by Brett Davis

Remember last week when the RTA and State Debt Recovery Office proposed decreasing the speed camera tolerance from 3km/h to zero? Recently instated NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner has now rejected that proposal and actually wants the tolerance to be raised.

Reducing the speed camera tolerance down to zero was a ridiculous proposal to begin with. It meant motorists could be fined for speeding just 1km/h over the limit. If the proposal passed it would have pretty much sealed the deal that speed cameras are put in place simply and solely for revenue raising.

Now though, Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner is saying such plans will not go through. The Deputy Premier met with RTA chief executive Michael Bushby on Tuesday and directed him to terminate the proposal which was brought about by the Labor cabinet. Up until last week, the precise tolerance set for speed cameras was unknown, but a figure of 3km/h was leaked when plans of the proposal came about which wanted the tolerance reduced to zero.

Mr Stoner will be sworn in as the new NSW roads minister within the next week or so and will be setting the tolerance to a new figure. He hasn’t said what the exact speed tolerance will be, but says it will be increased. Mr Stoner also said that the Coalition government was adamant about putting an end to such revenue raising tactics.

“The NSW Liberals and Nationals are determined to restore commonsense to government in NSW – this is one practical step towards that. We are determined to earn the trust of motorists by focusing on road safety, not revenue raising,” Mr Stoner said, as reported by Fairfax.

Mr Stoner also announced that he will be asking the Audior-General to investigate speed cameras and will try to clean up the inconsistent and confusing speed limits around the state.

Hopefully, all this talking will be backed up by some actions. We’ll keep you updated in any case.

  • Lang Chye

    Common sense prevails – a reason why we needed a new govt

    • Doctor

      Just so pleased to see the end of the Stasi…

  • Shak

    I feel much better now knowing my vote went to these guys. Not even a week in and they are already doing the tough jobs. I say Good on Them, keep it up!

    • John Chen

      Dear Sirs,

      We concur with sincere sympathy that common sense is prevalent in the Liberal Government of NSW.

      Mrs and Chen and I live in Chatswood, located in the prestigious NSW electorate of Willoughby. Gladys Berejiklian, the Minster for transport is the captain of the the safe Liberal electorate of Willoughby and it is of great honourable rectitude to have her as our democratic representative.

      We believe it is a testament to the celebrity and prestige of the North Shore of Sydney that so many prominent Liberal members hail from this north side.

      North Shore residents are prominent in the the cabinet, with Mr O’Farrell as Premier (Ku-ring-gai), Treasurer Mike Baird (Manly), Health Minister Jillian Skinner (North Shore), Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian (Willoughby), Planning and Infrastructure Minister Brad Hazzard (Wakehurst) and Attorney-General Greg Smith (Epping).

      Thoughtful considerations,
      Mr Chen

      • Andrew

        Dear Mr Chen, you love the sound of your own voice (converted to text) don’t you?

      • Shak


  • Nick

    Well done. Now if they can increase the speed limit on motorways to 140kmh.

    • Leyianart

      That would be magnificent but I doubt it, especially with the way people not respecting fast / slow lanes.

      People KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING is is that hard?

  • Valet Dabess

    will the speed tolerance be increased in NSW only or in the whole of Australia?

    • Lang Chye

      For that to happen, we’ll need federal pollies with an equally strong dose of common sense. Haven’t seen any yet.

      • Jacob Martyn

        Wrong. Speed limits are a state issue.

  • Yonny

    Andrew Stoner, you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

    This decision must be sticking in the craw of the RTA and the rest of the road safety/money collection industry. They are so used to getting their own way this must really hurt.

  • laurie

    Would have liked to be a fly on the wall when Michael Bushby was directed to do it now err YES MINISTER

  • Nathan

    Wonder what Harold Scruby thinks of this new minister hahaha :)

  • Tas

    Excellent start and completely justified.

    I sincerely hope that any review of speed cameras take into account their potential positive impact (of lack of) in terms of road safety.

    This is only one or many strategies that should be looked at in a holistic planning approach to making our road safer. One of the most important and commonly overlooked strategies, over looked by the RTA that is, is driver attitude and education. these two factors have arguably the most significant impact, positive or negative to road safety.

    Another area is also trending toward heavy, large SUV vehicles that create problems with forward visibility (to other traffic) and mass contributing to grater impact force in accidents. THis is also a complex issue where the RTA can review and possibly promote incentives to move people away from these vehicles.

    There are many others and I hope this government undertakes a comprehensive review to these and many other aspects that can improve the safety for all road users.

  • Peter

    They have a big job on their hands to turn around 16 years of Labour nonsense and what a great way to start, i only hope we get a Liberal federal government next and all states can benefit.

  • Technofreak

    WOW! I am totally blown away by that! that is fantastic :) This pollie Stoner might just be the first pollie that I am impressed by…

    …is the sky falling??

  • Alex II

    Common sense…………..

    I think we have voted in the right Government.

  • m2m

    Score one for mankind!

  • Robert

    Are you really so naive to think that the new Government will be happy to turn off this revenue stream? As long as they start spending the money on roads and public transport, they’ll get my vote next time around.

    • Lapdog

      Speed camera revenue is nothing in an economy the size of NSW. They wont miss it. The last Labor governments like all Labor governments just wanted the nanny state approach to running our lives.

  • carlos

    I’m happy that my vote go to the people with more common sense. I wonder how many accidents happened near where the speed cameras are !! most accidents did not cause by speeding, but carelessness and the state of mind of drivers.

    I think even the craziest drivers will slow down near where the cameras are.

  • bob

    Glad to see this. My only concern is where they are going to hit us to attempt and recoup what revenue they will be losing from it. $4.6 billion deficit to be recovered…somehow….

    • Homer

      Fair enough, how about $500 fine for staying in the right hand lane. How about $500 for throwing cigarettes out of windows. How about $500 for not wearing a seat belt. How about $500 for bald tyres. How about $500 for driving at dusk with your lights off. How about $500 for tailgating. How about $5000 for road rage. How about $5000 for driving over .08 alcohol reading. How about $500 for not taking a mandatory 3 year drivers test. How about 50% off your rego for completing an advanced driver test. Sure fellow bloggers will have plenty more but the above should cover the lost revenue from speed cameras.

      • Roger Ramjet

        All Hail for Homer! Well put!

      • Leyianart

        Agreed Sir!

        But I do have to be careful with the Cigarette butt one, actually gonna quit that stupid habit.

      • Stoney!

        WELL SAID! you got my vote!

        *not indicating
        *not giving way to buses exiting the kerb
        *pulling up in no stopping zonez and bus zones *cough* taxi’s
        * not SHARING THE ROAD!


      • fishman

        And the biggest potential revenue raiser of all – actually enforce the penalties for using a mobile while driving.

        I could stand on any street corner and pull over a car a minute on this one…

        • kris

          Finally common sense! Stoner is onto something good! unlike the Labor fools.

      • MattW

        Spot on Homer. There are plenty of infringements that drivers are not getting pinged for. IF revenue was a problem, simply start enforcing the things they currently aren’t doing… when was the last time someone was given a ticket for sitting in the righthand lane?

  • dimka

    A 10% tolerance would be good and fair however that’s probably all too hard and they will go with a fixed amount. I really hope that we can get at least 5km/h tolerance …

    What about the new mobile speed cameras in action? Will their tolerances be affected? What about their new extra locations and additional mobile cameras?

  • Guss

    At last, Hopefully the beginning of the end for the ridiculous amount of power the RTA has in NSW.

  • Car Fanatic

    Now all we need is to oust that Ginger headed Troll in Canberra and Australia will be great once more. Score on for the Lib/Nationals.

  • Moe

    All we need now is the orange headed urangatang to be booted outa canberra and bring on 140kmh speed limits 😀

    • Homer

      Sir, I think you should withdraw that remark as it is a slur upon urangatangs and,orangutans as well!

  • john

    A government with common sense. Never thought I would live too see the day!

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Great start…hopefully he’ll also step in and introduce some proper driver education into schools aswell as cleaning out the bureaucrats from the RTA

  • Wayne Kerr

    I’ll be damned, democracy actually worked this time.


    How are the shareholders at Macquarie Bank going to recoup their $300m investment?

    Maybe do a short sell on Redflex?

  • Chucky

    Good on them. I did not like any of them (although I have always voted for labour) I choose to vote the liberal because of the zero tolerance proposal by labor. They should have tolerance level at a minimum of 10%.