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by Brett Davis

An ultra-rare Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio fastback has surfaced on the web and is currently up for sale in the Netherlands. It’s called a Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Touring.

It was designed by Italian coachbuilding company Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera in 2008 and is based on the Maserati Quattroporte sedan, utilising the same running gear and general proportions. The rear hatch and pillars are said to have added just 50kg in weight too, so the Bellagio has no problem sprinting from 0-100 in 5.2 seconds.

We’re not entirely sure how many of these tailor-made Maseratis are out there – some sources say just 25. Either way, it’s an extremely rare opportunity to see one of these things up for sale. It’s priced at 165,000 euro (around $230,000).

  • Alexander

    Wow, it’s surprisingly cheap given its rarity and exclusivity!

    I wonder if it has the hideous automated manual or the proper ZF auto?

  • Mash85

    so, isnt this technically a cinqueporte?

    • Alexander

      LOL yes!

  • Jimmy James

    great surfwagon!!!! Boards look like they will fit in the back with the seats down! YEEE HAAARARRRRRR!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    I would love to be taken to my final resting place in the back of one of these.

  • Baddass

    Looks fantastic!

  • Popeye

    Sorry Jimmy I have to disagree, I wouldn’t be seen dead in it!

    • Joker

      Well.. it looks like it could fit a coffin in the back and If so…I think it’d be a pretty snazzy way to go out!

  • rentakeyboard

    They could do doughies and you could go out sideways in style! lol

  • Steven

    That looks stunning!