• Tim

    With a competitive price, these will be snapped up by 20-30 year olds.

    • andronicus

      I wish i had waited before buying a new car….I’m the demographic they are aiming at this at and would definately consider it pending a test drive..

  • Shak

    Its very refreshing to hear that some Marques, namely Hyundai and KIA actually seem to care about our market, and not just think of us as a tiny market that is stupid enough to pay over-exorbitant prices for most cars. They are tuning their cars for our ‘actual’ needs, and not some supposed idea of how we like exactly what Europe likes in certain cases, or what the NA market likes in certain cases. We may be small, but if someone like Hyundai/KIA can put the effort in to do “region-specific tuning”, then no one else really has any excuses.

    • Baddass

      Well, we must be pretty stupid then Shak, because it seems like every limited edition sports/supercar that comes to Australia these days is snapped up immediately at double the price of one in Europe. As long as ‘stupid’ people buy the cars, the marques will keep the high prices.
      By the way, if you’re so sick of paying high prices for cars, why do you keep buying them? I would have thought you’d be losing money with such a high turnover of cars…

    • Nick01

      Well said Shak!

  • Al Juraj

    What we really need is the Genesis coupe!

  • Genesis coupe!

    Totally agree, would love to see the Genesis coupe in Aus, I already emailed Hyundai Australia letting them know that.

    There is also a facebook group to try and get the Genesis coupe! in Aus.

  • Hung Low

    The only problem with the Genesis coupe is the 370Z which outperforms it. Unless Hyundai can bring it in cheaper than the Nissan or with the V8, it is going to be a bit of a wood duck!

    • idlebrain

      You’re comparing 2 seats coupe vs 4 seats copue and I don’t think they’re under the same category. Genesis coupe is more like poor man’s G37 which is not on sale in Australia.

  • Jackson

    It looks good, but a poor mans Scirocco.

    • Nick01

      The Commodore is a poor man’s Mercedes E class….what’s your point?

  • Labrys

    Which would be relevant if we got the Scirocco.
    Which we don’t.
    Admittedly thats unfortunate since it’s a great car.

    • Arky

      Poor man’s Citroen DS3 more like.

  • Henry

    this will be accepted by 20 year olds just like the Kia Koup but it will a tough competition.

  • delux

    I really like this car. Think im gonna need to start a hairdressing apprenticeship so i can justify driving it.

  • Mark

    A. I’m joining that group to bring the genisis to AUS on Facebook.
    B. You can’t say a poor mans sirocco when the sirocco is only sold via grey imports.
    C. Commodore is poor mans E-class!!! Best phrase ever!! So true!
    D. No a fan of the mini clubman like door.
    E. I would by a tiburon over this with schmick sounding 2.7lt V6 over this thing.

  • http://N/A Euromix

    This car looks amazing. I am 42 and this car appeals to me very much. Will check it out at the Melbourne Motor Show this weekend. Currently driving a Mazda 2 and loving that car alot. So, will be hard to move from Mazda to Hyundai….although this car looks cool!

  • Adriana

    Woww!! Can not wait until this car is released into Australia! Definitely my next new car :)

  • Fireater

    Funny thing ya know. It looks flash but at the end of the day when you are driving it, it is like a Kia Rio. All I am interested in among all the other hopefully givens is sound system and fuel economy.
    I also defy any car tester to disclose the conditions they use for the acceleration test. If we knew what they were, they would be harmful to repeat. In fact, I am not even sure the last time I reached the legal speed limit. When I get on a freeway, a few decent shoves on the throttle, nothing silly and I am at 80 or so kph, well out of danger. Then all I want is minimal revs to cruise with and andI don’t mind down shifting at all.
    When they make one that does 4liters per 100k in petrol form, then I’ll get excited. But at the end of the day……….get over it.