-vf-commodore-cgi Atomic SSV

    My guesses for VF are:
    -DI on SV6 and Calais and 6 speed auto
    -195kw for omega and berlina and 5 speed auto
    -Cylinder deactivation on all V8’s
    -Indiactors in mirrors for all models
    – Possibly the headlights in CGI or torana concept style

    What they have done already:
    6 airbags on all models
    Air con now std on omega
    Changed suspension on Calais, Statesman and Caprice.

    Many of you already know this though im guessing

  • Ian

    I love the look of the VE and that CGI doesn’t look too bad.

    The major gripe I have with the VE is the interior. It’s dark and depressing, the handbrake design is a joke, the materials (particularly the seat trim) are rubbish, and it’s a lottery whether the fan or air conditioning works on any given day (rebooting the engine fixes this problem). They need to work on a fix for all these problems. They also need to fix the rough engine sound of the V6 and better insulate the cabin from suspension noise (one of my major gripes with the VE).

  • TP

    Andrew.M I wouldnt expect anyone who is a Ford fairy to realise that Ford has done some great marketing on what is otherwise a BA in new clothing. Same unreliable, unrefined and NOT class leading Falcon. Aurion reamins most powerful… more efficient… most dynamic…. and Drives Large Car of the Year.

  • Andrew M

    just jump under the same “Tool” umbrella as dingo.
    you deadset have no idea.

    so what about the 4yrs after BA release that ford was winning awards?

    although it is great for toyota that they have finally taken an award, even if they had to gain it against a 6yr old falcon.
    but i suppose it is still an award none the less.

    how about you toyota boys sign up to some sort of chat room where people might actually enjoy you pathetic views on anything other than what you like.
    this is an automotive site where people can research and converse about the articles, not a place to start petty arguments.

  • http://Jeep John

    The Commodore needs (in no particular order); more fuel efficient engine, diesel?, rear window wiper for the sedan, a split fold rear seat, yes I know rigidity and strength but other makes / models offer this. It also needs a proper LCD screen on the Omega, what it has looks something from the late 1980’s. A stereo on all models that can play mp3 songs from a CD not just an input jack and / or USB connection to play mp3 songs. Also the handbrake shouldn’t look as flimsy as it does. Bring back the door grab handles on all the models, base models look a bit too cheap (I notice Falcon has done same)

  • TP

    Yes AndrewM we need this place to be objective…. leaving it and letting ford fairies take over would be worse case scenario. Just have to remember the Kluger article a while back, all the claims that were thrown at it, yet it wins award after award… and tops the sales chart in its segment.

  • Andrew M

    what are you? the internet warrior saving the world one post at a time?
    gee get over yourself.
    you never contribute anything.
    you just look for the names of the posters and form you oninion on what others say and make sure yours is the complete opposite in order to get yourself off

  • http://aca Dingo

    awwww … now i get it – only Ford has invested into fuel gauge reliability and nobody else.

    Now i understand why the Falcon is SOOOO DAMN GOOD !!

    ps – can i be a big, greasy spanner ??

  • Bucket

    Yea, ok TP & Dingo,

    I’ve read a lot of your posts over the last few months (particularly TP)and I have seen nothing at all Technical in your criticisms of any car, your Judgment of cars is quite simply, superficial; hence why you like Toyota…but thats another story…
    You think the Mazda 6 is the king of the hill because it has LED’s and Projector Headlamps, the Aurion is Amazing (which it really, just isnt) …Oh and you said the Mondeo, which won European Car of the Year was crap…
    Yet then Ford go and spend what is rumored to be close to 1 Billion dollars on what you deem to be a re-skinned BA with out reading any of the technical releases (because then you would know for sure that it most certainly isn’t) and have the Audacity to waste posts with your underwhelming-lack-of-knowledge-opinions?

    Yea…theres a place for you at Prius Forums where you will be welcomed with open arms

  • golfschwein

    Oh, you mean the Klugger that fell over on COTY testing? Oh dear. WHEELS said they can’t possibly recommend it.

    Sad….they might have been hoping for their first ever COTY.

  • No Name

    Guess we’ll never see you in a klugger then Golfie…along with a hanky of some colour…Uuurrrgh

  • Daniel.S

    That thing (the CGI) looks like the bastard child of a VE and a Focus XR5. Not a good look.

  • AW

    TP. You are an Idiot.
    Dingo: You are also an idiot like TP. You are also a Sarcastic Little bastard. Why don’t you both do us all a favour and piss off to another forum. We don’t want losers like you here.
    I don’t know much about engineering, but I know that the Aurion with 200kw and FWD wouldn’t make a great combination. It would for you two, you both obviously have never driven or don’t know how to drive properly, or know anything about cars. Some toyota’s are allright, but it is idiots like you who drive them that put me off them

    I agree with Golfschwein. I have to buy a new car this year, and one of the carsat the top of the list was a Kluger. Not anymore, not after what happened at COTY testing. Now looking at Tribeca, CX-9, possibly FG G6E and Calais V/ Statesman.

    The CGI VF looks alright. I don’t like the bumper much though. If Holden could fix up th current problems with the VE, then they would be on to a winner.

  • http://aca Guess Who

    Wheels crashed the Kluger then it outsold the Territory … oooch !!

  • azza85

    People have mentioned Holden, and Ford for that matter need to consider diesel in their next revamp. Firstly, where is Holden going to source a diesel from and secondly, how hard is it to integrate a diesel engine, you can’t exactly plonk one in and hey presto, can you?

  • Michael Anders

    Wow a very nice Photoshop. The VE Holden is a favourite of mine and I like the new bumper. I hope there is dielsel.

    I always like these articles of the future, and you should do them more.



  • golfschwein

    Azza, VM Motori have a new V6 diesel that’s mooted for the Commodore. Yes, you’re right. Crash testing and all sorts of things have to take place before it gets to market.

  • golfschwein

    G’day No Name. Spot on.

  • BK

    Fuel at 3 bucks a litre in a few years time what idiot is gonna worry about drivin RWD or FWD cars then. Answer is use public transport . Let the car industry close up here in OZ cause you have to be a fool to drive and own a car at those rip of prices. You all think that even using alternative fuels for cars will make a difference I doubt that cause there wont be much of a price difference maybe like 50 cent a litre difference, it only gonna make the world more of a greener place . Its time that everybody used there brains for once and stop buying cars and use other methods for transport.


    What a funny and wierd approach BK, have you giving any thought of what you just said..

  • peter michaels

    So might i be right in suggesting that the consensus on this thread seems to be:

    – A significantly updated interior
    – A diesel
    – A more contemporary front end


    The reason why the base models on the Falcon and Commodore look so cheap is because they are squarely aimed at fleet sales not retail – hence Ford’s move to 3 “families” G, XR and the base model whose nomenclature i’ve forgotten. I expect we’ll see something similar happen to the VF Commodore

  • BK

    FORD AC its simple u wanna pay big dollars for a litre of fuel its up to you i aint stopping you. Gas prices control car maunufacturers not what people want.
    Have a good think about that.
    hear from you soon

  • realcars

    yes I realise the purpose of the base model but both makes seem to go out of their way to make them look the part as well. i just think that this detracts from the rest of the line up thats all. Don’t think it is a good strategy really and turning people to “base” Japs and Koreans that don’t look base at negligible saving to manufacture.

  • Carl

    Reply to BK, For those of us who CAN drive and even enjoy the independence of driving ourselves to our destinations there will always be intrest in motor vehicles….maybe you should learn to drive so you may understand the joys of driving…..or stick to a public transport BLOG!!!!!


    DEAD right Carl, BK is stuck on the wrong gravy train having a depraved gorging on public transport.

    What a terrible idea in future for everyone to resort travelling on stinking trains, buses or trams.

    The main reason public transport is underutilitised in some cases, is not that it costs money to ride, but because it’s inconvenient, crowded, smelly and uncomfortable.

    I love driving, I don’t give a crap how much fuel is, I ride motorcycles as well prices at the pump won’t effect my passions…

  • Carl

    Ford AC Cobra, That’s why i couldn’t unerstand where BK was coming from cos public transport is smelly, hot, and more expensive than my e-gas Falon….. Some people that use public transport regularly seem to think that showerig is optional or that they are saving the planet by not showering ever day….my Falcon is clean, cool in summer, warm in winter and evryone in my family showers morning and night!!!

  • Carl

    ^^^^sorry meant Falcon^^^^^^

  • Carl

    I think BK is stuck on public transport and can’t reply!!!LOL

  • BK

    I cant wait til 3 bucks a litre gets to us all. Watch the public transport make a killing out of it. Some of you petrol heads be spendin 130 bucks a week and even more just on fuel. That public system is the way to go. Its gonna be the death of gas guzlers.

  • TP

    Bucket what credibility do you have? Just another Ford fairy. You wanna come in and talk crap, lets focus on one part of a completely ordinary post, the Aurion. Tell me why it isnt great… in terms of the competition it face of course. What you neglect to mention in your post is Im the one who often supports what I say, others do no, but I wouldnt expect you to mention this… as your nothing but another ford fairy.

  • Carl

    BK, My e-gas Falcon costs less than a Yaris to run and it always will!!!
    and that diesel in the bus you took will go to 3 bucks a litre too or the coal to make the electricity for your train trip will go up as well….so get off your high horse and smell the CO2 mate!!!


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol, or they have gone on strike and now have to use an expensive smelly taxi ride. ouch that would hurt the hip pocket, also that ain’t a green way to travel this could effect thy conscious….

    Bugatti was my spam word, makes for a fuel eating indulgence at $3 a litre this would stop you driving it out of the garage..

  • BK

    Trip from geelong to melbourne and return only 14 bucks by train. If i did that in a car cost me about 20 bucks plus tryin to find parkin in melb is impossible so u gotta get the 10 bucks an hour car parks in the city. Who wants to go by car use the trains. We only talkin now with fuel at $1.40 a litre wait till the 3 bucks a litre hits yu.


    Go away TP, your Toymota talk is so boring….stay in tune with reality dude..

  • Carl

    BK, Just did Sydney, Broken hill, Port pirie, Adelaide, Melbourne then back to Sydney for less than $350 gas!!! try doing that on public tranport for 4 people for less money!!LOL

  • Carl

    Trip from Geelong to Melbourne will cost about 5 bucks in a big LPG car!!

  • BK

    I prefer flyin rather than drivin. Jestar offer some good deals for like 30 bucks to do all that. why sit in a smelly old falcon and put up with yu ugly wife when all the hot lookin women fly to.

  • Carl

    Naaaa mate my wife doesn’t look like your mother!!

  • TP

    My Toyota talk is reality, talking about Fords which not even Ford U.S want is being out of touch with reality!

    As for Gas, I doubt a Falcon costs less to run… not only when considering the greater deprecation, insurance etc but even in fuel, gas might be cheaper but a egas falcon consumes 15L per 100km of the stuff… net effect, not as great as Ford faires would have you think. Thats fogetting the large power loss Fords get on gas, unlike Commodores with a better gas system.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    CARL…..plenty of dills dont know about LPG’s. LOL spoke with someone who had VE on duel fuel, MILES MORE UNECONOMICAL then LPG only motor of my BF. When I got it it cost me $23 from Sydney to Yamba………..put that in your little buzz box ugly Prius fairy car!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP…………..your a textbook moron. Go talk to someone who has a VE on factory fitted duel fuel. Fairdinkum you go on with crap! LOL….large power loss of BF Falcon, do you live in the real world as Iam seriously doubting it is as massive as you spout on about!

  • TP

    Holdens LPG system is farbetter then Fords, its only 1L per 100km more and when LPG isnt around (common) you can use unleaded. Mind you only 1L extra consumption for a minor loss of 5kw… not sure on current Falcon but in past it was a 40kw loss on LPG Falcon!!!!

    Bucket I will be waiting for a reply re Aurion, youve just had a go at two times drive large car of the year, without any supporting evidence… despite just trying to call me up on the very same thing. You look like a complete idiot.

  • BK

    Only tight arse people run there cars on LPG cause its cheap. Why dont you run yu car on unleaded all the way. From geelong to melbourne wouldnt even come close to 5 bucks on LPG. Dont forget u gotta pay for parkin to plus you got insurance and registration costs to. Public system is still the better way to travel. Headin up to sydney next week for a weekend only costin me 70 bucks on Jestar from Avalon airport to sydney now that is a bargain. You can drive that distance if u want carl with yu ugly wife next to you.

  • TP


    Recently No Name had pie slinged into his face over the Diesel 25% more oil issue, where I was attacked as a liar… yet I provided the supporting evidence. Now again I will show how much of an idiot another ford fairy is, NM, what a moron:

    “LOL….large power loss of BF Falcon, do you live in the real world as Iam seriously doubting it is as massive as you spout on about!”




  • Oz.

    TP, where is your evidence Ford U.S just don’t want the Falcon platform? I doubt you’d be able to respond with anything creditable.

  • BK

    The falcon has much more torque than the commodore so the falcon wins. Torque is whats required to make the car move. Falcon more economical than comodore.
    Lpg falcon faster than a unleaded comodore

  • http://aca Smooth Criminal

    I think it is safe to say that Holden and Ford are dieing breeds in Australia so for Cobra AC – that’s right, stay in touch with reality.


    The VF will have a direct injection V6 with 220kw and the HSV’s will have a 325kw LS3.I Know.

  • Carl

    BK,Typical moron when you can’t win an argument you resort to insults…this is the last time i waste my time with someone that can’t drive and can’t argue his point without insults…don’t bother replying coz i won’t!!!!! Have a nice life!! your too much of a bore to waste any more time on you.

  • BK

    Poor old carl has to drive his car all the way to WA to see what the whales look like. Why drive all the time you can use public system to get where you want. Looks like I won in the public transport system. So how much do u pay for car insurance???
    Anybody else goin to sydney next week for 70 bucks and it only takes a bit over an hour from Avalon airport.

    You are absolutely right Smooth Criminal that the gas guzlers holden and ford are a dieing breed. We all gonna be in public transport at the way unleaded is heading. See you all on the train next week. VLine rocks all the way ladies.

  • trev

    Oh Tp u sure are a comedienne.

    If holdens gas is so great why are there STILL no VE taxis??

    as a taxi driver next time ur on ur way to hand your dole form in, why there are no commodores…..

    you might not like the reply.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/11456/2010-holden-vf-commodore-cgi Atomic SSV

    FREDD Says:
    March 26th, 2008 at 6:24 pm
    The VF will have a direct injection V6 with 220kw and the HSV’s will have a 325kw LS3.I Know

    The LS3 was released today officially.
    317kw and the same 550nM.

    This is detuned midly so a slight tune will easily get you 325kw +.


    I think it is safe to say that Toyota is dieing breed in Australia mainly because you have TP and DINGO broardcasting wrong perceptions and inventing a Toyleta overrating system, so for Smooth Criminal stay in touch with reality.

    All you idiots think Toymota is so great well build me a muscle car ya cardigan wearing front wheel spinning skinny tyre fairies wheres my V8 for my collection, whoops you too busy building duracell battery powered cars that are faster than speed of light, I mean turtles, maybe in 20 years time it will be worth $1 million just to crush them flat for fun…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :-)

  • Oz.

    TP, I will repeat this comment on this post. So we getting back into the reliability arguments are we?

    Remember when you got banned TP? This is what Alborz said when he banned you for 24 hours…
    “He will be back as his account will be re-enabled soon. Hopefully the same issues do no resurface”

    Well it looks like those issues are re-surfacing again.

  • BK

    More toyotas than fords and holdens put together. Toyota so far outsmarting all the other car manufacturers for a long time. Hey carl if yu there u still using the 4 cents a litre of gas dockets u get from safeway and coles. Man u r a tight arse.

  • No Name

    Hi folks – Diesel’s hit $2.77 a litre here (UK), still people driving like crazy, I just used two tankfuls over the Easter weekend. Yep trains are crowded buses are crowded but people still driving single occupancy cars at commuter times and not taking public transport like BK says.

    Hey TP when the Commie launches with a big D. and outselling every large car on the market in Australia whats Toyotas answer going to be. Mmmm lets wait.My guess they’ll tweak the 3.0 D4D unit in the Prado to make it a bit smoother shove it in your Aurion/Camry where it won’t be competative against the VM diesel.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP…mate I spoke with this person who works at Ford dealership who said the VE duel fuel is far worse the LPG only engine of Falcon.

  • Andrew M

    firstly here in QLD you cant use shopper dockets for LPG. WHY? because the servos dont load it with 4cents first

    i think you are the tight a-r-s-e, because you would have to sit on the internet all day to actually be able to find a $30 flight. i mean they sell out quickly, and then you have to find the cheapest matching flight to return on. also quite often you you have to depart from the sub standard non international airports which are miles from town.
    also dont forget to factor in your cab charges to and from hotels.

    I am also guessing that you live in the gutter as by following you logic, houses are a waste of money as you have
    contents insurance,
    house insurance,
    phone bill,
    electricity bill,
    maintainence bills,
    soap and cleaning expences,
    pest control,

    you get my drift?
    for me, if i have no vehicle i cant work, SIMPLE
    but i bet you didnt think about that sector in the world did you?
    next time a plumber for eg comes to unblock your drain, would you advise him to travel by rail? of jetstar?

    ill be back later for that other tool……..

  • Andrew M

    yes hold your horses ill be back after i have a chew.

    then the LPG discussion will start.
    TP has no idea on the stuff

  • Oz.

    I just came back from a good read through the Camry Dragster post. Oh the memories!

  • TP

    Oz you can throw threats around…. if providing supporting evidence for your arguments gets you banned, then that would indicate this place is useless as a source of reliable information. I state the facts… when called upon… I support them. What do you Ford fairies do? Nothing but completely biased opinions.

    Nm poor comeback, youve been caught out… the Commoodre is regarded as the most superior, google the Drive article on it, its class leading.

    Andrew.M yet another supporting post to a fellow Ford fairy which is baseles, he has been caught out… clearly I have a great idea on this area, the third party sources speak leaps and bounds supporting what I say…. more credible then your ‘my lpg falcon gets better mileage’.

  • Oz.

    TP, what argument’s will get ME banned? You the one arguing here, not me. Unless you can give me evidence that I’m arguing.

    Biased Opinions?: again, show me the evidence

  • azza85

    Totally agree with commentators about the base model look. As many have said it cheapens the overall brand and honestly, how hard is it to have real handles instead of the black plastic crap and to shove some last model alloys on them, I mean honestly, we’re not talking about thousands of dollars extra.

  • Andrew M

    firstly holden doesnt fit a factory LPG system so how is something they dont have better?

    there is an after market system that is recommended for the commodore and thats it. the commodore cant use the same system as the falcon because…………….
    come on wise guy tell me. you reckon you know it all.
    ive even stated the reason why before on this very site.

    i dont know what your disagreement with milage is.
    the official figure for the falcons LPG consumption is 1L better FACT.

    its not actually that the falcon loses that much extra power but rather because the LPG variant hasnt really been upgraded since it came in with AU11.
    the petrol variants have recieved substantial upgrades yet the LPG versions have had only minor tweeking.

    when the AU11 brought out LPG, the power figues dropped from memory 10kw, yet torque INCREASED.
    whats happend is the petrol has had more time spent on it developing it.

    once again with the FG, the petrol motor has had tweeking yet the LPG remains unchanged. im not going to tell you why they have kept the same system just yet as it may give away part of an answer to my earlier question

    the fact that an LPG territory has been recorded as running for less than a prius when tested in controlled conditions is credible enough for me

    LPG can and should be achieving 8-10% better economy and power than even petrol when running solely on the stuff

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/11456/2010-holden-vf-commodore-cgi Atomic SSV

    azza85 Says:
    March 26th, 2008 at 8:10 pm
    Totally agree with commentators about the base model look. As many have said it cheapens the overall brand and honestly, how hard is it to have real handles instead of the black plastic crap and to shove some last model alloys on them, I mean honestly, we’re not talking about thousands of dollars extra.

    Yeah omega looks different now.
    Small chrome strip on grille and the mirrors and dorr handles are now painted body colour.

    I am surprised you cant get chrome ones such as what was on the WH-L Caprices and Statesmans.
    I think this could be a worthy upgrade but can look tacky imo on some colours.

  • Carl

    Andrew M, i couldn’t be bothered arguing with that moron BK anymore because it’s like fighting with a monkey at the zoo, eventually the monkey gets upset and starts throwing crap at you….. but you killed him with your come back!!!!!LOL

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    WOW…..women things and now here. TP, gee you astound me!

  • http://aca I’m Killing Myself

    Ford AC – here IS undisputed evidance that Smooth Criminal is infact correct…

    2006 Toyota outsells Holden by 66 000 units and doubled Ford sales.

    2007 Toyota outsells Holden by 90 000 units and doubled Ford sales

    2008 trend should see Toyota extend that to approx 100 000 and of course.

    The real judges – THE AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER – are judging with thier dollars and that’s exactly what the game is all about.

    No prizes for second places.


  • Sean

    I thought this was about a wish list for the next Commodore?

    I’d be looking for
    *5 or 6 speed auto for Omega & Berlina
    *HFV6 for Omega & Berlina, DI on Calais V6 and SV6
    *Reverse sensors on all models
    *Reverse camera on higher end models and optional on others
    *Diesel V6 for Omega, Berlina & Calais sedans & wagons
    *Diesel on Omega ute
    *Interior materials/plastics and colour upgrade
    *MP3 integration/bluetooth on all models

    Oh and just in case this isn’t controversial enough, I think the next Commodore should be introduced as a Daewoo to reintroduce the brand to Australia.

  • I’m Killing Myself & Toymota

    Hey I’m killing myself, – here IS undisputed evidance that Smooth Criminal is infact wrong…

    2006 Ford outsells Toyota by 66 000 units and doubled Toyota sales.

    2007 Ford outsells Toyota by 90 000 units and doubled Toyota sales

    2008 trend should see Ford extend that to approx 100 000 and of course.

    The real judges – THE AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER – are judging with thier dollars and that’s exactly what the game is all about.

    No prizes for second places I guess.


  • http://aca Oh What A Feeling …

    I LOVE IT when people become sore losers.



    ps. bestest buddy Pauly mate – check it out dude – the fairies have finally lost. Time for a coldie i think …

    YEAH HA !!

  • Holden Buff

    TP, Oh What a Feeling…
    Toyota Aurion, are you kidding me. Lets separate the issue. Yes Toyota may have outsold Holden and Ford, but this is by no means attributed to the Aurion. Toyota figures show that the Corolla, Yaris and even Hilux are moving more units than the Aurion, read Bore…ion.
    The Holdne Commodore was the most popular car in Australia for 2007, selling 57307 units, followed by the corolla with 47792, third place was the Hilux with 42009. Google australian new car sales 2007.

    On improvements to the VE:
    The A pillar creates a massive blindspot, especially in round-abouts. The interior padding could be reduced in thickness to improve this.
    How about a 3.2 twin turbo V6 a.k.a the Torana concept. Produces 280 killer wasps and excellent torque figures available at 1800rpm. Drive sensible and that reduces fuel consumption.

  • Holden Buff


    In 2007, Holden’s Commodore retained its status as Australia’s favourite car for the 12th consecutive year.

    The real judges – THE AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER – are judging with thier dollars and that’s exactly what the game is all about.

    Lets not forget, with the VE exports now reaching 870 units per day, with sales going to every continent except Antartica, I think the billion outlay is pretty worth while. And the platform, oh so versatile, Sedan, Wagon, ute and potentially a coupe to come, let alone the zeta platform being utilised by GM world wide, kinda poops all over the Aurion in my book.

  • youtalkintome?

    One fault with the CGI

  • BK

    Poor old andrew M cant live without a car. He will start to cry cause unleaded will be 3 bucks a litre soon. Looks like Carl and Andrew dont know how to use public transport. They still havent figured out how to buy a train or tram ticket to get to the city cause its to difficult to work out. If I need a plumber I live next door to one. If i need other trades people I use yellow pages and they come to me . My work office is only a train ride away and only costs me a 80 cent train ticket .Shopping centre is only a few blocks away to where i buy everything wat i need. Why the hell would i need a car. Maybe u 2 live some where out in the sticks where the nearest pot hole is like 40 miles to get yu buckets of fresh water. We are in the 21st century not in the 18th century. Life is so easy but for some they make it difficult.
    I will be waiting for yu crys ladies

  • BK

    You got it wrong Holden Buff.
    Toyota is kickin Holden and Fords arse put together. Toyota offer more variety of cars and the way fuel prices are rising large cars are on the way out and fuel efficient cars are in. 5 years time 4 cylinders are gonna be dominating and Holden dont have a decent 4 cylinder to compete with others. Holden by then will be only exporting cars overseas and badged as pontiacs not commodores so the comodore is gonna be a matchbox car with the falcon. Toyota much smarter than the other brands.

  • Holden Buff


    What do you care, you’ll be on the bus anyway.

    But lets be a little realistic here and give Holden and Ford a little marketing credit, as I am sure they spend a little bit of their time and resource into market evaluation. The VE Commodore and FG Falcon are cars built for…. you guessed it, TODAYS MARKET, and they are performing extremely well. i.e. the Commodore has been the highest selling model in Australia for the last 12 years, and leading year to date, therfore I dont have it wrong.

    I agree there future production strategy may change due to pressures such as increases in the fuel price, however dont write of advances in engineering and technology that I am sure they are not leaving up to the Gods.

    30 Years ago fuel was only 17c a litre, and the average wage was 17000, now its $1.40 and the average wage is 52000, its all relative my friend.

    I’ll wave hello as I drive past your bus by in my Commodore in 4 years time.

  • TP

    AndrewM, Holden doesnt fit a factory LPG system? You better go tell Holden then that they cant be selling the LPG Omega… the duel sytem is from the factory. I dont know what your talking about their.

    Oh what a feeling, mate I know, theyve lost many times dont worry about that… they will remain delusional and convince themselves that Ford is on top. Despite the sales not indicating it. Despite the types of sales (fleet) not indicating it. Despite their own company rejecting vehicles such as the Falcon in the U.S!

    Holden buff Im aware the Aurion doesnt contribute that much, Ive posted on this 20x before. The Corolla sells the most to fleets from Toyota, at 60%. While Ford and Holden sell 80%. Clearly the others are totally reliant on fleets, so much so when you take out the fleets (which Ive already mentioned… discounts, short period of use, who pays for it… doesnt indicate whats a good car) the Commodore which is #1 overall doesnt even feature in the top 5 biggest sellers!!!! Meanwhile the Corolla 2nd overall jumps to #1!!! I posted the Drive article many times and I dont intend to again, Australias most favourite car is the Corolla… because thats the car people actually use their own money to purchase brand new.

  • JBiswellandkicking

    From local manufacturers Toyota exports more vehicles than GMH anyway.
    You know, it really shitts me that only GMH and Ford get mentioned as “local” car manufacturers in 95% of media reporting.
    Truth be told GMH and Ford are both American owned, and Toyota Australia is japanese owned. Stuff me if I would make any differentiation between those two types of foreign ownership.

  • Andrew M

    LPG on the commodore range is done post production. holden does fully warrent the system though.
    stop looking on red book for your knowledge as it doesnt tell the whole story there.
    also a new commodore on LPG is valid for the $2000 grant which only applies to aftermarket fitment.
    new factory fitted systems like the falcon for eg are only able to grab a $1000 grant

    so have you found out why the commodore cant use the same type of system as the falcon?
    oh and whats your take on the fact that the falcon system is officially rated as having better fuel consumption?

  • Gues who it ain’t

    Of the local manufacturers Toyota sell the least number of Australian made cars, and as well they also sell ZERO locally DESIGNED cars (minor re-styling and tweaking do not count).
    Toyota Aus has never DESIGNED a car locally.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP………gee get jiggy with it as your thick as. The VE dual fuel is done by contractor after the car is made on Holden factory line. It is not made at initial manufacturing phase like the Ford! You dumb as fairy!

  • BK

    holden Buff
    Comodore is slowly coming to an end like Mitsubishi has here in oz. So what will u be drivin in a couple years time. It wont be a commodore and we all know that. U can buy a bus then and drive me around. You also interested in buyin a train from Vline to. PMSL at all you people who wanna pay 3 bucks a litre. Holden buff curently spends 60 bucks a week on fuel for his comodore soon its gonne be 120 bucks. BK only spends 4 bucks a week on public transport.
    hear from yu soon.

  • Andrew M

    well it aint me who pays for my vehicles fuel usage, its covered under my overheads.
    so how about a smile next time the tradie shows up to fix your pipes or doors, or even when you want a delivery of topsoil. and then the grocery bill will go up too as it cost more to ship the stuff.
    because at the end of the day, the poor helpless consumer like your self will be paying for the fuel price increases one way or another ha ha ha

  • Andrew M

    just curious,
    do you use toilet paper twice?
    do you eat rice every night?
    do you not have a refrigerator to run?
    do you not have a fan or A/C to keep you cool in summer?

    the point is, it costs money to live. if you want to inconvienience your self that much to save a few bucks, then whats the point of living.

    you must be like that guy on the insurance ad when you drive along with the windows up and everyone sweatty and uncomfortablke inside the vehicle in the aim to save a few dollars

  • Public Transport SUCKS

    You are in denial. Public transport is simply not up to the task, does not provide the minimum requirements for most people and is too expensive for most people.

    I drive 23 km to work home – kids school – work, door to door, 3 people to their destination, 30 mins.
    Thats about $3 each way.

    Now lets compare the public transport option:
    Kids to school, oh no public transport available, 3 km walk might be good for them, but not always safe.
    Me to work, 1.7 km walk to the train (great in nice weather), $3.80 fare, 1.2 km walk to the office, 70 minutes later I’m there, stressed out, pissed off and poorer. And did I mention the the trains only run every 25 minutes (worse outside of peak times).

    I’ll drive thanks, until the public transport system catches up to the 1990’s. Funny thing is, when I started work 25 years ago, I could, and often did, catch a bus direct from my area to work, but that SERVICE is only a distant memory of days gone by!

  • BK

    You people must live out in the desert if you got those services on offer for.
    Marshall Train station for me is 900meter walk
    Bus stop around the corner from my house
    Local primary school 900meter walk
    Shopping centre 10 minute walk
    To easy people why dont you all try that. Its all about location not livin out in the sticks where u r all from.

    Trains run every 30 mins here in mornings from Monday to Friday. My place of employemnt is across the road from the Geelong Train Station. My job is 9 to 5 so i catch the 8.30 am train. I always get on the 5.30pm train and it takes about 7 mins to get to Marshal Station and then i walk home. So easy

    Andrew m
    I got tradies that live in the area where i live. Why call somebody who is 50km away when yu neigbor is a tradie. You must be fat and overweight then if u drive a car all the time.
    Got a mate whos a sparky that lives in the next street. So simple andrew these people are all over the place and close. Why travel. I enjoy my overseas holidays to each year and i save a shit load of money to by not havin a car. Every year car rego goes up and people like you say I love this. Every month fuel goes up and people like you say I love it.
    I live in a 24 square home brand new with all the mod cons. Geelong great city to live in and so easy to get around.Every time I get on a train all I hear is people saying petrol prices goin up glad we use trains.
    Public system is the way to go. Car drivers are suffering and its always on the news about petrol goin up. You always hear about motorist getting ripped of well your all part of it. Use yu brains people cause the public system is the answer.

  • Andrew M

    so you walk to your sparky mates house so he can fix your lights or what ever, how does that work?
    i dont know how you figure that because you plumber lives next door to you that he doesnt need a vehicle.
    I’d love to see him carry a 6m length of poly pipe on the train.
    i realise that cars cost a lot of money, but what doesnt these days?
    you just dont see that not everyone can do away with a vehicle do you.

  • BK

    You dont know how it works???? Its simple you got legs and you make them move one by one in a forward direction. Why would my plumber next door need a vehicle to drive to my place when its only a 15 meter walk.
    Maybe u need to give up yu job and find a job where u dont need a car. Then yu gonna say all this traveling and petrol costs I wasted doin it for years I should have listened to BK. Like i say its all about location and if you live in the wrong area then you better move. Got rid of my car 7 years and i dont regret it. I got mates who complain of car costs and I tell em look do what i do and live where i live. So if theres anybody out there that does it easier and cheaper than me let me know so i can do what you do.

  • Andrew M

    so does your plumber only work at your house and hence not need a vehicle?
    firstly does he have a vehicle?
    secondly would he still be your plumber “mate” if you told him he is silly to be still getting around to his jobs in a vehicle. try that one out at the next BBQ you go to and see what response you get.

    so what happens when all the tradies give up their jobs so they dont need a vehicle?

    im starting to think you had your licence taken off you 7yrs ago and are purely bitter at those who can still legally drive

  • No Name

    I agree Andrew M – how does this plumber get to his suppliers, I’ve got visions of a plumber walking down the road with a boiler and a bath on his back. Naah all wank.

  • http://aca Guess Who Is Laughing

    Because Toyota hasn’t totally designed a car in Australia is probably why Altona manufactuers Australia’s highest quality and most reliable/dependable vehicles.

    The Commodore and Falocn are hideous examples of quality/reliable Australian products.

    Of the local manufactuers … Toyota exports the most of our locally made cars and the best quality ones too.

    Ford exports the least and the poorest quality.

    While Toyota Oz manufactuers double the cars then Ford Oz, their quality is still double that of Ford … doesn’t say much for Geelong !!

    Ooooch …

  • BK

    My girlfreind moved in with me 3 years ago and sold her car to. She even uses the public transport to get to work and home. She saves about 150 bucks a week now cause of not havin a car. She works up at Myers and had to get all day parkin which was costing her 20 bucks a day. Just by moving to a better location makes yu life easier and cheaper.
    So who would wanna be a plumber when u can do it yourself. Lot of tradies are always late so suppliers get yu the supplys quicker. Last time i waited for a builder the twit left his trailer unlocked and had his tools stolen. And when he finally told me what hapened i just laughed. Tradies always never on time. Why u need somebody to paint yu house when you can do it yuself. Call up the suppliers and they get a courier to send em to yu. Cheaper by courier than drivin.
    If all the tradies give up there jobs then we do it our selves. Whats so hard about that. Got another mate who lives out in Ocean grove who is a builder. And guess what he is building his own place. So far hes spent 3 years on building and i told him why dont u hurry up and finish it , he said nah cost to much so i do it myself. Just about anybody these days can go and learn a trade and then go and do it yuself. You save shit loads of cash om simple things. Life is so easy if you just think.

  • No Name

    BK – I’m inclined generally to agree with you, BUT as a family man driving the family taxi I do about 160k’s a week running the kids to various sport ans educational clubs here in Plymouth UK.
    When we lived in Melbourne the gymnastics club was 20K’s away in the oposite direction to their Jujitsu club. If I had to use public transport I would not have been able to work as I would have spent so much time on the buses n trams to the kids club.
    Australia has a wealth of sports facilities second to none, without cars they’d be dead, the economy would be dead.

  • BK

    I love the modern day gadgets like Mobile Phones, high speed internet, public transport, Ebay. With the press of a button they all come to you and u dont need to drive to get em.

  • BK

    If u wanna live in Melbourne where everything is miles apart then thats what you want. I got a mate who moved from geelong to Melbourne and he is regretting it big time. I told him why u wanna bother with all that traffic there that yu better of living in Geelong. I got a son who does football at his own school and the school is only a 900 meter walk from my place. We dont travel miles away to see what we want. Its all close by us.
    Geelong football ground is 7 kilometeres from my place so we catch the train to go and see the football. Costs me 80 cents to travel to watch the cats shit all over the other AFL teams.
    How much more easier do i need life to be.
    Move to geelong where its so much easier.
    Anybody out there got it easier than me yell out and let me hear yu story.

  • http://aca Toyota Buff

    Holden Buff …

    Back in the ‘haa day’ of the Commodore – Holden sold 8 – 9 000 examples of the VT monthly but today they sell literally half that with the VE.

    From 2003 – 2007, the Commodore strong hold has been slowly but gradually eroding at the pass of every year. In 2003 the Commodore outsold the Corolla by approx 50 000 units and in 2007 that had been erroded to 10 000. Todate this year – it is infact the Corolla winning the numbers race in the first 2 months of 2008.

    That is a perfect example of a down turning trend !!

    When the VE was launched, the Australian public was bombarded with crazy Holden propaganda that it’s new Commodore range was capable of challenging that of the very best in the world yet today i have still not witnessed a comparison of the Statesman or Caprice against the highest accoloded prestiage motoring in the world with the LS460 or LS600hl quickly coming to mind.

    Then came all the hoo-haa how the quality of the VE would match that of the Japanese yet concerns about the reliability of the Commodore has clouded the car from launch. Todate the Australian motorist has witnessed 3 recalls, battery drain saga’s, ongoing and persistant electrical gremlins (that have always infested the Commodore nameplate anyway) such as cooling fan switches failing to engage then burst to life without warning not to mention fuel gauage reliability. Of course we should have heard about the bootlids lifting by themselves on Statemans or the fact that some examples have lost suspension bushes. Then there has been raised concerns about the fuel cap release spring, poor quality of the interior plastics and of course questionable fit-n-finish.

    I recall MOTOR magazine stated that they test drove 12 examples/variants of the VE and discovered 12 different quality concerns not to mention issues raised by DRIVE.com two years running during thier Car Of The Year selection programme.

    And while talking quality – lets not forget about that awful, harsh, ruff, gruff and vocal alloytech mated to a dated, clunky 4 speed tranny with sub-standard performance against it’s direct rivals. And of course Holden originally offered a/c as an option on the Omega and of course only a ‘pretend tyre’ can be found as the spare despite the vast, harsh, arid and often isolated landscape of ours.

    Then came all the riff-raff that the VE would be Australia’s safest locally manufactured car yet the Aurion toppled it 27/37 to 30/37 in the offical NCAP tests not to mention the downing of the Commodore again by the Aurion in the WHEELS Active Safety Programme published in February 2008.

    Awards – well, plenty of for the Aurion against the VE.

    DRIVE.com has rated the Aurion as the best Family Sized Car in Australia two years running (2006 & 2007) as did Australia’s Best Car’s (2006 & 2007) that is now onsale with it’s latest edition. Lets not forget that RACQ rated the Aurion above the Commodore in it’s ‘Road Ahead Edition’ not to mention strong results with Carsguide. Some may even recall the edition of WHEELS were the Aurion faired as the favourite above the Commodore and Falcon in the Gold Star Car Awards aswell.

    So what exactly were you saying about the VE being a better car.

    Oh yeah – i forgot to mention that DRIVE.com published that 80% of Commodore sales are infact fleet which represents little hands in the pocket from private buyers
    which in turn suggests little of the Commodore … PERIOD !!

    Remember the Leaked Australian Quality Survey – you may recall that the Falcon and Commodore ranked absolutely dead-set last while the Maxima and Camry walked all over them were quality and customer satsifaction was of concern.

    truth be told – the is Commodores (as with Falcons) have been amoung the worst quality and most unreliable cars to have ever graced Australian roads. The greatest test of all – Test Of Time – has proven the Commodore to be a poor quality, under engineered platform that are commonly renouned for causing owners grieve and often expensive ones at that.

    They have always been riddled with faults, poor workmanship and questionable engineering standards as with poor customer service support from Holden. And another truth – i have still yet to witness a model of the Commodore that has actually had the dignity to age with grace and my bet is – the VE will be no different then any other model of the past… PERIOD !!

  • BK

    We all know what the car industry is all about. Its all about suckin people in to buying there cars. Whatever publicity stunt they do will fool us into buyin a car and will do it through what ever media is out there. Ford Holden etc etc will never be as good as the best cars in the world. If people want the best cars then why dont they just buy the best cars out there. Sorry Ford and holden you aint the best.

  • No Name

    So you wouldn;t buy a Commie then..Ha Ha

  • BK

    I sold my car 7 years ago. Dont need a car to get around. Use the public system.

  • BK

    I see all you ladies tomorrow on the 8.30am train to geelong station. Let me know if you get a few parking fines in geelong so i can get you out of paying them. I know a few loop holes at The city of Greater geelong .
    To all the tradies out there how long u gotta wait for the RACV to get to you if yu car breaks down and then be told that they cant fix the problem on the spot.
    See yu girls

  • Holden Buff

    Toyota Buff…
    Bore.ion, So many awards… so few sales. Australia just dont want a front wheel drive large family car. It frankly is just bloody UNAUSTRALIAN.

  • http://aca Holden Is Not Australian

    Companies that sell Daewoo’s and 2 star crash rated death cans to our young ladies is UNAUSTRALIAN.

    Companies that are unable to supply our Farmers, Tradesman, Industries, Mines and Off-road enthusiast with reputatble commercials /4×4 is TOTAL UNAUSTRALIAN.

    Companies who develope poor quality, troublesome, under-engineered and unreliable vehicles is COMPLETELY UNAUSTRALIAN.

    Companies that are 100% Foreign owned ARE UNAUSTRALIAN !!

  • Dumbfounded Visitor

    I come onto this website to have read every now and then, and like today, waste a good twenty minutes of my time reading forum posts, like those above that lead me only to the following obvious conclusion, with the supporting evidence of their posts above:

    TP, BK and Oh What A Feeling – You are all DICKHEADS.

    I am a car lover, Ford, Holden, Toyota, Mazda etc etc. I have no allegience to any one brand, but my god, I feel dumber for having read the tripe that the three of you injected into this thread.

    The sooner you are banned again, the better, and healthier for everyone else I feel.

    No doubt you’ll come back to this with some ‘fairy’ tainted descriptive, but fellas, please, grow up.

  • http://aca A Delighted Visitor

    As a new comer to this blog, i am delighted to witness constructive and worthwhile expressions by some obviuosly talented individuls such as TP, Dingo and Oh What a Feeling … congratulation for your much appreciated opinions which however i have notice have been supported by referances and not emotions.

    However, do find concerning some obviuosly challenged people who lobby for a banning but my thoughts are probably correct in sugesting they are rallied by non-other then Holden and Ford supporters who are bad sports personnel on the best of days.

    I’m sure we all recall the unforgettable days when Nissan squashed the aspiration of the local fans just to be banned from the sport because of Holden and Ford’s unsavoury appetite for bad sportsmanship because truth be told – it is the only way they can win.

    Anway, cheers to the fore mentioned names and wish you lads all the best on your endavours.

    Madonna Mary Miller
    221 Geoffrey Thomas Rd
    Townsville QLD.

  • Phill

    Lets get it stright Ford & Holden Have a long history in Austraila longer then anyone else.They form the basis of Australian car culture.Lots of people chose to support Ford or Holden because that is what there dad or someone else who was close to them when they where young did.If Toyota suporters get cut because everyone doesn’t agree with there veiws they should try to understand Australian car culture.


    I use to bag the crap out Holden fans, but I will tell right now Toymota fans are the worst I have EVER come across especially here on caradvice and the other bias site called drive.com, I just can’t understand the tripe talk, that certain people like TP & Dingo etc can dribble all day long, conjuring up meaningless stat after stat about Toyleta sales..


  • Andrew M

    isnt it great how every one ignored Dingos little rant before.
    and it was quite funny how he changed his name and gave himself a compliment because no one was noticing him ha ha ha

  • Andrew M

    mate ive got a great reason why you shouldnt do you own plumbing and electrical etc.
    even if you try to put some plans into council for something as simple as a poxy carport, you wont get approval unless a licence number is supplied.

    i can just imagine walking through your house with wires hanging from the ceiling, water pipes with no pressure, and an insuffiecently tied down patio roof.

    i doubt any tradie has to wait roadside for raod service as most drive around in pretty new rigs if you havent noticed (due to the big dollars they turn)

    also why didnt your girlfriend just park else where like the massive centre carpark which is free?? or change jobs like you recommend? perhaps she could start a plumbing apprentceship with the guy next door who only services his neighbours.

    also why is it that when something is delivered by courier that it is not classified as being “Driven”

    so we know you are really bitter because you lost your licence to drive, so may i ask why it is that the authorities took it off you. did you mow someone down in a school zone whilst driving on drugs and intoxicated?
    also you must have been a repeat offender too.
    if she saved $150 a week by ditching the wheels dont forget that $100 of that was parking. so really the car only cost her 50 bucks a week.

  • Wheelnut

    I think the reason TP believes the yanks don’t want the Falcon is because apart form its superior build quality it’s also 0.5 of a second quicker than any of the US Built RWD Fords [except for the Mustang] and even some Toyotas.. and we all know how important 0.5 of a second is – on the road now don’t we?


    A Delighted Visitor Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    Madonna Mary Miller
    221 Geoffrey Thomas Rd
    Townsville QLD.


  • Andrew M

    thats right wheelnut,
    it doesnt matter whether a vehicle is better at taking the corners or what ever meaning a safer more stable family car, but rather its in that satellite 0-100 trial runs that determine the true family saloon.

  • Andrew M

    get over it mate,
    i know he is a tool,
    you know he is a tool,
    and quite frankly he knows he is a tool as he is the one that makes up names so it looks like his dillusional thoughts arent alone.

    (p.s. he also hears dead people)


    TES,,I AM OVER IT Andrew thanks very much, I just like to put the spanner in the Toylota fireworks….

  • Andrew M

    AC Cobra,
    yeah mate, my advice is ignore it.
    we have heard it all before, and responded with our thoughts.
    enough said.

  • Duck

    Personally the current VE doesnt look dated at all……………………..when u see a VE parkerd to a VZ u can tell there is a big difference!

  • Andrew M

    then go park it next to the new falcon………

  • Duck

    So Andrew M, do u think the VE will look suddenly old compared to the FG?

  • BK

    Ohh andrew you still upset that I still have my drivers licence but no need for a car. Why would you wanna spend the rest of your life diggin holes and workin in shitty conditions and being a proud tradie lady. Anybody can get any tradie to say they did the job and get a building inspector to check it all out and approve it all. All the building inspectors always over look the job you do and say its good enuff.
    You even get some building inspectors out there that dont even look at wats been done as long as they know who done the job, they will just say good enuff cause I know who they are.
    And if theres a problem then you get that tradie to come back and fix the problem like what lot of tradies end up doing. Councils dont give a shit about the buiding quality all they care about is that all the paper work is done properly. Paper work is more important than a tradie ladys quality.
    Even when you get new homes built theres alway gonna be problems with the house cause the tradies cant do there job properly.
    I had my neigbour wanting a water tank connected up on his property. I gave him the name of the plumber who lived near me and said to get him to do it. He got him to come over and look at the job and did a quote for him. Few weeks went by and I asked the neighbor has he done it yet. And as like other tradies no. So I went over to plumbers place and said you done the tank for him yet. He said no becuase it was only a 300 dollar job to do. Now that is what yu call rubbish service by a plumber who is slack and couldnt be bothered doin a job for a neighbor.
    And if u drive a flash rig I wonder how much are yu repayment on it a month. Dont forget that you can get suppliers to deliver all the goods you need for the fraction of those costs of yu car repayements. What yu gonna do if you lose your license looks like you have to hire a apprentice or a shit kickin labourer that you gonna pay minimum wage. What a cheap tradie you are. Never seen a female as a plumber because its a shitty job. Just ask a female about that 1.
    So how much are yu monthly payements on yu rig plus all the other vehicles costs. You call a holden or ford ute something special thats so cheap and a laugh.
    I bet you will never spend 80 cents a day on travel costs like I do. Man you get ripped of big time by havin and owning a car.
    Couriers are always on time but tradies are never.
    Cant wait for the USA trip this year planned after christmas. Bet you never been away on holidays any where cause you like playing in mud. PMSL cause you are a tradie lady.
    I cant wait to hear from u soon. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • http://aca Dingo

    Phill … your comment is total crap.

    Fact is, Holden has produced some of the most unreliable, most troublesome and poorest quality vehicles to have graced Australian roads. Apart from thier locally manufactuered vehicles – Holden imports have barely been any better with dreadful examples that can be listed longer then the Great Wall Of China.

    Not only is it common knowledge amoung the Australian motoring society but as quality / customer satisfaction surveys have long proven – Holden vehicles in particular are infact BELOW BENCHMARK … PERIOD !!

    What is pathetic about your dismal attempt to defend Holden is reality … have a look at the Commodore – a questionable unit within itself not to mention the ‘ordinary to poor’ standing with the rest of Holden’s fleet.

    What i just can not comprehend is how Holden sells rebadged Daewoo junk and 2 star crash rated death traps to our young ladies yet people like yourself try and defend the pathetic brand because your ‘daddy’ drove a Holden many, many years ago.

    Why don’t you grow up and become a man of your own values instead of what daddy drove back in the ’70s !!

    If Holden means so much to Australia, then why have they failed miserably to supply our culture with reputable workhorse that support the very backbone of our culture.

    Trades personell, Farmers, Industries and the Resource Sector are the very backbone of our economy yet does Holden or Ford supply reputable and robust vehicles to support these economies …. NO THEY DON’T !!

    The question i have – if Holden is supposedly so Australian … then why don’t they have the right product for right job because Toyota surely bloody well does !!

  • http://aca Dingo

    Maybe Holden and Ford should start trying to understand the culture that supports our econmomy therefore lively-hood.

    Maybe, just maybe they will then be able to supply a decent commericial / 4×4 that is reliable, dependable and durable enough to satisfy the job.


    ps. love it – anti spam word is TOYOTA




    ps. love it – anti spam word is FORD

  • http://aca Dingo

    Cobra … your spastic reply doesn’t change the reality of the market an incy, wincy fraction.

    March sales will be published soonish … undoubtedly – Toyota to flogg ar*e once again.



    My reply is only as spastic as your repeated sales pitch trash…………..

  • BK

    Toyota is leading the world in car quality and car quantity to. Cant see Ford and GM ever catching up. Typicall americans only make gas guzzlers cause there fuel is cheap but in the real world its fuel prices that are scaring everybody and everybody is going towards fuel efficient cars like Toyotas. My opinion is to just NOT OWN A CAR at all or u can spend 3 bucks a litre in a couple years time. Use the public system if yu smart enough to know how to do it. Lot of european countris are paying double the amount to wat we pay at the bowser.

  • Andrew M

    you are honestly good value mate.

    let me tell you a quick couple of things about myself to show how you perception of myself is wrong.

    i actually employ 2 and soon to be 4 people. i dont employ any apprentices at the moment because quite frankly you can get a trade qual guy for around the same rate.
    yep, even though the poor apprentice might only get 6 scabby bucks in their first year it still costs the employer like 20 bucks and so on till a 4th year costs the same as a tradie.
    the group training and labour hire mobs make a killing.

    also i own my vehicle out right.
    i havent had to make vehicle repayments for like 3yrs. actually as a business expense it would be a good idea if i were making vehicle payments, but that will change when i get my new falcon this year. also my current one is on LPG so it runs for about half the cost of what you would assume

    and no not anyone can get a tradie to say they did a job. who the hell is silly enough to let joe blogs wire up a switch board and take the blame when the thing blows up

    also conncil inspectors are a lot more thorough than you think. they are the worst. private certifiers can get a little relaxed when they know you but the council certifiers are just plain a-n-a-l

    and another thing is, how are tradies meant to carry their tools? i tow around $20K of gear behind me so how am i meant to get that to site to keep the boys busy?

    and then the biggest thing of all that you over look is that my vehicle expenses are 100% tax deductable

    ive been to places on holidays that you could probably only dream of. one of my favourite places was probably switzerland. i would highly recommend there to you.

    so have you told your plumber mate to rid of his ute yet?

  • Andrew M

    and just to please you mate, there is a couple of places i attend that i wouldnt go any other way than by public transport. and they are the Gabba and Suncorp Stadium.

    yep my 2 local sporting stadiums because it is actually practical and more efficient to do so

  • Bavarian Missile

    Spooky……..anti spam word Holden Wheelnut , so good to back to yet another blog that’s been taken over by Toyota yawnnn supporters. So whats been happening my Ford Fairy Family…….same old same old by the looks of it!

  • BK

    Andrew M
    Anybody out there that runs a business can employ shit kickers like you do to dig up dirt.If you pay these laborers to do the job while you sit around and carry on about your tools then u dont deserve any of the money u make only give it all to your workers.
    A falcon on LPG well it shows that u r a tight arse when it comes to running a business.I wouldnt be surprised if yu pay these guys about 20 bucks an hour and all u do is worry about LPG.
    Even if you have 150% tax deuction on everything still you gotta hav the money to buy it. As the saying goes u gotta spend the money to make the money but u only offer LPG and cheap labour.
    I told my plumber mate hes a slack arse for not doin the water tank. And as always the reputation for a tradie is simple you call em a tradie lady.
    You only been to switzerland and that was funded by your parents when u where ten yrs old.
    I told my plumber wat the hell u need too carry all yu tools around for. All he said was that he nags and winges about his tools. I told him that we dont need tradies cause we can do it all ourselves

  • Bavarian Missile

    Isn’t a Plumbers mate a tool that’s used for unblocking ? I was told most guys want to marry Plumbers mate,why is this? hahaha…..

    BK if you don’t have a car then why are you even on CA……I agree with Carl go to the Public Transport blog if your not interested in Cars.Why the attack at my mate Andrew M….please tell me your not an infernal student that has an opinion on everything but knows nothing about the real world ?

  • BK

    Hey Missle
    Looks like u need a lesson on what its all about. People like u who own and drive a car are paying for it big time. You must enjoy it a lot and lookin forward to even more price hikes at the bowser. I own my house with my girlfreind and plus I have a 10 yr old son. Now lookin at governments, oil companys and investers these people are what u call make fools of motorists and makin them over pay for there bills. In this world where you can get around everywhere without a car I have simply sold my car and so has my girlfreind. Now we are talkin big bucks in savings and more money in my pockets and less rewards for the scavengers. So with a bit of thought i found where the best location is to live and where i have everything close to me.
    So if u can come up with a better idea other than havin a inflation enhancing vehicle that pumps in huge dollars to these dirty old tucoons let me know but if not you can continue on with yu doldrems with why do we pay to much for car expenses. Why do we get ripped off at the bowser.
    hear from yu soon..
    Go cats go lets piss all over the bombers this weekend.

  • Oz.

    BK, then what the hell are you doing on this site if you don’t support people having their own car? Yes we pay for the running costs and we proud of it.

  • Carl

    BM, Nice to have u back….i absolutely fell in love with Adelaide over easter and am plannig to move there as soon as i can…Sydney’s gotten too full for my liking just too many poeple and traffic jams everywhere, but Adelaide is such a clean and pretty place that i think i’ll fit right in!!!

    Hope your visit went well and you made a good impression with the inlaws.

    As far as BK goes i’ve stopped bothering with him coz i think he might have a mental illness and i’m not comfortable arguing with someone that could be mentally ill….but if he’s not ill then he’s just baiting us all because no can be that dumb and still manage to find the ON button on a computer….besides he seems to hate cars on one rant and then goes and rant’s about how good Toyota’s are, So i think that he must be baiting us because the alternative is very sad for him and his family!!!

  • BK

    You guys enjoy seeing the fuel prices go up here in australia and who we blame its you motorist. The more you spend using the stuff the more you people are investing in oil investments across the world.
    The higher the government tax you people on fuel the more it gets invested in oil companies. These oil companies are makin a killin on shares invested into there companies by governments alL over the world. So if you still dont know what it all means then i hope by year 2015 u might. Typical motorists just dont have a clue. Cant wait for another interest rate rise and we all know who to blame there to. Its gotta be done to control inflation .See yu later suckers

    ey carl u back again
    Toyota is gonna be the next big thing around in the motor industy. Smart investments this company has done with shares in oil companies which again our government have no control of making petrol prices cheaper. Ford and Holden are gonn be the next 2 that will leave our shores cause Toyota has a huge influence on the asian countries where peasants are now buyin fuel efficient cars rather than gas guzzlers like yu holden and ford.
    So who do we blame in the asian countries for this its simple the investors and governments . From the investors then it goes to the people who buy the toyota cars. Thousands of jobs a day are being created in countries like china and the more people buy cars over there the more you pay at the bowser.
    So if u think that buyin alternative fuels will help well guess what it wont. Governments , investors and who ever makes these new fuels are goin to do the same thing. You motorists wont win cause 3 bucks a litre and more is here to stay. Why would they drop it all down back to say 25 cents a litre. I rest my case here and if u think im wrong then all yu motorist will one day just rely on petrol gettin put in yu cars and nothing else.

    Why bother talkin about Fords and holdens cause we all know toyota is gonna boot em out of this country. Maybe those CEO from ford and holden are gonna be investing shares into toyota make to make it a bigger company. Understaring shares and investments in this world is what it is all about so if you dont have a clue then waste yu money on a car like ford and holden.

  • No Name

    La La La La La La – sorry what was that could hear.

  • No Name


  • Wheelnut

    I know this is off topic.. However it appears that we’re allready there so I guess it doesn;t really matter

    Last night on TV [During the AwFuL] I saw an ad for the TRD Aurion which claims that its the first Australian made Family Sized car to use an Eaton Supercharger.

    Correct me if I am wrong [TP Dingo etc] but I seem to recall that the CV6 Monaro also used a Eaton Supercharger.

    The other thing about the ad is that you only ever saw the headlights and taillights as the car drove around in the dusk.. no shots of the brakes interior or engine [and that supercharger] like you see on most ads for “performance”
    vehicles.. are they ashamed to show how tacky the interior is or how the brakes are so standard etc?

  • No Name

    Eaton Supercharger – Is that a English Well educated supercharger from the famous private school in England

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    BK………..you are the second stupiest person on this website and maybe you and other Toyota lover are in the closet together. LOL your an idiot! Whilst your at it….pull the dummy outta your mouth as your so twisted in your sentence structure! Like how old are you, 12? LOL so much at someone so stupid………HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    LOL NO NAME………funny. Geeeeesh gosh golly that BK is a unit!

  • TP

    Wheelnut as if they are ashamed to show it off, the TRD is class all over… do FPV even have adds? Using your logic, they must be ashamed of every aspect of their vehicle. Idiot?

  • Andrew M

    ah BK is just baiting guys but i was having a bit of fun with him. ha ha ha ha

    so just curious on one other thing…… how come you renewed your licence when you got rid of your vehicle 7yrs ago? in that time your licence would have come up for renewal and you obviously renewed it if you claim you still have a licence

  • Wheelnut

    HSV and FPV do have TV Ads its just that because they’re in such a unique market and have established such a desirable reputation they don’t really need to advertise as much as Toyota – people know their product and that they are fantastic performance cars [for the money]

    When they do advertise on TV its usually during the V8s or in Perfomance car magazines like which is their target Demographic.. which implies that HSV and FPV are using their advertising dollars a lot more wisely

  • TP

    I honestly cant rememver an FPV or HSV advert and I watch V8 Supercars… clearly not a very impressionable compaign. Yet you remember the TRD advert. Thats the aim of it, one has succeded the other has clearly failed. I think TRD is effective, the impression they have making is one of mystery, not showing heaps off, but choice bits, get the customers in the door to find out more. You dont want to give it all away in an advert do you!

  • Wheelnut

    BK – you say you van get arounf everywhere without a car.. that may be true in some instances particularly if you either live in or never leave the inner city metropolitan area.

    But explain to me how you [living in G-Long] would get to places like: Deniliquin; Whyalla; Nullabor; Hay; Bathurst;
    Useless Point; Mount Gambier; Hidden Valley without a car

    Sure you could fly to the capital or regional city but then you’ve got to try and find either a reliable train or bus service to take you the rest of the way.

    Then theres the point that the times and the routes you travel are determined by the Airlines Train/Bus Companies which aren’t always the most convenient nor the most direct. You also have to contend with delays and the srress as to whether or not you will make your connecting flight, train etc.. which means that you have to allow extra travel time to get to your destination.

    Time which us car owners can spend either relaxing by the hotel pool or doing what we are there to do.. infact why you are still making your way to destination X us car owners could be on our way back home or travelling on to
    another town etc.

    And by travelling by car you get to see alot more of this beautiful country up close and nit from 10000ft

  • Wheelnut

    I remember the TuRD ad for no other reason than the B/S claim they made that its the first Aussie car to use an Eaton Supercharger..

    But then again like their Followers.. Toyota like to believe that they are the First to do everything in this country.. I’m amazed that they haven’t yet claimed to have invented the Ute.

  • Andrew M

    yep the false/silly claims in adverts are usually what make us remember them

    for example i will always remember the new holden ute ads where they mention the 1987 commodore ute and the VN commodore ute. have you heard those ads before. a bit of a chuckle ha ha ha
    its part of their evolution ads where they say “1967 ute”, “1977 ute”, “1987 ute” “1997 ute” etc

  • Duck

    (The VF picture above) U can see that it shares the same bodykit with the coupe 60 and the VF will probaly have indicators on the mirrors as u can see on the picture.

  • Duck

    WHY NOT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

  • Duck

    Andrew M, you still havent answered my question!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wheelnut

    Yeah I know Andrew M

    Yet in both instances you would have thought that both Toyota and Holden would have known that The TRD Aurion isnt the first Aussie Car to use an Eaton Supercharger or Holden never made a VL Ute – yet I have seen a custom built one-off

    It’s just that the Advertising “Gurus” who come up with these ads don’t really know anything about the products they are being paid to promote.. mind you neither do the general public

    Thats why ts called LCD TV – Lowest Common Denominator

  • Wheelnut

    Duck – I think that you will only have to wait just a couple more months DOD.. its expected to be available as part of the VEII series.

  • BK

    simple andrew m
    my drivers license last for 10 years and expires at the end of 2009. So why would i bother with a drivers license to. So u work out now in what year did i get rid of my car.

  • Andrew M

    sorry duck,
    i just had to scroll back up to see what question you were asking of me.
    my answers is yes i do think the VE next to the FG will look dated

  • Andrew M

    well i didnt know you could opt for a 10yr licence so there you go

  • Andrew M

    is DOD really going to be on VE11? i sort of doubt it. i think it will come in on VF.

    anyway, what sort of consumption reduction do they claim with that system? what sort of premium do they charge?

    im just wandering if it is really worth it….

    it sounds good in theory but i cant see it dropping consumption by more than 10%.
    and once again it would depend on what sort of driving you mainly do as to whether it would be beneficial.

    i see honda advertising their new mod can go from 6-4-3 cylinders. i havent seen any reviews on it yet

  • BK

    er wheelnut
    whats so good about places like Deniliquin, Whyalla,Bathurst Nullabor Hay, Hidden Valley Mount Gambier
    Useless Point. Who would wanna go to places like that where there aint much to see. I get to see more places in melbourne than all of these places put together. Shit load of public transport in melb to.
    Also if u wanna go to a cetain destination they have buses and trains to get to where you want. I can see that u have never traveled on a bus or train cause maybe u r to afraid. So how do tourists travel around australia its simple use the public system. Its the same as goin overseas you organise all the travel arangemets with a travel agent and they tell you where are all the stops are and what sites you can see , costs and how long it takes. So simple. So how long would it take you to travel from Sydney to perth by car then wheelnut.
    I spend most of my time traveling by train to work and back. I never had problems and it only takes me about 7 mins by train to get to Geelong startion from Marshall station.I could also go by bus and the bus stop is only around the corner from where i live. So its one or the other forms of transport.
    Few weeks ago i went to Lorne and guess how i went there . BUS . Some of you guys have never heard of the Great Ocean road well thats the way you travel down there. Bus stops in every town picks up a few people and drops a few of. Takes about an hour from my place to get there. Stayed the night down in Lorne at a hotel. Got back on the bus and back home. So easy to do. Only a 12 dollar bus fare. So cheap and easy and nothing to worry about.
    So what do you guys all do if you go out and get blind on a Saturday night. Let me guess public transport. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Im out of here ladies of to sydney got a flight at 130pm from Avalon airport. Guess what catchin a bus from geelong staion to avalon airport. I be back sunday night and then I be baggin all the motorist that live in Sydney especialy when i see my cousin up there who has to travel only 15 km and about 40mins to the sydney airport. Sounds like a shit hole of a place to live.
    See yu pimps

  • Oz.

    TP said:
    “I honestly cant rememver an FPV or HSV advert and I watch V8 Supercars… clearly not a very impressionable compaign. Yet you remember the TRD advert. Thats the aim of it, one has succeded the other has clearly failed. I think TRD is effective, the impression they have making is one of mystery, not showing heaps off, but choice bits, get the customers in the door to find out more. You dont want to give it all away in an advert do you!”

    TP, yes FPV do have TV commercials, there were 2 when FPV came out in 2003 that you used to see often and there was one more recently. And TRD need to push advertising more to gain popularity after it’s flop.
    I don’t understand how you can be so biased towards Toyota and be able to take watching V8 Supercars.

  • Phill

    Dingo – I don’t think you understand culture.Culture is the way of the people and it is they who decide what accepted and whats not.Do you understand whats happaning in tibet there culture is being wiped out(3 years jail for possession of a tibetin flag).Toyota tell us the big 6 game has changed which is arrorant and ignorrent.We dont want some one to tell us what we want.Aussies want RWD(aussie car culture) didnt toyota learn from the first attempt with the avalon which crashed and burned hard.Now they try it again with the aurion and tell us,You didnt like avalon because it didnt have enough power you will like aruion.Wrong again toyota built RWD platform and give us want and they would sell very well probably top the sales charts.Also toyota has a great 4×4 and commercal reputation in Oz(they do most of there 4×4 testing in OZ)which bolsters there road car reputation and also is why the are behind Ford & GM in europe.And what about We race you win.I hope there not talking about formula 1 the last i heard they might pull out because they cant win.The regular people who visit this sight know how to give and take in there comments.but some of these toyota pushers are never wrong,you cant be right all the time(simple logic).I starting to think they are toyota markting and adverising exes who are probably getting paid to invade this website.Dingo,a wild,ferral animal that you wouldn’t trust after 10 years of being demesticated

  • Phill

    Wrong again toyota build RWD platform and give us what we want and they would sell very well probably top the sales charts.I retract the canine reference bit

  • Bavarian Missile

    BK………..yep I love my car and have been a car enthusiast since I was a teenager…….most girls had Sherbet Skyhooks and Donny Osmond on their wall…..not me use to raid dads Motor Manuals……..

    Not interested in the price of petrol,carbon footprints but just enjoying my life currently{your dead a long time}Cost of my car like Andrews is claimable along with servicing it so better for me to enjoy than the tax department I say!

    Thanks for the welcome back Carl…….had a great time in Adelaide and felt much better after my 5 hours of hard driving with Wheelnut the first night…..oh and the Subbie goes hard too TP more than the 110 kws you thought. Very sad to leave Wednesday but staying strong cause Wheelnuts cuming over in less than 5 weeks to Perth,I guess Im going to have to get my energy level back for some more hard driving o and in the M3 too……..heheheh Im so naughty!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    To quote a conundrum from the browned bucky toothed one, Austin Powers………..”Oh behave MISSILE” (or is that misbehave). OUCH! lol

  • Bavarian Missile

    more like ohhhhh yeah!!!!!Needless to say my throat was a little sore the next day……….

    Should change his name from Wheelnut though, perhaps too Brembo,stays hard for a least 5 hours of hot and hard driving with out going spongy……owwww

    Looooovvvvvvve you Wheelnut .mmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Wheelnut

    BK I for years I have commuted to and from work everyday by Train – in Sydney I spent 3-4 hours a day on a train

    it’s just that the public transport system in most states is so abysmal so unreliable that there is no real incentive to use it and why more people are staying in their cars even though the roads are congested as much as they are
    so the govt is getting more moneey from petrol taxes and registration..
    which is why they are doing FA to improve their public transport not-works. and until they fix the situation with public transport the cyclical pattern will continue

    At least when youre in a car you can deviate from your usual route inorder to avoid a hold up or accident thereby increasing your chances of arriving on time where as a bus or train cannot.

  • Wheenut [AKA Brembo]

    Love you too babe…. mmmmwwwwaaaa

  • Wheenut

    BK – your cuz did 15Km in 40 minutes in [the eastern suburbs of sydney] heading to the airport… he was lucky particularly if he has to go down botany road

  • Wheenut

    “Carbon Footprint” – is that the politically correct term for a Burnout now is it? – as most tyres are made up of silica and carbon etc

  • Wheenut

    Andrew M – I’ll try and verify the reports about DOD on the VE for ya with my mates at the Holden Factory

  • Bavarian Missile

    ooooo,anti spam word BMWM3…………cool!

    Anyone see Top Gear repeat tonight…..very funny . Loved the fact the adults of tomorrow still think of excitement when it comes to cars……

    What was with the guy that thought the Aston was uncool………..was he a Camry owner cause he was going on about build quality and reliability…..

    95.5 percent of CO2 comes from nature………how interesting was that………great show !

  • Andrew M

    yeah let us know.
    im actually doubting it will debut in VE11.

    there is no bias to my thinking but rather i dont think holden has to bring it in yet. SS sales are strong and the average V8 commodore driver wouldnt opt for it yet as fuel bills are the least of their worries.

    also they would be better off keeping that card up their sleeve for a little later as no other manufacturer in their target group looks to bring it out any time soon.

    i reckon they will save the spot light for it some point a bit further down the track

  • Wheelnut

    You could be right AndrewM

    Howevre they will try to have a relatively new feature on the VE-II inorder to differentiate it a bit more from the current model apart from the usual nip n tuck/facelift

    They’re also planning to be the first Aussie Made Family Sized RWD Sedan with a Diesel

    Another possible change is a new two tone interior similar to that in the sportswagon concept to make the cabin appear roomier

    But I’ll see what I can find out for you

  • Wheelnut

    BK – I wasn’t actually suggesting that you visit any of the country towns that I mentioned.. My point was that it’s near impossible for you to reach them via [govt funded] public transport. Greyhound is not Public Transport

    And because you believe that everything you could ever want to see in Australia is all there waiting for you in Melbourne indicates that you could be suffering from “East Coast Syndrome” – where people mainly form Melbourne and Sydney have no problem criticising [places in] other states even though they’ve never actually been there because they daren’t venture any further west than the GPO.

    I admit there are some lovely places in Victoria but there is more to life than just the Great Ocean Road and the Dandenongs

  • Duck


    Are holden adding power outputs to the V6’s….do you know?

    And do u think holden will be worried about the FG?

  • Duck

    Andrew M, personally i think that the FG might have a bit over the commodre with exterior styling wise, because ford has had there advantage realesenig the FG nearly 2 years after the VE was released. But i reckon the VE still Has a good chance. Both cars have headed in both different directions with styling wise. The commy is more bold. While the falcon is still bold but with the new different kineteic design used. So its even.

  • BK

    Go to any Vline station and you can get so many destinations that buses and trains can go to. I bet you never been to a train station and asked for where trains and busses can take you all over aust. You can even book all you destinantions thru Vline and get yu self whatever luxurys you want on a train.
    Who would want to go to a small country town to see nothing. Went to adelaide by train 3 months ago and got all the luxurys they offered without me worrying about it all.
    Just got back from sydney and all I got to say to the motorist there is that you got the worst traffic in this coutry. Told my cousin if yu love it then its all yours. Geelong to easy to get around but Sydney is a joke. Even my cuz knows that geelong is better to get around and all you people gotta pay road tolls on your highways to. Now that shows that you motorists are gettin ripped of to drive on a road. How much more is the government taxing you motorist to invest more into there stockmarkets. Glad i dont own a car and work for the government like u motorists do.

    Go cats go thrashed the bombers by 99 points. Geelong football Club for AFL premiers 2008.
    hear from yu all soon

  • Bavarian Missile

    hahahahahahahahaha………….BK.You crack me up.

    I know for a fact Wheelnut/Brembo catches a Train daily now and did so also when residing in Sydney.

    I had a great time with him in the Subbie driving around ,why cause there are some places public transport wont take you and if they do your controlled by time restraints,who wants to live like that!I like the fact a car gives you freedom to do when and what you want………also some acts that are performed in a car shouldn’t be done whilst on a train. hahahaha………

    Tell me what happens when you child need urgent medical help? I know when my son thought he was a stunt man on his mountain bike 12 months ago I was so glad I had a car to take him to the Hospital not wait for a Taxi……he ended up requiring a knee reconstruction so he was in a hell of a lot of pain at the time and after……..

  • golfschwein

    BK, good luck with your favourite footy team, but your comments might otherwise belong on a public transport enthusiasts’ blog.

    Yes, we know we’re running out of petrol. Yes, we know cars cost a lot of money. And so on. Let us discuss them.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey babe want to do lunch during the week……….Hillary’s,my shout!

  • BK

    Bavarian Missle
    Now these guys can fly in a ambulance down the highway where yu subbie has to get out of there way. BMissle get out of the way or yu little subbie will be tin canned like all yu other motorist.
    I love it when theres so much public transport out there and we can travel at the speed limit. B Missle and wheelnuts do everything in the subbie together including bonking each other and golden showering each other .HAHHHAHAHA
    Who wants to travel at walkin pace on parramata road when we down in geelong travel at the speed limit. Traffic so slow in sydney where trains go faster than u sydney drivers. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH You motorist gotta pay for parking to and if you dont u get fined. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    hear from you soon ladies.

  • John

    You seem to have done your homework and seem to know and understand why you dont need to have a car. Location location location is the answer to it all. I know that when I lived in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne for a long time I always battled with the peak hour traffic from home to work all the time. I would spend about an hour each way just to get to work.
    I hated travelling like that and so me and my wife sold our home and moved to an area where everything was so much closer. At that time I had a car and my wife also. I decided like what you did was get rid of the car and use the train to get to work. Now we moved close to Werribee station and also the kids schools where around the corner from us and a major shopping centre was close by to.
    Just by doing all this life is so much easier for us, we have more money to spend in our family, less worries about cars and there problems and of course goin to work is so much easier.
    And also the price of petrol is going to be a big worry for all families to where like you have said its just like another interest rate rise when it goes up every month. There will be no answer to cheaper fuels because the governments will still tax it the same or even more. Look at the price of water its gone up because we are using less of it .

  • Wheelnut

    BK an Ambulance isn’t a form of Pubic transport its an emergency vehicle. If You’re going to go on about the Motor Car V Pubic Transport issue.. stick to it

    And if we were tin canned by an Ambulance.. so long as we were sttionery and there was no where to pull over safely.. it would still be the emergency vehicles fault for hitting us.. just as it is when a cop car hits aparked car during a high speed chase

  • BK

    If you think a ambulance aint a form of transport for the public then whos gonna take u away when u get wiped out by a semi trailer on Paramatta road. Your Subbi wouldnt have much of a chance against a train , bus, semi trailor.
    We just let u die in the gutter cause the public system isnt goin to help you. And also remember that when u do get wiped out by a train how u gonna pay for a ambulance ride. If you dont have the right health cover you can be up for thousands of dollars just for a short ride. So if you wanna still go on about motor vehicles vs the public transport system let the battle continue cause i got lots more to come. So wheel nut wat are u gonna do wen u r dieing at home. How are you goin to travel in yu car to a hospital losing lots of blood and unconsious.
    hear from you soon ladies.

  • BK

    Hey John
    I did a lot of homework on where it is good to live. I used to live in melbourne and moved to geelong cause its so much easier to get around here. I got a good paying job down here plus a lot of other over the top benefits for the city of greater geelong workin as CPA for the council. Its been good here for the last 7 years and i aint movin back to Melbourne.

  • Bret

    BK says “I bet you will never spend 80 cents a day on travel costs like I do”

    Where the heck do you get 40c bus fares each way? FOS!

    Melbourne bus fares are $5.50 full fare. Recently when we visited Melbourne I hired a car (cheap through work though) because it cast the family LESS THAN PUBLIC TRANSPORT and cabs to get around to where we needed to.

    And BTW, if you visited Adelaide and only used public transport, you missed the best of SA – The Barossa Valley (and NO they do NOT have ANY public transport, not even a train service to Adelaide, thanks to the useless Labor Govt.)

  • BK

    I spend 80 cents a day on train. Workin for the city council as a CPA I get a lot of benefits in my job. I travel all the way from Marshall station to Geelong Station and return so its only a 7 min ride each way.
    Come down to Geelong bret and see how much it is easier than living in Melbourne. Dont blame just the Labour government u gotta blame all of the federal and State governments. I wish i had FREE travel everywhere but our councils and governments got to make some bucks.

  • Wheelnut

    Yes an ambulance is a form of transport for the public but its not a [cost effective nor efficient] form of transport which the masses can use like City Rail Trains or State Transit Buses inorder to commute to or from work etc or visit various places.. I mean I don’t go to work in an Ambo or the Westpac Rescue Helicopter each day and I’m pretty sure you don’t either..

    I mean if you want to take it to the extreme an FA-18; Black Hawk; Collins Class Sub or an M-15 tank is a form of public transport as they are funded by the Govt who gets its revenue from taxing the general public.

  • Wheelnut

    You pretty much undermined your arguement by saying that it costs just a couple of bucks to travel from Geelong to the Lorne or to the City by bus..
    Whereas to travel the same distance so in an ambulance would cost thousands which is why more people use buses or trains than they do emergency vehicles.

    I mean you’d have to wait a bloody long time if you stood on the side of the road and tried to hail an Ambo

    The other thing is that in peak hour your bus is most likely going to be stuck in the same traffic jam as those in their cars are and you aren’t always guarenteed a seat on a train or bus.. whereas you are in a car
    Now could you imagine standing on a train from Lithgow or Newcastle to Sydney which is approx a 3.5 hour trip?

  • Bret

    OK, so now you admit that your cheap public transport is NOT actually available to every member of the PUBLIC. Standard fare is $3.60, why didn’t you just tell the whole story instead of trying to skew your argument, oh and BTW that RETURN trip in a gas-guzzling 6 cyl would cost LESS THAN $2 (in fuel).
    I’m not doubting that it works for you, but it doesn’t work for many many more.
    I live in the greater metro Adelaide, in a near country town. It is a lifestyle choice than I make to live somewhere extra special, rather than how I can get around without a car. Public transport to work would take me an hour, with the walking added, when I can drive in less than 25 mins.
    Besides – I LIKE TO DRIVE, I enjoy it, just like thousands of others. Maybe I wouldn’t if I lived in a place like Melbourne or Sydney.

  • BK

    You dont have to pay thousands of dollars in a ambo. All you have to do is get the correct health insurance and you can even get it throught the ambulance for like 70 bucks a year for a single person or cover the whole family for like 200 bucks. SO CHEAP. My cheap transport that i get is availaible to all the people that work in my department and everybody else that work in local and state councils. Theres thousands of these people all over the country
    I bet even unemployed people get very cheap transport to. I got it cheap like lots of other people.

  • No Name

    Hi BK – with yah mate with city travel. I a whinging Pohm, you know living up north in Blighty. We live 400k’s from London. Family of 4 on the train (cattle class) $150 return, travel for 4 on the underground for 4 days taking loads of hop on/offs total cost $70 over 3 days.
    Not good for the country though. Euro legislation now states that local bus drivers cannot do a single journey longer than 35 miles. So to get from Plymouth to Newquuay surf captial now takes 3.5 hrs with two bus changes. And you can’t take a surfboard.

  • Wheelnut

    Quote BK [31st March 1:11am] – Who wants to travel at walkin pace on parramata road when we down in geelong travel at the speed limit.

    Quote BK [31st March 5:36pm] – If you think a ambulance aint a form of transport for the public then whos gonna take u away when u get wiped out by a semi trailer on Paramatta road.

    Going by the above comments both made by you BK I wouldn’t be wiped oput by a truck on Parramatta Road because if the cars are travelling at “walking pace” then surely the trucks which are also travelling along Parramatta Road are also going at walking pace. are they not?

    I mean a Freightliner would be lucky to get out of 6th gear what with all the out of sync traffic lights there are plus it’s virtually always bumper to bumper from Strathfield to Broadway

  • BK

    what hapens to cars that are travelling in front of a semi trailor, behind a semi trailor and on the left hand side and right hand side of a semi. The cars around it are gonna either smash into the semi or the semi is gonna wipe out a car or 2 if nobody is being carefull on the roads.
    Now you know that a semi aint gonna brake as good as a car, it will never over take as quick as a car and of course will never see every car. If u ever travelled behind a semi theres usually a sticker saying if you dont see my mirrors then i wont see you. What are u gonna do when a semi dont see you in its mirrors.
    I bet every time when you are near a semi goin down a highway or a main road you just wanna get away from it cause it is bigger and of course do some big damage to you. A semi trailor weighing 20 tonnee and evenmore doesnt need to do much speed to wipe out a car. Cars made these days can easily get totalled especially with 20 tonness all over it.
    You just have to see it on the news how semi drivers ram cars of the road either cause of stupid motorists tryin to get around em the impossible way or the driver in the semi dont see them and has no time to stop.

    Even at train crossing stupid motorist get killed cause they try and go through it when the lights are flashing and sirens goin of. So how do u stop a train travelling at 100km/h on its daily route in a matter of seconds. Its impossible so the motorist and even the pedestrians have to give way but some dont and die.
    And when people get into car accidents ambos come to the rescue .what will we do without ambos in this world. Every country has its own ambo service and i think u should be happy that we got some to. Remember the ambo service is for everybody.

  • BK

    wheelnut quote from above:
    Going by the above comments both made by you BK I wouldn’t be wiped oput by a truck on Parramatta Road because if the cars are travelling at “walking pace” then surely the trucks which are also travelling along Parramatta Road are also going at walking pace. are they not?

    BK quote
    Well im sure if a car is goin at walkin pace then a truck could be goin at walkin pace to or even a bit quicker or slower than walking pace. Im sure the speed would vary quite a bit.

    wheelnut quote from above:
    I mean a Freightliner would be lucky to get out of 6th gear what with all the out of sync traffic lights there are plus it’s virtually always bumper to bumper from Strathfield to Broadway.

    I dont know what gear freightliners do between strathfield to broadway.

  • BK

    Sister just called me up to drive em to Melbourne Airport on saturday. They got cheap flights for 20 bucks to Brisbane. So cheap to fly so why drive ladies. I wonder wat it would cost to drive from geelong to Brisbane at $1.50 a litre

  • No Name

    though you didn’t have a car? Ah Ha caught you out. snigger snigger.

  • BK

    Drive her car.

  • BK

    HAHA caught you out to nigger

  • TP has NEVER backed up the 25% diesel claim

    Oooh thats a naughty word thats gonna get deleted. 😉

  • Bret

    Anti-spam DODGE, just like BK does when caught out.LOL

    Despite all his claims to contrary, the reallity is his claims cannot be extrapolated to other people, and he really is only being a internet billboard for Geelong and their public transport, just like TP and Dingo are billboars for Toyleta.

    And cheap $20 airfares, yeah great if you want a lucky dip for a short break away “somewhere”, ever actually tried to get a ticket for WHERE and WHEN you need it. Just does not happen.

    Anyone else find it a bit wierd how the city of Geelong let their staff travel virtually free on all public transport and play around on the internet ALL day instead of working? Who’s real and who’s telling porkies to who?

  • Wheelnut

    BK – you’re right about one thing..
    When I see a B-Double or a Semi I give them a lot of room not because I feel intimidated by them but I have a lot of respect for them as they – particularly interstate drivers; are often given ridiculous deadlines and I know what it takes / what they have to put up with.. mainly drivers who cut in front of them at the lights thereby halving there braking distance etc. And….
    Without Truckies Australia Stops

  • Wheelnut

    Duck there are a number of rumours/reports going around that Holden will increase the power of the V6 yet it’s not quite clear if it will be via direct injection; twin turbo or just a couple of changes to the intake/exhaust.. depending upon which method they opt for could result in between 200-220Kw

  • TP

    The 25% Diesel issue was backed up… open your eyes up and find it.

  • BK

    I can see that u never looked up jestar when they have there cheap flights. I even get emails when Jestar and other airlines have baragin flights. Maybe you should subsrcibe to them and it costs nothing to do. My sister got a bargain for 20 dollars from melbourne to Brisbane and return. People like you miss out cause you prefer to drive from Melbourne to Brisbane.
    I love workin as a CPA for the City of greater geelong. I manage the budget down here for the local council plus I engage in the taxation department for the ATO here in Geelong. I can also tell that your employment doesnt allow you to have benefits like I do. Did you know that you are also paying for john Howards unlimited business class trips all over the world. People workin in the governemnt sector are all allocated free to very low transport cost all over australia. Keep on crying about your internet to maybe I do get a better deal also on that than what u get.
    Hear from you soon.

  • Bret

    Yep already subscribe to jetstar (and others) – thats why I know that you just can’t get $20 flights to where you want to go ,when you want to got there. But hey there great for short breaks to somewhere if you can be flexible with times and destinations. Why would I drive Melb – Bris when I live in Adelaide? I fly to Bris, hire a car & drive to the Gold coast, cause flights are cheaper and more convenient times. What a pity you would miss out on the convenience and cheaper fares cuase of public transport limitations.

    Ahem, yes I work in Govt. No I don’t get access to cheap public transport.
    And no, no complaints about internet access, much faster than high speed broadband and very cheap (thats cause your taxes are paying for it). And yep tea-break nearly over.

  • Andrew M

    you have never called an ambulance before have you?

    unless it is a life or death phone call, expect to wait a very long time.
    i had to call one for my neighbour (who doesnt have a car) a while ago and their poor 10yr old boy had to sit on their front porch and wait for 3 hours in pain with a biro stuck right through his foot.
    apparently he jumped on the lounge whilst the pen was wedged between the cushion. it was in the middle of his foot and sticking through the other side about 20mm

    even if you are lucky and dont have to wait, how do you get to the hospital to see the injured party?
    they surely dont let you pile the kids and mrs in the back too.
    or how are you meant to drop the kids at G’mas place whilst you are seeing to whoever it is receiving treatment?

  • Harry

    LS3 is out in showrooms already. I drove one today.
    I was also told VF wont be on sale until next year after June. I meet this guy 3-4 years ago at holden who works in the HSV dealers now. He’s always been good with information and he said it’s more facelift then anything else.
    Truth is holden thinks they have a good enough car and just need to update looks to keep it fresh.. Ad some extras here and there change some colours in and out, Maybe do some minor adjustments to suspension set-up’s like VYII Calais FE 1.5. And that’s really it.

    And with the HSV Torque comes in a touch later, But with the extra power it burst off the mark better and rips a touch harder 4000rpm plus. It seems to have much better mid range power top end power. But I’m sure it’s not the same Torque as the LS2 that’s Bull.

    And also the CGI i don’t think i like that front at all.

  • Duck

    Harry, by the way how was the LS3 better than the LS2 or what, or virtually the same? You did not tell us.

    In what car? Clubsport, GTS?

  • harry

    You would swear it’s the same motor @ speed limits, Until you press it hard, It seems to rev harder and more willingly above 4000rpm to redline got a little crips note in higher RPM, No doubt the torque feels about the same hard to tell..
    But It feels like it’s being held back by restrictions still which leads me to believe it’s going to be a better motor when allowed to show it’s true colours.

    It doesn’t to me pull like the 6lt Commodores out of the blocks but it gets in motion and unwinds fast..
    The Gen3 was a flat bitch from take off in 1st gear, This isn’t.
    But like all LS motors it has that funny firing order that can make it sound funny at times, But it kind of has that McLaren supercar chopper sound going hard. Might be that firing order.

  • harry

    Sorry mist that last bit, GTS.. Mate works out of HSV 3 times a week and as long as I’m thinking of buying one we can drive as many as we want.
    Other then motor it is completely the same car with only maybe colour changes.
    In some ways it’s maybe almost trying to keep you guessing was there a change?. Plant the foot and you will just notice.
    Ad exhaust and a few other mods are you will get more out of it easier then the Ls2 forsure.

  • superfast

    Toyota’s sales growing means it’s a great car. What a joke.

    Toyota sales are manly made by the Australia’s Asian population

    Asian driver generally like ugly, uninspiring, boring, cars. (Just look at some of the crap that comes out of Japan or Korea)

    They love car’s that drive as good as they do. Car’s designed cheaply and made to full apart in a few years.

    When i see a Toyota of one of those Korean or Japanese car’s on the road it reminds me of the Third World. Please bring those great Chinese made cars here soon.Hahaha

    That’s why you’ll always see more old Holden’s and Ford’s on the road than other Brand’s Why? Because they last longer and are made tougher.

  • superfast

    Toyota’s sales growing mean it’s a great car. What a joke.

    Toyota sales are manly made by the Australia’s Asian population

    Asian driver generally like ugly, uninspiring, boring, cars. (Just look at some of the crap that comes out of Japan or Korea)

    They love car’s that drive as good as they do. Car’s designed cheaply and made to fall apart in a few years.

    When i see a Toyota or one of those Korean or Japanese car’s on the road it reminds me of the Third World. Please bring those great Chinese made cars here soon.Hahaha

    That’s why you’ll always see more old Holden’s and Ford’s on the road than other Brand’s Why? Because they last longer and are made tougher.

  • TP

    Superfast… your an idiot (no polite way to put it). Toyota is has DOUBLE the market share then second place Holden, you dont get that from Asian sales alone.

  • superfast

    Haha TP That’s because they include the crappy trucks too in the sales figures GM Holden doesn’t include GM Izusu in the sales figures.

    Look at most of the people who drives these Toyota pieces of rubbish. Next time you are in traffic look at the driver of most Camry/Aurion i’m sure 90 times out of 100 they’re your average Chinese resturant owner

    Steering that feels dead and lifeless, handling like a sponge around corners.

    Please tell me what Toyota car is better than a Commodore?

    The crappy front drive Camry/Aurion. What a joke i’m laughing you goose. No way

    Even BMW know’s that you can’t make a front wheel drive car that drives and handles better than rear wheel model.

    I’ve driven most the new model cars (except the new Falcon) at my work, as we have various company cars here.

    And it does not feel as nice behind the wheel of a Toyota as a Commodore.

    Wake up.

    Have you driven the VE?

    Quess not.

  • jbot

    Superfast, in Oz, Hilux sales aren’t counted by Toyota in their “car sales” as they are “commercials”. So unless you are talking about worldwide, you are incorrect.

  • Falcom

    This what I think is needed for VF:

    SV6/Calais/V to get Direct Injection V6 (approx 225kw/370nm) & 6 Speed Auto (This engine is a must)
    V6 models still to Harsh under acceleration. (NVH improvements required).
    Reverse sensors standard on all models (except Omega).
    Front Sensors to be available as at least an option on all models.
    Front end to get a more Aggressive/Modern treatment (new lights, grill/front bar)(especially SV6/SS/V).
    Rear taillights to be of a similar design to Coupe 60.
    Steering Wheel to be of a new design. (More sporty) (Looks too much like a Mitsubishi wheel).
    Cruise control to be on Steering Wheel.
    A model to compete with XR6T (SV6TT: Twin turbo HFV6)
    V8 Models to get DOD and approx 290KW.
    Keyless Entry.
    Keyless Ignition.(Push button ignition is more of a gimmick but gives the car a more sporty feel)
    Weight reduction (If it can be done economically).
    With fuel prices continually rising V6 models to sacrifice a bit of power /acceleration for economy. (With the upgraded engines it will still have more power than outgoing VE)
    Ford have stated that their new V6 in 2010 will have significantly better fuel economy than current engine.Ford already has an advantage with economy as VF will eventually compete with FGII, Holden must improve economy significantly. (Will have to be under 10l/100km to compete).
    Ford interior now a step above Commodore. (At least upgrade materials and maybe centre console design)(Get rid of the cheap looking red led display in centre console) (Large LCD displays are becoming the norm).
    Large LCD display screen in dash to be standard across range (Monochrome display on low models & Colour on
    Higher end Models with the ability to be able to option Colour Screen on models with monochrome displays)
    SV6/SS/V to be lowered slightly. (Approx 15mm).
    Quality control still an issue (Noisy suspension, squeaks in dash, recalls, etc)(improved quality control).
    5 year warranty. (This would give perception immediately that quality has improved) (Or maybe a small fee ($200 at time of purchase) to upgrade from 3 year to 5 year warranty.
    Fixed price services for the life of the warranty. (My dealer has ripped me off more than once)
    More Colour choices.
    To be able to have more wheel choices as a no cost option. (eg:to have 3 or 4 different 18-inch wheels available for SV6/SS as a no cost option or be able to upgrade to 19 inch for reasonable price)(Upgrade price at the moment is ridiculous)(This will help clients individualise their cars more)

  • Slick

    Dude please..
    Keyless entry ha been standard since VP lol..

    And no Commodore will ever run a cruise on the steering wheel it isn’t anything special anyway, But if you did change it too the steering wheel, You will loose trip computer control and audio control one or the other..

    Holdens current cruise is a one single press in gauge system, As opposed to Fords 2 press stage cruise which needs to be switched on first too work.

    6.5″ is a good size for LCD screens, 7″ is about as big as you can get..
    I’m going for 7″ in dash in my Berlina soon, I don’t have issues with a 6.5″..
    But all high end models come with colour screens baring the Berlina.

    Quality control has been much better this year then in the past, The recalls were nothing to be worried about more precaution then issues but every new car has them.

    Holden was considering a keyless start but voice control, They said it was to expensive at this time so it never made it..

    But look out in the rear world a V6 Calais with 5 speed is fantastic, Not harsh and noisy and good on fuel..
    I still have praise today for the V6 Calais i hired and returned 8.8l/100 over 1,300km.. I gave it hell it didn’t falter.

    And the rest your pretty much close to the ball there.

    I just seen a hazy looking VF.. Similar to the Coupe60 front but not identical no black parts and it’s got fog lights, Looks more factory ready then mock up for concept.
    Slight curve in the headlights on the guards.
    Grill looks same size but badge looks slightly smaller.
    Apparently words can’t explain the aggression on the front.. It now blends more into the flared guards.
    It might also have indicators on the mirrors. Which was on test cars of the VE but removed at the final stages.

  • Duck

    Please Falcom dude, the Commodore does not need some things like wheel mounted cruise control like the falcon, it does not have to turn into a Ford you know! But some things you said are right and wrong. Like keyless entry you mentioned which has been standerd for a while now.

  • Andrew M

    my two bob,

    i would rather the wheel mounted cruise control anyday.

    why would holden have to lose radio controls?
    ford still gets many radio controls, some computer trip settings and a hands free phone button all whilst having the cruise control buttons at the left hand finger tips

  • TP

    Superfast Toyota leads sales in many individual categories, not just overall, so you truck BS is just that…BS. As also highlighte the Hilux is hardly an Asian-mobile, yet its world renowned. Wake Up.

  • Duck

    TP, I’d have to agree. The Hilux is a great Ute and will be found on work sites everywhere!

  • Andrew M

    i disagree.
    the hilux is “perceived” to be found on many building sites, but it is actually the falcon ute that you will find more of on building sites

  • Stranger

    I havent seen a falcon ute on a work site for like…… a year atleast, my boss has a falcon RTV and he takes his nivara to the sites… I read up the top a guy listing the faults and callbacks to the VE… Maybe we should list hte callbacks and faults found on the AU-BF chassis that hasnt changed on the FG… and maybe the I6 engine that hasnt changed since the EL. heck ill list my biggest one that ive experienced in some falcons ive track driven…

    My cousins BF mk2 F6: Brake issue at high speed stops/loss of brakes at high temperatures. (he also had this issue in his BA XR8)

    My sister in laws AU TE50: continuing electronic issues from purchase in 2000 and continuing powersteering failures.

    My dads brand new FG XR6T: blown head gasket, failed crank angle sensors and a failed compression timer for the turbo.

    My brothers BF FPV GT-P ‘302’: car does not start if the engine is wet. This includes driving it in the rain – dont stop at traffic lights.

    He also mentioned oil leaks in the new comodores, ive never seen this and ive now owned 4 and still have 2 of them (Omega, SV6, SSV and GTS LS3)…

    My issues with my VE’s and the only ones,

    Omega; nothing, just dispised the 4 speed auto and fell inlove with a SV6 (no longer own it)

    SV6; airconditioner is weak, heater is too strong…

    SSV; after tunign the vehicle and supercharging, the A6 gearbox gave out and the car was sold. also didnt like the heater/air con.

    GTS LS3; tuned, supercharged and cammed… having absolutely no issues wiht the car.

    My general VE problems that i have experienced would be, using too much water in the winscreen squirters, excess engine noise and the hand brake (though i read it was purpose designed like this so people didnt drive off with the hand brake on.)

  • scotty

    several changes to the VE need to be revised and quick, especially the steering wheel,(its way too damn big) the A pillars are to fat and get in the way of frontal vision, the seats in omega are too hard and the green illumination is outdated reminds me of the old VL. oh and what about a 40/60 split fold rear seat?? and flip keys on all models, thats my wish list!!

  • David

    6 speed auto in everything from Belina up (5sp auto on Omega)

    VM Motori 3.0l V6 diesel with 176Kw and 530Nm
    HFV6 Direct Injection with 212Kw and 360Nm.

  • Slick

    Scotty, Even the New FG has illuminated green dash lights now. Thats on the G series.

    I don’t know why you believe the steering is large, Drive a bloody VN and then you will see a large steering, IF that doesn’t move you, Try a VQ Statesman.

    A pillars will not change next model change, It’s nothing that can be easily changed, Only reason there thick, Is because Former Holden boss, Runt Mooney robbed them 300 million on the budget, So many things went to as best as we can do for the price, hense A Pillar, Strength is rivaled by none, Size is rivaled by a few.
    And you will never see a 40/60 split seat, Holden has never needed one, They have utes and wagons to offer if you need to fit long wide loads.

  • Slick

    Andrew M..

    Why does Holden need a Cruise on the steering wheel, It’s a finger away from working?, No need to move the whole hand off the wheel?.

    Holden has just about everything on the steering, Blue Tooth, CD Radio Volume, Then full trip use.. It would over clutter an already perfectly good working system. Something would need to go.

    If anyone has issues with a Holden Cruise, Must also have issues with indicators.

    Was that a typo left hand finger tip lol.

  • Andrew M

    its just my preference.
    i find it easier to operate when you dont even have to take that “left hand finger tip” off the wheel.
    the stick style holden still use just seems like the aftermarket job to me. thats all

    your comments may seem fair if you actually knew what you were talking about.
    the current I6 is nothing like the current EL I6,

    and also what problem is there with the AU-FG chassis. what could possibly go wrong with the chassis.

    also, if you havent seen a falcon ute on a construction site for like a year, than you havent obviously been on one for like a year.
    i am around them all day every day and see plenty of them

  • Slick

    That’s fair enough everyone has there preference.

    But it couldn’t be harder then opening up windows or indicating could it?.

  • yamum

    They should definitley have better plastics used in the interiors and get rid of the giant blind spot in the back of the car. Fix the tail-light design and make them look less plastic on the outside. the rear bumper on the VE is shocking, Although I like the front bumper on this CGI VF. I still hate the design of the lights and front grille.

    It’s more about the design than performance specs but the idea of having the same cylinder deactivation as U.S. models is a great idea.

    Also. Why don’t we have a Pontiac option ! if we want it to look like a Holden, Get the Commodore. If you want a Pontiac. get the G8 ! We have got Dodge and Chrysler selling in Australia, why not have our exported models avaliable aswell ????

    They also now selling Cadillac’s now in Australia. so why not have the alternative Commodore. the Pontiac G8.

  • Phil

    I think they should maybe get an OVERHEAD cam V8.. none of this pushrod sh*t. It’s 2008 not 1958 for crying out loud. While the rest of the world has been moving ahead Holden have been lagging behind with their ‘performance’ range engines. At least Ford went quad cam with their V8s.. why not Holden?

  • Jon H

    I think that Holden need to go back to basics in order to make the VF a better car. I own a VY Commodre and 1975 HJ kingswood which I have to say is the best thing since sliced bread! Before everyone starts on me about this there are quite a few reasons for it.

    Build Quality: The car is 33 years old and is still in terrific condition. There is rust, but it is minimal considering the age.

    Engine Quality: The car is still on the original engine which has been on and off LPG over the years. Keep with the pushrod design as it gives a lower engine profile which allows for better handling. There is more to life than just overhead cams. There is still plenty of potential out of a pushrod engine as Holden now have the fastest ever Australian Production Car the HSV W427 which is a pushrod engine!

    Overall back in those days things were much more simple in the way the car was put together and it allowed Holden to focus on the quality of the vehicle. With all of the electrics in modern cars it really does make for a nightmare when working on them. I certainly agree with the Plastic Interiors that are “popping” up in modern cars. They are cold and ugly, they have no sence of warmth or feel. What was wrong with having a proper interior?? Is it simply too expensive to have anything other than crap plastic?? I feel more safe driving the proven HJ than I would in a new car. Holden I believe are on the mark when keeping petrol engines, there is so much coming with the introduction of ethanol fuels. Diesel may be more efficent however it would smother the entire feel of a Commodore.

  • Max

    Hey Guys,

    First thing’s first,

    Jon H i totaly agree with.

    Commodores just arnt commodores these day’s, And sadly its true. It all started with the introduction of the all new VT Commodore Back in 1997, Holden moved on to a more “Euro Look” wich was loosly based on an Opel concept wich A vast majority of Holden enthusiests believe that the orgiginality of The Commodore went down from there. Yes, The VT, VX, VY and VZ were fantastic commodores and they did there thing in there time quite well. But Thre’s just no sense of “Originality” so to speak. Holden was with out a doubt in there PRIME from 1984 with the reliese of the VK commodore through to 1995 with the VS Commodore Lineup.

    Ok, so the VT Commodore won Wheels Car Of The Year back in 1997. But so did VN back in 1988 and VR in the space of 5 years in 1993. Cars were cars back then, they were in a sense “simple” with the re-assurance that if something was to go wrong, the technology was always there to lend out a hand.

    And now on to the VE Commodore, Yes I LUV the New VE Commodore, but theres jst not as much “originality” anymore. For instance, the plastics look cheap and door trims and map pocket backing scuff easily, no compare that to the once used from VT though to the VZ and then compare them to the once used in VN to VS or go even further than that From the Revolutionary VB commodore of 1978 to the STILL one most admired commodores to date the VL of 1986.

    Thre’s just no more “soul” or “originality” to the Commodore’s of today.

    They just don’t make them how they used to anymore.
    And dont forget, The commodore is more than just a Car, Its an ICON.

    There’s nothing quite like a Holden.

  • David

    Max, you must be crazy.

    The VE is so much better than ANY Commodore before it. Everything from the design, engineering, construction, performance, comfort, safety, etc, etc…

  • ben

    it needs a starter button like the falcon and 10in wide wheels on hsv models and the same engine as the w427 in the gts and bmw’s 7 speed auto

  • Brayden E

    Hey guys…
    i own a genuine One owner Lx slr 5000 and i bought a brand new Vz sv6 in 2004,I have had not a problem with any of the cars scince i bought them…I havent heard any squeeks or rattles even tho i have done 175,000 km in the sv6 and 200,000km in the slr 5000 and i have had not a problem so i dont no what everyone i sooking about maybe its the driver?!!!…
    They need to Tuffin up!… go drive around in a old falcon or commodore and then see how you like the Ve’s and Fg falcons…


    Of the Falcon and Commodore, which has the better glovebox?

    ie Size, opening, construction, dimensions, cooling, lighting etc etc




  • Matt

    The VE Commodore is a nice car in terms of everything, why stop it next year to make this piece of ugly crap. DONT DO IT HOLDEN UGLY CARS IS WHAT FORD AUSTRALIA AND TOYOTA ARE HERE FOR!

  • marco

    Would consider upgrading the sound system to a higher quality sound (speakers?) Mine in my sv6 sounds like me singing in the shower with soap in the mouth at the moment! :O

  • marco

    and sorry if i sound a little old fashion, but kick out the push start buttons – i like the key in ignition and crank start style then any other.

    And make flip key standard on all models – yehhhhhhh

  • Cayle

    it has got to be one of the ugliest holdens i have ever seen. holden is meant to make good cars and not ugly ones. put it next to the new fg falcon and look how ugly the thing is. the head lights look weird the body shape is all wrong the front bumper looks like its from a mitsubishi evo x the car is a piece of crap thats all i can say

  • Wheelnut

    Cayle its not really an actual Holden ints not the VF read the heading again its a computer gnerated inmage of waht some computer geek thinks the VF could look like using an image taken from the Billion Dollar Baby D-V-D of a [Ignition] VE SS doing high speed testing on the bowl at Lang Lang then adding a combination of panels etc from existing Holdens:

    The Front Bumper is off of the [Awesome] Coupe 60 Concept
    The Front 1/4 panels are off of the HSV 427 [or Senator] and the headlights appear to be off of the WM Statesmsan

    My mates at the Holden Factory tell me that the VF isn’t due to be released for at least another 3-6 months

  • WM

    theyre actually not selling cadillacs in australia (yet)

  • WM

    stupid really theyve been delaying it for ages

  • JDM

    IMO, I cant really comment openly… I owned a Omega and updated to a VE SSV and then to a GTS…. Omega is great for a basic poverty pack car… its cheap, has all the good shit (unlike fg-falcon … manual windows ftl – the rear only i believe, and paying extra for ESP)… also a great car to learn to drive in – as my daughters say… SSV, is an awesome machine aswell, IMO, LS3 standard accross the holden range and a turbo SV6 is a nececity as the LS3 is more economic then the L98/LS2 6L… Triptronic auto on the omega is also a must have, holdens base package suffers from the old 750T 4speed.

    HSV… I have actually heard theyre making a Clubsport R6, twin turbo V6 with 343kw… I have also heard theyre working on LS9’s in the next range of beasts… which will be by no means exciting…

    As for the body, I dont think they will change too much, thinking VT1-VT2 now days they go by MY06-07-08-09 so i think it would be safer to say … VT-VX….. not much body changes… just a general update to make it look different. but perhaps a whole new power train?

    As for diesel, commodore and falcon arent meant to be diesel… theyre sposed to be the common car that people buy… if you want economic diesels you buy a captiva or a small car, ever heard a diesel with a sports exhaust? sounds horrible… nobody will buy them for that reason – cant modify them as much. IMO, ford should bring out a diesel territory and holden should be focusing on the Omegas gearbox… otherwise… I love the VE and itll be hard for holden to make it worse… well itll be easy if htey make it look like the horrible CGI from the OP.

  • steven

    holden needs interior technology. outside like suspension, performance is ok. (complicated Bmw’s make you believe its more speacial by confusing everyone with stupid money wasting technology)simple is best.. steering wheel moves car turns Woow…but on the inside it needs to look like they botherd. no school uniform plactic grey interior. if it looks chrome metal it should be metal not plastic. steering needs more weight not a numb feeling. rear suspension is to lite and bounce and worse with less fuel. and i know theres a coupe version of the ve why not when you got it all figure out have a motorized folding roof for those in the gold coast.


    Please for the love of god, focus on the interior with the VF, look at the FG the interior just looks a million bucks next to the VE and top of the list for me, move the driver window controls to the driver door it looks ridiculous on the middle console and its a major problem for people with fiddly kids and also a kick in the teeth for people who just want total control other than these little issues i think that the VE commodore is a beautiful car

  • ben

    if thats what they r going to look like holden is in some shit

  • Deco

    People say the FG’s interior is awesome, but seriously, have you seen the steering wheel. Makes me puke just looking at it….

    Only a couple of months to go =].

  • King of the Mountain

    I think holden needs to get rid of the hidious black roof and the un ergenomic handbrake!!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au RedLion

    1. Get a diesel engine.

    2. Go AWD on all models (including Statesman/Caprice). Apparently the VE chassis has been engineered from day one to accept AWD, unlike the VT-Y series.

    3. Improved build quality.

    4. Improved interior design.

    5. Alloy panels (OK, now I’m really pushing it :)).

    6. Reintroduce the Adventra/Avalanche models.

    7. Maybe look at spinning off an MPV version from either the standard Commodore or larger Statesman chassis? Judging by the number of minivans/MPVs on sale now, there’s obviously a market Holden can tap into.

  • Filmore

    VE exterior looks about right.
    Interior needs a bit of work. I have a SV6 with Black interior. Its a bit dark. A light grey roof lining would be better. Not sure about the Red back lighting on the dash?
    I don’t like the Hand Brake. My VS & previously VL had a lovely hand brake lever.
    Holden need to adapt the Toyota style engine start button and get rid of the anoying key lock on the steering column.
    The seat belt chime rings when the engine is started before the seat belt is done up. I find this anoying.
    It would be nice if Holden provided a wiring diagram. I have some accessories I would like to install.

  • Marinus B.

    I have a VT II S 5 speed on duel fuel and find very little difference in performance. Gas uses more fuel and is slightly harsh compared to premium petrol but costs about half what petrol costs for a given distance. On the freeway I get about 11 km for each liter petrol and 9.5 on gas. I recently left Sydney and drove until the gas ran out and put in 71 liters after traveling 604 km. It cost $31.40.

  • Sean

    I drive a toyota 4wd with a diesel engine with automatic transmission ive have never had a problem with it and i have driven frount wheel drive cars as well and some of them drive like a rear wheel drive with 4 cylinders the v6 versions drive just as well but when you put the foot down for it to rev out to 4500rpm to 5200 rpm you do get a little bit of stearing taque and it wasn’t a problem and i was with somone driving a ford laser frount wheel drive with a 1600 cc engine with a manaul gearbox and he went down the gears and he steared the car to the right with the stearing taque without the hands on the wheel

  • http://2010holdenvfss luke

    I love to see the new vf ss I would not buy the ve because it starting to look old a little bit old when the vf comes im going buy it

  • Andrew

    I hope they re-design the rear lights. I don’t like the VE design. Other than that, maybe Holden would like to look at the FG and maybe do a rethink? They’re getting pretty samey in my eyes.

  • matt

    Ive seen the vf commodore and the pic above looks nothin like it

    • Shak

      how could you have, its still almost a year away.

  • Jojo

    Need a new cluch system in the v8 to prevent it from sticking in when your up it also stop the ac belt from throwing it’s self off it’s good on a hot day and you walk to your car worth over 50000 with no ac. Other than that it’s an awesome car

  • Anthony

    What I would like to see is intergrated sat nav avaliable accross the range and DVD screens in the back head rests

  • Marty

    would like to see comfort access system with a start button like they have in the current euro cars like bmw and mercedes etc… Also DRL like on the HSV E2 and LED Tail Lamps… Can’t wait to find out more and see news release pictures

  • John

    They really must do something about the Sat Nav.

    It was inferior to the Toyota version when the VE was first released, and now even more so.

    Needs to be touch screen and mounted higher up.



  • nick

    i would like to see a pust start button coz the key is getting to old. and better on fuel then the VE

    • Deco

      Push button? No thanks.

  • James B

    A TATA motors badge!

  • mitch reid

    hmmm…..(turbo)??? with standard bov…for bit of performance and maybe bring it out in hdt range as it would be more popular…..,,,,gold trimming for (class) and luxury accessories….???? $$$$$$$ hmmmmmm now lets just see what holden has for us because they havent let uss down yet..:)

  • mitch reid

    they should make a reproduction of the 1989 vn as it was an immaculate design, great perfomance and was really smooth…..holden lovers would pounce on it

  • Toxic_Horse

    the VN was great for burnouts. It was the live axel diff. Bring it back !

  • http://www.netcarshow.com Luke N

    I reckon they should put the rear seats from the Coupe 60 concept they were algud!

  • Pauly

    I want an LS9 in my next Holden Ute…. So do it, Holden

  • matthew

    everyone should just stop complaining about the commodore they give you a great car for the money you pay.. if you want perfection go buy a mercedes. all i see is they need this they need that dont get one then if you dont like what you get!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/junior.montalvo Junior Montalvo

    i think hey should make all HSV models into COUPE versions, cause coupes are alot friken sexier, and also, that way you can tell more if its a HSV to a non genuine one,

    look at the monaro, and the coupe60 hot machines both coupe they are sexy think they should continue making COUPE versions and sell them on the market

  • http://caradvice Andrew

    I hope we get some facts when holden are going to release the next model, the WM VE from 06 will need an upgrade soon above the computer, and greeny stuff that make modes hard. I recall the VX1 had a ton of extra nm by way of M90 eaton supercharger total upgrade cost $1000. And I guess the old Turbo 6 holden sold was very popular so lets start seeing more power options. great cars but why no details of whats in the pipeline. The old stock always sells, maybe its the costs of holding unsold cars?
    I had a look at the top Ford cars last week great cars, I’ll stick with Holden but the Supercharged V8 will cost Holden for sure if they can’t match it soooooon not soon in 2013.

  • Alistair

    6.2 litre petrol twin turbo (M5 / AMG killer)

    3.0 litre turbo diesel (keep it relevant in todays fuel costs)

  • xr6 turbo

    Holden needs a turbo v6 model

  • jim

    smaller, lighter more powerful cars (including hsv’s) and as many others have said, a turbo v6 (sv6) to compete with the xr6t.

    look at some porsches 360kw from a 3.8L f6 motor