The Great Wall X240 SUV and V240 Dual Cab ute have been updated in Australia to offer refreshed styling, enhanced standard equipment and revised pricing.

Revealed on the Chinese’s brand’s website, the new X240 benefits from a new front-end design that appears to draw inspiration from the Mazda CX-7. Inside, it gains a reversing camera, automatic headlights with ‘follow me home’ function, Bluetooth phone connectivity and steering wheel controls.

The starting price is unchanged at $23,990.

The V240 Dual Cab gets a significantly bolder front-end design and also scores steering wheel controls. The price of both models has dropped by $1000, making the 4×2 model $22,990 and the 4×4 model $25,990.

Daniel Cotterill from Great Wall’s Australian importer, Ateco Automotive, confirmed the April updates would not include the introduction of a diesel engine (X200, V200 models) or an automatic transmission. He said those additions were on track to occur early in the second half of the year.

“I think Q3 is still a pretty good bet,” Mr Cotterill said. “Things like this never happen as soon as you would like. It’s always a complicated process.”

The X240 and V240 are currently only available with a 100kW/200Nm 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a five speed manual transmission.

The third quarter updates will add diesel and automatic transmission to the X240 range. Both Single Cab and Dual Cab variants of the V240 will get the diesel engine option but will remain manual-only. The Single Cab will also receive styling updates in Q3.

According to official VFACTS data released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, two Great Wall X200 diesel SUVs were registered in Australia in March.

Mr Cotterill confirmed these vehicles were “homologation cars” used by Great Wall Motors Australia to be subjected to a range of tests to ensure the cars were ready to enter the market.

Great Wall sales continue to climb in Australia. In the first quarter of 2011, it sold 1654 vehicles, up almost 20 percent compared with the same period in 2010.

So far this year, the V240 4×2 has outsold the 4×2 variants of the Holden Colorado and the Nissan Navara, while the X240 is ahead of the Holden Captiva 5 and the Kia Sportage in the compact SUV segment.

Great Wall is currently the 17th highest selling brand in Australia, ahead of established marques like Land Rover, Lexus and Peugeot, and hot on the heels of natural 4×4 competitor Jeep (1733 sales).


    let me guess,the only “airbag” straps herself into the passengers seat…

    • Tim Beissmann

      Jekyl & Hyde,

      Dual front airbags are standard on both models.

      • Sonic

        They don’t work. And they don’t stop the accelerator pedal from pushing up through the drivers’ leg.

        • Colt

          x240 get 4 stars from ancap, i guess you don’t know that.

      • CarlMc

        Thats wot my wifes got, dual front airbags, lol lol

        • ddd

          and a drivers side windbag!


      • george

        it is your brain does not work properly

  • Roger Ramjet

    The new nose on the Ute is a massive improvement but until they offer the diesel option, many will walk away from this. Considering a Navara D22 4wd diesel can be had from as little as $31k for ABN holders, why bother with this? With a diesel option the V240 will be around $29k in comparison!

    • Crossy

      I did exactly that last week. Needed another ute for work, the 4×2 cab chassis D22 with tray was $19490 on the road. Worth paying the extra $1500 over the equivalent GW just to get the diesel engine!

    • union

      I don’t get it either. Why would anyone buy a GW when you can have a Nissan D22 for very similar money. The D22 is a good ute and has excellent resale value too!!!

      • nope

        what do you get in the D22? and what do you get on the inside? 300Nm torque!? 100KW power… for (as far as my local dealer reckons) 28k!
        Fact is: the GW’s are better value and the traditional brands are trading off reputations past.

        I guess we’ll always have the nay sayers.

        just sayin’.

    • Robin

      Just be carefull GW are chargeing arround $200 fir the first service there goes part of the saving how much 2nd service?

  • Jason

    The front end on that 4WD is the biggest rip off of a Mazda CX-7.

  • Duckula

    Have to say (cosmetically at least) they are moving in the right direction… and as much as I would like to comment on their technical quality or lack of, I can’t cos I have never been near one… so as much I might wanna join the ‘these are so crap bandwagon’, which is easy to do, I wont….cos I have no direct experience… anyways – goodluck to them I say…

  • Henry

    It really does look like a cx7 and now sattelite navigation???????? WOW but still the cars aren’t the best…

  • G

    It looks almost half decent now, but still a long way away to be anything worth looking at.

    • Barney

      ” a long way away to be anything worth looking at”
      I smirked at this. If you get the time go and have a first hand up close look at one of these vehicles.
      They make a joke out of a lot of vehicles costing many thousands more. Search on YouTube for Hover (their other name) and see what the Russians do to these things and you will see why they love them. Most other suv’s in this bracket would be in pieces after the treatment they get over there. For a start do you know that it “has a full chassis” and not a sedan type setup?? It is solid as a Mack truck and just as tough.
      In the bang for your buck stakes they are that far ahead it is a shame. You are looking at a revolution happening in the motor industry in Australia. You will be getting a lot more car for your $ from now on and others will have to lift their game big time.
      It is a shame that the Labor party blew so many millions builiding a new 4cyl Holden plant in SA when there will be this sort of competition comming in.
      I wish some people would go and just take a look at this car instead of judging from internet photos and red neck opinion.

      • Robin

        Mine had several stone chips on drivers door had to be repaired faulty fog lamp they missed that in the first service which cost $200+ what can you do on first service for $200+ under 1000k? Never told of this cost Thanks Kedron Great Wall!

        • Louise

          I asked about the services for my car before I bought it. As I live sooo far away from the Dealership I was told that any Registered Mechanic can do the services. I ended up paying $60 for the first service, and I don’t compromise the warranty.

      • roy the v240 boy

        i have bought a v240 dual cab 4×2 petrol and power plant is misubishi and i love it . i would recomend them to anyone . just the other day i went to a tow bar place to get a modification on a towbar and the workers all dropped tools to come out and go over the dual cab and the mechanics opinion was that it is a bloody good vehicle so all i can say is knockers go and have a good look and see what is in this vehicle

  • Carrara

    Well what ever they sell I’m sure they’ll be happy.. It’s not like they wanna be top seller just niche

  • Luarence

    Hey look, it’s even got a happy face!!!

    • Barney

      Looks like most of the opinions and comments on here come from 14 y/o’s ??? Honestly…

  • MD

    When do we get to read the review on this car?

    • Baddass

      They haven’t let the majority of the press test drive them. I wonder why…

      • nickdl

        I remember Drive took it for a drive and they gave it 1 and 1/2 stars. Not sure where that extra 1/2 came from… They reported terrible build quality and large and inconsistent panel gaps…

        • MF

          the extra 1/2 star must have come from affordability. That price is seriously tempting! but you get what you pay for…

          • nickdl

            Exactly, you get what you pay for. I’d rather a 2 year old Outlander for $23,990. It still has 3 years left of warranty, better engine, available with an auto and overall a much better quality car. Misses out on leather in base models (how Great Wall are allowed to call that leather is beyond me) but it has stability conrol in all models and curtain airbags in higher spec models. Another consideration is resale; the Outlander has already taken its biggest hit in depreciation and who would want a second-hand Great Wall in 3 years?

            If you want brand new a Ford Escape can be had for around $25k and they are much better than the Great Wall all round.

        • Barney

          That review would be from around 2009, a lot has changed since then.
          Car reviewers do give screwed up opinions most of the time so the best thing to do is go and take a look yourself, it’s free and VERY interesting!
          There is a aussie GW owners forum where you can read real feedback from real owners… that always makes a motor reviewer look second rate.
          Some 4wd forums also have detailed write ups on them, one in particular where the writer drove 20,000k around outback aust towing a van… That is a little more detailed than the car magazine cowboys zip around the block I tell you LOL.
          Just because it is not overpriced does not mean it is junk.. I could name many overpriced cars on the market here that are truly garbage, so price has nothing to do with it.
          Take a first hand look, then comment, otherwise.. :-(

          • mike

            hi barney i can not find a review on 2011 v240 cab chasis with tray i have brought a new one of these so far so good

  • Falcodore

    They’ve grafted the front end of a CX-7 onto a nissan x-trail……interesting, in a bad way.

  • Low Octane

    Yes the front of a CX-7 on the X240, even worse the V240 has stolen the front end from a VW Passat while still using the all the other panels from the RA Rodeo.

  • Goose

    I wouldn’t be suprised if GreatWall and Chery outsell Ford in five odd years.Like with anyone else,their products will improve over time. I have a saying…..always beware the newcomer!

  • Shak

    The fact that newcomer Chinese marques such as Chery and GWM are outselling long established brands(look at the V-Facts article) just proves that the market is tempted more by price, than by many other factors, other wise they wouldnt be selling in the numbers that they are; and neither would Toyota!

    • nickdl

      Toyota sell well because of their excellent reputation for resale, reliability and lasting a long time. Hence their ad saying that 89% of Toyotas sold in the past 20 years are still on the road. If they’re competitive on standard features, which by and large they are, and don’t look ugly, then most buyers have little to fault.

      Enthusiasts on this site obviously want something more and would enjoy spending time making a purchase but for the rest, they just want a car that will last well and won’t cost much to run. Fleets think about their purchases a lot more than most people – they have to run large numbers of the cars for years to come – so it’s not a bad thing that Toyota attract so many fleet sales.

      It’s not like Toyota is cheap, they’re pretty average as pricing goes. It’s just their massive amount of sponsorship, advertising and a great reputation that make them no. 1.

  • union

    Shak, I don’t get your comment. Toyota’s are not cheap. How are price driven consumers connected to Toyota selling well?

  • GW

    Greatwall x240 is the NO.1 in this segment and the CRV is the NO.2 seller. X240 sold more than 10,000 every month.

    • K

      that’s in china dude….

  • darkone

    price wins out every time,they may not be the flashest cars around but if you want a cheap dual cab to go camping with the kids,dont want second hand the 23990 price is pretty tempting,the styling has improved a lot and i looked at great wall cars and the new chery j11,to see what they were like,the chery vehicle are just plastic crap.great walls quality if you can call it that seems to be better.these cars arent for resale really,you buy them cheap&run them in to the ground,then go get something else.

  • http://Audi Robj

    These so called cars are made from a mis-mash of old tech parts from various sources. Until a company can develop and sell it’s own engines they will only ever be a copy shop.

    • Freddy B

      Um Robj, you do know the original holden commodore was a mis-match of Opel models don’t you? In fact the body moulds for entire Commodore range up until the VE were copies from Opel. The engines were also from nissan and chevy.

      The XD-XF base design was an interpretive copy of the European Ford granada. Hyundai and Kia still use the base design(block) from mitsubishi for a lot of their engines.

      Some Toyota commercial trucks use Isuzu based blocks.

  • PoisonEagle

    For some reason I thought Vauxhall when I saw the X240, I do like that nose, and is that a touch screen? Bargain.
    Yes I know it would be awful to drive.

    • Fred

      Funny enough if not for the GM-Isuzu split, the Isuzu Axiom on which the X240 is based would have been Vauxhalls SUV instead of the Daewoo Based Captiva.

  • PoisonEagle

    CARADVICE: When will you be reviewing these, and the Chery J1, J11? Nobody has reviewed the latter yet, would be good for a laugh and consumer awareness.

  • toxic_horse

    Do you really think your average builder or landscaper cares about weather the fron end has been copied from a CX7 or not.
    They are going to use there ute as a workhorse that is going to be trashed in a few years of abuse. Why pay more for that.

    • Duckula

      Its all about choice – and this is what these new players bring to the market, as obviously the other car makers have moved away from the cheaper end of the market, its just natural progression ( ie: Kia and Hyundai and even I dare say Ssangyong ) As the others move upwards, these guys are moving in at the bottom end… its not like its the end of the known world. Some people like state of the art/lots of gadgets/fancy pants stuff and some people buy on price/security of a warranty… speaking of, if toyota is such a legend of reliability then how come they have had 567 recalls in the last year or so ( sorry not picking on toyota, just first one that came to mind )

      • MF

        Having the most recalls doesnt equal the most unreliable. Most cars recalled have had no problem at all and most likely wont have the recall problem during their lifetime either. Its just a precaution.

        A lot of manufacturers dont even bother with recalls even when their cars break down every so often!

        • Freddy B

          MF is right. This is a quote from a news areticle in the US regarding Toyota:

          “As of January 28, 2010, Toyota had announced recalls of approximately 5.2 million vehicles for the pedal entrapment/floor mat problem, and an additional 2.3 million vehicles for the accelerator pedal problem.”

          Quite a big problem when you consider the amount of cars, and the fact that Toyotas ARE tough and would cause a bit of havoc on the highway if the accelerator would become stuck!

  • Nick K

    The X240 makes me ill.

  • mame

    Mazda and Nissan X-Trail
    copy lol

  • NRG

    Just went and looked at a new XC240 black one today. Going to drive a demo soon. They are definitely better looking and better finish than the cheaply built Outlanders. Have you seen these up close!! look like bloody Kia crap. No, they are not true 4WDS either.

    This is not just a city SUV, unlike the mentioned gay Outbacks (overpriced suburban crap) or CX7s. CX7’s use a lot more fuel, are *NOT 4WDs* and start at 40 grand. Rubbish.

    XC240 is actually a High and Low range 4WD SUV with 4WD ground clearance. Who else has a electronic High and LOW range 4WD transfer cases at anywhere near these prices? Forester used have them, but no way they are true 4WD’s with that crappy ground clearance.
    For 24 grand new on the road and Warranty is 3 Year/100,000km with Roadside Assist, its gotta be worth a test drive anyway. I’ll see how it goes.

    • http://Audi Robj

      Totally without power and rust straight away. Yes, rust. My friend bought one.

  • aaa

    remember what you said when Hyundai entered in AU back in 90s? what do you say about them, now!

    think about that, everybody!

    • MF

      I still wouldnt consider a Hyundai/Kia if I have other choices…Sorry

    • Dlr1

      well yes hyundais of the 80s and 90s were crap. The fact that they make better vehicles now doesnt change that. Currently these things are rubbish. They may be better in five years, but they are cheap rubbish now. Caveat emptor.

    • Andrew M

      Well i cant speak for everyone, but I know I still dont rate hyundai products above many of their competitors.

      Hynudai still lacks good underpinnings and their designs have gone from cheap loking to awkward looking.

      Kia does decent designs, but they also still lack decent engineering

      • http://CarAdvice Michael Todd

        Hyundai/Kia 2.2 diesel engine out performs anything else

        on the market today.

        436Nm of tourqe, from a four pot engine!

        Your comment of the Korean’s lacking “decent engineering”

        is wrong.

      • Troy

        haha, “decent engineering” Hyundai and Kia’s drivetrains/engines are designed/engineered in Germany?!?! do i need to say anymore?

        • Fred

          And the Hyundai/Kia (really they are the same company) cars are also rated as one of the highest quality manufacturers by a GERMAN car magazine.

  • ddd

    Holden called, they want their VZ commdore dash back!!!

    • Andrew M

      I straight away thought commodore dash, but Im thinking a little VZ, a little VE11 with those circular air vents

      • Freddy B

        You’d be right in thinking the dash was a copy or at least looks similar to the VE dash. GM being the global company it is wanted all of its vehicles dash boards to have a similar “theme”, like Ford and its grill setups (eg Mondeo, Falcon,fiesta). One of the trademarks is the brushed metallic bands down each side of the stereo panel.

        Due to the global financial crisis however this was short lived as most of GMs brands were sold off or discontinued.

        Izuzu licenced its truck designs to Great Wall Motors (including interior) BEFORE it left the GM group, hence is why the Dash boards still have a GM-ness to them.

  • D Max

    Freddy, to add to your dash board spiel, GM wanted to create dashboards that lowered fatigue and distraction for drivers. Buick was one of the first GM brands to use this design theory.

  • hols

    i have visited to get a genuine opinion of what people thought of the actual vehicle ! alas . a site where people want to rant about what they think about what they think ! all 10 members good luck

  • Rome

    Its all about choice. Considering the prices of suv’s and the financial climate of today the x is very tempting and on point with the mixing of parts from different makers, thats been happening for decades across all brands. Testing one out tomorrow, will be interesting

  • Gavin Moor

    Have had an X240 for a month now and whilst it felt a bit underpowered at first, it is already starting to loosen up and there are a few bits and pieces that can be done to increase horsepower. Took it for a test in the bush the other day and was very impressed. Glad I got rid of the gas guzzling Prado that was falling to pieces. I am quiet happy and was going to say that everyone should take one out for a test drive, but then again there are people out there that have it set in there small minds that anything from China is going to be crap and nothing is going to change their mind. Over the years I have owned Toyotas, Fords, Holdens, Suzukis, Mitshubishis, Kias and now a Great Walls. I look for a bit more than just a name. The only brand that brand of those that has let me down is Toyota. Cheap plastic crap in the Prado fell to pieces, but I owned an old Corolla many years ago and you couldn’t kill it with an axe.

    • lil**

      Hi Gavin,

      have posted comment – below – just wondering if you could give me your opinion since you have owned yours for a few months. I am in the market for a small suv and coming out of an 8 seater Kia Grand Carnival. (fantastic car by the way regardless of the fact that everyone I know bags them. Have had mine since new and its never missed a beat. It is now 5 yrs old and time to change). Basically I feel that you are getting alot of car for the price, just wanted someone to comment who owns one and is not biased by name/badge.
      Thanks in advance for your time. Cheers

      Have seen a lot of reviews about the Great Wall X240 many good & many bad – so went and test drove one today. I must say the inclusions in the vehicle are fantastic!! so I had really high hopes. The vehicle drove quite well, the only thing I was really uncertain about was that it was a bit noisy. Now I don’t know whether that had anything to do with the tyres or the engine. So….. if anyone out there has bought the X240 recently and had it for a few months – can you tell me your opinion on the noise – whether it is just the tyres or is it more the engine.

  • sammi

    SERIOUSLY the price is half of what the others are, am looking to buy this weekend. I do have a mortgage to pay off.

    • sammi

      I Agree.

    • Brian

      I took one for a test drive 2 days ago and i got to say its a wonderful car to drive. I am reading that people saying its under powered but i did not notice as most roads u cant go over 60 any way. Its get up and go is like a late 90 model car witch to me is plenty. the leather seats are no bad quality and are comfy . the clutch is nice and soft and its smooth to drive in my mind, the only fault i found was the gear box was a bit tight but over time that will loosen up and it is a Mitsubishi gear box and there known for that. I am waiting for the diesel version to come out in January . and for all the people saying there only copy cats the diesel engine is there own common rail engine .

      to sum it up . Great wall are decent cheap cars using
      old tyred and proven technology . there worth every penny and people need to go look closely at them and test drive them. My local mechanic cant even fault them and he has serviced 23 of them so far.

  • lil**

    Have seen a lot of reviews about the Great Wall X240 many good & many bad – so went and test drove one today. I must say the inclusions in the vehicle are fantastic!! so I had really high hopes. The vehicle drove quite well, the only thing I was really uncertain about was that it was a bit noisy. Now I don’t know whether that had anything to do with the tyres or the engine. So….. if anyone out there has bought the X240 recently and had it for a few months – can you tell me your opinion on the noise – whether it is just the tyres or is it more the engine.

  • Shinenez

    what is the fuel consumption like. I just sold a 1991 Navara 4×4 which needed its own pullbehind petrol tanker! I was thinking of a Great Wall due to budgetry constraints

  • Gavin

    Hope someone can give you the fuel consumption details. I have an X240 Series 2 and all I can say is it uses more than my last car a Kia Cerato, but less than our second car we just got rid of the Toyota Prado (now that chewed through the juice). I put in $50 worth of premium recently and it got me from Katoomba to Forster and I still had juice in the tank.
    Service costs are no different to any other car I have ever had. I go to my local mechanic and never go near dealers.

  • Gavin

    A Great Wall finished 7th overall in the Dakar Rally. That has got to annoy all the knockers that think you have to pay at least ten grand more for a Toyota badge.

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    nice post thanks for interesting knowledge   

  • bneagt

    Interesting posts, some say crap, others say good, a lot say cheap.
    I’ve only known one person that had one. It was an earlier model and they loved it because if was cheap and fit the family in. Problem was one day doing the school run another mum did a u turn in front of our friend and she hit the other car dead side on with little brake application time. Much to the surprise of all the emergency services that then turned up no airbags had deployed. The ambo’s then had to worry about the bags potentially deploying while they worked on our friend. The car was eventually fixed but our friend never felt the same while driving it and it has since been sold on. They wondered what would have happened at a higher speed.
    My personal thoughts are nobody cares if you are the richest person in the cemetery. If someone came up to you after you were dead an said give us $7000 and you can live again everyone would say sure but you never get a 2nd chance. I’d be waiting a few more years till they consistently had high scores before putting my family in one.

    • Dwlummm

      Air bags do not deploy in all situations and therefore you need to do some research and then look at all the conditions and features of the accident.  The question also needs to be raised was the driver sitting to close to the steering wheel and properly belted. 

      The mass of a vehicle has a big bearing on how you will survive a crash and I would prefer to be in a larger car than a small one.  

        An x240 is a solid vehicle and there have been other instances of an x240 having an accident at 110 klms, rolling and everyone walking away.  

      • GWM777MM

        I saw that, they rolled on the highway 7 times. The driver was able to crawl out of the window and get his family of 4 out without any injuries other than some scratches. He has already bought another and owes his life to the FULL PROPER chassis that this car is built around. They are not really bad cars, and are alot safer than people think. Been in one, and they are very very comfortable, and the new diesel is pretty quiet once running. 

  • Streetbob

    I wonder if they’ll do autos in the V240 range, would be great if they did for people like myself who have a health problem and can’t physically use the clutch

  • Rodbell50

    from rod, I’ve owned a nissian 4×4 and a 80 series landcruiser and to which I have always held Toyota in high regard for reliability and for sticky situations. I was going to go to the government car autions and pick up a tray back landcruiser, how ever I took the duel cab for a spin through a farmers plowed up field after all the rain we had here in the senic rim area and I was inpressed by the torq at the lower end and not to mention the highway driving although changing from 5th to 6th unless your revs are up there it seems to be lacking a bit but it is still only 2 lt 4 cyl diesel motor. On the whole ive gone and bought one because to me the whole package is pretty inpressive. Oh by the way the dealers at Isuzu at Ipswich need to think very hard about their customer service.  I went in their last Saturday afternoon and inquired about a space cab and that I wanted to take one of their 4×4 for test drive wow I was told to come back but anyway the price on these vehs was a bit high for my liking thankyou for your help in my descision making.