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  • AussieCars

    Great looking car inside and out.
    Was interested in the diesel fuel usage?
    Every review I have read so far mentions the diesel drinks far more than then claimed even on highway driving. One review even said if you go over 80 it drinks a lot. How did you guys find it?

    • TonyB

      Yes, I read that review as well. Even with 100% highway driving at the speed limit, they couldn’t even match the official average fuel economy – let alone the hiway fuel economy. I do sincerely hope for Ford’s sake that this was not the norm.

    • AussieCars

      lol..glad someone read that right. Talking on the phone and posting does not work for me. It should read ;
      “Every review I have read so far mentions the diesel drinks far more than the claimed average, even on highway driving.
      One review even said if it goes over 80km/h it drinks well above the A.F.C “

    • Alborz Fallah

      The cars we were driving had very little Ks on them, plus, we were driving them flat out the majority of the time, there is absolutely no chance of getting a ‘real-world’ economy figure from such a drive program, were the guy before you might have been doing 25L/100km and then you get in and try to change that once the car’s computer has started to be a lot sharper with its throttle etc…

      The diesel cars used significantly less fuel than the petrol based on the fuel gauge after the whole trip. So overall, I can’t give you an exact figure (cause it won’t be accurate) but I can say with confidence they are more efficient than petrol by a good margin.

  • Crummydore

    Ok Ford… this looks terrific and very classy/neat on the inside. You are on a winner here…. now lets see how your marketing and Advertising goes… go hard boys!!!!

    • Paulo

      Honda called. They want the headlights off their Accord Euro back

      • Qcar

        Styling is unbalanced and overcooked, looks like it fell outta the ugly tree and hit evey branch on the way down, should be slaughtered by the Koreans in the sales charts and rightfully so
        That is all

      • Crummydore

        LOL – yeh, but Ford ain’t the first company to nick someone design!

        The side profile on the tail lights bear a resemblance to the new Focus – bit of a family look going there.

        As for the ‘Qcar’ comment – harsh stuff there tiger, at least now it doesn’t look ‘dumpy’ anymore.

        • Ron R

          Yeah and remember first commodore was a copy of the Opel Rekord with the kingswood drive train. All V8 GM enginers arrive here in a crate from the US – parts sharing happens to reduce costs. The Terri diesel is made by Ford in the UK.

    • eightiesman

      I think the frontal shot is much nicer than its predecessor. Yes, I can see hints of Honda Accord Euro in the headlights, but car design is never 100% unique.

      However the side profile is just hideous. Take a good look at it versus something like a CX-7. No effort has been made to make it sleek. To me the proportions look a bit out of whack.

      Side profile/rear aside, I think it will sell well. The people who buy this car do so for practicality and affordability and the Territory has this down pat.

  • DWS1

    Good review CA and as usual a lot of great photos. Keep up the good work. My kids tell me I am a car nut and I say this website is one of the best on the net.

    • Baddass

      I thought it was an excellent review also. Keep up the good work! By the way, I do like the new Territory a lot, but I wish the power figures of the diesel were be a little more competitive considering the amount of time it took to come to market. Kia makes 426Nm from a 2.2l 4-cylinder, while Ford makes only 14Nm more from an extra 2 cylinders. Still, I’m sure it’s very smooth, and the Territory is a better drive anyway.

      • Mani

        sorry to correct u there baddass but Kia actually produces 436Nm in the auto version which is only 4Nm less hut it brings that torque on earlier in the rev range so it’s a punchier motor especially when you take into account the Kia is about 150kg lighter. Also compare the fuel consup. figures. 9.0l for the diesel on the ford compared to 7.4l for the Kia. WHy would anyone pay the almost $15,000 premium to buy the Ford over the Kia????

        • Manix

          “WHy would anyone pay the almost $15,000 premium to buy the Ford over the Kia????”

          Because it can comfortably accommodate 5 adults and 2 kids, has class leading dynamics and it’s designed and built in Australia…small price to pay.

          • Princess

            “class leading dynamics” lol. Class of ten years ago – if that. This thing is a dinosaur already. Time to stop wasting tax payers money trying to prop up the local car industry if this is the best it can come up with. Yuck.

          • Maximus

            Sory to say Manix that apart from being built in Australia everything you say the Ford can do so can the Sorento. Have one myself and it sits five adults and two kids in the back very comfortably. Drives as good as it looks and is a heap cheaper then the new Territory. You Ford fans are deluded…

          • Don Quay

            Maximus, I suppose you could fit 5 adults, if they were all short and skinny, in a Sorento, but try fitting three boofy blokes across the second row, like you can in the Territory. You also neglect to mention that when you have the seven seats occupied, there is no luggage room at all in the Sorento. You cannot fit anything larger than a folded up newspaper behind the third row, whereas in the Ford there is ample room for several small suitcases and soft bags. I can’t agree that the Kia drives as good as it looks. They actually look OK, but the dynamics are grossly inferior to the Ford.
            You Kia fanboyz are deluded and in denial.

          • Brett

            Designed and built here is exactly the reason I wouldn’t buy it, even if it cost less than the Sorento! Unfortunately we arn’t smart enough in this country to make a great car. Ford proved their incompetance with the old Territory and the whole ball joint issues. Why anyone would put their family in a car built by the same company that had countless cases of the front wheels snapping off is beyond me! The Sorento and Santa Fe are both much better buys (with a superior diesel engine) and $15k cheaper, a no brainer unless your a badge snob.And if that’s the case then you’re the big loser. The Koreans are on a par with the Japanese if not better.

          • Amanda

            …because the reason I am on this website checking out car reviews is because we bought a brand new kia carnival six years ago and having only low mileage in that time, just had to have it towed to a garage in the nearest town on our way home from a family holiday. The mechanic has told us the engine is completely dead!!!!! not salvageable, and our options are, spend $5,000 to get it going again,(new engine!),or scrap it! The mechanic told us this is what’s happening to alot of kias…blamed it on a problem with the movement/flow of oil through the engine. I wish we could go back in time a pick a more reputable motor company!…I used to ask the same question, now I know why!

        • Trouble

          2700kg tow capacity might also have something to do with it.

      • Pittsburg

        Your paying for the NVH in Ford, the Kia feels like a tinny korean truck. I have one for work, and I cant believe they can charge more than 25 grand for one.

        • Brett

          The only thing tinny is your brain! The solid thud when closing the doors must somehow elude you each time you close them. The Platinum Sorento drives and feels as good as it looks – classy. We’ve had ours for 9 months and it’s always a pleasure to drive.

          • Dan

            Well go back to your korean kia piece and be happy with it then, I myself rather to support the australian designed/manufactured car industry, not jobs going offshore to foreign countries
            I dont know why you people troll these places just to make yourselves feel better in slagging other potential new car buyers (probably to release your feelings of what you have bought instead and are envious of what is). Get in your car and drive it and one day you will make some mechanic/panel beater very happy to see you

    • Alborz Fallah

      Thanks folks.

  • Ben xr6

    Just a quick look, did they refer to the 4.0l I6 as a Direct injection motor? Didn’t think they had this tech in the I6 yet.

  • V8 UTE!

    Great car, great to hear that they have worked on NVH and is good in that department as cars three times the price. Overall a great package and I carnt wait for it to arrive in dealers.

  • Bazinga

    I used to drive a TS Territory. Wonderful driving and smoothness. Heavy on the juice. I could put up with that except for the quality control.

    I got sick of going back to Ford for electrical problems – especially door related matters – windows, central locking.

    Annoying squeeks also came from 3rd row seat or something in the back there. However, this disappeared once I was rear-ended :)

    Anyway, these days I’m driving a Kluger. Toyota sure know how to build quality – absolute bulletproof quality, reliability and durability. Unfortunately, the Ford driving experience in RWD was better than a powerful FWD chassis. Still have a soft spot for Territory, and truly hope they are benchmarking Toyota levels of durability if they want to succeed in the long term.

  • http://Telsa paulb

    What a beauty this Territory is.Inside ,outside,engines,price.Ticks all the boxes,great review Mr Fallah

  • Jondalar

    Economy from another review site was 9.4L/100km cruising at speed limit from Melbourne to Canberra, not very impressive at all.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      but its not that bad it won’t do whats on the sticker,can any other big car?.1800kgs + aerodynamics of a house brick = 10 ltrs/100kms in diesel(anything).1800kgs + brick aero’s +3.5ltr petrol motor = 14-18 ltrs/100kms…

    • chook

      Be patient people , Wait till the engines are run in and then they use less . All engines need this . The advertised numbers are likely based on an engine with atleast 20,000 kays. Meanwhile , if fuel usage is the main point people are left with to find criticism then in the future they may be wrong .

  • Ox

    Love the facelift, hope it translates as well on the updated FG falcon.
    Does anyone eles notice the resemblance to the newly updated Captiva (inverted headlight angle, simillar front grille/air intake shape)
    The tezza looks much better mind you.

  • M

    Such a brilliant Aus effort – so sad Ford U.S would not engage it for any export markets (exc Sth Africa in small qtys) – if Ford’s post GFC business model was implemented years ago – Terri would possibly be saved from extinction along with the Falcon – as good as it is – I can’t see how the Terri’s economies of scale are sufficient for Ford U.S to maintain this model.

  • Shiner

    This looks like it might be an excellent family car. I love the styling and I’m thrilled that the refinement and handling are top notch. Well done Ford!

    As for fuel economy, from my experience Ford has been delivering their stated figures for a while now. I had no problem achieving very close to the published figures in the XR6T sedan I owned, so I am confident that the diesel Territory will deliver on fuel economy.

  • filippo

    A good effort from Ford Aus, although I feel that they could have added some creases along the side or something further to differentiate it from the older model.

    That’s just a small criticism though. With this new model, Falcon’s new LPG on the way, Mondeo now creaming the Mazda 6 in monthly sales, the Fiesta picking up, and the new Focus on the way, 2011 could be a very good year for Ford.

  • Observer

    Kudo’s Ford.

    • Princess

      “Kudo’s” good grief. Try observing correct punctuation Observer

      • Don Quay

        Princess, I feel it is necessary to mention that you forgot to add a full stop.

        • chook

          Well spotted Don!! . I believe Princess has an attitude problem . Lets all watch our spelling very carefully , or she will pounce on us all right away for it !!.

  • Rick

    So using the official fuel consumption figures with the diesel 2.4 lts/100k’s beeter off you need to drive 80,000 k’s before you break even on the extra $3250 price over the equivalent petrol model. If you’re buying for fuel savings the maths doesn’t add up.

    • nickdl

      That’s pretty much the same with all diesel cars as opposed to their petrol equivalents yet people buy them in droves. Remember the price of petrol isn’t exactly going to stay the same over the next few years and a lot of people keep their cars for longer than 80,000k’s.

      Anyway the diesel will be really good for towing which is an added bonus.

    • Mark

      Do the maths on a Prius, I havent looked for a while but a few years ago I worked out it was over 120,000km to make up the price difference over a Camry. Thats before the price of ever having to replace the batteries.

      • alexander

        FYI; only two Prius’ in Australia have had batteries changed, both were taxi’s with over 450,000km, they were changed purely as precautionary measures as the original batteries became ‘tired’. Basic research on Prius user forums shows that the batteries still run strong on many Prius’ with over 300,000miles (480,000km). Even if the battery DOES fail, it costs around $3,000AUD to replace, far less than an engine? I don’t think the cost of changing batteries will be a problem in many Prius owner’s time of ownership.

        (anti spam word = Prius, haha)

    • Karl

      Diesels (generally) have a higher resale value, so you’ll get some of the extra layout back.

    • Joe5619

      Did you factor in higher resale vales compared to Petrol in your little cal?????

  • nickdl

    Great looking car and it’s really stacked with features. Our Territory has been a delight to own so far although I would hope that build quality has improved. We haven’t had any problems but it’s far from the Japanese standard we were used to. I really hope it’s a winner – it definitely deserves to be.

    I didn’t really see much on the electric steering. Was it much different to the old one? Also, does the AWD still have lighter steering than the RWD model.

    • Alborz Fallah

      the steering feel was much improved, a little lighter but more precise and felt incredibly simple to maneuver around. It will take a few hours to adjust to the feel of the steering but it makes driving a big SUV much more enjoyable.

  • JD

    the car is looking better every time they release new photos

    Great Job Ford

    I want to see more territory ads than i see Craptiva ads.

  • Neg

    Looks like they stole the grill from VW, the headlights from Honda and the rest from the last-gen Territory… zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

    Where’s the originality Ford???

    • http://Telsa paulb

      I seriously doubt Ford AU looked to VW for tips on looks and

      • Paulo

        Wateva they did was little more than stick a few design ideas from other car makers (the front is a total rip off of the Euro Accord) on the old design – oh and give the option of an eight year old diesel after they had removed one of its turbo chargers. Hardly ground breaking.

        • http://Telsa paulb

          Territory is 500KG lighter than Landrover Discovery.Power to weight ratio from the single turbo is good.At the end of the day the market will decide how good this vechle is.

          • http://Telsa paulb

            It has to be fair to say Territory is in a tough class of vechles.Captiva,kluga+Prado

          • Skall

            The Territory pretty much CREATED that class.

        • chook

          The choice of diesel engine comes down to the cost of it versus a newer diesel . If they had used the newer version then the price may be higher , but that then would be fine for the haters to then criticise them on price , instead of then criticising on the engine . Obviously theyre just grasping for any straw to bring down the territory , but the straws are running out !!

  • Joe

    Just drove the SZ Territory yesterday and I must say it felt great, just as the article states.

    I drove both TDCI and Petrol models and I must agree that the TDCI almost fooled me as it did not sound at all like a diesel.

    As far as the fuel economy goes, The cars that I drove had approx. 7-800km’s on their odo’s and the diesel was averaging 9.2 l/100km’s after a 60km test drive on a combination of highway and urban roads, with 4 up and the car getting a reasonably hard time.

    I am confident that the stated economy figures are realistic as all engines need at least a few thousand km’s on board to loosen up and perform to factory specs.

    All told this car should be a winner for Ford.

    • Mani

      Did you really Joe? The car isn’t on sale until May so where did you manage to drive one with all your mates on board? Or are you a Ford rep on this site trying to convince everyone that the fuel consump. fugures are better then what they really are?

      • paul

        Ford Rep or not, he has driven one and you havnt, you should keep you comments to your self until you have done the same.
        If your in Melbourne, go to Rupedswood in Sunbury, there must be a 100 of them driving around there

      • PROJET – L

        I saw 5 new territory last weekend in Melbourne.
        Someone has them to test…

      • Joe

        Mani, I work for a multi franchise Dealer that just happens to sell brands like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes and 4 other European brands so unlike you, I am actually in a position to make an informed comment.

        I have driven all of Hyundai & Kia range of products extensively and yes they have made huge improvements in the past few years. I do howevcer feel that some of their power/ torque / economy claims are a little rubbery and I find it odd that people like you accept them as gospel yet question Ford’s claims.

        I have a choice of what I drive within certain limitations, and I can assure you that I will pick a Territory over a Hyundai or Kia every day of the week.

        As other posters here have commented, the main advantage that the Koreans have is price and as we know, price is not the only factor in purchasing a new car. If it was then nobody would buy anything except Korean and maybe Chinese, and that is far from the what is actually happening.

        By the way, when was the last time that a new Santa Fe or a new Sorento actually knocked off the old Territory in sales, even with their much lower pricing?

        • Princess

          On a global basis those other models are thrashing Territory Joe. No other market wants the Territory.

          • Joe

            Hi Princess and thanks for your words of wisdom. Yes I’m sure that you are right and both of these 2 Korean cars outsell the Territory worldwide. Part of the issue there is that the Territory is only available in right hand drive as the Territory is only sold in Australia, New Zealand and a few in South Africa.

            I am quite sure that if you added the sales of Ford’s other mid sized SUV’s, that are sold all over the world, that Ford would be far ahead of both Hyundai and Kia.

            I don’t know if you are familiar with names like Explorer,Edge,Expedition,Flex and Everest but these are just Ford’s larger SUV’s that are available world wide and herein lies Ford’s problem and the reason Ford have gone to their OneFord policy.

            Even though Ford is not an Australian company, the Territory is an Australian car and the only SUV designed and built in Australia. Don’t you think that you and others could cut it and Ford Australia some slack and give credit where it is due? Or would you prefer that both Ford and Holden shut their Design and Manufacturing operations and just import cars like the other brands?

            BTW, I realise that Toyota build Camry’s in Australia but there is very little, if any, Aussie imput involved as they are basically just assembling the car.

          • Phil

            Joe, I for one would love for Ford and Holden to shut down their local manufacturing. I’m sick of tax payer funds being used to subsidise their unprofitable operations.

            No I cannot give Ford Australia credit for designing yet another unprofitable gas guzzler.

            By the way, the article says “all new” territory. From what I can see, quite a lot of the car is just carried over from the old model – the boot door, side doors look identical the the old model. The engine and gearbox are pretty much just carry overs too.

          • chook

            Wrong princess !!…The territory is not getting tharshed in other markets because territory is not available in other markets . Thats due to ford in Detroit not allowing ford oz to export it . Get your facts straight dear !!

          • Deluded Kiwi?

            New Zealand does.

        • Mani

          By that criteria Joe you would have to say the Craptiva is killing Ford in temrs of sale so your argument is rubbish…

          • Joe

            Mani, what is your issue? You were the one who brought up the Kia Sorrento and the $15,000 price difference.

            Obviously the Captiva is a good seller, not because it is Korean but because it has a Holden badge AND it is cheap. The fact that it is substantially smaller, probably the tightest 7 seater that I have ever sat in, is not as big a factor with it’s buyers than the much lower than Territory/Kluger/CX9 price.

  • Shak

    Good job there Ford. The Territory is just another clear example of the brilliant work local engineers can do when they put their minds to it.

    CA, only question with the article though, after the first picture of the engine under the bonnet, you guys state: “The diesel engine is coupled to Ford’s 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission, which is essentially a ZF six-speed…”, i just want to know if the transmission is a Ford unit or built by ZF?

    • Alborz Fallah

      It’s co-designed by ZF and Ford, but it’s a Ford unit as far as I am aware, but I will get confirmation for you.

      • Shak

        Ok thanks mate.

      • Andrew M

        I would also appreciate a little more info on the gear box Alborz.

        Your initial pieces of information leading up to release suggested this wasnt a ZF box, but this suggests its a ZF box tuned differently to diesel.

        I know Ford were designing their own 6sp global box, is this it??
        If it is infact a co-developed box with ZF, was the engineering of it also done here in OZ??

        Where is this box built?? do any other Ford vehicles use it??
        Does the petrol Terry retain the same ZF box or is it also this new co developed one (if it is even a new box)

        • Alborz Fallah

          I’ll confirm everything for you tomorrow, but I am almost certain it’s built by Ford in the states – it’s used in the Explorer and soon to be released Ranger

          it’s based on a ZF6 and one Ford employee told me it was co-designed by ZF and Ford. As far as I know no engineering was done on the box here in AUS, but it was tuned for the territory diesel specifically.

          Petrol keeps same ZF6 as before.

          This might give you more info:

          • Shak

            Weird, why not use the same gearbox in both engine packages; oh well as long as it gets the job done.

          • Camry HATER

            I’m tipping it’s the very different ratio’s required for the diesel .

          • Andrew M

            It has a very different range of revs to work with.

            Similar issues (different rev range etc) is why they couldnt tune the ZF6 to the old E-gas. Apparently they tried, but it wasnt working

    • http://Subaru Sumodog

      Transimission is built by Ford US under licence from ZF.

  • Ima Hogg

    120 bucks from Sydney to Brisbane is a Great total for a 4wd well done Ford aus

  • Ox

    Shame they didn’t reskin the doors. Side view really starting to look dated.

  • bob

    Well done to Ford. Will be a big seller for sure.

    If I were looking for an SUV, it would be high on my list.

  • Andrew

    I agree with the styling. Surely they could have changed the sides and rear to give it more of an edge.

    Nice thorough review

  • Goose

    My parents just bought a 2007 TX Territory to replace their 1990 EA S pack. Its one nice ride.I actually find the slotted wheels of the TX to be more appealing than the spoked style wheels of the Ghia from that year,which I found to be a rather plain and lazy design. The new Terry will be the best model in Fords entire lineup,and I’m sure the diesel will kick some serious imported ass. Having said that,its about three years overdue. I really have my fingers crossed for this baby.

  • Surfing Bill

    Great review! I have a question though. Is the 3rd row seat mechanism any better than on the old one? Basically my wife found it too hard to use.

    I agree too with some of the earlier comments about build quality on the earlier ones. On my 2005 Terri, it took a drive from Syd to Condo to finally work out exactly where to shove a bit of cardboard from a Maccas drinks tray in the roof lining to stop a noise that was slowly driving me insane. That bit of cardboard is still there 3 years later!!

    Were any rattles or squeaks evident in any of the test vehicles?

    • Alborz Fallah

      Hi Surfing Bill, to be honest I didn’t get a chance to have a play with it. I will have a territory for a week soon so I will answer those questions with more detail.

      No rattles in the cars I drove.

    • paul

      Guys the 3rd row seat is still the same as previous models.
      Drove it on Tuesday, the diesel is pretty good

  • nice engine

    The generalcoments on the fuel economy of the diesel are interesting. I drive a Discovery 4 with the same 2.7l engine and a quick check of my trip meter says that after 7261km my avge use is 9.4l/100km. I know the instant reading sits in the low 7′s on the highway and sits around 6.5-6.7 on a nice flat road at about 80km/hr. The Territory is a lot lighter so I’d expect it to get pretty close to the AFC figures… they might have been hammering it a bit…. but then they haven’t been crawling up hills in Low range or hooning up a beach like me either….

    • http://Telsa paulb

      Territory is 500 kg lighter than Discovery.

    • http://Subaru Sumodog

      Trip computers are usually optimistic with fuel consumption. You need to calculate your fuel consumption.

      • nice engine

        Hi Sumodog… you are correct. I’ve only done it three times: once on a country run of 600km and I calculated 7.8l/100km the other was towing the camper for an average of 10.5l/100km with a tail wind. The Disco has the aerodynamics of a brick so I’d hate to do it into the wind. On both occassions my calculations were better than the trip meter so being the cynic that I am on the 3rd occassion I ran the “distance to empty” down to “0 km” and the official 82l tank took 76l to fill up. Interestingly the yellow low fuel warning light didn’t come on till I had 12kms left.I suspect Land Rover have built a safety factor into their software, as the manual says you will have about 80km’s left when the light comes on. I have a habit of running my fuel pretty low and will confess to running out of fuel in a previous Magna and Falcon. People tell me it’s not a good idea to run out of fuel in a modern diesel…

        I know Ford have tinked with the engine a bit and and the ZF gearbox which is also in the Disco but as I’ve said… at 500kg less weight than the Disco I’d be really suprised if a Territory couldn’t better my fuel consumption

        • Disco

          I own a disco 4 2.7. I am impressed with the territory. I am happy with the economy so i am sure the territory would easily beet our figures. I have owned 10 falcons and onto a second disco. If you complain about territorys issues. Own a land rover you will never complain again. I also own a 2008 Toyota hilux sr5 d4d which I love, how ever I have had more issue mechanically then any of my falcons and still has an issue with the drive line that Toyota cann’t fix. The good thing about the hilux is build quality which unfortunately ford doesn’t have. However a Toyota doesn’t have the same drive and equipment that ford and many other brands have. And that’s why I bought the land rover again and that’s why I will trade the hilux in on a new ranger when it arrives.

  • AB

    Great review!

    Its cars like this that make me proud to be an Aussie!

    Good work Ford

  • gms

    $43240 for the TX Diesel RWD is exceptional value. Well done Ford Australia! You should pwn the segment in this country now!

  • Wazza

    It’s still a ford, so at the end of the day it’ll be sitting at the dealers awaiting warranty repairs more than you’ll be driving it….

    • Brett

      Very true Wazza – you Ford people must be oblivious to the major ball-joint issue with the previous Territory and the way the customers were all treated by Ford , not to mention all the other issue I’ve read about on these types of forums. If you’re all dumb enough to keep throwing away your money on this brand then don’t complain later. You’re all kidding yourselves if you think Ford make quality!

      • Don Quay

        Brett, I’m glad you like your Kia, I hope the engine doesn’t blow up on you. Because you know how Kia walk away from major problems and ignore their customers when something serious happens. Ford have fixed the ball joint problem and warrant the LBJs for 150,000km regardless of the age, and no-one is disadvantaged. How many hundreds of Kia Carnival owners are there around with cars that aren’t driveable because Kia won’t fix the dud engines they supplied?

        Don’t talk about the superior service and quality, without looking at Kia’s history and lack of service and appalling quality. The original engine in the Carnival is still an ongoing issue and Kia have washed their hands of it, walked away and effectively told their customers to get stuffed. That attitude alone would make me very nervous about buying a car from them.

  • shane


    • Princess

      We know you are.

      • chook

        Every single comment on here by princess gets voted down by everyone . I think she has the same mind as my ex .

  • J.Gillard is Wooden

    Look at inside of car at air vents – at centre it is rectangle and ones closest to doors are elliptical round!

    Bit odd as no flow on effect in design!

    • T

      Well Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai etc all do.

  • TORA

    Nice work FoMoCo looks great, also built by FoMoCo not a re-badged Daewoooooo, hahahah.

  • your majesty


    • nickdl

      Care to elaborate why?

  • http://Caradvice Bahaha

    Looks pretty good!! But for $63 grand no way!! looks like new captiva! I own 07 territory only problem with it is the 3rd row seats!!

    • nickdl

      Why does everyone keep mentioning $63 grand for one of these? Chances are the TX and TS RWD diesel will be the volume sellers, not the AWD Titanium diesel. The Kluger Grande and the CX9 Luxury are in direct competition with the Titanium (albiet without a diesel); not the Captiva, Santa Fe or Sorento. It’s like comparing Qantas to Tiger.

      • Brett

        I don’t know – maybe it’s because it’s stated in the review you goose! And you’re right, people shouldn’t compare Santa Fe, Sorento and Captiva with this because two of them are quality made family SUVs with great fuel economy from a cracking diesel engine and the other two are Australian made unreliable and overpriced rubbish.

        • Des

          Brett, if you are sprouting uniformed rubbish. Please take your biases and crawl away till you have some facts.

          • Brett

            Des, the facts are there for everyone to read who wants to take the time to rifle through all the complaints about the Territories on other forums. As for the Captiva, well it finished last in a Cars guide review done last year out of 7 SUVs and what won the best SUV under $40,000 last year, oh thats\’s right, the Sorento!
            These are the facts Des not just my bias, it sounds like you\’re a Territory owner concerned comments like mine might hurt your resale value.

          • Don Quay

            Brett says “comments like mine might hurt your resale value”

            Brett, get your hand off it! You have an inflated concept of the value of your opinion and influence, don’t you?

          • Brett

            Here’s a fact for you Des. I just heard on the radio Ford are slashing 200 jobs at Broadmeadows due to poor sales of the Falcon and Territory. The Australian public just don’t trust Ford it’s as simple as that and serves them right. They burnt a lot of the old Territory owners with the ball-joint fiasco and buyers have long memories and word soon gets around especially when you start reading about issues on forums like this. People want reliability in their new car and don’t have confidence in Ford like they used to.

        • Don Quay

          Brett, Please tell us all which are the TWO vehicles manufactured in Australia.
          You have just demonstrated that you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Brett

            I know enough to realise I’d buy a Korean car ahead of a Holden or Ford these days.

          • Don Quay

            You obviously don’t know enough to answer the question. Which TWO are made in Australia?

          • Brett

            I\’m having so much fun watching you get frustrated Don so please keep it up. I don\’t have to answer to you or anyone so don\’t act like some pompus wanker demanding my answer. In fact you\’re acting like a stalker the way you can\’t let it go. You take life too seriously Don, it\’s just a forum where people can have their personal views on cars for Gods sake, get over it!

  • Jim Moss

    I want to like it. I do like it. BUT, not as much as the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The entry level Grand Cherokee has more features than the TS model (second level) of the Territory and its still cheaper! Diesel may be $50K or less for entry model Grand Cherokee when it comes out. Has better entertainment system with the 30G hard drive, heated seats, keyless ignition, reversing Camera, rain sensing wipers, auto dipping hi beams, more powerful Diesel, better 4WD with low range…the list goes on.
    Only issue for the Jeep is servicing costs which will be more expensive which is a shame.
    Anyone know what the service intervals are for the new Territory Diesel?

    • bangel

      I know two buyers who are holding off for the grande diesel , it is going to shake up the whole market , big towing capacity .

      Servicing should be similar cost , both euro built engines , neither will be cheap , but they will both crank on for many hundred thousand k’s .

      The jeep has a more contempory look that wont date so fast .

    • Brett

      Jim you forgot to mention how much better looking your Cherokee is. I reckon it’s one of if not the best looking SUVs around and would’ve bought it if it was in our price-range.


    It sure is a significant step in design from the out-going model (unlike the current Falcon).

    Does exude cues of the VW Amarok to me

  • goodjjp

    Is there any changes on suspension ? any;;
    like front lower ball joint? any improvement ?

    • Pablo

      This was fixed on SYII update a few years ago.

  • Gan Tan

    Looks like a great car, though being a Ford I think I’ll wait for the updated SY Territory to be released before committing.

    Sorry Ford, full me once, shame on you…

    • benno5693

      Say what?! Are you still in 2004??? This is the ‘SZ’ – yes, two models AFTER ‘SY’, so if you’re waiting for a NEW SY, well… you’ll be waiting for a while! lol

      Anyways…. Ford has done a miracle here IMO – using a poultry $230m to do the ‘SZ’ Tezza, the LPG Falcon AND the EB4 Falcon is nothing short of amazing. Something also tells me that the ‘SZ’ got the least share of that money! ;) Good times ahead for products @ FoA! :D

      • Nasal Explorer

        “using a poultry $230m to do the ‘SZ’ Tezza”

        Lucky Ford diversified into chicken ranching to provide the funds for the upgrade.

        • jeremy

          Good grief man, thats funny but you’ve left him in the dark!

          “Paltry” my good man, “Paltry”.

  • Maximus

    Let me get this right. $63,000 for a Territory that has a v6 diesel that can’t even outperfom the 4 cylinder crap coming out of South Korea. Have I got that correct???? In the immortal words of the Castle, “Tell them their dreaming son.”

    • Skall

      Hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of your loltarded rants, ok.

      • Andy


        “The diesel Territory is not what you’d call very quick. It doesn’t have the same initial pace as say a Kia Sorento/Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2-litre R-diesel”


        “Although it may not be the best diesel engine available in its class…”

        Looks like that’s the truth to me and I agree with Maximus, “Tell them their dreaming son…”

        • jeremy

          More reason why they should have a 3L option perhaps.

  • Denzo

    Gotta say, this car looks fantastic. Love this design. Cant fault it and at a great price. Will look terrific cruising down the road in one of these!

    • Brett

      $63k a great price for this – what are you smokin’?
      You’ll get plenty of looks alright.. from people thinking that clown just wasted $63k on a Ford!

  • http://ca auto

    BASE Kluger— BASE Territory
    alloy spare—yes steel
    overhead sun glass holder—yes—–no
    rear luggage cover———-yes—–no
    reverse camera————–yes—–no
    privacy glass—————yes—–no
    spare tyre cover————yes—–no
    add these to the base territory and see what the price is

    • Ron R

      You forgot to add

      Kluger – 4 or 6 seater
      Territory – 5 or 7 seater

      Also the territory has the spare wheel under the car so need need for a wheel cover on the tailgate.

      • Nasal Explorer

        And I personally love crawling around in the gravel getting the spare out, not to mention trying to get the flat back up in the cradle.

        Spares stored underneath the vehicle suck.

      • http://ca auto

        gee you are well informed,but just to make it a bit clearer for you the Kluger has the spare under the car also , I am not talking about a Rav. I am talking BASE cars here, 7 seat is an option.

        • Skall

          Better add more to that comparison list, Auto. Not just the trinkety biased stuff that tries to make Kluger look superior.

          How about stuff that Australian-market, family buyers actually care about, like: Power? Torque? Fuel Economy? Transmission? Passenger room/comfort? Towing capacity? Territory absolutely smashes Kluger on every level. Ever put an adult in the centre seat of the 2nd row in a Kluger? It’s a one-cheeker. I’ve driven both and Kluger isn’t a bad car – but don’t expect much more than the traditional Toyota/Kelvinator joint venture experience.

          But, if sunglasses holders get you all hot and sweaty, then don’t actually research a new car, just go buy what relates to you.

          • http://ca auto

            where did I say Kluger was superior?? I am meaning price.Also if you take the time and read the spec sheets of each vehicle you will find that there is very little difference between them, very little.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            The Territory may be superior to the Kluger in many ways, including the centre position of the 2nd row which is ordinary to say the least due to it’s shape, but not on EVERY level. The Kluger actually has more volume behind the second row of seats, both under the screen/blind as well as up to the roof. That is not a case of the “Territory absolutley smashing the Kluger on every level”. If you said the “Teritory absolutely smashes the Kluger on ALMOST every level” I would have fully agreed with you. I suppose you can’t let the facts get in the way of emotion! Also, what was that you mentioned about research… ;-) TIC

        • Disco

          Have you driven a kluger. I love them till I drove one

  • Nick

    still crap from ford. The interior looks like a normal cab I catch in Sydney. The interior is ugly. The exterior will age quickly. Wait for about 6-8 months before we see $2k to 5k cash back.

  • Sonu

    Hello people of Australia,

    I have been in this beautiful country for 21 years now (most of my life, born in India) and the best thing about Australia besides beers, sunshine and chilling, is FORDDSSSSSSSSSS mate.

    Brilliant cars, space, powerful engines, reliable and dam good looking too. This is one car i would like to purchase in the next 2 years. Try to get a demo model. Aussies engineering is highly underrated. Made by Aussies for Aussies , IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, LEAVE

    • Sonu

      sorry about the part at the end, it should be “IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, LEAVE BUYING IT”

      • Brett

        I will gladly leave buying these overrated,overpriced outdated pieces of junk. Hope for all your sakes they’ve worked out how build them without the wheels snapping off unlike the previous models. I value my family too much to drive from Melb to brisbane in this.

        • Don Quay

          “Hundreds of wheels snapping off when driving those death traps”

          A bit of hysteria and exaggeration there, don’t you think Brett. Try and keep you opinions and arguments rational.
          You are sounding like a desperate fanboy there Brett.

          • Brett

            Are you denying they had a major problem with the ball joints and wheels snapping off? Do yourself a favour and google Territory ball joint problem and read the hundreds of upset owners with the same issue. Today tonight didn’t do a story on it for no reason and it was only after it aired that Ford reluctantly admitted there was a major design flaw with the Territory. (After treating these people with contempt til then)
            200 jobs are being axed at the Broadmeadows plant soon due to poor sales of the Territory and Falcon, I wonder why?

          • Don Quay

            Brett, not only is your knowledge of factual information lacking, you also show very poor levles of comprehension. Refer to my previous comments regarding the LBJs. The issue was fixed with the SYII model and all Territorys are warrented to 150,000km regardless of age. Compare that level of service to the contempt shown by KIA (Killed In Action) to the owners of the early model Carnivals with the exploding engines. I know what I would prefer. The actual number of ball joint separations is literally a handfull, not as you claim “hundreds of wheels falling off” There is actually nothing wrong at all with the wheels or hubs, so none have fallen off. Really Brett, you need to do better that that. Anyone who feels the need to refer to a Today Tonight story to justify their shallow argument really is desperate.
            Can you also explain why you are so gleeful about 200 hundred workers losing their jobs?

    • http://Telsa paulb

      Well put Sonu

      • Brett

        I was just pointing it out Don, never said I was gleeful about it or even insinuated that so don\’t jump to conclusions. Nice try at a cover up but there was a hell-of a lot more than a handful that broke off. I\’m not going to get into an argument about it with you as you are obviously a staunch Ford supporter and I\’m not so let\’s leave it at that. In fact you probably work for them as there are similarities in the way you have you head in the sand over the whole issue as Ford did a few years ago.

    • kris

      well said. I love Aussie cars too. Practical and reliable. why can not Ford put a diesel into the falcon and watch the sales go up??? Same applies to Holden. Drop a diesel into the Commodore engine bay and see how people come back to buying Australian made cars. I am an immigrant as well and now bat for Australia.

      when is Ford going to bring in those hybrids which it sells in the US? or are they going to be washed away by Hyundai, Kia, great wall etc etc? Ford and Holden needs to wake up before its too late.

      Its all about fuel economy and value.

      • Brett

        It is too late, Ford is so far behind the rest in service and quality it’s not funny. Serves them right after the way they treated their previous Territory owners in relation to the ball-joint recalls. (oh sorry, it wasn’t a recall if you believe them) Hundreds of wheels snapping off when driving those death traps must have just been a coincidence. Simply – Ford don’t do quality engineered cars. The Koreans and Japanese are proud people and that shows in their cars, they strive to be the best and are not content with just whacking away with the rest.

    • bangel

      Make sure you get an extended warranty , your going to need it .

      • http://Telsa paulb

        ha,ha,Vdubs are allways breaking down

  • Cazisk

    gotta say these new territorys are beautiful. Loving the new front end and interior!

    yup agree with kris, love to see the diesel in falcons!!

    Anyone know if its ford’s own diesel?

    • Brett

      Gee, you’re easily pleased. Ford don’t have the brains to come up with a quality diesel engine and it would be lucky to last 100,000kms if they did.

      • chook

        Its from ford in england brett .Im not a fan of imports but im sure you dont mind it being imported , after all you like anything imported . Do you look for imported groceries because you have such a dislike for australian made . Youre a moron !!

        • Brett

          Before you start calling someone a moron try learning how to correctly punctuate a sentence. Cities and people’s names start with a capital letter you uneducated loser! I don’t have a dislike for Australian made, I just prefer to spend money on quality and if that’s Aussie made then I’ll buy it too. My point is that Ford and Holden don’t quite make the quality that some of the other imports can come up with.That’s my opinion and it doesn’t make me un-Australian to say that, just open-minded.

          • chook

            So what if i dont use capitals for ford or england !!. Im sorry in case you took offence but its really petty on your part . Ive seen it on here before when people nitpick at other peoples grammar or spelling ,and its usually when they have no valid points left to argue about !! . As for your previous comments about australian made …Im convinced you dont give a damn about australian jobs , only your own one !! …and you will quickly buy a piece of fruit from china what was fertilised in sewage just to save a few cents . Your type care only about yourselves , but not your country .

          • Brett

            I’ve got a new nickname for you chook, it’s goose because that’s what you look like everytime you write something. “fruit from China what was fertilised in sewage” Do you even read what you write before sending it?

  • Page

    All Australian made Ford ugly
    Please bring American made Ford especially, new Explorer

    • Dan R.

      Your English is ugly!

      • Brett

        Thanks Dan, that made me laugh!

  • Sam

    It looks like a pretty good car. But is that enough to save Ford Australia’s local cars. Not sure. It probably needed to be brilliant to do that.

  • Mr Car Review

    Looks like a nice car,i wonder if the passenger seat is also elec?? Also for the top of the range is there keyless entry push start?? For the money you would think so.Lets wait and see….

  • BarryHamburger

    great looking piece of machinery!

    • Andy

      yeah right…at least there is enough room in the back for your labrador!

  • Brett

    I don\’t understand why you\’d spend over $60K for this instead of less than $50k for a Santa Fe or even better, the Sorento. The Korean cars are now so much superior than Aust made that they even rival the Japanese for quality and technology. I can hear the badge snobs already screaming at their computers but do yourself a favour and check out their reviews. I too used to be a badge snob but had my eyes opened by our fantastic 9 month old Sorento. Best car I’ve ever owned!

  • Danny L

    If all things are so good with Ford, GM and Toyota, lets just mention them not backing their product with a full 5 year ‘factory’ warranty. What are they afraid of….history?….ah yes, espicially the Territory’s history. Just ‘Ask Smithy’

    • Brett

      Well said Danny, the Sorento gets a standard 7 year warranty in America, shame we get only 5 but still better than a paltry 3 from the rest (Mitsubishi excluded)

  • Andy

    Totally agree Brett well said. Purchased a Sorento Platinum 2 months ago and absolutely love it. Great car, great engine (especially considering its a four cyclinder and still outperforms the Ford diesel which has two extra cylinders), great interior, great specs, handles fantastic well for a SUV and a true pleasure to drive. Then when I compare how much I paid for it (change out of $50,000 drive away)I realise just how good a car this is in terms of value for money. Add on to it a 5 year unlimited kilomoetre warranty to boot, well I’m more then happy with my purchase. As for you Ford nuts out there who are thinking of buying the $63000 verison of the Territory, go for your life but if you ever get the chance to ride in a new diesel Sorento please be prepared to feel like you just got absolutely ripped a new one. I should add, my brother owns a 3 year old Territory and is looking at replacing it (lease car). After taking my car for a drive guess what he has decided to upgrade to? Can’t guess, well let me give you a clue, three letter word, starts with K and end in A.

  • Brett

    We bought our Platinum as a demo with 300kms on it last June and paid $47k with a tow package thrown in the deal so anyone who pays over $60 for the territory needs their head examined when you realise just how good the Sorento is. Do your research people, read all the reviews on the websites by people more knowledgable and less biased than me. I read them all one night and was so impressed took the family to the dealer next day and bought it straight after the test drive. It ticked all our boxes and was the best value. 10 months down the track and the wife and I still do paper, rock scissors to see who drives on our family outings.

  • James

    The all new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Laredo is far better option than the TS AWD Diesel. Better build, higher spec’d, cheaper and the option to go real off-roading.

    PS Brett, I love your passion!

  • andyboy

    What a pity. The front end looks like a poor Chinese copy of the Audi Q7 while the rear end looks like it is a poor Chinese copy of the Toyota Kluger. Ford has taken a great achievement with the Territory and just hit it with the ugly stick!

  • chook

    Styling is just opinion , like colour choice…fair enough . I saw a poll a few months back on the styling and i believe youre in the 20% group who dont like it . .

  • Ford Man

    This car is now at dealerships.


  • Matt

    You can find hints of other cars in almost any car you look at, i think the diesel looks amazing and a huge step forward over the old one, have seen it in the metal and could not believe how good it looked, i dont like SUVs as a car and would neer consider having one, but if i HAD to have one it would be the territory just due to the looks, it the only SUV i would like to walk out to and drive every day

  • xr6 turbo

    eww eww eww eww eww.
    not only does it look putrid, (externally only. i love the interior) but who’s idea was it not to make an AWD petrol version? yes demand may be lower but i know plenty of people that have been put off the territory based on these facts. people that have upgraded to the newest model every 2 years. people that have loved and defended the territory from day one. myself included. im due for an upgrade on my 09 territory turbo but i will not be upgrading to this.

  • NickM

    The review noted that the 6cyl Turbo model was deleted. Interesting that the new diesel engine is from Ford Europe where it had twin turbos. Maybe that might be a performance model option at a later date?
    I like the idea of the new Territory but we have recently bought an Hyundai IX35 Highlander TD and love it. Different size I know but it’s a competitive market these days. If we were looking for something bigger or to tow a van the Territory TDCi would definitely be on the list.

  • Murray

    Interesting review and comments. I have not had the pleasure of driving the Territory, but my wife’s RR Sport uses the PSA-sourced 2.7L twin turbo diesel with the ZF auto. After 4 years and 55K it consistently gives 8.3L / 100Km, and is very quiet inside. Nothing’s EVER broken — never had such a reliable car…

    Since Ford owned Land Rover & Jaguar for years I was always puzzled as to why they never used this drive-train combo in their other marques. Imagine a Falcon with the V6 diesel, ZF box and 800Kg lighter. That would be a sweet deal.

  • J. F

    Anyone looking at one of these needs to be aware of the very very poor customer service provided by Ford Australia. Our new territory was several weeks late, then the Driver Stability Control was faulty, and it took them over 2 MONTHS to fix it. The local service dept went out of their way to make up for lazy, uninterested head office who only started to get their A into G to source the problem component when we demanded a replacement vehicle. We enjoy the car for comfort and value in its bracket, but would never look at a ford again, once you drive it off the lot their service is not worth it.

  • Johnandamy

    i purchased a ts deisel 2 wd and tested kia hyundai and captiva territory is the only suv that can seat 7 adult 3 car seats acroos back seat and all can belt themselves in and can get 14.4 litres per hundred ks with a 20 foot caravan on behind on average through hills and flat..we get 800 to 900 ks with nothing on it with 5 of us in it plus pram etc…if you drive it carfully on open raod you would come very close to 1000ks out of a tanks but why would you so much fun to give it heaps!!! great suv and couldnt find anything better for it price size etc a+++

  • unhappy

    i have had repeated faults (engine) plus other minor faults with my 2011 TS Diesel Territory.  Purchased in july 11 first fault being sep 11.  Neither the dealership nor FORD want anything to do with us, they keep palming us off.  Please be aware of this DUD!!!

  • HappySY

    Brett I think you need your own forum

  • Bryan

    I wish Ford would stop using that horrible silver plastic in the centre of the dash board, it looks and feels so cheap!  If they want a brushed aluminium or titanium look in the cabin, use brushed aluminium or titanium!

  • Saralouisehall

    I would appreciate any advice over the AWD territory vs the RWD. We would like to have the option of doing light offloading, but realistically, what are the added capabilities of the AWD offer over the RWD ? Thanks very much.

Ford Territory Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
383Nm @  2500rpm
Max. Power
190kW @  5250rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
12.2L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2300  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/55 R18
Rear Tyres
235/55 R18
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones, Power front seat Driver/memory, Rear seat enhancement pack
Control & Handling
18 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System
Adjustable Pedals, Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering, Reversing Camera, Trip Computer
CD with 6 CD Stacker, Sound System with 7 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors, Side Steps
Leather Upholstery, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags
Central Locking Remote Control
Optional Features
Satellite Navigation
Body Kit, Tow Pack
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin