• F1MotoGP

    In Germany there is a Focus with LPG too. Cost 20600 Euro = 28100 AUD. 1.6 diesel manual city fuel economy is 5.1l/100km.

    • animbo

      I think Ford has made a BIG mistake with the styling on this. A real shame, because the interior looks very much improved from the previous model. Also, I am sure the cornering and suspension setup is great – like the previous model.

      IMO the look of this car is truly awful. Especially from the rear – the shapes look wrong and the tail lights look dreadful. Surely Ford will realise this and bring the new model forward similarly to the Subaru Tribeca.

  • Adam

    Are we getting the Eco-boost in Aus??

    • mark

      I hope so. You would think that it would fit in nicely with the rest of the eco range (fiesta econetic, mondeo eco-boost and falcon eco-boost)

  • Nick K

    I hope Ford get the cabin quality right. The current Focus looks cheap and nasty inside… A shame as it is a decent car.

    • R-Bone

      Well, Ford have surpassed Skoda in the eyesore stakes with this effort. Holy cow.

      • Tom R

        Absolutely agreed, I reckon it looks awful. Those rear lights are shameful, that massive “IM A RALLY CAR, I SWEAR!” grill is totally out of place. The rest of it looks like a Fiesta profile (awkward and fat looking) and current Focus details.
        And the inside looks quality…. but so? Gimmicky? And overcomplicated.
        I reckon the current Focus looks hot as, but the interior is terrible, so we’re really stuck.

        • Sumpguard

          I agree about the styling too but watch the fanboys come flocking to the negative score button.

          The interior is excellent and well executed so I can’t ahree with Tom R on that point , the front is ok but that side and rear profile is aweful.

          The color doesn’t help either.

  • Eric

    Dose it use the same chassie as the Volvo and Mazda??

    • tw

      No It uses Fords new C segment chassis which was first used on the 2010 cmax.

  • Damian

    Our cars will be coming from Thailand, so you can bet that we’re going to get the DI 2.0L i4, which is an inferior powerplant compared to the Ecoboost 1.6.

    • Adam

      I thought I read somewhere that ours were coming from Germany? Initially anyway…. Anthony?

      • Damian

        The initial batches we get will be in Germany if we’re lucky. However, with the Focus being a “global car” that is produced in the US, Germany, China, Thailand e.t.c., I wouldn’t count on it. Furthermore, the FTA between Australia and Thailand will make it all the more enticing for Ford Australia to source its cars from there.

        • Al Juraj

          I think the ST (XR5 replacement) will be German made.

        • TMG

          Not If we are lucky, they will be coming from Germany the only other RHD plant) until mid 12 when the Thia plant comes on stream, they do Thialand any quicker, the 1.6L ecobost, and 2.0l TDCi will available (as they can be sourced with manual and Powershift.
          Current Focus production is South Africa and that stops soon. (last shipments in May I believe)

    • Qwerty

      Current versions are from South Africa

  • o

    I want one but with, the Sony radio system and projector headlight

  • mjm

    I have to agree about the colour. Why provide this colour to the press, its foul, ford marketing again?
    On the overall looks, I’m not completely sold, but i have the say I am finding the back a little more callenging.
    If its as good as the review is suggesting (latest wheels was raving too) I’m sure i can live with it, and probably looks much better in other colours. I also hope ford bring all the engine options, and the 6 speed manual (i have seen others quoting 5 speed).
    I have read Germany is initail source too, then switching to Thailand, like Fiesta.

  • davey

    First “looks” impression is that the whole front end looks clumsy, almost amateurish. The exterior cabin profile looks great, and the rear end is spoiled only by the blanking plates on the rear light clusters (you’re eye is drawn straight to them).

    Compared to the superb designs coming out from Kia, the Focus appears more 2004 than 2011, but then the worlds biggest selling car (Corolla) dishes up the same thing.

    interior = tick, engineering = tick, drivetrains = tick.

    • Andrew M

      The “blanking panel” you mention is actually the fuel filler flap, its only on the drivers side.

  • huh

    Is it only me who think the front grill looks abit like the helmet of those droids in star wars?

    • Sumpguard

      Funny you should say that. I keep getting flashes to Darth Vader.

  • Supes

    The front looks bloody terrible! A massive step backwards, what were they thinking!?!

  • Mosmanite

    “The Focus’ only drawback, so far as I can see, is the Blue Oval badge on its bonnet.”

    That’s only a drawback if you are an Australian. You just need to look at the global sales figures and see that the same stigma is not held in other corners of the globe.

    While the design does look off on the lower spec models shown, the design philosphy flows down from ST and RS models. The look of those is far more appealing.

  • XR

    Ordinary looking car.

    Rear end = Ford Fiesta

    Interior = Ford Fiesta

    Exterior = Only thing that is different and they made it look ugly.

    • Tom R

      Amen brother.

    • Joker

      That kinda thing happens when you have a “One Ford” philosophy. A good thing, actually.

      • XR

        One Ford works fine if they made the front end look more like the Fiesta too. Instead they turned it into quite an ugly vehicle.

  • Ox

    Overall good design, but the detailing (over-sized front air intakes and ameboid rear lights) soo wrong!!

  • mcl334

    I wonder about that offset gear lever?

  • David


  • ryan bane

    pricing will be crucial. Havent seen it top a Golf VI in any overseas comnparison yet… Most tests are stating that while it is still very good on the road, the chasis has lost a bit of the “specialness” the previous model had.

    Interior looks extemely bust to me, but i suppose at least that is a point of difference to the Golf.

  • ryan bane

    sorry, meant “extremely busy” not bust…

  • davey

    and Kia released a stunning new 2012 Rio today, proving that design isn’t linked to how prestigious the badge is!

  • Grammar Nazi

    I don’t think this will age well. It aint purdy.

  • J.S

    personally I think the front and interior look fine for a car in this class….but MY GOD those wrap around rear brake lights are cringe worthy

  • http://baji192.wordpress.com Baji

    I actually like the front end.

    The colour and the choice of wheels make this tester look low rent.

    I think the sedan is the better looking one out of the Focus stable. And that red colour that the car debut’d is probably my favouriate colour for it.

  • Vibe

    The Focus in my family should be painted this colour, then it could truly be a lemon.

    Have had endless problems with it, including a transmission rebuild at 35,000 km, Ford accepted no responsibility, and the car seems to develop more problems every week. Don’t buy one. End.

    • TMG

      Try a different Ford dealer if you can, the level of service varies dramatically and Try Ford’s CRC 13FORD tell them your unhappy with the level of service and Transmissions are covered by warranty.

  • o

    honestly what happened, mondeo, fiesta, kuga, c-max, s-max all were stunning then this.

    America- this was the first kinetic ford to have input from the US

  • GooSE

    it just looks wrong, both outside and inside

  • filippo

    I think it looks very sharp, as opposed to most of the Focus’ Asian competitors (with the exception of Honda and Mazda) who haven’t had an original design idea since the 90s.

  • LRE

    That’s my theory too. The FIesta is a very cohesive design whether you like it or not, but this COULD have been good but the detailing is a mess.

    • LRE

      sorry….That was meant to be areply to o’s comment about the USA factor!

  • Wizzy

    The looks of this car have grown on me, looks really good!

  • Joe

    “The Focus’ only drawback, so far as I can see, is the Blue Oval badge on its bonnet”

    Who in the hell is Kevin Hackett? This car wasn’t even tested in Australia. I doubt whether or not it was tested in the UK because there the Focus, and Ford in general, are the market leaders and the Poms treat Ford as their very own.

    Kevin, if you even know where Australia is? I suggest you check out the sales numbers for 2011 and I think that you will see that the Australian buying public is finally warming to Euro Fords.

    • john

      He is a freelance writer, editor and broadcaster in the uk.

  • Qikturbo

    It looks ok but I’m more interested in the new ST(XR5) model,but that seems a long way off.

  • Russell

    I have been waiting for this car to trade our golf mk 6. I hope it looks a lot better in the flesh especially at the front and comes with the 1.6 ecoboost not the 2.0 litre. Time will tell.

  • Yosemite

    Is petrol cap located on side panel under rear taillight on drivers side (look at side panel on passenger side and you see a different finish there). Must be petrol fuelfiller flap lid! SURELY

  • TomW

    I’ll take one in a different colour. Oh, and with different wheels.

    Though I wish they would get rid of the middle fingers on the taillights. I only want to give the finger to SOME of my fellow motorists.

  • Samr

    “Unbelievably it’s 13 years since Ford turned the hatchback sector on its head with the original Ford Focus.”

    Who wrote this crap? Ah it’s April First

    In Australia the Focus is a big looser, it’s secondhand car market poison, They can’t give them away almost.

    The Focus is unreliable, wears it’s brakes out incredibly fast and is not even cheap.

    They are a cheap car that is not cheap to run.

    They do handle well and the sports models GO and that is about it.

    • Joe

      SAMR, you either know very little about cars or have had a bad experience with a Focus.

      I work for a Multi Franchise Dealer (yes, including Ford) and closely with the NRMA and most of my experiences with the Focus are very positive, in fact if you ask any NRMA tow truck driver they will tell you that 2 of the cars that they very rarely tow are the Focus and Territory.

      Because the Focus was never a huge seller in Australia, and hopefully this will change very soon, there are a lot fewer used examples around and the ones that Dealers can get our hands on, sell very quickly.

      As far as the issue with brakes is concerned, the Focus is not by any means the only car to have brake wear issues, and let’s not forget that driver behaviour is also a factor in brake wear.

  • anthony

    I have seen pictures of the sedan,and it looks way better than the hatch.

  • Able

    ‘OneFord’ can exist sure, but the cars themselves cannot be exactly the same market to market as tastes vary so greatly from market to market.

    This Focus is just way too overdone for my liking…

  • Hendrik

    Relax guys!

    Think globally, the Australian market will account for 1% of Focus sales so to be frank – our opinion doesn’t matter!

    It will sell hugely in Europe because of the name it has earned there, it will sell hugely in North America because it suits their taste and it will sell hugely in Asia because it will be built there too.

    Prediciton: a hit

    • T

      Finally! Someone who makes sense and understands our place in the automotive world.

  • XR

    The brake lights look alittle awkward but can be accepted.

    I feel all that was needed to improve the front end was to make that grille have one opening rather than splitting it into 3 sections. It looks very unusual.

  • davie

    to me, it looks too long.

    It may be an optical illusion but it looks like a wagon but styled with a fiesta style hatch instead of a tailgate.

    I would be interested to see one of these lined up with a golf.

  • STP

    That front grill just kills the car

  • Sam

    I think Ford should be congratulated on continuing down the One Ford approach. This continued expectation of each market to have thier own unique models is hugely outdated, expensive and surely restrictive on how cost/eco efficient companies can be.

    The Falcon and Commodore for example should both have been ditched long ago in favour of a global platform.

  • Nick K

    I hate the tail light design. I like the front end and if you lowered it with 18s it will look very WRC… Interior looks good too. Priced right with a choice of diesels this should sell well. (Ford, please fix your marketing)

  • mjm

    So Australia gets only the 1.6 & 2.0 liter non turbo engines, and only a 5 speed manual!!!!!!!!! Why not make the most of it ford AU and bring in the best models. I was looking forward to this car, but will now have to look at other alternatives.

    P.S. That Colour is terrible, I don’t mind the front, but the back rear looks awkward.

  • Chad

    That car is going to look so dated in a few years, all fords of the late have. Such a shame! Aww well, I still have Holden. :)

    • Mike

      What are you talking about chad, you probably think the korean holden cruze is the best car in the world!

      Typical holden loving idiotic comment. The sharp lines of the cruze make it look dated already, go get lost and enjoy your VE Commodore hooning around a mcdonalds car park champ!

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Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
159Nm @  4000rpm
Max. Power
92kW @  6300rpm
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Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
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