by Brett Davis

An Indian company called Executive Modcar Trendz is offering packages which turn the humble Toyota Corolla into a Ferrari 430 lookalike. Although the idea is a bit of a disgrace to Ferrari, this example does appear to be a pretty good mock up.

The body is created through a repeated design process which starts off with a basic sketch which is transformed into a digital platform. This is then redrawn to suit the car and eventually turned into a clay model using a CNC milling machine for final panel proportion adjustments. Real panels are then moulded to suit.

The interior of the car is also completely redesigned and is created using a similar process to the exterior design: sketch, digital layout and then a clay model is produced.

Overall, the finished product does look like a bit of a toy but the shape does resemble the famous Italian marque quite well. It’s a lot cheaper than your average Ferrari 430, too. Pricing for the package is said to be around around $22,400.

The only problem is trying to convince your mates that the buzzing 1.8-litre Corolla engine is actually a 4.3-litre V8.

  • Jazrod

    What a joke . . .

    • http://MERCEDES James Cortez

      What a joke? it\’s you!
      What an idea. $ 22400 compare to 15 – 20 times as much. What\’s wrong with you? Good for he majority. I suppose you are on a movie star pay??

      • SZQ

        what a retard…

        • andronicus

          You sir get the Post of the Year award for that.

          Love it….and couldnt agree more

  • Captain Nemo

    I suppose it’s not such a bad thing considering there is so much congestion on Indian roads and you would never get much of a chance to test a real one to it’s limits.

    And the fact that a real Ferrari would probably get banged up this is a great idea.

    • Joker

      It needs to be CowProofed(TM)

  • AW

    Didn’t Top Gear use something similar for Top Gear Live, except it was an MR2 if I remember correctly. What a joke, who would even contemplate either coming up with this idea, let alone buying one?

    • Grammar Nazi

      Someone who would be happy to take some idiot’s $22 grand.

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    Is that a drum brake on the front???

    • ddd

      nah, look closely u can seen the cooling ducts in the flouro yellow disc. with a flouro yellow caliper…

      this car looks like someone melted a ferrari. it screams cheap clone.

      • My Cars Called T-Rex

        yea I clicked on the photo and its eazy to see.

        you can also see the leaves behind the front bumper,wonder if there an optional extra.

  • Ima Hogg

    In the magazine Unqiue Cars at the back there is add for cars. There is an add for a mr2 Ferrri 360. Guess how much? $48.000. Its been up for sale for fair amount of time.

  • Yellow brakes

    Looks like they got a tin of yellow spray paint and went nuts on the brake disc as well.

  • Jimmy James

    I hope Ferrari wheel out the litigation team and shut these w*nkers down. How depressing that people might actually buy this and believe the looked cool…

    • Assphault

      are u fcking me? there’s a bunch of young dickwads already driving hotted up 80kw Lancers, Accents, Corollas… even sporting wings. 0-100 in 17 seconds too.

      moral is…. the human mind is tricky, you either become normal or a complete tool, and there’s a lot of tools out there.

  • Ethan

    Wow, i didn’t know the Indians were so capable, i thought their strength was in tax accounting and computer programming… Yeah, b4 you all call me racist and all, it is a joke… i know may indians who are very capable…

  • matty

    I wonder if Ferrari will bring out a Ferrari 430 based Corolla?

    • Jason

      I wonder if Toyota will bring out an F430 based Corolla?

  • maxrob200

    Isn’t Ferrari bringing out a Fiat Abarth based city car which cost $$$

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Yea its called the Cigaretta

  • Flying High

    not sure what the complaints are all about. It is an extension on a body kit. Do you all say that body kits should not be placed on cars? I think it is a grand job!

    Have you seen some of the 260Z’s that were converted into Ferrari look-a-likes years ago? This here is a great conversion job on a corolla. Good on them, and i hope they bring it here and help the look of the current crop of toyotas. Starting off with the bloated camrys.

  • Nick K

    Wow… I know I will get attacked, but this is a fun idea.

  • gearboxdawg

    Is this what you called a Corolla High Roller?

  • Eric

    I think they should have used an STI MPS EVO GTi underpinnings.


  • gms

    I can see how this is offensive and wrong, but imagine the quality and quantity of chicks you’d pull with this ride. It’s not like they’d know the difference!

  • Damian

    Most of their slum inhabitants will think it’s a real Ferrari anyway.

  • Leyianart


  • Frostie

    Indians car makers should just do what they do best.
    Make cars for the Indian market.

  • Frostie

    Indians car makers should just do what they do best.
    Make cars for the Indian market only.

  • Al Juraj

    There’s really nothing new about this. Several years ago, the MR2 SW20 has been turned into a Ferrari F355 with a body kit. I have also seen a kit car Countach, which was smaller than the real one. There are likewise Lancia Stratos replicas using Alfa Romeo engines.

  • Chris

    This reminds me of that Peugeot ad a few years ago, where the indian guy converts his car to a 206. Love that Ad!

  • john

    You can get one of those engine noise generators that plugs in to your lighter. You could stick speakers in the engine bay and get a decent effect.

  • Octavian

    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • Andrew Juma

    I think that is the biggest FAIL ever. Ferrari Legal should just shut them down. Copyright infringement, eroding brand equity and just straight trash either way you cut it.