It’s official. Chinese cars will be here next year. Ateco, the Australian importer of European prestige brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Citroen and Fiat has just announced plans to import cars made by Chery Automobile Company.

The two companies have been in talks since late 2005 but the distributorship agreement was only executed earlier this month.

“We believe that China represents the future as a source of automotive products which makes this association with Chery a very exciting development for Ateco,” Ateco governing director, Neville Crichton said.

Ateco will import three Chery models to Australia next year, a light and a small passenger car as well as a small SUV. Depending on sales success, there is a good possibility of more models making their way here with Chery expected to expand its range with 38 new models over the next five years.

Chery Tiggo

The SUV is more than likely going to be the Tiggo 3 (pictured above), the light car is still unknown while the small car could look something like this:


The A1 is a great attempt by Chery to enter the small car market. Utilising a front-wheel drive setup, the car was designed by struggling Italian design house Bertone. Currently it’s available with either a 1.1-litre (50kW @ 6000rpm and 90Nm @ 3500rpm) or a 1.3-litre engine (61kW @ 6000rpm and 114Nm @ 3800).

The A1 is only available with a five-speed manual gearbox and returns a fuel economy of around 6L/100km, according to official figures.

A national dealer network is currently in the works and all Chinese cars will be sold and badged as Chery.

Chery QQ

The task to establish a new brand will be very difficult. Any early mishaps (e.g. bad ANCAP rating) could potentially damage the reputation of Chery irreparably. Nonetheless, with Ateco’s experience in public relations and marketing, Chery might just stand a chance.

Despite the many negatives we have seen over the last 12 months, with the likes of Chinese manufacturer Brilliance failing miserably in Europe, Chery is arguably the best of the Chinese automakers.

Chery Sedan

The company started building cars in late 1999 (yes, not that long ago) and managed to sell 1 million cars in its first 8 years of operation. In 2007 it sold 261,000 vehicles domestically and exported another 120,000.

Chery can currently manufacture 650,000 cars a year but plans to expand that to 1 million in the next few years. According to the company, all cars are produced in “ultra modern” factories using “extensive production equipment from overseas, usually Europe”. The company employs about 25,000 people.

It will be interesting to see how Ateco plans to advertise and market Chery next year. The Chinese brand will have a lot to prove and critics will undoubtedly give the company a hard time.

But the real issue is not about mishaps and negative reviews, it’s a core values question, if the price is right, would you buy a Chinese made Chery vehicle?

  • Pablo

    Sounds like a cheap & nasty way for another importer to make a quid.
    Australia is not a big market – a million car sales per year doesn’t justify so many different models available here.


    Is just me or is that suv just a re-badged previous model Rav 4.

    • JD

      i think there’s some prado in it aswell

  • Allan

    i’ve seen that car on the road overseas, the front has the old CRV headlamps with RAV4 foglights, while the rear is a copy of the old RAV4.

    • NSX

      i think the badge is also a rip from infinity.

  • Carl

    Eyma, i think it looks like an uglier version of a Honda CRV

  • Carl

    And that little orange one is just a rebadged Matiz II !!!

  • Oz.

    Oh well, lets see how well it goes with ANCAP. Hopefully Chinese cars will never flood the Australian market.

  • o

    ACTUALL THE ORANGE ONE WAS DESINED IN HOUSE.Gm sued them over it i dunno who would of imatated it y nott a 1 sereis or X5/prado oop to late lol the last one looks like the last gen chevy malibu

  • MatthewM

    Awesome, I can’t wait. I hope they’re cheap!

  • Phill

    Hope there not cheap & nasty


    I’M with you oz, there are to many brands and models available here now. I would like to see some manafacturers culled, mostly the poorer selling euro brands, Volvo, Saab and citroen would be a good place to start. I dont think anyone would even notice them missing to be honest!
    I dont realy have a problem with the chinese cars, as long as the meet all the safety requirements. I am sure they will sell if they are cheap enough.

  • FORD is No.1

    If people are stupid enough to buy China made crap it makes me wonder what the world is coming to, not only are the cars they will drive made in China, but everything in the house, eat, sleep on, sit on, make with, etc etc, is made in China, makes me bluddy sick this will be part of our culture in near future.

    Wouldn’t you have the sense or bad feeling of being surrounded by China crap, Korean cars are bad enough eg, Daewoos and Kias..

    Please don’t send that crap over here Australia you should know better….

    Crazy Clints, Silly Sollys, Northern Warehouse, 2 dollars shops will have a field day with these car’s, make good dealers to hey….


    Ford is no 1 CRAP
    Mate before you go rubishing Chinese,Korean cars you should look in your back yard. Half of your beloveded Fords are made in South Africa.
    Sorry but i would prefer chinese or korean engineering to Soth african any day.Anyone who has had a good look at the fit and finish on a focus will know what i ma talking about.

    • Joker

      Not for long..
      The New Focus is being made in Germany. Fiesta is Thailand (but then so is Mazda 2)
      Emya Teapot…there is a HUGE difference between German Engineered/South African assembled.. compared to your statement “made in South Africa”
      As for Chinese Cars…If they’re lacking in safety features, fit/finish means nothing..
      Korea smashes China for Quality, safety and design.
      It’s clear they are the New “Old” Hyundai (of the 90’s), building cars that just meet the criteria for Australia totally lacking in creative inspiration and everything else.

  • Hugo

    I have to disagree with Ford is No. 1’s comments.

    The vast majority of consumer goods manufactured in China are of similar quality to their foreign competitors, and cost a lot less.

    Take the quality differences between CORGI’s French and Chinese manufactured products as one example.

    It irritates me that ‘Buying Australian’ usually means paying a high premium for products that are very similar to their cheaper, imported counterparts.

    Chery is entering into this market for a very good reason: the Australian carmakers (Ford Australia and, especially, Holden) have failed to provide a product that excites the Australian consumer.

    We expect more from our home-grown products, and expect it for a lot less. The Koreans and the Japanese now build cars that are cheaper (to own and operate), safer, better equipped and better built than our Aussie builts car.

    It will only be a matter of time before the Chinese learn to do the same. Need I remind anyone of our small-car past – namely, the Lightburn Zeta?

    I’m not being un-Australian. I’m being realistic.


    I agee with evey word that Hugo just wrote.
    I would buy Australians too if the product were as good as the imported and at at least reasonable price competative, but with aus automotive, their not.

  • Allan

    Funny that someone mentioned X5 earlier. My dad works in china and his company provides him with a vehicle. When i went to visit him recently, i hopped into his SUV at the airport thinking it was a BMW X5. Only after about 10 mins sitting in it i realised that it was NOT a beemer, it was some chinese made copy of the X5. But was it crap? Hell NO. It was decently put together, rides well and was pretty comfy. Dont know about its crash worthyness, but if chinese made vehicles are priced well and reliable im sure ppl will buy them. I think aussies in general are smart enough to know that we get what we pay for.

  • Realcars

    Comparing the Koreans to the Chinese is like comparing Mandarins with Lychee.

    Koreans are a first world industrial county and have been so for decades whereas China produces absolute crap especially
    if left to their own devices. I would wait another decade before considering an entirely Chinese car.

    People condemning all Korean cars are ignorant.

  • Realcars

    I know a Chinese lady that won’t buy anything made in China because it is crap! Her words.

  • nameless

    Yeah its sad to say but I would probably buy a Hyundai before i bought a Ford! haha -Five years ago I never would have thought such a thing!!

  • jeremy

    buying a Chinese car is showing support for the Chinese way. please don’t buy chinese anything if possible, and don’t travel there. look what’s happening in Tibet, if you disagree with this, then ten around and buy from them, then that’s a little hypocritical

  • Baji

    The main problem i see with the chinese branded cars is that they will no doubt be associated with bad quality. Even if they are on par with the japanese and korean brands, they will still have a lot of trouble trying to convince the general public. Take the koreans for example, im pretty sure the quality of the current hyundai products are on the same level of quality if not even better than most toyota equivalents. They drive just as well, if not better and are generally priced more competitively. Do they enjoy the same level of sales as toyota? not really. why? because of the stigma of bad quality. The chinese better be willing to invest heavily into trying to change perceptions of their products if they wish to become successful in the aussie market.

  • Realcars

    yes,yes and yes.

    The poor Chinese people and those in adjoining conquered territories certainly do get a rough deal in life to say the least. i don’t know if boycotting their cars would change the situation or improve their lot?
    The government is certainly ruthless in implementing their five or maybe 10 year plans now.

    Political change will probably have to come from within.

    Probably take them 5 to 10 years to equal the Koreans and Japs. Maybe we should stop buying Jap cars until they stop hunting whales and apologise for the atrocities they committed during the Second World War?

  • FORD is No.1

    OMG Hugo, are you saying China cars are exciting, so enthusiasts all over the world will embrace inferior manufactured vehicles, I’m just saying Chery have a long hard road to negotiate, don’t kid yourself the only way Chery pies will fly is good advertising if they say (not built in China) things may go smoothly..

    This car maker is definately not entering Australia for a good reason at all we have way too much choice here and china cars will be only small volume compared to what else is comming to Australia in the next few years it’s getting stupid the government should implement less car imports to our country, including cheap and nasty products, there is ENOUGH HERE ALREADY OK UNDERSTAND….

    My job will soon be made redundant in the next few months because of you guessed it the markets are flooded with imports and yes if you know the company it’s called QAF the largest pork meat industry in Australia hundreds of jobs will be gone and many more to go.. I’m very sad about what has occurred while not just our company cannot survive in our country but others like primary and secondary vanish eg, piggery’s, grain growers, local towns etc all suffer, some people think jobs grow on tree’s but little by little our agriculture industry is dying off…

    Don’t get me wrong, we obviously need imports for growth but not to the extent our jobs will disappear never to return or include products we don’t really need and this means cars from China, sorry but we don’t need them FULL STOP…

  • Mitchell Oke

    Well apart from the fear of extremely poor safety and quality, there is no way in the world I’d buy a car with the brand name Chery 😛

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    Why not, Its bright and cheerful?
    Have you something against stone fruit?

  • FORD is No.1

    Eyma don’t be abbusive unless you want a never ending fight, The Focus is miles ahead with quality, we own last years model and it’s a superb vehicle, reliablility, comfort, power, smoothness, everything the Astra, Elantra, Excel didn’t have, we owned these before the Ford (Focus craps all over them), Ford have improved and have products that people want, have a look at some posts here about KIA’s and Astra’s, Korean made right, see engines blow up, OH WOW what a surprise common occurance with inferior made vehicles..

  • TP

    To be fair, they will more than likely me more reliable then any Ford we currently have in Aus.

  • Realcars

    more reliable than a Toyota TP?

  • FORD is No.1


  • MatthewM


    Why do you want to see manufacturers culled? What is wrong with having choice? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it, but there is nothing wrong with having as much competition in the market as possible.

    Your post makes no sense, you say in one sentence you want to see the number of brands reduced, and then in the next state that you don’t have a problem with chinese manufacturers entering into the market.

    *shakes head*

  • Realcars

    Yeah TP is a bit of a Toyota affectionado.

    Don’t Toyota build cars in China?

  • FORD is No.1

    Andrew M spot on, some posts here are off in tangents, please stop confusing the crap out of everyone, let there be substance, also bagging Ford Focus which is selling very well in Europe and here begs (WHAT THE), then saying China cars should have a strong hold in Pacific countries, makes for sad motoring ahead, Eyma if want to support china cars be my guest, but you won’t have any back up here….

  • FORD is No.1

    Sorry I mean Matthew M

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Today my family has 3 Japanese cars, I have a Korean dishwasher and home audio system. Maybe in 10 years time we will have 3 Korean cars and Chinese dishwasher and audio system. Maybe in 20 years time everything will be Chinese but somehow I don’t think so. The rest of the world’s trade protection systems will kick in before that happens, thank God.

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    F is No. 1
    Mate, dont get me wrong. I have reservasions about these chinese cars.I think they will be nasty cheap crap but provided that they can meet minimum safety and other criteria in aus, they will sell. Barina does!!

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    F is no.1
    I though you wold like that.
    A shot at GM instead of Ford. LOL.

  • Myke

    I don’t understand why people complain about the amount of car brands we have here, it just gives us more choice. It would be a pretty boring world if we all drove the same thing.

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    Would be a pretty boring world if we all drove corollas too!!

  • Bucket (Formerly Known as Chris)


    When are you announcing tour dates for your stand up comdey gig?

  • Joober

    Eyma, Barina is associated with Holden, and there are plenty of buy for the sake oh holden peoples, How did the Daewoo Kalos compare in sales? id be lucky to see 2 on the road a year.

    The chinese at the current trend will never succeed over their northern neighbours and western world over innovation, they are good at either knocking off or producing cheaply those items, at a current outlook they are followers, so in terms of whitegoods, there will be many people who choose innovation over a cheap copy of a matured product and can never entire consume a market.

  • dusty

    These will go down a storm with the average cheapskate Aussie consumer. If you build it – AND IT’S CHEAP!! – they will come.

    I wouldn’t drive one for all the tea in Equatorial Guinea.

    BTW: Hugo – you are full of it.

    This myth put about – mainly by those with vested interests, i.e.: those making a dollar from importing craptastic consumables from the world’s largest tyrannical dictatorship – that it’s NOT the quality of goods from China that’s the problem are in denial that they are in fact stingy skinflints who have a pathological need to spend as little as possible on absolutely everything on their twisted path to the Holy Grail: SAVING MONEY.

    Quality – or rather, the lack of it – is the WHOLE problem. Who doesn’t like cheap prices? But at what cost Hugo hmmmm??

    Can anyone name ONE SINGLE CHINESE BRAND – in any industry or field – of quality, reliability, service etc.?

    Doesn’t exist!

    I hope the cowboys at Ateco fail miserably in their quest for both ends of the Aussie car market.

    They probably won’t though – they’ll buy ’em up and drive ’em down to Fantastic Furniture or Chickenfeed etc. and spend what they saved at the Chery dealer on fab new plasma screen etc. Good luck to the plonkers. They’ll need it…

  • TuffGuy

    Personally I don’t care who buys this Chinese rubbish. Actually I am probably hoping if I am ever out driving my MY08 WRX and fate puts me in an accident with another car then let it be a Chinese one. I am pretty sure I will have a better chance of survival unlike the other guy.

  • Elitist

    What everyone needs to understand is the general public doesnt know where cars come from, they just see the price.

    Do you think a girl (usually dumb enough to buy these stating theyre cute), knows daewoo comes from Korea and not Japan. That the new Barina is a daewoo?

    Do you think the general public knows the difference between the Asian countries?

    Australia should tax these cars heavily..Shame ateco you sold out!

    Chinese millionaires buy BMW’s from germany stating the ones built in china are flawed.

  • Joober

    Even though I really don’t see the Chinese brand outshining our existing brands in Aus, I would welcome any manufacturers to the Australian market, the more competitors the more competition and means manufacturers will work hard to be leader of the pack.

  • o

    many forget that panasonic and LG are korean.If china can get its act together and not copy outdated designs then good on them i was on a website recently and that was about futer cherys and they actuall look good

  • No Name

    TP – If they are going to be more reliable than a Ford then they’ll be twice as reliable as a Toyota. Got your sweeties yet?

  • TP

    Dont get your logic No Name, at last glance it was 55% of Falcons that needed to return to dealership within 5 months, NOT Aurions.

  • Andrew M

    wow thats an interesting stat there mate.

    i honestly didnt realise that 55% of falcon drivers rack up 15,000k’s in 5 months. at that rate it would be 2 visits to the dealership per year for the 15,000k and 30,000k service

    thats impressive!!!!!!
    people must just love driving their falcons to rack up that sort of milage so quickly

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    Cheap sells, dont worry about that. Remember the 13,990 drive away Hyundai Excels. Difference is although people loved to bag them, they were a good reliable car.
    Not sure i see that in Chery. Still…. time will tell

  • Dean

    Some simple points:

    1.Do NOT judge a car unless you see the test results or test drive the car. Otherwise, it is simply useless and arrogant to post baseless comments mixed with personal feelings. What you see and what you feel are more accurate than your perception.

    2. No matter where a car is from, if it is in good quality and complies with Australian Standards, then we should welcome it. Because legal competition is good for consumers.

    3. There is no doubt that currently the Chinese car industry needs to catch up with the leaders. However, the world is evolving, so is the Chinese car manufacturing. Never look down anything, it might be a big surprise in a near future if you are still feeling ‘superior’!

  • Flying High

    Having seen the Euro Crash Tests – I will pass. Would not even be a flickering of consideration.

    Despite the many decades of manufacturing experience that China has under its belt, its ability to produce goods of any quality in any field of endeavor is non existent. Being new to the market is no excuse for poor quality.

    China is not new to manufacturing anything. However the concept of producing quality is foreign to the base mentalityof hte country and this will not change any time soon. And you cannot compare the Chinese approach to a Japanese approach. Worlds apart.

  • Andrew M

    thats right Herbal Teapot,
    it amazes me how many people bag Hyundais, yet they were actually pretty reliable and basic.

    the cheap 13,990 prices got them market share. once they got in they started to really up the equipment levels. the excell replacement “accent”, actually won a few awards for its offerings. from memory it was pretty much one of the first small cars to have dual airbags etc

  • dusty

    yeah… but Hyundai aren’t Chinese are they?

    Why do people keep referring to the Korean manufacturers? Because they’re Asian too?? What the hell has LG got to do with anything?

    Maybe it’s unintentional, but this reference to other oriental manufacturers in this context is a little racist…

    …especially when you consider that the death of the British auto industry proved the English could never get it right.

    It doesn’t matter that these little pus-boxes are from China – so is most of the Holden Commodore! – it’s the shonky reputation of Chinese manufacturing standards that has me worried. In a car – that’s a real concern. For anyone who cares about safety and reliability, that is.

    I agree with Flying High. The situation’s frightful.

    BTW: anyone remember the VW Polo sedan made in China and sold here a few years ago?

    Thought not.

  • Anthony

    Oh dear – I guess the market here will decide if this brand will stay or go!

  • PoisonEagle

    Ford is No.1; you make a very valid point in regards to protecting the industry- I personally , being a fan of variety embrace something (somewhat)interesting and new being brought to the table (even if in this case, its intellectual property theft).However, it will undoubtedly impact the Australian manufacturing sect- and the government is the only one who can help it. Tariff reduction has seen a 1995 scenario where an automatic Lancer coupe was only a few grand cheaper than a Falcon GLi turn into our local heroes losing their price trump card. Especially as they try and push a premium image. Bear in mind that Ford, Holden and Toyota can only work within the tight constraints of their parents, it is remarkable to see the cars they build. Any criticism is undue or media driven shyte , and I fail to see how they will survive (under current circumstances) when the Chinese juggernaut builds up steam. The invasion is coming-and I would hate to see manufacturers so dear to the hearts of many Australians fall to the red army. Don’t neglect your auto industry, Canberra.

  • PoisonEagle

    Dusty, your point about the Commodore mostly being manufactured in China is a crystal clear indictment on how they trade on their BS Aussie image. Shame on you Holden for selling out Australian jobs overseas, and forcing Korean junk onto unsuspecting victims.

  • Eric

    Hi Guys,
    I’m from China. I looked most of your guys’ comments about this Chinese Brand coming to Austrilia.
    Here are some of my thinking:
    1. Here I won’t try to argue about Chinese Products’ Quality. As you knew, Chinese did make lots of poor quality products to world. I know part of reasons. The manufacturing in China didn’t have very long history, we don’t have advanced technologies like European Countries, US, Japan and so on, andregarding this will we still have a long way to catch up with those countries. Second reason is the trading enviroment in the world, the traders always want to have much more profit, they want cost-down on their importing. That means the supplier in China has to satisfy their requirement, if you don’t do, you will lose your customer. In China, the salary for workers is rising, so you can’t cut down workers’ salary any more. The only way for them is to use the cheap raw material. That makes products bad. If you like to pay reasonable price, I’m damn sure you can buy good quality stuff from China either. Third, I do think some companies in China don’t have long-term view to balance the relationship between quality and profit. That’s something driving me crazy.
    Anyway, there are lots of Chinese trying to make good quality products for people from all over world.
    Please don’t take all Chinese products as bad. Just like you judge people, I don’t like Japanese who deny the atrocity to Our Chinese during 2nd world war, but I still like those Japanese with right opinion with this.
    Our Chinese like Austrilians. If anyone has ever been China before, they can tell Chiese people welcome your guys.

  • No Name

    Hi Eric. I’m in the UK I agree with a lot of your points. I personally do not have a problem with Chinese made vehicles wherever so so long as they are safe and comply with various regions standards.
    More of a problem for all manufacturers is what appears to be a massive over production of vehicles generally and with markets like Australia and Europe that are saturated already, unless your Chinese brand cars offer something beyond normal (cheapness possibly) then they will have a very tough market.
    I also have an opinion that it is not good for virtually the whole planet to be using China as a manufacturing base, economically it might stack up now but what of the future? You make note of wages going up, soon this will make china uncompetative subsequently losing some of its manufacturing oportunites.
    Another point I have is China does not have a good environmental or human rights history and things seem to be taking too long to change. Your government is to blame for their actions and unless they listen and change things will count against them. The only way to change this is to make the noises as I am with you and vote with my wallet.
    All the best mate.

  • Daniel.S

    Although I wouldn’t buy one for another 15-20 years, i’m sure lots of Aussies would. Look at how many idiots have bought the current model Barinawoo.

  • Frugal One

    If they are cheap enough they will sell, you can count on it.

    Remember Niki and Lada’s?Cheap [and nasty] and still sold them.

    Punters want *new* even if its c*ap, which we CANNOT comment on these just yet, can we?

    They WONT be any worse than the Holdwoo being sold by GMH, and they would most likely be better than a 15YO Asian made vehcile [anybrand]




    Ford is No.1 (yeah right) says:

    “Wouldn’t you have the sense or bad feeling of being surrounded by China crap, Korean cars are bad enough eg, Daewoos and Kias..”

    Please don’t forget the streets were littered with FORD Festiva’s not so long ago – A KOREAN CAR. Ford Australia made a right bundle flogging these off to the public (mainly young female first-time drivers) – Holden are just catching up!

    The Fiesta and Focus are a step in the right direction, Holden and their second-rate offerings from Korea are taking 2 steps backwards in my opinion. Swings and roundabouts…

    Mitsubishi Australia made a seemingly very good car (the 380) with the best warranty in the business – but nobody wanted it, unfortunately.

    Including me.

  • Chery is No Good

    Frugal one, people will buy cheap n nasty because the uneducated don’t know any better or people just don’t do any research.

    Dusty, yes 16-21 years ago Korea made (KIA) Festivas, they were everywhere and still many around today but Ford learnt from their past mistakes, now GM Holden on the other hand source cars from Korea and are bluddy Daewoos for god sake, half the models Holden sell are Daewoos..

  • http://impreza dlr1

    The quality of a car has little to do with where its made, but rather the quality of its design and the quality of its build or assembly.

    Does any body have a problem with the build quality of cars from Thailand? Probably not. Because Honda, Ford and Toyota build cars and utes there that start with a good design and back it up with good quality control. Same with BMW 3 series that came from South Africa. Or the 30 to 40 thousand Corollas that come from there each year too.

    The big questions for the Chinese manufacturers are:
    1. Can they come up with a good design?
    2. Can they build it well?
    3. If they are successful with the first two, can they keep their prices low enough if wages keep rising and they finally float their currency. It is curently pegged at a fixed rate against the US dollar.(hence our huge buying power in china given the current FX rates.)

    I’m sure many people will buy cars from China if they represent value for money. In 1994 Hyundai had waiting lists 3 months long for the X3 excel becuase it was priced right ($14999 drive away) and its quality was almost passable at that time.

    No doubt the Chinese will try and repeat this formula.

  • VW Freak

    Oh Sh!t, they’re not mucking around either…

    Whois Result for @

    ABN 34000486706

    At the end of the day, these things are just like Kias. People who want something for (near) nothing will buy ’em. Can’t wait to see the crash tests, hahahaha!!!

  • Ab

    My my, people are getting so worked up even before the cars have landed in Australia.

    Well to be honest, as long as the quality is good and they are safe – it then all depends on how exciting the cars are…. obviously apart from the pricing factor.

    The “quality conscious” VW manufactures in China, same with Buick…. I mean Buick is considered all American…?

    Chevy builds there and so do most other companies.

    Australian cars, even though competent, lack excitement. Where is the innovation in taking a big engine from the US and smacking it into a sedan, which essentially is a derivative design from various other Euro companies? Admittedly Ford has its straight 6 cyl engine made in Australia, but not for long.

    Why don’t Falcodore consider making a smaller car designed for Australia and manufactured here… Ford is moving to build the Focus from 2010 but what about Holden?

    U can make fun of Toyota or whatever other company you want to target, but the fact is that underneath it all most cars are the same (platform sharing), i mean buy a VW and you have bought half of the European cars! I don’t doubt that its a good platform, but the characteristics are going to be very similar.

  • dusty

    “The quality of a car has little to do with where its made, but rather the quality of its design and the quality of its build or assembly.”

    So you say Dlr1. Funnily enough, this is the line the car manufacturers use aswell. The reality is there are huge variations in quality, standards, skills, work practices etc. from country to country. It’s not all the same and it’s foolish to suggest that the country of manufacture is mostly irrelevant. That’s what the manufacturers would like you to believe.

    So long as people get sucked into buying over-priced base-models with German badges – mere taxis in der Farterland – they’ll keep popping them out in the third-world for ‘discerning’ buyers in this country. What a scam!

    “Does any body have a problem with the build quality of cars from Thailand? Probably not.”

    I think there are many owners of Thai-built Hondas in this country (CRV, Jazz, Accord… I can’t remember the other models, I nearly fell asleep) who may disagree with you. This example, and there are numerous others I could cite, rather disprove the theory that it doesn’t matter where your car comes from. You should do some research…

    And this, from Ab:

    “The “quality conscious” VW manufactures in China, same with Buick…. I mean Buick is considered all American…?”

    VW wanted an “in” to the Chinese market and this was a requirement. Yeah, they cobble together the Polo sedan there for the Aus market. See my earlier post…

    Buick is a DEAD brand in the U.S. But like AVON and many other tired brands they live again in China!!

    “Chevy builds there and so do most other companies.”

    Big deal. Drove a Chevy lately? I rented an Impala SS for a week last month in California. China deserves Chevrolet and vice-versa….

    Sorry to be so negative, but the only thing more annoying than importers peddling shite to the Australian consumer, is the Australian consumers hunger for crap-ola!! We can’t get anough apparently!! No doubt some of the new owners will have a ‘FREE TIBET’ bumper sticker, unaware of the irony…

    All this talk about the company getting its act together in a few years – let ’em get the product right BEFORE they export. Instead of carrying out their R&D in the marketplace.

    Just watch these Chery things sell like hot pork rolls…

    A pox on Ateco.

  • Realcars

    Dusty what is this racism wagon u are peddling.

    Bloggers compare or mention the Koreans and before them The Jap as they have been at different times new players to the market just like the Chinese are today.

    Can anybody remember the crap the Japs served us in the sixties,seventies and eighties? Then the Koreans did the same in the nineties and “some” would argue are still doing so.

    U seem to have a contempt for the consumer. Apparently ok to buy boring over priced Toyotas but not Korean cars.

    I think Hyundai and cousins will do to Toyota what they did to GM/FORD.I think the communist system will impede the Chinese auto industry and to achieve acceptable levels of quality.

  • Elitist

    I found Eric’s comments interesting.
    Not many people know that China throughout its history was always the masters of mass production, the Terracotta Warriors is a well known example. They have been known to produce well, but its under this modern guise of communism with capitalist ways is what pushes profits above pride.

    I think the only way people would ever take China serious in cars if they started using the west to help them.

    Im sure the Chinese can beat the British/US/AUS in quality, but then again thats not saying much.

  • Joober

    will these cars sell cheaper than a Hyundai?, if not thens theres a problem with the chinese built stigma they’ll have to overcome. Plus has this brand been successful outside of China? Have they tested other asian markets? on these cars?

  • dusty

    Realcars (ahem) says”

    “Dusty what is this racism wagon u are peddling.”

    I give up. What’s a racism wagon? Something made in South Africa during the apartheid years?? And why am I peddling? Did someone nick the donk??


    “U seem to have a contempt for the consumer. Apparently ok to buy boring over priced Toyotas but not Korean cars.”

    You, my friend, have an OBSESSION with Toyota. I never mentioned Toyota. And I never called them boring or said they were over-priced. You did.

    Try and keep up…

  • dusty

    And what’s this about “The Jap” Realcars?

    Very World War 2.

  • Chery A5

    hahahaha look at all u ignorant dumbasses…completely oblivious to what Chinnese car manufacurers already produces, yet all want to put in ur 2 cents worth of absolute crap!

    There are countless Chinese corporations out there making decent products in manufacturing…Chrysler for one sells rebadged Chery vehicles.

    But hey, lets just bag China for crappy manufacuturing when we here down under dont even have a manufacturing base!


    We Know what the Chinese are up to, I just don’t like large crap pile’s around me, it’s stinky, nasty and waste of space, just like your arrogant comment waste of my precious reading time, Chery vehicles Made in China are not welcome here in my books….

  • dusty

    “There are countless Chinese corporations out there making decent products in manufacturing…”

    Countless? Name one. If you could, you would.

    “Chrysler for one sells rebadged Chery vehicles.”

    Not here they don’t. Dumbass.

  • Kenzo


    china people like australians?
    get ovr it. the only reason why they like autralians is that they can get big tips from caucasians.

    the only good products that can come out of china are western/japanese/korean/taiwan governed companies using chinese labour. that is my opinion. the attention to quality needs to filter down from the top management to the blue collar workers for it to work .

    u are right to say that i would buy a china car for a price. and i set the price at 6-8k aud for an equivalent 20kaud japanese/euro car. but since i cant even be bothered with korean cars these days i do not think i would be taking a look at china cars. even those receiving rave reviews like the i30 which i think is too much hype.

    my only concern is that these cars will be bought as a ‘beat-up’ cars and especially used like one around other cars. that is what i dont welcome.

  • Andrew M

    no one is affiliating the korean made vehicles with the chineese because they are asian. thats your idea not anyone elses.
    they have been compared from the point of a business model.

    they also both have a reputation for “cheap” cars

    since when was comparing cheap cars racist?

  • Joober


    Ive yet to see a decent product coming out from china at all… clothes, toys etc ive had alway broke, or degraded quickly. For me, they will need to ramp up their techniques and quality control and make a name in the global media before I will accept higher end products, let alone a Car (big investment).

  • JOHN

    These cars will be popular!! Sure. The same sory was in Russia. 3 years ago there was no chinese cars att all. All magazines reported about poor quality unreliability and so on.. But price solved all the problems with sales of these cars.. Nowadays sales grows 10 times a year. Corofull, not agly designed and cheap – these cars can not be unpopular and place of the world!!!

  • Big Phil

    Since everything in this country is made in China anyway, including the people, what’s the difference if overpriced Chinese cars flood the market?

    But don’t worry, it’s only temporary. Just wait another 25 years and the world will be made in India.

  • Andrew M

    it will be daewoo all over again.

    as already said people will buy them because they will have a 10K price tag on them.

    then they will fold in OZ and have round 2 when GM buys the corporation and brings them back with silver lions on the grill

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Anti Spam word……Daewoo. GOLF, ANDREW M….maybe there is a conspiracy theory here. Will research that one as if I find words on superhighway it must mean Iam right!

  • Realcars

    bandwagon Crusty,bandwagon.
    Yes The Jap Crusty. Those whale eatin SOBs!! Ha Ha Ha.
    They also ate a bit of human flesh too during the war!

  • Norman

    ‘china people like australians?
    get ovr it. the only reason why they like autralians is that they can get big tips from caucasians.’

    I am just amazed that this forum allows those China-haters keep posting this kind of arrogant and irrational comments. What we can see clearly is that these China-haters are no only bashing Chinese-made cars, but also trying to discredit other Chinese-made products. They are even going beyond the discussion topic of this article and expanding their hatred to normal Chinese people. This is NOT a joke. Making fun with other people based on their race and country of origin is simply irresponsible and unacceptable.

  • http://impreza dlr1

    So Dusty, Whats your solution? You seem to be happy to dish out the crap but have no substance in reply.

    What do we do? Shut our borders to imports? Close the local manufacturers down? Only buy cars from Germany? Ride a bike?

    You seem to have missed the entire point i was making. It doesn’t really matter where its built as long as the QUALITY is right. If the quality is crap, don’t buy it. No matter whether its made here, USA, Germany, Poland, UK, France, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Africa ,South Korea, Belgium or any where else that cars are manufactured today.

    Any intelligent person would probably realise that both every country and every manufacturer has at some point produced one or many models where the design or quality has been rubbish. Some(or many) still do. The point is judge each vehicle or manufacturer on its merits, not by where its made.

    Ever heard the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

    Probably not.

  • Joober

    Just remember there could be a big difference if something is ASSEMBLED IN versus COMPLETELY DESIGNED ASSEMBLED and CONTROLLED in a particular country, generally products being assembled in china under global brands (usually international parents that youd expect quality) tend to produce ok if not good products. This is because they will usually built under stringent quality controls / processes in what that parent company impose on them because there are going to international consumers which may have a higher expectation of the product being of that brand.

    Im not being rascist or anything, (Yes I am Indonesian, I can bag my own type of people) but many emerging countries like Indonesia, companies still suffer from lackluster internal controls let alone prone to corruption which can adversly affect the quality of product that comes out from the factory floor.

    If China wants to go global with Chery it will need to stamp this out (if not done already) and start appeasing the Media that its quality can match the Euros/Japanese etc and really become that good alternative.

  • dusty

    Dlr1 wants to know what’s MY solution.

    Not that it’s MY problem but, in response to your panic-stricken questions:

    First of all, your suggestion that we “shut our borders to imports” is moronic. This would never work and what would be the point? Do you live in the real world?

    You then remonstrate that we “close the local manufacturers down”. An idiotic statement. Do you know that the Australian automotive industry employs thousands of people? You git.

    “Only buy cars from Germany?” queries Dlr1… if that turns you on, I say. (But remember the most popular car ever made in Germany was the Trabant. There was a long waiting list but that doesn’t mean it was a good car!)

    Finally, a petulant: “Ride a bike?” from Dlr1. Wanna tissue sniffles? They make bikes in China too you dope. You must drive a Kia! China was once land of the bicycle – did you know that? Probably not.

    You then go on to rattle off dozens of countries and almost the same number of cliches. Here’s some advice: anyone who says “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is usually hiding something. Or a fool.

    Ever heard the saying: “you get what you pay for”?

    No doubt you will.

  • European Lover

    Dusty, youre full of it.

    Of course each car should be judged on its own merits. Not by the badge or country of origin. And while you’ve been bagging all chinese made products why don’t you come clean and admit that youve probably been typing on a chinese made keyboard. Are they responsible for your typos too?

  • Moist Dwarf

    What’s a typos?

    Is it a new car from Greece I haven’t heard about?


    Typos is a supercharged Echo developed from the Toyleta TeRD department…

  • Oz.

    LOL Cobra!

    a typo is like an error. the only difference is an error is a supercharged FWD TuRD from Toyota when a “typo” is a spelling mistake. 😀


    Whoops, I did make a typo error spelt TuRD wrong, oh well back to my dictionary… :-)

  • Conrad

    For those who say all Chinese goods are crap is just plain wrong. 20 years of reform, there are already quite a numbers of respective Chinese companies coming up, namely Huawei, Lenovo and a few more.

    Competitive position

    Huawei’s global contract sales for 2006 reached USD11 billion (a 34% increase from 2005), 65% of which comes from overseas market. Huawei has now become a leading vendor in the industry and one of the few vendors in the world to provide end-to-end 3G solutions.[citation needed] In 2006, Huawei ranked No.1 in the global NGN market (Infonetics), No.1 in Mobile Softswitch (In-Stat), No. 2 in Optical Network (Ovum-RHK), No.1 in IP DSLAM (Infonetics), No.2 in broadband convergence routers (Gartner), and No.1 in MSAN market (Infonetics).[16]

    Huawei Technologies was included in the World’s Most Respected 200 Companies list compiled by Forbes magazine in May 2007[17], one of the six from telecom industry.

    [edit] Quality

    Huawei was awarded 2007 InfoVision Awards from the International Engineering Consortium (“IEC”) at Broadband World Forum Europe 2007 for its SmartAX MA5600T Series Products and OptiX OSN 6800&3800 solutions. This is the 3rd consecutive years it won InfoVision Award; and it is the only vendor that received two awards in different categories: the SmartAX MA5600T Series Product in the Access Network Technologies and Services category and the OptiX OSN 6800 & 3800 product suite in the Metro Network Technologies and Services category.

    Huawei Technologies grew by 45% and hit a fresh record of USD16 billion contract sales in 2007

    Lenovo Group Limited (SEHK: 0992,OTCBB: LNVGY) is today the fourth largest personal computer manufacturer in the world, after Hewlett-Packard and Dell of the US, and Acer of Taiwan.[1]

    One should not look down on Chinese goods, you won’t have to wait for 10 years for Chinese goods to flood into every household, you won’t be surprise another 3 to 5 years, quality Chinese goods starting to pop up everywhere. Some say that Chinese can’t achieve anything and lack of creativity is just plain wrong. Chinese in oversea such as Taiwan, Singapore etc has proven that they have the creativity, quality and respectable company such as Creative, Acer, Nvdia (Found by a Chinese) and lots more are all found by Ethnic Chinese. So if those Chinese can achieve that why not their brother in the mainland? Instead of being ignorant, try to look at the Chinese including oversea Chinese oversea success; you will know that they have achieve more than you have expected.

    China is not stupid, national pride is very important to them these days. They also understand that their products are causing opinion backslash throughout the world in the past few years. They will improve it and that i can’t assure you that. You won’t be surprise their products are on par with Korean in another few more decades or even earlier. Lots of people have underestimated them, from 2000 to 2008, how many improvements have they make? With a huge R&D budget ranked 2 in the world, more new fresh homegrown technology and innovation are created in China, if you take a dig at the technology development in China you can find quite numbers of new homegrown innovation popping up in China.

    Instead of being pure ignorance, it is better to get prepare on how to compete with Chinese company before it’s too late.

  • tony_shean

    Exposing the Australian car industry or any industry for that matter, will do one of two things:

    1. Australian car manufacturers will close down and jobs will be lost, due to inability to compete.
    Why? No productivity. Poor operations management.

    2. Australian car manufacturers will get their act together, implement sound operations management strategies, increase productivity and build better cars.

    Those of you who wish for Australian manufacturers to be protected by tariffs are only doing the Australian public bad. Because it means consumers wont have a good product that is competitive on the global market. Introducing imports is good for consumers, more choice, more competition, better products, competitive prices.

    If the Australian companies made good enough products, enjoyed high productivity, employed lean production operations management strategies, and built globally competitive products and services, they would not be scared of losing to imports. Right?


  • bushrat

    Ok then, first lets get the “R Tag” out of the way – Im not a racist, I LOVE Chinese food, I am a BIG fan of chinese herbs and alternate medicines, and have known many fine Chinese people. Now to the meaningful stuff …………

    The big question here seems to be are the cars going to be safe? Personally, I would doubt it. In the past 2 weeks, I have had a Chinese angle grinder handle snap off, causing me injury. This was a brand new machine. Today, I returned the Chinese stick welder that I bought new two days ago after the able had fallen out of the welding rod holder (for the third time)giving me a shock. Along with it went the “smart” welding helmet, with solar powered auto darkening, which failed within ten minutes of use, leaving me flash blinded. The list goes on and on, the Chinese made elctric kettle whose cord exploded five years ago as my 16 year old daughter was making tea, the Chinese tie rod end that seperated at the ball joint after three weeks.

    Sorry, Chinese stuff is, in my humble opinion, about 85% dangerous crap. The very thought of having to share the roads with CHINESE CARS makes my flesh creep! They could not pay me to own one. A further and tragic example is evidenced by the way so many of their buildings came down during the recent earthquake, it was clear from the news coverage that this was contributed to by shodd construction, including chicken wire for reinforcing in concrete!

    This is to say nothing of toxic toys, anti freeze substituted into medicine, formaldyhyde in pet food, and many more.

    Chinese cars? Naaah, dont think so!

  • Rob

    Why should somone make profit from a product that is not competitive and is uses resources beyond its means. Should the Australian industry look at what is should produce? only the market can decide this, the same as why we are trying to sell rice to asia? crazy!
    Is veryone forgetting the poor sweatshop workers. The only way to stop this, is by supporting the product, which in turn will bring economic strength to that country.
    China will be undoubtdly the strongest economic force and possible the most powerfull nation ever, forget the sniveling USA. this is a reality, get with it.

  • Dave

    Guys, these are the answers. stop talking about stupid things. Chinese cars are crappy.Korean cars are crappy. chinese cars are copycat and so are the korean. hyundai has been copying europiean and japanese cars for decades. Korea is not a first world country and they are a copycat.
    how about samsung?there are a professional

  • Joober

    wtf, what are you on Dave? SKorea is the 13th biggest economy (purchasing power GDP) in the world and 3rd in Asia with a per capita close to Australia, you don’t get to this stature by copying, and if they do they do it better!

    Get back into your delorian and back to the future i mean past…

  • Nameless

    Japanese makers were same as korean makers last time or many years back. They copy from european or germany cars too. And now these japanese maker continues to copy too. But much more intelligent as they copy and reinvent or improve it. Blindfolded many of us. But just many years ago we not aware of it but now as many are more educated result in these insult to korean makers that tried to stand up in the market.

  • SH

    Hi, I am a Chinese who been living in Aus for 8 yrs. By reading everyone’s comments, I am surprised to see so many Australian got bad perception of Chinese made products. But be reasonable, before any of you actually drive or sit inside Chery, how could you judge its quality just because it’s China made?? If it is not safe and the quality is really bad, I believe it won’t pass the Australian standard to appear in the market here. So, DONT worry about the quality.

    And extend to the general Chinese made products. 10 years ago, have you ever heard about or really saw Chinese made products? Now they are everywhere. Yes, you can say it’s crappy or copycat or whatever, but as time goes, it will get better quality and innovated design and advanced technology. It’s the competition. No matter where the products are made, if the customers are not happy, if the competitor got better products, they will not survive. So DONT worry about the future of China Made.

    Further to talk about China, just only thirty years ago, China started introducing economic boosting policies and opening its door to the world. Then, see what happened – global companies enjoyed the benefits brought by Chinese cheap labour cost, consumers enjoyed the cheap goods made by China, and China enjoyed the polluted air and the running out of energy. I am alway amazed how little westerners know about China before they start criticizing. They don’t even know where Tibet is, however rudely shouting Free Tibet in Beijing during Olympics. And again, human right, can I ask, when millions of people are struggling to survive, would they really care about the politics system? They need to feed themselves before they can vote. And Chinese government did the good job. I doubt any other countries can feed as many people as China.

    Thanks for listening to me. Go Chery! Go China!

  • JT

    SH, if China can feed more people then any country in the world, why are you in Australia. Please go back to China and enjoy your oppressive regime.
    I think everyone knows where Tibet is. Everyone also knows that Tibet was once an Independent state. Everyone also knows that the CCP is an expert at painting a different picture of what is happening in Tibet.

    Chery is blatantly copying other car models. Shame on Chery.

  • Guo

    F&@K you all. China rules. China is the next super power.
    Thank you.

  • ko012

    lots of racist crap here…
    insecure bastards…

    JT, how unaustralian of you.

    i probably wont buy Chery cos they look odd.
    but nor would i ever consider buying a holden or ford or hyundai..whatever… they’re crap
    chinese quality is suffering, but that’s no reason to be racist. What the hell has tibet gonna do with chery? tibet was independent.. yeah as a 13th century theocracy, i’ve sure serfdom would sit you buggers fine…goes to show how ignorant you are.
    its people like you that should drive cherys… especially on freeways

  • Spider

    You are right, there is too many racist bogans/rednecks spoiling this site…. As if Holdens and Fords were any better…. If i were to chose between a holden, ford or hyundai… I’d take the hyundai!

  • Lovethefact

    I had a bad memory of those killed by cheap Chinese made motorcycles in my country Vietnam. China can make things cheap but not quality, Vietnamese brand is a lot better in quality but more expensive even though it is manufactured at home. I just mention a few things such as water pumps, fan, industrial blower, electric motors, motorcycles and other things Vietnam made. The price of Vietnamese pump 250 Watts is around $100, the Chinese pumps is $ 25 so Vietnamese pump is about four time more expensive than the imported Chinese. If any people wear clothes made in Vietnam then you know the quality.

    I have an advice for all you guys
    if you are rich buy a Roll Royce.

    high income: buy European or American or Japanese Luxury brand.
    average income: buy American, Japan, Korean
    low income: buy Malaysian- Proton or Tata India

    lastly If you commit to suicide Try Chinese car.
    It is not a joke Chinese motorcycles kill a lot of Vietnamese.

  • Lovethefact

    I read some body comparing Chinese car with Korean and Japanese. What is wrong with you guys? I think those comparing Chinese car with Korean or Japanese car have no bran especially with Japanese. First Japanese has a long history of manufacturing. Japan has fully developed country and ranked second in the world in most advanced technological country after the USA. Japan has the most patents for more than 4 decades and still top the most innovative country about 3.5 times the USA as the result of researches and developments in Japan. Japan spend a lot of money for R&D, products by Japanese brand means quality and innovation. Japanese bullet trains are the most reliable, punctual and fast. Korean is similar to Japan they pouring heaps of money in R&D since ranked second. On the other hand China spend money to make weapons. I don’t want to write a lot about Japan, you guys do a research on Japan then you know more and don’t attempt to compare China with Japan or Korean.

  • Lovethefact

    I tell you what Japan lead the world in some industry OK
    machine tools
    heavy industry

    and bits and pieces such as tire, carbon fiber, titanium, special steel…

  • Ads

    I dont really care how bad Chinese made things are, or Korean, Thia, South African, American, or wherever. What annoys me is that the Australian government is too lazy to keep this crap out of our country. We are a developed country with standards, yet junk keeps getting imported. Toxic kids toys, Electrical equipment that meets NONE of our standards, etc.

    If these Chinese cars meet our standards, which are pretty strict (when enforced), then bring them on. If they dont, keep them out. Its not rocket science.
    Its a touch late when someone has been killed by a piece of crap product to realise its below standard and then get rid of it.

    Furthermore, there are crash test results, emission test results, all sorts of test results available, not to mention car reviews and online forums. Do your own research or your a fool.

    The only way companies listen is if consumers talk with their wallets.

  • Jason

    You know why you guys are all angry a feel superior?

    Because your scared.

    You make it sound like the Chinese OWN Australia something. You know what 3/4 of the world don’t even care or know about Australia.
    China has customers in every country of the world and losing 20 odd million customers wont bother them a bit.

    Its simple guys YOU PAY WHAT YOU GET, if you have been to China you would know the stuff there aren’t tacky as you would get here. The stuff are only tacky here because the importer chose to import cheap goods.

    Now stop been racist you arrogant people, i feel sorry for your kids.

    – Jas

  • Jason

    If you don’t want imported stuff in OZ fine, have no competition and let your economy shrivel in the dust. I am not been nasty but just give these guys a chance. I am pretty sure that half of you guys are just racist and judge stuff when you hear “China”.
    Give tme a fair go besides Without China’s reliance on importing our minerals we’ll probably be still relying on farming sheep for a living.

  • Jeff

    I am a Chinese, and I just read some of your guys talks. China is a word that you can not introduce it even in billion words. People, Products, Culture, Foods, ideology and History. Believe it or not, you guys talked much more about China but not this piece of news… I would like suggest you and very welcome Aussies go China to Learn from us and to help us do better.

  • Phil

    LOL, if you don’t like the cars, don’t buy them.

    Commenting in these forums are useless.

    You people commenting in these forums don’t even own decent cars. If you did, you wouldn’t be here. I know that for a fact.

    P.S. I own a SS 😉

  • Susan

    All I can say is: Go the Euro cars!

  • CityDude

    I live overseas and i can tell how these cars look like, Simply ugly copies, zero safety standards, I hope that the ANCAP wouldn’t allow them on the road until they meet the standards, cause these are not pickup cars like the Mahindra: they are passenger cars.
    Here are some videos of the Brilliance BS6 and Chery Amulet, folks you won’t believe how it collides
    In case if you want to watch more crash tests, simply navigate to youtube website and write “chinese cars crash test”.I’d rather ride a bicycle than drive one of them.

  • ben

    to ford is nomber 1
    ur a retard! ford is an import haha
    so is holden nothing is made in australia
    anymore get over it! get and education
    and get a new job.
    remember ford is yank
    holden is made by gm in korea
    i have been behind the wheel of all
    asian cars and they are smoother faster
    and better quality then gay fords.
    i now own a celica gt4 turbo and i know
    it flog any ford you have in any aspect.
    and just so you know korean cars are
    miles in front of ford hahahahaha
    soon ford will go broke but do you think
    the jap korean or chinese brands will?
    think about that yank lover.

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    Is that,Ben Dover.

  • JollyRoger

    Go China, we waiting you!

    Regardless what you think, the Chinese ARE coming to Oz.

    The best thing [just like Proton] the others WILL have to act and lower prices, thats the BEST thing for us punters, MORE choices, less coin!

  • Cao Yi

    Chinese built their first car in the 1920s, and they have built a car industry of a mass scale since the 1950s. Now, China is the largest car producing country in the world. “Cheap” but “crap”. No doubt that they have this ability to export cheap but quality cars to Australia. Regarding the safety concern, I trust Australian safety standards and the ways they are implemented. If Chinese cars can pass them, I have no concern about their safety.

  • peter

    As a motor dealer myself i do think that the chinese need to show that they can bring a motor to this country not like daewoo that the frist 12 mths in here you could not get parts to repair them and you would take parts from the cars in stock to repair customers cars ,don,t you remember that went on ,We need a company that will back the car and the repairs TODAY ,Its ok to have a warranty 3 yrs so klm but can they back them up ,What about the reps ,yes men for the company which didn’t help daewoo


  • Raja


    I am sure Chinese car brand copy either german cars or japanese car and put their own engine in it. It may be cheap and nasty at the beginning and over the time period they may improve on quality.

    Its sad to see majority of the things here are made in China….

    What people want is brand new car in cheap price such as 10 or 12k….which is impossible to purchase a japanese made or australian made car so china cars are the way to go…

  • tom

    its very simple vote with your feet.
    If we don’t buy them in the medium term they won’t to import them to australia.

  • CupofT

    Most of the Chinese cars are direct copies of japanese/ american cars. In china you can see very familar looking cars but with the chinse company badge. They just copy everything.

  • samuel welsh

    aussies say no china spells crap

  • Mick

    More choice equals more competition and we (buyers) will get better cars at lower prices. Chinese knows how to make quality products (if they want to). If they can make a space ship, they must be able to make a good car…

  • cabz

    well,if the tiggo in 5 yrs depreciates as much as ford honda and toyota?and if their service is only 1% better than those companys?what are the downsides?other than saveing a shit load of cash! i want one,carnt get one fast enough.Tese cars are borrowed provern tech,not might be”s! no carnt be as bad as bloody sigmas where.

    • nickdl

      No, I’m sure the 2011 Chery Tiggo isn’t as bad as a 1983 Mitsubishi Sigma…

  • Hansome_AL

    Hmm interesting question CA? Perhaps with the current design and Safety ratings, I’m not gonna buy one.. But if they improve the design and safety ratings, I definitely consider one.. Just like how the koreans now are agressively improving in all departments, such as design, engine, safety, reliability, and they still manage to be competitive.. I believe china has all the resources to do all of those things, but Will I buy Chinese car today? I guess not, what ever the price is..

  • http://Stig paulb

    85% of the vechles on this market are imported.The Chinese have as much a right as do the others to sell there foreign made vechles here.Doesnt the Chery HATCH look like a VW GOLF!

    • NSX

      i agree the have a RIGHT.

      However in terms of SAFETY they lack, they shouldnt. more like death traps to me. have u seen the ancap video’s of those cars being tested.

      • http://Stig paulb

        Good point NSX,the relevent authorities should of told the Chinese before a vechle hit our shores.About the minimun safety standards required.