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It wouldn’t be a new day if there wasn’t a new report scaring us into believing that we are either dying from over-exposure to red roses or cancerous material found in cheap Chinese coffee mugs, but alas, it is a new day, and we have a new report – this one says diesel fumes cause brain damage.

According to Dutch researchers, breathing in diesel exhaust fumes causes a stress response in the brain that can possibly result in long-term damage to brain function.

Researchers monitored the brain waves of 10 volunteers as they sat in a room filled with diesel exhaust fumes for one hour. The level of fumes was similar to that found on a busy road.

The volunteers didn’t need to be there for the whole hour, though, as after just 30 minutes brain wave patterns showed a stress response, which for those us without a medical degree, means changes in information processing in the brain cortex.

Diesel fumes can cause brain damage

Although previous studies have shown that very small nanoparticles in traffic fumes can travel all the way from the nose and lodge themselves in the brain, this is the first evidence of a change in brain activity.

“We can only speculate what these effects may mean for the chronic exposure to air pollution encountered in busy cities where the levels of such soot (nanoparticles) particles can be very high,” said lead researcher Paul Borm from Zuyd University.

So the big question, can breathing in diesel fumes fry your brain?

“It is conceivable that the long-term effects of exposure to traffic nanoparticles may interfere with normal brain function and information processing.”

Of course this is by no means a victory for petrol-powered cars as diesel was only chosen for the study because it’s the common exhaust fume in Europe.

The Dutch group says further research is required to find out for sure if there is need for panic. Currently the nanoparticles found in traffic fumes have already been linked with increased rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Want to read more? The study is available online at http://www.particleandfibretoxicology.com/

Source: Reuters

  • Adam J

    heard it all before, we wil find out in about 20 years time when half the world is dying of some sort of cancer.. oh wait, thats now!

  • Dieselkills

    Another reason to push forward for all-electric cars!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    It might be a easier version of population control as the bigger the world gets without human intervention to seriously reverse this increased trend……then the better (yes that seems cruel but it is blatantly true).

  • o

    i feel sorry for the volenteers

  • http://navelcontemplation.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-don-get-fashion.html supercujo

    No wonder truckies and 4WD owners are retards…

    Can we find an explanation for taxi drivers now? Is LPG responsible for removing indicators from the car and logical thinking from the driver? Does it also permanently tune the radio to talkback radio?

  • http://barina SteveV

    Gee, a ‘stress response’ from people locked in a room knowing they are being exposed to diesel fumes!

    How extradordinary.

  • SteveC

    Everything humans create is bad for you. Asbestos anyone? How about coal povered electric power stations? Nuclear power?

    The fact is, nothing good comes from progress. We might lead better lives immediately, but long term we will always suffer. Always.

  • Tom

    I’m with SteveV on this one. Sounds like scare mongering to me.

  • Glen

    Hmmm what an eye opener, sniffing exhaust fumes can give you brain damage. Oh really!!!! I did not know that, here i am sitting behind a running car all day thinking it was healthy.

    Cmon common sense would tell you exhaust fumes are no good for you. Stop scaring stupid people with these stories.

    Hey unleaded fumes have carcinogins in them. I think I’d take the diesel fumes. Or just shut the windows and use recycled air

  • Reckless1

    Supercujo, your research is based on what, exactly.

    To be that retarded in thought, you must be both a truck driver and a 4wd owner, using your clever thought process.

    What a moron…..

  • Frugal One

    C/A TEAM –

    Would be nice if you would acknowledge WHO [me!] gave you the link and story!

    And, even nicer if Alb. would actually reply my email!

    God Bless,



  • 280zx

    Yeah and what a fantastic article it is Fruitless one ! What’s next “Electric cars give you crabs” LOL

  • Westy

    Gee another wonderful scare tactic by media!

    I wonder how people survived years ago without all this stuff to worry about. I guess they just lived their lives without all these modern worries. I am gonna wear a shaded, bubble suit and mask from now on!

  • Tom

    Wow, now that you’ve said that frugal I can’t take this article seriously at all. We get you hate diesels, no need to bring down the credibility of caradvice with your views.

  • FORD is No.1

    Toy-mota probably paid for this article to promote or advertise green battery power is better which is (BS) and gain more sales for the new terd-bo Prius….They should make studies on what batteries do for your health and how to recycle them in a green manner…

  • 280zx

    Ohhhh crap here we go again did you have to mention Toyota! Doh i just said it to LOL

  • Frugal One

    TOM –

    I dont hate DIEsels, i infact drive one!

    Had to fill her up today: 77L $115.50 OUCH!!

    Have i told you before about LPG? :-)

    Will be testing the Hyundai iload van for the C/A Team as compensation! :-)



  • Tom

    You’re right, you’re the LPG man on the forums, my sincere apologies. Just had a rush of blood to the head, sorry about that.

    I still think the article, or more the research paper its commenting on, is fairly rubbish. For starters 10 people isn’t a terribly big pool to use to measure the effects on, and there were no individual results from each person. If you get 10 separate results and average them together like in the article, then the results can be significantly changed with just minor differences in per person results.

  • Tony M

    Does this mean that all Europeans are going to die with brain tumors, considering over 60% of vehicles sold there are diesels. Did you know that if you open water bottles and don’t drink them over a day that the water will react with the plastic and give you brain tumors, did you know that if you use your mobile phone longer that 30 minutes continuously you will get brain tumors did you know if you play with yourself you can go blind. Fill in articles are a waste of time.

  • Mitch

    Everything is bad or going to kill you apparently

  • rocket_v6

    i wonder what will happen if we inhale petrol fumes,cigarette smoke,industrial fumes,rocket fumes,plane fumes,fart fumes.

  • Frugal One

    TOM –

    Actually, i sold 1 van [Kia Pregio] on Sat. and OVER-THE-MOON with what i got for it.75% after 3 years!Now i just have this Transit to screw with my brain! :-)

    Anyway, before i buy anything i am currently investigating CNG fueled as opposed to LPG.

    They are currently trialing a CNG fill at home system [overnight auto fill]which fills from your home gas system and gives about 200km range.

    The guy that does these is away A.T.M, sent a email and his boss said he will reply soon as he returns.

    Want to know what is the cost of the fill-at-home-system, the conversion kit thats popular [would HAVE to go for that said vehcile] and all the cost of course.



  • Oz.

    Well….what fumes won’t do you any damage?

  • Bavarian Missile

    Apparently if you live too long you’ll die as well!

  • TP

    No no no no this isnt possible, Diesels have better emissions! No name, where are you? One of many who tried to argue against me. They consume more OIL and have worse EMISSIONS.

  • Realcars

    If I am reincarnated I want to come back as one of these idiot scientists bludging off tax payers and studying and stating the obvious.

    If u could get all this brain power? working on something constructive we would all be better off.

    We are all doomed if this is the best they can do.

    Simple: too many people = swimming in ya own shit eventually.

    They should head for the Rudd fest. We are doomed!!!!!

  • Realcars

    ……..and u have the captains of industry rejoicing that the population of Asia is going to grow by over 10billion over the next twenty years!!!!

    They don’t seem to realise that if this trend continues no matter how much money u have u will still have to wade thru shit!

  • TP

    They are doing something with their lives Realcars, I can appreciate these people, Im educated as well. How about you get off the dole and get a job, bum.

  • http://db9 XR2_Capri

    Were is the room with the alcohol fueled vehicles.
    People that willingly sit in a room with diesel fumes being pumping into it didnt have much in the way of brain power in the first place!
    “Dutch researchers” who is paying for the research?

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP….”Iam educated as well” – that comment begs a query as your comments are littered with vagueness and unanswered responses when other people as you. How about you answer people and dont worry about your obsession being Toyota’s!

  • snerd

    It’s the usual media beat-up. The findings were NOT “oh noes teh cancer” but “hrm, that’s interesting, we’ll look into that further”.

    Don’t Panic.

  • Bret

    TP, nowhere in the research does it even hint at deisel being worse pollution than petrol. Your assumptions are wrong again. BTW the same “stess responce” from the brain occurs from most particles, including pollens and plain ordinary dust – this is just self-interest research, and does not really even rate. No control groups, very small sample, no comparison data to other contaminents – total @#$%.

  • Bret

    Educated hey?
    I read an artcle this morning that discussed the differences between KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. The conclusion being that Wisdom beats Knowledge every time (and this coming from on of the best research environments in Aus).
    And guess what? You can not teach wisdom – come back in 10 – 20 years when you’ve found some.

  • AGM

    I’m with BM on this one – apparently living is what kills you…

  • http://impreza dlr1

    Memo for Ford Is No.1 :

    1. Toyota sell far more diesels than they do hybrids.

    2. Ford is not number one, the way they are going they are no.3, probable because some of their products are like a no.2!

    And finally did you know that if you run your diesel engine on coconut oil the exhaust smells like fresh coconut cookies straight out of the oven. mmmm… cookies.

  • Andrew M

    diesel is worse compared to what?
    did you even read the article?
    news flash that petrol aint good for you either.

    people have been killing themselves with exhaust fumes from petrol fumes as a means of suicide for years.

    the only fuel that i can think of that isnt anywhere near as bad as petrol or diesel fumes is LPG. LPG has like 90% less of the “baddies” in its emissions.
    oh but wait……….
    there is less money to be made off of LPG as the consumer is currently getting the better end of the stick

  • Andrew M

    tune in next week where scientists discover staring at a flood light shows immediate reaction to pupils on the 10 subjects that are monitored

  • TP

    NM no need to question, you can tell the dole bludgers from the workers here…. those who have time to post the during the day are the bludgers! If you have any respectable job, you dont have time to go onto the net.

    Bret sorry but there are various sources all over the net which reflect the same conclusion, Diesel fumes are deadly, DIRECTLY linked to cancer. This is so much so that many studies exist looking into this, with many concluding that indeed it does cause problems.

    Andrew.M its about which is better, Diesel or Petrol. Clearly the one which doesnt emit soot which is directly linked to cancer into the air is the better… petrol. As for LPG Ive said LPG hybrid would be good, but its true wouldnt quite hav the same marketing ability, given it will consume more… but be cheaper to run. But I think your ‘LPG has better emissions’ is somewhat basless, this isnt another quote directly from a gas manufactruers site again!?

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP….your comment carries more weight then not and agree! Maybe harsh and generalising, but reality me thinks!

    Maybe these people will live in the diesel fumes as Toyota, Honda and Kia/Hyundai are feverpitch working on hybrids as these “will” be stepping stone to “full” electric and anything else is a pathetic extremely short term band aid solution….maybe these supporters believe the Mars will be inhabited and petroluem based products will be shuttled over here! LOL talk about head in sand like an emu….in this case there is a huge flock of em!

    With this line of thinking turbo charged motors in all of range is not “really” much chop as barely above short term. Its easy to see which car makers are smart…..TP we know!

  • Andrew M

    mate it is a fact that LPG has much much cleaner emissions.
    just deal with it mate. you are proving yourself to be uneducated to say otherwise.

    this study DOES NOT conclude that diesel is worse than petrol. im not saying diesel is better but this article is far from saying it is deadly and petrol isnt.
    you are pretending petrol fumes arent harmfull.
    get a grip mate!!!!(other than the grip you have on yourself)

    my understanding is yes diesel is slightly worse but really not by much. well not enough to make a song and dance about. diesel is slightly better for the environment yet slightly worse for us with emphasis on “slightly”

    LPG is closer to having your cake and eating it too as it is better for the environment, miles better for our lungs and a damn sight cheaper to run.
    let me know when you find a better cake than that

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ANDREW M….is that grip you mention like Tarzan’s Grip as in the white glue……………………LOL thats funny!

  • TP

    No I havent pretended that at all… I am focusing however on Diesel v Petrol HYBRID. I really doubt a hybrid emits the same shyte as a Diesel, even as a kid you know that they are dirty engines, you dumber then a kid?

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Andrew M – at this stage your comment on LPG has great merit…..last paragraph of yours!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    He has a good point on petrol hybrid!!!!!!!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Til petrol hybrids come online enmasse LPG is short termer at best….by then others will be ramming it up to full electric and others may be still tinkering with petrol turbos in all of there range. Hopefully Ford will wake up and reposition itself seriously – very soon!

  • Bret

    TP I ain’t claiming deisel is a clean fuel, it’s just that this study can NOT be used as a basis for any argument deisel V petrol, it just doesn’t contain any facts to support any such argument. And lets not forget that deisel has many differing formulations all around the world, just as petrol does. Are you even old enough to remember the pre-unleaded days, and how much damage the lead pollution from petrol did?

  • Andrew M

    mate diesels arent as dirty as they use to be. more and more are now being fitted with particulate filters that are getting better and better.
    if you are the one still using your childhood beliefs then i need say no more.

    put it this way TP,
    the baddies that are emitted are relative to how much fuel ones vehicle is burning.
    im sure that since the diesels use less fuel than than these hybrids that any slight increase in “baddies” from diesel is counteracted in that a diesel doesnt need to burn as much.
    for eg diesels may be 10% worse for our health but they burn 10% less than a hybrid.
    get it?
    hang on i dont think that sort of understanding will register with one who still relates to childhood beliefs.
    perhaps just ask the easter bunny as he might be able to put it in a cute little story for you

  • dlr1

    TP : “you can tell the dole bludgers from the workers here…. those who have time to post the during the day are the bludgers! If you have any respectable job, you dont have time to go onto the net.”

    Who the F are you to say this crap? Are you living in the dark ages where people awoke at sunrise and retired to bed at sunset. We live in a 24 hour a day seven day a week world moron. Thats right, when you’re snuggled away in bed dreaming about a new cardigan some people are clocking on to their jobs. Yes its true… some people work at night and spend some of their non working hours when the suns up.

    Its this sort of ignorance to the rest of the world that sees you ridiculed here.

  • Realcars

    TP my friend u are a good reason for people not to attend university. Obviously u have little life experience and wouldn’t know if someone was up u unless they coughed.

    TP mate u should climb the Corporate ladder as u lack something that most intelligent people have and that is commonsense.

    …and for your info, you nerdish moron, I have my own business and work short hours because I am very good at what I do.

    No doubt I could teach u a lot about Accountancy u arrogant little prick!

  • Realcars

    I would ask for a HEX refund TP if I were u!!! Ha Ha Ha.

  • Andrew M

    yeah id ask for your 6 sided object refund too TP ha ha ha ha

    typo there realcars dont you mean “Hecs”

  • Realcars

    As already mentioned this study is crap as it doesn’t follow scientific method i.e no control or alternative comparisons so on it’s own doesn’t really mean much as it draws no comparison between the real world alternatives to diesel and their negative properties.

  • Realcars

    Sorry about that typo Andrew M but unlike our learned friend TP I only have a sixth grade education. hA hA hA

  • Andrew M

    yep TP got learned real gooder.

    he spacticalises in numbers apparently, yet us other peoples is sees hims mistakes

  • Realcars

    No response. TP must be doing his Home science assignment.

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    TP,You realy are’nt making to many mates here with some of these comments.
    On your reference, Even as a kid you know these are dirty engines talking about Deisels. Mate, I am far from a tech but even i understsnd that the modern day common rail injected deisels are light years ahead of the old oil burners that used to get around.
    Cars guide awarded the Deisel I30 as the green car of the year!!
    You must be wearing that cardigan of yours to tight as it surely must be resticting the blood flow to your brain boy!

  • Andrew M

    dont forget to brush your teeth TP!!!!!!!

    i thought id get in before your mum yells down the hall way at you.

    does teddy wear a red cardigan too??? oh that is soo cute.

    i can see you cuddled up to your teddy just like Radar

  • Realcars

    …in his camry car bed and with TRD motif quilt cover.

  • Bavarian Missile

    hahahaha…..your a crack up you two

  • http://www.autoinsuranceselect.com atlantis

    this is bad for your lungs as well

  • No Name

    Hi TP – been away in London polluting the atmoshere in a brand new Vectra diesel.
    What a load of bollocks, did they do the same test with a petrol, doubt it.
    We have 40% diesel penetration here, and the UK has one of the best most sucessful economies on the planet in a country that is one of the most densely populated in world, so where’s the evidence of brain damage. If you knew the Dutch they are a bunch of nancy flower growers who do little in the world apart from defend their country, most of which is below sea level, from flooding. Now who’s stupid. Ha Ha. utter wank.

  • No Name

    Petrol contains 15 chemicals known to be hazardous to health. I work for a company who build and redevelop petrol stations and 2nd stage vapour recovery is high on the agenda due to the health hazards. All fossile based fuels have some form of detrimental effects on health. Say no more.

  • No Name

    TP – soot question. Go outside shove your finger up your exhaust pipe of that petrol driven Aurion you’re dreaming about, wiggle it around, pull it out. Then come back and tell me what colour it is. My guess it will be a sooty black colour. Mmmmmm funny that.
    Apparently the particles from a petrol car are vastly smaller than a diesel, common sense or ‘wisdom’ would say then they are capable of penetrating the lungs further than a larger (diesel) particulate.

    TP ever heard of a particulate filter? they are fitted to many diesels, mostly from French and German cars. Mmmmmm lost again pal. ‘Oh what a feeling’ when i’m choking on the petrol fumes from a Prius.

    Now TP answer one of the many questions i’ve asked, so far not one has been! :( Only un-educated guessed statements ever come from you. I provide my sources of info. You cannot as you’re guessing as usual. 😉 :}

  • Bret

    It is pollution in general that causes brain damage, a fact Clearly demonstrated by TP and his city centric lifestyle/views. Sydney anyone?

  • Andrew M

    and just to add to you there no name,
    TP, go and then shove your finger up an LPG tailpipe and then you might realise that what im saying in that LPG vehicles emitt 90% less particulates just might be true.
    then pull the dipstick out (not you, i mean the thing you check oil with) and then you will see that there is also obviously cleaner oil at 20,000 in a LPG vehicle versus your camry with only 10,000k’s since the last change

    i think the study on petrol has already been done as TP shows scientific signs of brain damage from sniffing his camry’s fumes

  • http://evo Frugal One

    Mail is that DIEsel is the new generation Asbestos as in killing us……..



  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    I didnt recieve that mail..funny.
    If Deisel fumes are so dangerous to us and the enviroment, why would the Hyundai I30 deisel win carsguide green car of the year?

  • TP has NEVER backed up the 25% diesel claim

    because they are nearly a toxic as petrol fumes and the unburnt petrol vapour you inhale when your filling upthe gas guzzlers

  • http://evo Frugal One

    E TEYPOT –

    It matters 1 iota what vehicle is DIEsel powered, the simple fact is DIEsel is the most dangerous fume by far, so much so it causes cancer

    Google ‘DIEsel cancer’



  • viva

    How about you all just breathe in your own exhaust and prove how harmless it is.