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With the reintroduction of Saab back in Australia next week, our European photographers have sent CarAdvice photos of what we believe to be a mule testing with a new platform for the next generation SAAB 9-3.

As you can see, it’s hiding under the body of a current generation 9-3 Convertible. Although it deliberately gives little visual clues of the new design, the wider fenders on this mule suggest the next-generation 9-3 may be marginally wider.

Saab enthusiasts will also be able to spot the different placement of the exhaust-pipes, which have moved out some inches to the sides.

There are many rumours circulating the internet regarding the new platform. Some suggest it will be a modified 9-5 platform whilst others believe it will be a completely new modular one that may also be used for both the smaller 9-1 and a rumored sportscar.

Saab has previously said the next-generation 9-3 will be unveiled in 2012, so expect to see photos of real body prototypes soon.

We are curious to know just how much the new 9-3 has borrowed from the design of the SAAB PhoeniX Concept.

  • t39

    I hope I’d be RWD, but probably won’t be.

    • WooDz

      I cannot believe that SAAB will ever make a RWD vehicle, however they’ve been using AWD for their performance vehicles for 3 years now.

  • hyundaikia

    are you serious

    i cant see any difference between their 90’s model and todays one.

    • bob

      You sir, are blind.

      Besides, this is a test mule, so who cares what it looks like?!

  • WooDz

    This is a ‘mule’ not the new car. but there are subtle differences that show this isn’t exactly the current 9-3 and that it’s more likely a shell on top of the new chassis.

  • bob

    CarAdvice, I think you need to change your article.
    It has never been suggested that the new 9-3 will ride on a modified 9-5 platform.
    The two options that have been spoken of are firstly the “Phoenix” platform, which is a highly modified version of the current 9-3 platform. It’s also been suggested that the next 9-5 and 9-4X could spawn from this platform.
    The second option is the one that has been mentioned recently that it will be an all new platform, as per your article.