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The 2012 Holden Malibu medium sedan will sit between the small Cruze and the full-size Commodore in Holden’s Australian line-up from next year.

The vehicle will be officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19 and streamed live on Chevrolet’s Facebook page.

Until then, we have a teaser image and a video interview with Malibu lead exterior designer, Dan Gifford, which features a hologram of the vehicle.

Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Mike Devereux, today confirmed the Malibu would be sold in Australia from 2012 with a range of “fuel-efficient and responsive” engines.

“The Malibu will play an important role within the Holden line-up, providing a spacious and efficient four-cylinder alternative for Australian customers,” Mr Devereux said.

He said the Malibu was intended to bridge the gap between the Cruze and the Commodore.

“It will be a standout on the road, with striking styling in the same vein as recent additions to the GM portfolio, including the new-generation Barina and Cruze hatch,” Mr Devereux said.

“Like the Holden Cruze, Malibu will surprise customers with its array of clever technologies and features.”

The Malibu is the first mid-sized Chevrolet designed for the global market. It will be sold in up to 100 countries and across every continent.

In the video, Mr Gifford explains the goal was to make the new Malibu more athletic and aggressive, as well as relaxed and fun to drive, in an attempt to appeal to as many different markets as possible.

“We borrowed some of the cues and some of the DNA from our performance vehicles – Camaro and Corvette. It looks good even when it’s sitting in your driveway,” Mr Gifford said.

CarAdvice will bring you full coverage of the Malibu unveiling next month, as well as any other bits and pieces that leak out in the lead-up.

  • Matt J

    Lets hope the Epica will be forgotten as fast as the Viva was. Good job GM.

  • crouchy

    Everything except the name looks really promising.

    • andronicus

      Agreed, that name is horrible.

      Continues GM/Holdens standard of horrible names.


      All terrible. Pity, because what we can see of the car so far is promising.

      • Zej

        yeah, maybe we should bring back the Torana, Camira, Piazza and Gemini name badges? Oh yeah, the Gemini…

        • toxic_horse

          Gemini is trademark of isuzu

        • jojo


          Hey..Dont forget my all time faviurite Holden name “Sunbird”…yeah LOL

  • Ima Hogg

    Um is it going to be called the malibu? Because If it is I couldn’t me driving around in one.

    • Ima Hogg

      Sorry typo. Because if it is I couldn’t imagine myself driving around in one.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Tim Beissmann

      Hi Ima Hogg

      The word from Holden is that it will definitely be called the Malibu.

      • Ima Hogg

        Oh okay. Shame it couldn’t of been a better name. Oh well I suppose I’m wrong thinking you wouldn’t buy a car because of its name, you get used to whatever name your car is no matter how good or bad.

  • Golfschwein

    Dig the Camaro tail lights!

  • nickdl

    Looks great, I really like the overall aggressive styling. Some of it looks to have come from the Camaro. Holden Malibu is a great name as well, much better than the Epica. In fact every single thing about this car will be much, much better than the Epica.

  • Jim


    • Eric

      probably a 4 cylinder so…


      • Toyota Guru

        Ah the Sunbird, what memories. LX and early UC with the nasty oil leaking 1.9 litre gutless Opel 4, then later UCs with Holden’s BackFire 4. Can Holden repeat this brilliant effort? :)

        • TMG

          Only if Toyota put the backfire 4 in the ever delightful Corona again ,oh it’s now called Camry. Ah such good times when even Toyota’s needed really bad Holden engines just to survive, wonder if they are part of the 89% still on the road.

    • Doctor

      Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Daewoo cars.
      Sorry, that should be GMK cars now.

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Hi Robyn, another name this week sweetie?

    • nemo


  • Octavian

    Looks a bit like an American Audi, which is a good thing.

  • Richo

    First time in as long as I can remember that Holden is getting an American model as opposed to the usual european and korean models. It will be very interesting indeed, it seems GM is trying to more closely align Holden with Chevrolet

    • birdie

      GM is trying to more closely align Holden with Chevrolet….not hard really , just slap a tow tie on it.all the bogans do it to holdens now

      • Vibe

        I saw a Chevy badge on a Captiva yesterday. *shudder*

        • topdog

          LOL thats funny chev badge on a dawooe

          • RS5 II

            in most of asia they are sold as a chev,
            And there not even daewoo anymore!

        • Roger Ramjet

          I saw one on a Barina Sedan with a HSV sticker on the rear window! Beat That!

          • andronicus

            you win. thats the worst example of human behaviour ever.

        • Ray

          The ‘GM Daewoo’ does not exist anymore. They changed their name to ‘Chevrolet Korea’.

  • jon_leong

    Fuel-efficient and responsive engine hay, So some sort of 1.8 Turbo or 2.0 Turbo?

    That said, any thing is better then the Daewoo 2.5 l6 with 115kw…

    • Goodfa

      The last time Holden said they were releasing a car with Fuel-efficient and responsive engine was when the Cruze was released with the 1.8 litre petrol engine only for it to have poor real world economy and the power of a slug.

      Lets hope they are telling the truth this time and not just marketing.

  • jon_leong

    Just had a look at the Insignia’s engine. my guess the malibu will come with the 1.6 Turbo Ecotec (132kw) and 2.0 CDTI Ecotec Diesel (118kw)

    maybe they might bring in a 2.0 Turbo Ecotec with 162 kW for a sports model.

    Fingers cross.

    • pezza

      Hmmm a competitor to the insignia when opel bring it in you reckon….. a poor mans versions?

  • Deco

    Rumour also that GM has an all new 2.5l 4 cylinder in the works.

  • Jake


    you are right, GM is working on a new 2.5 4-cylinder that should find its way into this car…

    hoping for something around 200 HP and 34-35 MPG in the Malibu.

  • Henry

    Altho i like the Epica, I dont mind its replacement (Malibu) its a nice car so lets just hope the price and Quality are good :)

    • JR

      Ladies and Gentleman we have found the one person in the world who like’s Epica’s !

      • Mike

        Im the second one. I love Epica (seriously, no joke). Stunning car! Sad its gonna be replaced soon

  • boss

    epica = epic fail

    • Mike

      You fail

  • Leyianart

    Looks like Holden feel threatened by the Ford Mondeo.

    They should be Mondeo is one magnificent car European built and selling pretty good.

    This does look good hate the name thou.

  • bangel

    Well if its roots are american forget it , soft rider , the mondeo will cream it .

    The ford is the most underated mid size car on the market , drove a mates recently , it is a very good car .

  • laurie

    Well the next generation Mondeo is a USA source & built car under the US name Fusion their so called GLOBAL Car interesting times ahead

    • TMG

      Fusion is an old S80 Volvo platform, the new Mondeo (CDEU) replacement is American, however One Ford means Ze Germans do get to assist in development (re they will be updating the current mondeo modular platform ) and not the S80.

      The Malibu is the Ople/Vauxhal Insignia (like the Cruise is an Astra) with a nicer party frock.

  • Shak

    CA, question: Which factory will source our car, the Chinese factory or one of the US factories?

    • Shak

      How do i get voted down for a legitimate question? Weird…

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Easy…you like GM product therefore the fordophiles ambush your posts with negs haha you shouldn’t care what they think

        • Shak

          I dont, and neither do the thousands of Australians who choose to buy the Cruze and Captiva over their Ford equivalents. At least i can acknowledge that Ford make good products, its just that people dont seem to know or care about that.

  • Vins

    Camaro required

    • NikB

      Totally agree…. Where’s our Monaro replacment?

  • Duckula

    Awesome, have just extended the lease on 8 God Awful Camry’s at work…for 12 months, that might just mean I can get a few Malibu’s to replace them… *fingers crossed* for the right timing….

  • Goodfa

    Lets hope they learn something from the Cruze release in 2009 and put a decent engine in it from the get go.

    I think as long as it is not too heavy that a 2.5l direct injected engine or 2.0 litre direct injected turbo should do the job nicely.

    The styling is looking promising though.

  • Frenchie

    Possibly two engines:

    a 2.4/2.5 litre direct injection 4 cylinder engine with an output of 140-150Kw 250Nm with a fuel consumption of
    10.7L per 100km city
    6.7L per 100km hwy

    The other engine is said to be a 2.0 litre turbo with an output of 200kw 365Nm with a fuel consumption of
    10.7L per 100km city
    7.1L per 100km hwy

    • Frenchie

      I think they are using the Camaro instrument cluster in the Malibu as well as the Camaro tail lights. This saves costs and makes those parts cheaper to produce.

      • Shak

        No, they just look like the Camaro bits, they wont actually go from car to car. If you have a close look at previous spy shots, you can see that they are different units.

        • Frenchie

          Of course the instrument cluster on the Comaro has a bigger bezel and different colour (silver instead of chrome). The numbers are different size but the arangement is still the same.

          • Shak

            Yeah, would be nice to have a bit of what we worked so hard on come back to us in a family sedan. Would have preferred the Camaro, but this will be just fine…

  • Angus

    As a worker for Holden Aus. Im glad that the Opel era is dead and we are going for more chev products. 1000 times better to work on and fix!!

    • Maz

      Only because you guys are too lazy to service anything but a commodore. $1300 for a “minor” service, mostly in labour. Guess you didn’t know how to reverse it out of the car park.

  • smith

    I hate how cars are always announced a year before going on sale

  • Sambo

    Seriously why cant we have the camaro please???? Ill even take it as a “holden camaro”

    • Shak

      Well it is more of a ‘Holden’ Camaro then anything else. We did all the engineering and a lot of the major design work here in oz.

      • Robert

        That doesn’t sound that bad, compared to holden commodore and chevrolet camaro, holden camaro sounds the best

    • http://Neptune Rabbit

      Because it would threaten sales of the SS or GTS.

  • PoisonEagle

    I think this could end up being sexier than Commodore, as Camaro is sexier than Commodore and this looks like a sleek, cruisy Mondeo competitor with Camaro attitude!
    At this point, anyhow. Still plenty of time for them to balls it up…

  • Justin

    Wonder if hsv r waiting for this car instead of tricking up a cruze???

  • John N

    FYI, its going to be a FWD. Says my friend at Holden.

  • Sumpguard

    I love the look of it but yeah the name needs a rethink. I doubt it will stop people buying it though. An Aussie name would have been better. “Holden Northshore”? EEK. “Holden Toorak” EEEK. “Holden Manly” EEEEEK !! Maybe Malibu ain’t that bad afterall 😉

    It’s a major improvement on the Epice for style but then a wreck awaiting crushing looks better than an Epica. It causes more drowsiness than a Camry and that’s saying something.

    Smart move using those tail lights as pretty much most of the world will recognise them after the transformers movie. The big question remains . How will it drive?

    • bangel

      How will it drive , just like every other daewoo .

      HA antispam FORD , now all the ford mid sizers drive and handle very well .

  • Greg

    “malibu”? Ha ha ha ha ……

  • bangel

    Nice name would be collingwood .

    • Sumpguard

      Yeah that would guarantee sales to 7 percent of AFL supporters but only when their team is winning. One bad season and Collingwood supporters are harder to find than gold in a sewerage farm. Then what?

      • bangel

        Correct bogan car for bogan supporters

  • Greg

    Holden may bring out a limited edition called “Malibu Barbie”…..

    • NikB

      The “Barbie” will be offered as a dealer fitted option…….

    • Captain Nemo

      Actually Greg i think you’ll find Ford allready have 1st dibs on the name “Barbie”.

      Ford did a Falcon Barbie a few years back basically BA 1 tonner with a BBQ on the back.

  • NikB

    What kind of name is Malibu for Stralia! Surely it should be the Holden “Bondi”……..OR has anyone meentioned Torana?

    • Nick

      Seeing we are becoming more “americanised”, as we already have the Holden Colorado, and soon the Holden Malibu, maybe the new Holden Commodore will become the Holden California!

      Oh wait, Ferrari has already taken that one…..

      • Grr

        California sounds heaps better than a name used for a Naval ranking!!

    • MattW

      Global marketing will mean it stays as “Malibu”. Same as the Cruze stayed Cruze despite Holden having already used that name in 2003

  • Mike

    The names of Holden’s Midsize cars never last long. They has been being changed every generation: Torana, Camira, Apollo (Camry rebadged), Vectra, Epica and now the terrible name: MALIBU.

  • Mike

    If this thing is going to look anything like the current 2011 Malibu and not offer a manual option, I will be sticking to the new Turbo Cruze.

  • Pete

    Hot looking car, love it !
    This will be the new bench mark medium car
    GM are making great looking world cars now, the new Barina looks hot and so does the all-new Colorado
    Bring on the Holden Malibu !

  • Vidahlla

    I remember seeing these in Canada in 2001, obviously an earlier model but even then I thought they’d sell well in Australia. Holden could do and have done worse in the past.

  • LN

    Instead of calling it the malibu why don’t they just call it the holden bondi down here?

  • Government Motors built my lemon

    Looks like one hell of a rental car this time instead of the ugly current one. Between this, the Snuze and the new Buicks, GM’s got one hell of a rental fleet.

    Go GM! Mark of the rental car!

  • Michael

    It’s a shame it will be a front wheel drive 4-door, if it were a 2-door and a rear wheel drive it might be a good Torana revival.

  • Byron

    Looks lie a very promising car. Malibu is a lot better name than “Epica”. Just looking at the Series I Epica, it looked so cheap & tacky. Series II rear end looks really good & sleek, surprisingly. Epica never was ever well recieved. I remember the most in sold in a month since it’s arrival was 513 cars :O. Malibu looks very slick from the photo’s shown & the rear lights look sooo good. Can’t wait to see the interior & engine line-up. Yeah the boring as bricks Camry can well go die now. Good news, apparently Epica stocks have been exhausted too. Bring on The Holden Malibu.

  • Manky

    Really whats in a name. And for as you people that say Bondi is better not every body wants to live in Sydney.

  • http://Neptune Rabbit

    Do I see the design in a coupe, or are my eyes deceiving me.

  • Eric V

    Why do Holden need to ‘bridge the gap’ between the Cruze and the Commodore in the first place? The Cruze is about the same size as the original VB Commodore, and the step up to the current Commodore isn’t really that huge.
    I suspect that the Malibu is going to end up being a waste of time, money and effort.

  • the major

    hullo malibu goodbye commodore