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Czech car manufacturer Skoda is selling as many cars as it can make. March 2011 was the company’s best month ever, selling a grand total of 85,000 vehicles worldwide. That’s almost 10,000 up on the same month last year, and things couldn’t be better for the Volkswagen owned brand.

Total sales for the first quarter this year were 217,000 units, with much of that growth coming from the fast emerging markets of India, Russia and Belgium.

Even in the UK, they notched up 6421 cars over March, which is just 300 less than in 2010 that had the added benefit of extra sales due to the successful scrappage scheme.

In the Czech republic and home market Skoda increased its market share to 30.6 percent, with 5000 cars sold. The best seller was by far and away the Octavia Estate.

Eastern European sales are also strong with Hungary up by 10.8 percent, Slovenia 22.1 percent, and the Ukraine a missive 54 percent.

Western Europe faired even better with 41,000 cars sold in March, or an increase of 8.8 percent over last year. Belgium showed promise, as did Switzerland and the Netherlands where sales grew a whopping 133.1 percent.

In China, sales topped 19,500 units, where the most popular models were the Octavia and Fabia.

The good news is even better for Skoda in Australia, which recorded a 100 percent growth during March.

The numbers per model were as follows:
Octavia (34,200), Fabia (27,300), Superb (11,700), Yeti (7,000), Roomster (3,700).

  • bruzzer

    Its like saying Daewoo sold a record number of cars in Korea. doesnt have much relevance here in Australia.
    If i was to buy a Skoda today yes i would feel confortable im driving car is well buit with VW components. But whats he point if nobody knows what a skoda is and the re-sale value is terrible.

    Here is a little exercise, ask a few of your work colleagues if they know what a skoda is…see how many out of ten know what a skoda is…
    maybe within a few years things will change…

    • andrew

      Check your history on skoda in aus, they have been here for a long time just not in the last few decades. Since they returned, a lot of people have waiting for them to import the correct product.
      P.S Daewoo do not exist anymore, the same as holden has not for many moony years

      • Qcar

        Holden haven’t existed for many many years…you read it here first folks!

      • topdog

        I thought most of all the new holdens were daewoo rebaged.so there still around one way or another

    • Dan

      The resale value is also terrible on Falcons and Commodores, and everybody knows what they are. I think your argument is irrelevant.

      • bruzzer

        first of all i wasnt talking about holdens or fords.
        and secondly i never said Skodas never been around in Australia..read my comments before putting words in mouth.
        my comments stand..re-sale on skodas suck and check your vfacts on skoda sales.

        my argument is relevant, try buy a skoda and see how much you get back or better yet..try advertising and see how many calls you get for enquiring on your car.

        it will take a decade before they get recognised and lots of advertising.

        • Dan

          It is irrelevant, you say the reason for bad resale is because it is not well known brand in Australia. On the flip side Falcon and Commodores are known by 100% of the population, yet their resale is just as shocking. I had two falcons in the past, trying to sell them for a good price was like selling ice to eskimos, didn’t get many calls at all, becasue there are always a million of them in the paper. Both times I just traded it in as I couldn’t be bothered, they were not selling.

          Your argument is a fail bruzzer!

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      Always a good idea to read the article before commenting.

      It also says that Australian sales were up by 100 percent.

      • bruzzer

        Anthony, i did read hence my comments.
        the skoda sales are up only because of heavy discounting.
        introduction of a 1.4l engine and more advetising this year than any year before.

        my uncle works in a skoda dealership and in no way shape or form am i discounting the quality, perfomance or looks of the car or brand.

        i just stated the facts from real life experience and i get flamed for it.

    • Golfschwein

      Resale is quite good. Check Redbook data and see for yourself.

      • bruzzer

        since when does redbook matter?
        its only a guide never bet your car is worth the money that redbook states.

        have you traded in anycare yet? did get what redbook stated?

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

          redbook is owned by carsales

          • R-Bone

            So how many cars did Skoda sell last month?

          • http://caradvice.com.au Anthony


        • Golfschwein

          Redbooks’s all we’ve got, just like fuel consumption figures. So…you can go by Redbook, or the half-baked hearsay that gets trotted out by experts (Golfschwein inserts little joke there) on here or at the pub.

      • marty

        just on resale and redbook, im sick of people referring to this redbook. try selling your car to redbook if you think its worth what they say…bet you they wont have a cheque book anywhere nearby to pay what they claim its worth.forget the redbook its not what the market determines your car to be worth.

        • Golfschwein

          Describe your better system.

        • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

          Actually, I sold my 1996 VW T4 Transporter for around 50% more than Redbook said it was worth. Also my 2003 VW Golf went for a little more than Redbook. I found the Redbook valuations a little on the low side.

  • Car Fanatic

    100% increase in Australia? For all you anti Skoda people on this site, Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Well done Skoda and keep silencing all your detractors.

    • Mikey_94

      So when are we getting the Fabia? That looks like a great car.

      • Able

        July this year along with the Yeti – it was announced last week.

  • Andrew

    100% increase doesn’t mean anything without numbers. Could have been 12 to 24. Lies, damn lies & statistics…

    I saw a Skoda ad on TV last night, only ad I’ve ever seen that mentioned another brand like it did VW. They’re making sure that EVERYONE knows about the link. Obviously the cars are good, but the general public don’t know that and that’s what the issue is for them.

  • aussieitalian

    Great photo accompanying article. Excellent value for money vehicles, and once my 3 years is up, I’ll be purchasing another Skoda – Hopefully a SCOUT.

  • Don Quay

    Anthony, how many cars did they actually sell in March? As others have said, 100% increase could mean they sold 2 rather than 1, so some numbers would give it context. I actually quite like the cars and I think the Superb is really rather aptly named.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      160 cars sold in March as opposed to 80 in the same period in 2010.

      I’ve test driven several Skoda vehicles over the last few years and always come away with the feeling that you’re getting Audi quality at half the price.

      It would be great to hear from owners that currently drive a Skoda and their long term experience with the cars.

      • ckskoda

        I have now had my Octavia TSI for 3 years and still find it an extremely enjoyable car to drive & own. The 1.8l turbo has the grunt to be fun off the line, without being flashy but still return great fuel economy for a car it’s size.
        My average fuel usage is 7.9l/100km & 2 thirds of that is in Sydney traffic.

        Who cares about depreciation when (like I) you hold on to a car for more than 5 years. At that stage every car seems to be worth $3,000 trade in!! Go Skoda.

    • Andrew of Newcastle

      My Octavia TDI DSG will be 3 years old in July and consistently gets 6.0 to 6.1 L/100km’s and has done 58,000km’s. Although my wife drives it 95% of the time, I still enjoy driving it every opportunity I get. Got out of a petrol PRADO Grande before that and would have the Skoda over the Prado anyday.

  • Car Fanatic

    Could have been12 to 24?

    What a ridiculous statement. If you bothered to read the automotive news, you’d know Skoda sold 160 new cars.

    • Don Quay

      I think it is quite reasonable to expect that the number of sales to be mentioned, without having to refer to other sources.

    • Captain Nemo

      Car Fanatic

      Don’t forget your beloved Skoda sponsored the Tour down under so take away the 60 or so cars they supplied and actual sales figures probably aren’t so impressive in AU.

      BTW i wonder how many cars broke down on the TDU my Octavia has been back to the stealership over 12 time with problems i would never own another VeeDub/Skoda product again.

      • War Rocket Ajax

        Your comment about how many cars broke down at the TDU has no basis. Do you know how many? Of course you don’t. You’re making that comment based upon your own experience (which looks like a bad one).

        Skoda have been supplying cars to a number of pro-cycling teams for quite a few years, and also to the Tour de France organisers. Relevence? Well, those cars do a lot of kms per year, over some rough conditions and generally get treated badly. If they broke down all the time, they’d be dropped quicker than Robbie McEwen on the first hill!

      • kris

        Captain Nemo, You are correct. I will run a mile from a VW/Skoda especially once out of warranty. the repair costs over its life will be more than the worth of the car (think of depreciation). I can understand mothering a BMW M3 or a AMG Merc as a weekend drive but not a bread and butter car like VW or Skoda. And do not get me started on the DSG gearboxes. Put in a lot of kays and whole thing starts to give way.
        Thats where we start to appreciate Japanese reliability. This is out of experience.

        • bangel

          Bit like crummers and falcoons , riddled with faults and bad reliability , but the unwashed masses still keep buying them , cause their aussie made by american owned companies .

          • Bent 8 Brigade

            And what masterpiece of automotive engineering do you drive bangel?

        • Golfschwein

          A friend of mine purchased a Daihatsu Pyzar for 3 grand six months ago and has had nothing but trouble with it. Oh sure, it ran all right for the first 4 months, but then came one thing after another. The repair bill since then almost equals the purchase price of the car! So much for Jap dependability.

          She will never again buy another Daihatsu Pyzar.

          • MF

            Firstly, that car your friend got is probably a lemon. Every brand has lemons.

            Secondly, what does your friend expect from a 3 grand car? A 3 grand second hand European car probably wont be any better if not worse!

            If you want a half decent second hand, at least have budget around 7-8K.

          • Golfschwein

            You’re absolutely right, MF. I was just taking the pith. I included every lame half truth, outright lie and hearsay quote borne of actual lack of experience of the marque, that I’ve ever read on these blogs, mixed it with a dose of my dear mother’s reasoning skills and clicked the ‘submit comment’ button, just to see what happened.

            It was simple mischief 😉

  • Mark

    well,he wasnt that far off

  • Zej

    Good, Skoda deserve to do well. They make fantastic cars at very reasonable prices.

    Badge snobs buy Audis. Badge snobs in denail buy Volkswagens. Those after a quality European car and value for money buy Skodas.

  • kris

    the power of marketing. VW is good at this and we Australians seem to fall for this. Gosh Skodas, give me a break! They are the Kias of Europe.

    • Tomas79

      I never seen a kia being compared to a c-class merc, and being told it’s better built and better residuel , like they did with skoda at uk’s fifth gear.

  • Car Fanatic

    Oh no, my TDI golf is outof warranty. I best sell it before it breaks down, even though none of my past VAG cars have broken down because Doomsayers like Kris have so much experience with VAG products.

    What do you drive Kris?

    • Golfschwein

      Lordy! Thanks for the tip. My Golf Tdi is now 6 years old and done 97,000 kms. Better get rid of it real soon!

      • sammi

        my Touareg’s done 115,000 k’s & often towing a caravan or 7 metre boat & my wifes golf 6 has 24000 km’s..never a problem with either, just scheduled maintenance.

    • kris

      All I am saying is if you own a newer VW/Skoda etc etc then be prepared for that shocker repair bill one day or the other. Look at JD power reliability indices and see where VW is!
      if its BMW or Merc, I can still live with it but at the end of the day its a VW (peoples car) and people here seem to think its some premium luxury brand!!

      BTW, I have a Lexus RX hybrid and a BMW X5 Tdi currently.

      • Ezzagun

        Kris, european JD Power survey results consistently place Skoda in the Top 5… VW is usually ranked somwhere around 12th, Audi closer to 19th!!! Not sure what that says about the relative build-quality of each of VW’s brands (the more you pay, the lower your satisfaction??), but there’s no doubt in my mind that Skoda is the one that pays most attention to ensuring it’s cars are the most satisfying to own within the VW group.

        BMW X5, nice, lucky you! Not sure why you can “live with” a Merc or Beamer but not understand why people pay for a VW over, say, a Toyota or Ford??? I wouldn’t call VW a “premium luxury brand” to start with (like Lexus or Audi) but I can certainly see, with interior quality and engine technology that they offer, why their cars command a premium over the likes of Toyota and Mitsubishi and Honda etc.

  • Lars

    These days when most of european cars come from Africa or Asia, VW BMW, it’s worth to mention that Skoda is made in Czech Republic. Comforting thought.

    • Tomas79

      Czech Republic is one of the oldest car manufacturing nations. 2nd oldest in europe after Germany.

    • MF

      So as long as a car is made in Europe, it automatically becomes superior over a car made somewhere else under the same brand name?

      • Tomas79

        No, who said that?

      • Lars

        what is better Honda made in Japan or in USA or Thailand. I would go for Japan. The same apply’s to European cars. BMW Germany or South Africa, a big difference…

      • Ima Hogg

        Nobody said that MF and anyway thats not true. There are a lot of cars in Europe that arn’t any good

  • Wally

    To Captain Nemo & Kris (or any others who have had trouble with a Skoda), could you please elaborate on the issues you have had with your cars? I am considering getting myself an Octavia wagon or Scout, and until now, despite extensive online research, have never come across any negative comments about recent Skoda models.

    • kris

      Hi Wally,
      Before you buy Skoda, check with the dealer about running costs and repair costs. Being “European” means higher running and repair costs. over the life of the car, you might spend a fortune. you may be ok with that. some of my friends are.
      thats a fact. that will not change. People at the end of the day want a reliable car with low running costs and thats why you see Toyota and Mazda doing well. I will spend a lot of time talking to people who actually live with these cars, not just drive reviews.

      • Phil

        European also means longer servicing intervals, usually minmum 12 up to over 24 months.

        Toyota’s servicing intervals are a maximum 6 months and they actually say to bring their cars in every 3 months if they do a lot of stop/start driving (in the owners manuals).

        My BMW has servicing intervals of 24 months, so of course, I would expect to pay more for a single service than a Toyota, which has to be serviced FOUR times during that perioud.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          Not all Toyotas have a maximum of 6 months between servicings Phil. Whilst it is only a marginallly better, the Aurion is every 9 months/15,000km. However as per the 6 month models they prefer you come in twice as often as that (4.5months/7,500 km) if you and I quote, “constantly put your Toyota through a punishing driving schedule under extreme conditions”. Still pretty interesting considering Ford and Holden for example have 12 month service intervals…

        • Blitzkrieg

          2 years between oil changes or roughly 40,000km,that can’t be good for any engine can it?

          • Devil’s Advocate

            BMWs usually work on 18-24 months or up to around 25,000km whichever comes first, but it also depends on how you drive. The more stop/start, short distance and/or high load driving you do etc, the shorter the interval. It is all determined by the car’s ECU and not a “rigid” schedule in a manual.

            Having said that, IMHO even 25,000km is still too long for the diesel models. However it wouldn’t be that difficult to drop the oil at the half way mark!

          • Phil

            Done no harm to my engine – a 1989 535i with 380,000kms. Engine shows no signs of wear at all and it doesn’t burn any oil at all.

            On the other hand, My parents old 1983 Toyota Tarago (now dead), despite far more frequent oil changes, started burning oil at around 200,000kms and just before it was retired at 300,000kms it was using about 1 Litre of oil per 1000km. I remember that with every tank of fuel (about 500km) we would stick 1/2 a litre of oil into the engine. Our Holden Jackaroo followed a similar life span but probably burned 1/2 the oil the Toyota did and lasted a bit longer past 300,000kms

  • Car Fanatic

    Golfy we will sell themes a pair, two for the price if one. I can’t believe we both bought an unreliable car.

    Shame on us.

  • Sam

    I’m no enthusiast, but i think Skoda should be appreciated for what they are. Well designed and solidly built entry level cars which, in my opinion, punch above their “sale value” weight. You get quite a good car for the money.

    Its a shame people feel the need to attack them. Is this because they represent much better value/quality for money than what the Australian built Ford and Holden cars do? Its seems this is taken in a threatening way by local fans.

    • Tomas79

      Too Right!

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      All you euro badge snob tryhards should probably go and drive a VE or FG before mouthing off about how second rate they supposedly are – according to you

      • Ezzagun

        Bent 8, I have nothing against the local offerings, but the reality is the standard of build (fit and finish) of a Falcon or Commodore, quality of their interior materials, and the engine/transmission technologies they use lag behind that of most European manufacturers.

        I have never owned a Falcon or Commodore, but we have had them in our fleet at work in the past and I\’ve driven the VE/FG variants as well as their predecessors, and well the best I can say about them is they do the job.

        I\’m coming up on 12 months ownership of my first european car (a Skoda as it turns out) so I\’m definitely not one of these \’euro badge snob tryhards\’ you refer to… I set out last year to buy the best car my $40k could buy for me and my young family, and after 6 months of research and test drives the Skoda was it, simple as that. Where it was made didn\’t come into it for me.

  • James

    Hopefully VW`s another partner SUZUKI can do better this year in OZ.

  • Jacob Martyn

    How much are Škoda parts in AUS compared to VW parts?

    I mean, do they share the same timing belts, air filters, etc?

  • Car Fanatic

    Jacob, they run the same motors and I wouldn’t be too fussed about prices of parts. Ohara Mazda 3 Maxx Sport and cracked the plastic screen covering the little sat Nav screen. Just to fix the plastic was $550, Mazda told me if I’d broken the sat Nav unit I would have been up for $7,500. I loved that Mazda but sold it shortly afterwards to avoid ( no matter how rare the event) having to shell out that much money.

    My Golf hasa Tom Tom and has only ever cost me regular servicing. Most I paid was 455 for 45,000 service. The first was 295, the second was 395. So over 45,000k’s my servicing was $1,145. I had the Mazda for just over 31,000 k’s

    The first service was 240, the second was 335 and the third was 420. Now by my calculations that’s only $995, had I kept if for the next service and I’ll be conservative and assume 420 for the 40k service, the spend on the Mazda after 45,000 kilometers would have been $1,415.

    That’s a few hundred more than my supposedly expensive European car. Don’t get me wrong, the Mazda was a great car, but don’t be sucked into believing VW servicing is expensive, cause a Mazda Diesel would have cost me more.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      That is a big thing that many people fail to realise with some of the Euros. Sure, a single servicing may cost more than something like a Mazda/Ford/Holden etc, but the thing is you don’t service them as often which “spreads out the hurt”. Some examples based off “Wheels Star cars 2010″. When it comes to servicing, the 1 and 3 series BMW range, including the turbo and diesel models, are actually cheaper to service when serviced as per the manufacturer’s schedule over 3 years/60,000km than a Falcon and Commodore and much cheaper than any Mazda, Subaru or a VW Golf/Passat. Even a BMW X5 was cheaper to service over that period than a Hyundai Santa Fe…

      I used to own a BMW 325i Coupe and over it’s life in my hands was much cheaper to service (at a BMW dealership mind you) in the long run compared to my current Mazda. Some, not all, spare parts prices however are another thing!!! 😉

    • Jacob Martyn

      Brilliant! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Golfschwein

      That’s been my experience. I know to put aside three hundred and something or four hundred and something for a service, although my diesel’s 60,000 was a biggie at six hundred-odd.

      With 100,000 kms approaching, my dealer alerted me to some suspension bushes and minor oil leaks that could be tackled next time around, and I seriously don’t begrudge the car those.

  • Car Fanatic

    You wont incur extra running costs. Like I said, Mazda was going to cost me $300 more in servicing to 45,000kays. I paid more for fuel per 100 kays in the Mazda and replaced the Tyres at 28,000. I got 40,000 out of the Golf, plus the Golfs 195 Tyres were cheaper than the Mazda 205’s. I also found the Golfs brake pads lasted almost 10,000 lays more unless Mazda were telling me porkies.

    Don’t let one persons bad experience change your mind. For all you know he could be one of these people who is incapable of looking after his car properly. His driving style may have affected the reliability. I know my sister has had 3 Subarus and no end of trouble. This begs the question of what is she doing wrong that otherSubaru owners aren’t for her to have so many problems?

    Go with the Skoda, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Car Fanatic

    And in regard to the JD Power survey, go one line and read the article from the Edmonton Journal from March 29 2010. Porsche topped the survey but alot of information was not collated for Porsche that was included in other makes and models. Perhaps most JD Power executives drive Porsches? Who knows but read the article, I for one will no longer trust them.

  • Lester

    Regular Maintains . Service and parts are very expensive for VW and Skoda , VW’s parts cost most likely to reach luxury cars level. Consider in most other market like Euro , China and USA , vw is nothing but a direct competor with GM an d Toyota, their price and service and parts are even cheaper than GM and Toyota in USA and china. The main reason is VW has bigese share in China and 80% are locally built , and VW has strong ambition to over sell GM and Toyota to become No1 interms of sale figures around world , and us market is key affect to do that, that’s why VW American car price are the lowest on planet and service and parts are actuarially below costs. And reintroducing outside euro of Skoda is just to make sure they can expand market shares , and another thing is VW now the biggest shareholder of Suzuki, they were beginning to share design and development since last year.
    The reason for VW car price is so high here in aus I have no idea why , on the one hand we have strong dollar value, on the other hand , we are one of the most competitive car maket in the world, VW should pricing their car in these high level, none of their car has real advantage comes to buying value/ maitains cost. If you compare Passt Aus and USA, China listing price , you will be saying WTH!! I agree Polo, Golf , Jetta, Passt,CC,Tiguan and Audi 4,6, they are all excellt car in their market: advanced engine and gear box, top material and built quality , good resale value. But Toyota and Mazda is also not far behind, and if consider the cost of purchasing and running, that’s why here In Australia only, toyota has 40% of market shares and VW is a smaller player and Skoda is
    even smaller . In USA and China , VW has very strong reputation and market recognition compare to Toyota’s recent massive recall in these two region. If they import Chinese built VW direct to Aus market like GM is doing using S korea, I will see a absolute maket changing here. But the thing is VW’s production expansion can’t even match chinese’ rapidly annual growth(20% at least every single year since 97 even during 2009 ‘s recession )
    If you in a market to buy a good none luxury
    car but have enough buget to spend , VW is your top choice, but Toyota is also needed to be considered before you hand your money to any dealer

    • kris

      Well summarized, Lester. VW is a Toyota competitor, same with Skoda. so they need to be priced in the same bracket which includes servicing and repair costs. Overall package Toyota, Honda, Subaru and probably Mazda (I have never owned one) win. The last thing I want is to buy an Euro econobox and then spend BMW/Merc money on maintaining it. People who do not realize this are kidding themselves. VW can not increase its market share in Australia unless it competes price wise with the Big T.

      • http://internode.on.net Old Pete


  • bangel

    My GTI service costs , $345 , one year/15k , had done 12k , subaru liberty 3.0RB one year/12k had done 11k $380 , funny that , no real difference .

    Before the scoobie a GTI ,two honda , prelude and accord , similar costs .

    Servicing costs is a myth , and apart from minor cosmetic problems with trim on the honda and the GTI under warranty no dramas mechanically , shift my cars at 3 to 4 years .

    Finish on the golf is superior to the liberty , the german interiors cream the asians , and thats where your eyes spend a lot of time .

    Have checked out the skoda , very impressive quality .

  • Car Fanatic

    Kris, how do you come by your conclusion that Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Probably Mazda are cheaper to repair and service than say VW or Skoda?

    I take it you looked this up on RACV website where they have extensive information on vehicle running costs?

    I looked at this RACV study and the column under service and repairs per kilometer shocked me.

    Being the owner of a VW Golf if I were to believe everything you say rather than my personal experience and RACV’s extensive research. I would have been shocked to learn that the VW Golf petrol and diesel has a per kilometer cost for service and repairs of 5.81 cent and 5.69 cents respectively. RACV found the Corolla, Civic, Impreza and Mazda 3 were 7.64, 6.13, 8.67 and 7.77 cent per kilometer respectively. So what RACV are saying is for service and repairs of a Golf over 5 years @ 15,000 per year you are up for $5,229 in servicing and repairs for 90,000 kays, where as a Corolla would cost $6,876. These are RACV’s figures not mine, they are available to the public and if Toyota has fixed price servicing that is much cheaper than VW this can only mean Toyota charge a lot more for their parts than VW charge. In fact based on those figures the order of cheapest to service and repair are VW Golf TDi, VW Golf TSi, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 then Subaru Impreza. If you think this is wrong take it up with RACV.

    Jacob, go out and buy your Skoda, don’t listen to Doomsayers when all this information is at your finger tips.

  • Steve-Poyza

    I know somebody who will be very happy about Skoda’s increased sales in Aus. I’m pretty happy about it too. Always glad to see good cars on the road. Someday the carmakers that produce good cars will take over, forcing the mindless brands like Toyota to try harder and produce cars that are at least somewhat emotionally involved with the driver. Yep, that’s my rant.

  • Car Fanatic

    So Bruzzer, Skoda arethe only manufacturer discounting?

    I think not! Many other brands have cut prices. The truth of it all is people are slowly beginning to realize how good Skoda’s are be it they have researched the cars or now know someone who owns one. You will see Skoda gain ground over the coming years and your comments will be completely redundant

    • bruzzer

      Car Fanatic,

      if you read my comment at the top, i am not questioning.
      How good Skoda is, i personally know how good it is.
      the whole flamming started by stating the article was irrelevant to australia. and the re-sale of skodas.
      im not making this up, its fact and only have to search carsales to confirm this… there is still 2009 Octavia RS for sale with less than 5000kms..

      i know there are some Skoda fanatics/supporters and they are entitled to their opinion.

      but this article was more for advertising than anything else…

      the brand only sold 160 in march!!! let not get over excited.

  • bangel

    Any fool that doesn’t get $4k to $5k off a crummer or a falcoon needs a brain scan .

    Marketing dictates that certain brands load up prices and then lure people with a discount , essential with a new brand when establishing .

    • Phil

      More like 10K.

      The RRP for a SV6/XR6 is $43,790/$43,990 (auto) and probably doesn’t include on road costs which normally add about $3000.

      Open any weekend newspaper and see dealers advertising these two cars at around $35K Drive away and often including free accessories – and thats before you walk in the door and start haggling!

      No car has discounts like the Commodore/Falcon.

      • bangel

        WOW things must be getting worse for the falcon , i see sales were dismal in march , looks like the mitsi 380 story all over again.

  • Nick K

    The current in-road pricing for the 90tsi Skodas is amazing given the quality of the car. Interiors look and feel expensive, the doors close with a solid thunk and the sheet metal is thick and strong… No tin foil car here. Skoda deserves to succeed.

  • Adam

    I saw above that someone wanted to hear from a Skoda owner. I own a 2011 Octavia RS wagon. Have owned it for a few months now and it has roughly 4000kms on it. (It’s my wife’s car, I also own a VW Golf R32 which I drive). So far it’s been a perfect car. We were considering a Golf station wagon but we went for the Skoda as my father-in-law also owns a 2010 model and the Golf uses the older chassis. (MK5 I believe). So far perfect car and very happy with it.

  • Car Fanatic

    Why not get excited? Skoda has been here how long? If you look at it’s growth in the UK where a common joke was ” how do you double the value of a Skoda? Fill the petrol tank.”

    In 1998 Skoda released the Octavia and Skoda UK sold somewhere in the vicinity of 16,000 cars. In a country with 60 million people that’s rubbish. In 99 they managed around 18,000 and climbed again in 2000. This climbed to 30,000 plus in 2005.Now the public knew Skoda were good cars the rest was history. Last year Skoda sold in excess of 41,000 cars in the UK.

    It will take some years but Skoda will eventually cement itself as a serious competitor in this country in the next five years. VW have already exceeded Hondas sales this year and if Subaru aren’t careful they will fall behind the Germans. VAG will get Skoda close to a top ten brand in this country.

  • Woofy

    i have a late 2008 rs Octavia manual. So far servicing has been half my 2006 Mazda 6. Skoda are very strict with servicing, mores than vw even, but the jd power surveys and top gear surveys show why. Even in Germany they are fast becoming the car of choice.

    The car is in another class to our mazdas , apart from Lexus they rate higher for less problems than the other luxury brands.

    Then again anyone who thinks a BMW or merc are going to be problem free are living in the 80s still back when Renault actually built reliable cars.

    They are good cars period, if you don’t want one, fine, but don’t pretend to know all about them. There are several owners now on their second, and for the record they got more than redbook for their first skodas. Why or where the myth they have poor resale comes from would be interesting to know as it reeks of misinformation spread by rival companies…

  • Dennis Ross

    Skoda will prevail just don’t become greedy skoda

  • Labrys

    I have to say I really regret not having quite enough money to buy the Skoda Octavia RS Wagon.
    I still think that is a brilliant buy for the price.

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Sometimes not having enough money is a good thing.

      • Ezzagun

        Not in this case my friend, I own an RS wagon and it is sensational. Shame more people can’t shake-off their unfounded prejudices and experiences from the 1980’s and wake up to the new Skoda, well-worth getting up in the morning for!

  • Car Fanatic

    They wouldn’t do it if they hadn’t researched it.

  • Ezzagun

    Owner of a 2010 Skoda Octavia RS wagon here, love it and is my first euro car… have now covered over 13,000kms, not a fault to report, just had first 12 month service at $330, dream to drive. Looked at a mazda6 wagon, as well as subaru liberty wagon, the skoda leaves them for dead in interior quality and on-road performance (inc fuel efficiency), AND servicing costs (yes, you read that right!!)… if you’re in the market you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out a Skoda, even if you aren’t big and brave enough to tear yourself away from your cosy jap offerings.

    Before I bought mine I was aware of all the hoo-doo and humbunkin surrounding euro cars, eg “they will fall apart after 3 years” or “they will cost you the earth to service” but after doing my own research instead of listening to hearsay I was convinced thst Skoda would deliver the goods and they have.

    Skoda is the choice for those after a car made with the build quality of an audi, the reliability of a mazda, but with the driver’s appeal of a bmw… they are brilliant for the price.

  • Car Fanatic

    Marty sounds like a car salesman.

    • Ezzagun

      Hahahaha… yes, well, Redbook is a “guide” unless you’re a valuer for a car yard, in which case you can take what the guide says and halve it hahaha!!