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by Brett Davis

Autocar in the UK has just reviewed the European version of our HSV GTS sedan, the Vauxhall VXR8, and posted the full review up on its YouTube channel for us all to interpret.

The team seems to be pleased with the car overall, praising its usable handling and grunty 317kW V8 engine, describing it as a “fantastically entertaining” drive. Autocar also welcomes the Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) system which provides various visuals about the car’s current setting.

The review does make special mention about the car’s European price however, which has gone up recently from £35,000 to £50,000 ($55,000 to $87,000). This puts the VXR8 into Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG territory, which Autocar says is a much more refined and faster package.

Take a look below for more details.

  • Tim

    Who the hell would pay the same money for this when C63 AMG is similar price!

    • andronicus

      Agreed! Bogan ex-pats I guess….

      Also, how do they justify a price hike like that between models?
      Surely they are kidding themselves, that is just not even close to been reasonable.

      • AB

        The Strong Australian dollar!

        • Devil’s Advocate

          The $Aus hasn’t changed that much against the pound though and is only around 5-6 cents different than what it was 6 months ago. That is still not enough to explain that much increase in cost.

          • Frenchie

            Err the pound 12 months ago was worth 45-48 pence to the aussie dollar. Now it is about 60 pence to the aussie dollar. Thats approximately 25% increase. It has probably also increased the taxes on it since the price went up.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            I am not doubting that Frenchie, but we were talking about this huge price rise that has just happened within the last month, not 12 months ago. If it was only due to the increase in the value of the $AUS you would think the price would have risen well over 6 months ago to reflect that increase you mentioned and not now…

      • Daniel D

        If watched and listened to the video, you would know that the VXR8 now comes in Clubsport and GTS spec, where prior to this only the Clubsport spec was sold.

        The car reviewed is the GTS spec.

      • Daniel D

        More likely then bogan ex pats are buyers who are enthusiasts and don’t have a cultural cringe or chip on their shoulder.

    • Zej

      Those who prefer a proper manual transmission, perhaps? That and seating capacity for five adults.

      Still, it’s not enough for me to pick the Australian car over the epic 6.2 litre V8 C63 AMG.

    • Pitcrew

      They only exported the E3 based vehicles to the Uk within the last few months. The last time HSV shipped a car to the UK before this was over 12 months ago. The price of the car has hardly changed in Aus so why would they all of a sudden increase profit margins for the UK? Just have a think about how much $80k AUD is worth in Pounds, now add shipping taxes and vehicle amendments like the addition of rear foglight, marketing etc…

      • aussieboi

        Im australian and ive just bought an hsv gts
        i paid approx $90,000 AUD for this, transfer for that into pounds, then add importation taxes etc. and pommies are getting a bargain.
        for example, i investigated buying and audi rs5 and our government’s taxes (inclusive of luxury car tax), in all, add about 20 to 30 thousand AUD to the base price of the car.

  • Dees

    I find it interesting that they are getting a Estate/Wagon and also the ute with this one.
    He did say however that the previous version at 35,000 still exists but the version he was driving had all the other goodies such as the MRC.

  • toxic_horse

    Interestig how it still have the HSV badges inside.
    Why not just sell it as a HSV in the first place.

    • Maz

      Its GM… They can’t be bothered swapping all of the badges. Think of the Astra VXR. Opel Steering wheel badge, HSV alloy caps, vauxhall racing as its nameplate (VXR)

    • Monk

      I don’t know about over there, but I remember reading that, if they swap the interior badges over here, they have to do crash tests again and that would hurt the selling price so they left them on the Astra VXR for that reason.

  • toxic_horse

    Soooooo ugly as well. i just hate the look of these.
    The rear end makes me feel sick.
    And i am a holden fan.

    • Adam

      I have to agree, generally speaking I like the shape and design cues of the current Commodore, but this is gastly and really reflects the intended target audience.

  • Lloyd

    I agree toxic, the Vauxhall name is disgusting, I know why they did it but surely HSV could be marketed there as a bit special. I didnt say upmarket because it isnt really but it is something a wee bit different over there.

  • Save It for the track

    Hmmm A C63 AMG or one of these? Same money. I know which one I’d go for. Not just because of the horrible look of the HSV either. Performance wise the AMG is the winner. And if cost is to do with the ‘strong’ Aus dollar, why then haven’t Euro prices here gone down?

  • http://Stig paulb

    The strong Aust $ has affected HSV pricing.Great vechle,lots of fun to drive.

  • Greg

    I just don’t get the HSV thing – I own a VE commodore that has been tuned uograded brakes etc to have much more power than the HSV but it just looks like a regular commodore and cost less than the HSV even with the tuning etc – why oh why do people pay the extra for a HSV? It can’t be for the looks?

    • Pitcrew

      Pardon the pun but, don’t judge a book by its cover.

      Go and test drive a GTS before you make a final conclusion.

      It’s not for everyone however, there is a a great deal of engineering and technology injected by the Clayton boys.

    • Lox

      Because not all insurers like modified cars. Buying an “off the shelf” modded car (HSV) can mean less hassle with insurance, vehicle engineersing with mods, warranty etc.

      • Rex

        Adding to the fact, more often than not, when people start messing with their suspension, they usually make things worse. Although, I’m sure the lads at the local pedders will tell you otherwise 😉
        Better to buy someting properly sorted with millions in R&D.

    • davie


    • aussieboi

      here’s the reasons people go for an hsv
      brand power
      better re-sale value
      each vehicle has a build number, hsv member benefits etc.
      the technology is far superior
      cost less in the long run for the same performance you’d achieve from an upgraded VE
      and believe it or not, alot of people like the way it looks.
      and since the recent death of tom walkinshaw (the guy behind hsv) the value of all hsv will increase in the coming years

  • TMG

    This was to be the late Tom Walkinshaws car, so it has all the goodies, price stated is 51200 GBP. As for ex-pat Bogan assumptions most of the people who buy theses type of vehicles are far from Bogans or brand snobs we have here in OZ, they are just poms who like a big loud fast V8’s, the Vauxhall badge just means it comes with a warranty, and is not a grey import.

  • Homer

    I’m stunned, are there bogan pommies in England? I thought they were all over here! :)

    • Stumpy

      The world is full of bogans and they are the main reason we still have performance vehicles of any kind.

      You should get down on your knees and pray for the little bogan inside us all. BTW AMG is just German for bogan.

      • Homer

        Guess German bogans have it much better than us Aussie ones.

      • carbine

        Irony: if you were to say AMG in German, it’s pronounced Ah Ehm Gey …

    • filippo

      Yep, except over there they’re called Chavs.

  • bangel

    Yes in adelaide

    • Will

      No, yobs.

  • Stumpy

    No I can still go by an AMG, HSV or whatever car I choose to it has nothing to do with the car or price point it’s about the enjoyment.

  • http://skasev.com skasev

    How is $87,000 C63 territory, if that were the case i’d have one!

    • Zej

      In the UK, the list price for a C63 AMG is £54,600.
      That’s within 10% of the (automatic) VXR8’s £50,900 price tag.

  • Shak

    Why is everyone complaining about the price, the man even says WHY the price has increased(it actually hasnt, he just tested a new more costly model variant). The level of kit and space in the HSV is also greater for the price.

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      Depressed fordophiles who resent the fact that the GTS is still the top dog in Australian muscle
      tsk tsk

  • Pitcrew

    They only exported the E3 based vehicles to the Uk within the last few months. The last time they HSV shipped a car to the UK before this was over 12 months ago. The price of the car has hardly changed in Aus so why would they all of a sudden increase profit margins for the UK? Just have a think about how much $80k AUD is worth in Pounds, now add shipping taxes and vehicle amendments like the addition of rear foglight, marketing etc…

    • Clueless

      Look at the answer above, 12 months ago 1 AUD = 0.48 GBP, now 1 AUD = 0.6 GBP and this is GTS spec, up from club sport.
      Why are there so many DENSE people at this place.
      Learn some facts and get a life…

  • Nicholas Riseley

    people on here are just idiot.. you cant get a new c63 amg for the same price yes maybe a second hand one but…..but the car parts would be far more expensive than any holden piece……and also buying the standard commi and then paying for all the upgrade when pretty much cost the same as the hsv in the end….and well commis are way to common the hsv just looks better and performs better

  • Greg Car Lover

    In Australia the Holden GTS is around $80 K AUD
    Merc C63 AMG $155k AUD

    Both great cars but the German offering is not twice as good, woops sorry I must be a bogan!