• http://www.clearimagephotos.com braydenc

    Why would you buy a Hybrid??

    • MF

      There is no rush to buy a hybrid/EV at the moment, but its only a matter of time they will eventually dominate.

      • Joker

        I Anticipate Hydrogen Cell Powered cars will supersede cars like the Leaf in the next 10 years. The only thing that could potentially slow it down is Shell etc. Who aren’t necessarily on the bandwagon yet. The same big Oil companies who pressured GM to kill their first electric car.

        • Philthy

          The advantages that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have over pure electric are range and fill time. Both of these will be gradually overcome with new battery tech long before hydrogen production and re-fueling infrastructure is rolled out.

    • RoFlmaTiC

      Diesel’s been out for decades and only relatively recently are we starting to see some real frugal economy figures.

      Imagine what hybrid/EV cars will be like after they have been around for decades!

      • Golfschwein

        Diesel has always held an economy advantage over petrol engines. Go back in time to the Peugeot 504, where you’d get 24 or 26 mpg in day to day driving and the diesel version would do 35. Neither are impressive by today’s standards, but that’s okay, cos that’w what defines progress!

        • bangel

          Too right golfy , the 504 , the farmers friend , great cruiser .

          Nice one ford , creams the Holden Crude .

      • Lazybones

        The gate is still wide open for a decent Diesel Hybrid. Will Hyundai lead the charge on this one?

    • Golfschwein

      No, least of all that ghastly new Lexus. This is a far superior choice.

    • alexander

      Because a hybrid, such as the Prius is quicker (if the Fiesta econetic is anything to go by, this car should have a 12 second 0-100 time), the Prius is more powerful, available in an auto for those who cant/dont want to drive a manual, it’s also possibly more spacious. Diesels also emmit far more particulate emissions and harmful gasses, making the cleaner burning Prius ultimately still greener, especially considering the Prius emits 89g/km of c02 versus 95g/km of the Focus.

      and a Prius doesn’t have those hideous hubcaps…

      • Philthy

        “and a Prius doesn’t have those hideous hubcaps…”

        Nope, the whole thing is hideous.

        • alexander

          and the buck toothed grill with the wild tailights on the focus are pretty?

      • QAZ

        So many hybrid haters here. Most of them probably are old people who refuse to accept changes…? maybe

        I wonder why Porche and Ferrari are making hybrid cars if hybrids are so bad?

      • Trouble

        “Because a hybrid, such as the Prius is quicker”

        Why the hell would you by a Prius if you want to go fast???

    • http://www.opinvest.com.au shaun

      Why would you not buy a Hybrid. No other fuel car can make use of the extra power available – regenerative breaking power!

      • MattW

        Here I’ll help – “braking”.

        I’ll take the Focus thanks. Good work Ford Europe, now ford Australia don’t fluff about, get this over here at the same time

  • MK

    What are the additional servicing and other costs associated with the ‘Econetic’ type vs. the standard models, i.e. lubricants, tires, filters, special/light weight windows/panels, etc.?

  • Steve-Poyza

    Hmmm, will they be updating the Fiesta to match or better the Focus’ efficiency? All well and good… But why do the hubcaps have to be so ugly? If the Prius can have decent wheels (I’m talking about the 17″ alloys that weren’t initially offered for the Prius III in Aus but now are available) then I’m sure the Focus can.

    P.S. Those tail lights are a mess. I’ve tried to warm to them but no-can-do.

    • MattW

      Reduce the surface changes in the hubcaps and reduce the drag. Function over form here, I can live with that

  • ScottT

    Rest asured as long as they can still suck oil out of the ground, the internal combustion engine be the norm, the oil companies will see too that

  • Andrew M

    Pretty impressive economy,
    Does this suggest an updated and lighter Fiesta might craks the 2′s?

  • Del

    Hydrogen will NEVER replace oil-based fuels as it is an energy sink – It takes more energy to produce the hydrogen than the hydrogen ultimately produces, so in an energy deficient world, do you really think that we will be willing to throw at least 20% of available energy away on hydrogen production? Also, I would not want to be the crash tester for a hydrogen car…

    Hydrogen is a dream, and a bad one at that!

    • alexander

      I agree 100%, there is NO point wasting large amounts of energy to make hydrogen to power a car when that energy can be just put into batteries within the car. I think new battery technologies and fast charging should be the focus of manufacturers. Not hydrogen.

    • MattW

      Hydrogen is an option is if it done correctly. Picture it as a plant next to a hydroelectric dam which provides the power used to split the river water into oxygen & hyrdogen.

      It might not happen for many years but it won’t be running out like oil, or rare earth metals used for batteries

    • Lazybones

      But even with Hydro you will need to produce almost 3 times the amount of energy to match the efficiency of an EV. We’re struggling to get about 15% receivables as it is. Then add to that the biggest minus of H2 cars, which is do you really want to go back to a system of having an oil/Hydrogen company govern the price of Hydrogen??

  • Car Fanatic

    Alexander, no one complained about XD’s and XE falcons with 4.1 carby motors did 11.5 0-100 and no one complained.

    The Prius is an over priced pile of rubbish Hybrid.

    • nickdl

      Oh I wonder why? What was it 30 years ago now… 11.5 isn’t exactly slow anyway, try 14 like I have in the Holden Combo. Or better still, about 20 in the Great Wall X240.

      • alexander

        The gen 2 Prius which did 0-100 in 11 seconds really didn’t feel too bad, it lagged slightly off the line but it was acceptable. I’ve driven Fiat Panda’s in Italy which did 0-100 18 seconds, and they did feel painfully slow.

    • alexander

      For the level of technology (HUD, pre-collision brake, radar cruise, LED headlights, Solar sunroof, autopark etc) its really not that over priced. It got runner up to 2009 Wheels Car of the Year, which is higher than the Fiesta. How can it be a pile of crap? Even the Gen2 Prius got into the top 4 of Wheels Car of the Year in 2005. For a pile of rubbish, it certainly beats a fair few polished turds from other car companies.

  • Pablo

    I wonder if it will be 20% overpriced like the Fiesta ECOnetic

  • Octavian

    Personally I’d rather a Golf BlueMotion.

  • Pete

    That rear end looks fugly and the front doesn’t look much better either, same old Focus quirky design, same old lame sales coming up

  • Car Fanatic

    I think the Hybrid hate comes from the fact Toyota was trying to massively profit from a car that returned little to no benefit to the planet.

    Climate change happens, it always has. Hybrids cannot change the natural course of climate as Toyota and Honda have been professing. At least Honda kept the price real.

    Now Porsche and Ferrari aredifferent stories, they are performance cars being built to reduce fuel use but maintain their performance.

    What you said is like using Corolla as the example against conventional fuel Porsches and Ferraris.

    • alexander

      Actually it’s quite the opposite, Toyota makes very little profit, they were trying to make enough profit to cover development costs, hence the high prices. With the reduction in prices, i wonder if they will at all. Im pretty sure Toyota initially sold the Gen2 prius at a loss in it’s fist few years of sale.

  • Car Fanatic

    I didn’t say Toyota make huge profits. I said they were trying to massively profit from the Prius by selling it for a ridiculous price. Had they sold it for 5-6 grand less they would have more on the road and probably recouped their costs more effectively.

    Wow Wheels car of the year finalist? Is this the same Wheels Car of the year that handed the 1973 title to the Leyland P76 or the 1999 title to the Mercedes Benz S Class ( when Merc were having horrendous warranty issues across the board!) or even better the 1982 title to the Camira?

    Perhaps Toyota could speak to VW about how to make profits as VW is the most profitable at the moment.

    • alexander

      you said they were trying to make huge profits, i said they were only trying to make a profit and not sell the car at a loss. Volkswagen and any other manufacturer of Hybrids and EV’s are in exactly the same boat, it is very hard to profit from them due to the expensive nature of the technologies & FYI it’s Porsche who’d the most profitable car maker in the world.

      It’s pointless comparing events/cars that happened 40 and 30 years ago, cars and the industry have moved on greatly since then. I wasn’t even alive in 1982 or 1973.

  • Car Fanatic

    If you bothered to keep up with the news, you would see that last year, VW posted the highest profits of any car maker. Incidentally VW Group owns more than 50% of Porsche.

    Back in 2006 Porsche was the most profitable and in 2008 began buying up VW shares. Therewas speculation Porsche would takeover but run up such Massive debts they couldn’t acquire VW.

    So again, VW is the current most profitable car maker in the world.

    On a different note, I noticed you completely overlooked the 1999 Wheels car of the year. A little to recent for your liking perhaps?

    On a final note, Honda didn’t put $50k plus price tags on their Hybrids yet despite falling sales are no worse off than Toyota therefore blowing your claims out of the water.

    Toyota were just being greedy.

    • alexander

      Honda’s hybrid system is a very cheap one. The battery is around half the capacity of a full hybrid (cutting costs greatly), it also runs a far more simplistic single motor design when assists the petrol motor and is mounted between a conventional CVT auto, not an expensive planetary powersplit as in the Prius/other full hybrid cars, thus making it far cheaper to produce. The insight is on a Jazz platform and has pretty much a Jazz engine, this enables Honda to price their hybrids for more competitively. Although, an insight without the Hybrid system would sell for $20k, indicating that Honda is also trying to make up for the development costs associated with hybrid cars.

      What was significant about the 1999 wheels car of the year? i was 13 in 99 and had little interest in cars, let alone Wheels car of the Year

    • alexander

      You should also recall that the first generation Honda Insight, which was a tiny, 3 cylinder hybrid with VERY basic equipment levels was priced at $48,000 in Australia, indicating that Honda DID put $50k price tags on their Hybrids.

      the $50k plus price on the Gen3 Prius was justified. What other car under $100k has LED headlights, a solar panel integrated into its sunroof, self parking, Pre-safe auto brake & radar cruise control? Now that this same car is $45,000 it makes it appear even better value if you’re after a car with high levels of technology?

  • Octavian

    A Golf BlueMotion would be between only 30 and 35 thousand if it were to be sold here. Plus it wouldn’t need to have I specialist mechanic service it, unlike hybrids.

  • Car Fanatic

    They are still overpriced after the reduction. Using Toyota in the USA as a price comparison between the Highlander/Kluger and the Prius. Our 2WD Kluger base model is $39,990 plus on roads and Prius is 34,990. The Prius in the states is 20% cheaper than the Highlander base.

    Our Base Prius should be 31,990 and top of the range is virtually the same price as the base Highlander so the itech should be $39,990.

    Still profiteering from a tree hugging ordinary car.

  • save it for the track

    Alexander, if you’re going to reference a car magazine’s awards as some sort of indication of a vehicles quality (as you did with referencing Prius), you’ve got to expect someone to call you on it, in regard to past award winners turning out to be lemons. (with the examples Car Fanatic gave)
    Whether you were alive or not or were a pimply uninterested teen is irrelevant.
    As for Diesel-Hybrid, I believe Peugeot has done one (is doing one?), and Hyundai do an LPG-hybrid.

  • Alan

    Hybrid resale is their biggest problem. My Focus Diesel regularly betters the sticker l/100 (avg over 46,000k 5.5, last fill 5.1), the first car I’ve had which does. Bring on the ECOnetic – I’ll be ready for it next year.

  • Kenan

    Sweet, the ‘ECOnetic’ badge is much better than the old one.

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Car Details
Body Type
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Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
156Nm @  4400rpm
Max. Power
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