• Styling (exterior/interior), refinement, interior space
  • Some turbo lag

7 / 10

2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review

Model tested:

2011 Holden Cruze Series II CD Diesel – 2.0-litre turbo-diesel, six-speed automatic with Active Select: $26,990 (Manufacturer’s List Price)

New styling, new engines, and more features, the Holden Series II Cruze is a serious contender for Australia’s best small car.

Holden has been building cars for 63 years and its latest model, known as the Series II Cruze, will offer Australian buyers a quality alternative to more expensive small car offerings from Asia and Europe.

Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Mike Devereux, has every right to be confident about the potential of the new Series II Holden Cruze, when he told the press corps:

“We have worked hard to improve on the current model by tailoring the Cruze to better meet the needs of Australian motorists”

“We think our locally developed range ticks all the boxes for people who appreciate style, comfort and convenience, as well as high-tech performance options and great interior space.

“Cruze also remains one of the safest small cars on the market and more than ever it represents exceptional value for money in true Holden tradition.”

2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review

We’ve just put over 140 kilometres on the clock of the base model Series II Cruze CD, powered by a new generation 2.0-litre DOHC common-rail turbodiesel engine, and bottom line is that it’s pretty impressive.

It’s not the 120kW that excites (although that’s up by 9 percent on the previous diesel powertrain), it’s more the 360Nm of torque kicking in as early as 1750rpm that makes this car such a treat to drive, and one of the main attractions of the new Holden Cruze sedan.

At 110km/h, this new diesel emits no more than a gentle purr at a fraction under 1500rpm. In-gear acceleration from 80km/h is even stronger, making overtaking on multi-lane highways seem effortless.

There’s also very little engine noise intrusion inside the cabin. In fact, it’s by far the quietest diesel engine in the small car segment at least from those cars I’ve driven over the last six months. That’s true even when you stomp on the throttle, there’s still nothing more than a soft murmuring emitted inside the cockpit.

Holden is using an electronically controlled single turbocharger with intercooler, which while offering smooth power delivery, does suffer from initial throttle lag, so it’s best to feed in the power progressively, unless you’re higher up the rev range.

The six-speed auto transmission delivers smooth and seamless shifts through all forward gear ratios, but it’s not an overly quick shifting unit in the same way that a multi-clutch gearbox is.

2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review

Part of yesterday’s test route included a good stretch of twisty road close to the start of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, where we took advantage of the Active Select (sequential manual shifting) option on this transmission. It allows driver’s to load up the revs in each gear ratio, for a far more enjoyable driving experience than if left in auto mode.

I particularly like the hydraulic steering on board the Series II Cruze for its weight right from dead centre and the communication through the nicely moulded sports leather steering wheel.

There’s plenty of grip from the front end and the Cruze is well behaved through the twisty bits, even when pushing on a little quicker.

Apart from the general refinement of this Series II Cruze, it’s a particularly comfortable small car, especially up front behind the wheel. The standard pews are very well bolstered and hold your torso bolt upright, even when throwing the car into bends.

While there isn’t a lot of soft touch material around the dashboard, Holden have employed quality materials throughout the interior, especially the fabric inserts that have a nice tactile feel to them.

The console in the Cruze is particularly attractive, with all the switchgear nicely laid out for good functionality and in easy reach of the driver.

There’s a heap of standard features on board the Cruze, even in this base model CD trim.

2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review

Series II Holden Cruze CD standard feature highlights:

· Engine options of 1.8L ECOTEC engine, 1.4 iTi DOHC turbo petrol or 2.0L DOHC turbo diesel.

· New 16-inch wheel trims

· Six-speaker multimedia audio system with radio, in-dash CD, USB flash drive/iPod/MP3 compatibility

· Steering wheel remote audio and cruise controls

· Graphic information display

· Six airbags – front driver and passenger, front side impact, side curtain

· Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review

· Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

· Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)

· Traction Control

· Brake Assist

· Collapsible pedal assembly system

· Air conditioning

· Power windows all round

· Automatic headlamps

2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review

· Body-coloured door handles

· Watts link performance suspension (paired to 1.4 iTi model only)

Unlike the majority of vehicles in the small car class, the Cruze is a proper five seater with decent leg and headroom for rear-seat passengers.

Luggage space in the Cruze is also good, although Holden will launch an all-new Cruze hatch model later this year that will offer further convenience.

All three Series II Cruze engines meet the Euro 5 emission standard and the diesel in manual guise can return fuel economy figures of 5.6 litres/100km. That performance alone makes it Australia’s most fuel-efficient locally built car.

The other exciting new powertrain for the Cruze is a 1.4-iTi turbo petrol engine, which develops 103kW and 200Nm between 1850 and 4900rpm. This same variant is also equipped with the new Watts link performance suspension.

CarAdvice will be testing this Cruze variant today, and will provide a separate review of the car shortly.

2011 Holden Series II Cruze range

2011 Holden Cruze Review
2011 Holden Cruze Review

Cruze 1.8-litre petrol

  • CD manual – $20,990
  • CD automatic – $22,990
  • CDX manual – $24,490
  • CDX automatic – $26,490

Cruze 1.4-litre turbo

  • CD manual – $22,240
  • CD automatic – $24,240
  • SRi manual – $24,490
  • SRi automatic – $26,490
  • SRi-V manual – $27,990
  • SRi-V automatic – $29,990

Cruze 2.0-litre diesel

  • CD manual – $24,990
  • CD automatic – $26,990
  • CDX manual – $28,490
  • CDX automatic – $30,490

Prestige Paint: $500

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2011 Holden Cruze Review
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  • Andronicus

    I’m just still not convinced of calling this a small car….

    Also, is it just me or has the styling dated really quickly in the last few months?

    Also, CA, have any reviewers met a diesel engine you didn’t like recently? Last few reviews have all been pretty positive and glowing. Is it because every manufacturer has stepped up and are building better diesel powerplants or is it our expectations are lower for them?
    Serious question, not taking the mickey.

    • selurs

      Yeah, small car my hat.

      It’s the same length and actually 2cm WIDER than my Octavia, yet my car is considered “medium” and this small? What gives?

      • nickdl

        The Octavia is hardly a medium car. It’s very small alongside the Camry and Mondeo and it’s based on the Golf platform. I see your point but I think that the Octavia and Jetta both seem to fill a void between small and medium cars, this is reflected in their price and the smaller engines that they use.

        • bangel

          Octavia and jetts are in a class above cruz , higher quality interiors superior drivetrains , better handling , bigger more powerfull engines , dont see any 147kw turbo 2 litres in the cruz

          • nickdl

            I wasn’t comparing them to the Cruze, I was simply saying that they are in between a small and medium car due to their size, engine and price. But by all means, compare a $40k Volkswagen to a $25k Holden. I’m sure a lot of people will see the logic in that…

      • rentakeyboard

        Cruze 1788×4597
        3 1755×4580
        Crolla 1760x 4545

        Epica X 4805 width not on Holden website
        Camry 1820×4815
        6 1795×4753

        All dimesnions are the relevant SEDANs
        A little larger than the average small car, but hardly medium car dimensions

        • Golfschwein

          I dragged out my old WHEELS magazines and did some similar research just to see how it stacked up against a Camira and VH Commodore of 27 years ago. It’s far bigger than a Camira, which was trying to muscle in on Sigma and Bluebird medium territory at the time with a perky, but smaller than normal 1.6 engine, and is within cooee of the original Commodore.

          • james

            The original Commodore was never known for being big, hence why the Falcon outsold it in the 80s until the VN came along. But yes it is interesting to see how cars have gotten so much bigger. The Corolla sedan is close enough to the same size than the second-gen Camry while the Lancer sedan is bigger in many dimensions than the original Magna.

      • John

        How is the Octavia? Is tossing up between the Cruze and Octavia.

  • Shak

    CA, are you guys planning a more comprehensive review of the Series II range anytime soon, or just the SRi model? Either way, judging by the few comments you guys have made so far, the Cruze Series II should be a genuine top three contender in the small car class in coming months.

  • Craig

    Any mention of Bluetooth, I cant see it here or on Holdens website.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      option only…(epic fail)…

      • Frenchie

        Bluetooth $600 optional extra.

  • Mad Max

    Glad to see the Aussie built version is such a good car. Some might say that its “only” 50% local content, but thats 50% more local content than any other small car sold here. With the localy designed and built hatch plus the rumoured HSV versions coming on stream late this year, it looks like Holden is onto a winner.

    • Joker

      If it’s styled anything like the HSV Commodores, “I just (won’t) want one!”

      • Mad Max

        Good point. Lets hope Autobarn or Supercheap have run out of the hideous DRL’s used by HSV.

        • ddd

          you mean ebay china?

    • bangel

      Wow junior bogans can look cool in the tinker toy cruz with lots of black bits , day running lights , glitz interior and even worse resale value .

      HSV will leasen their credibility if they do that .

    • Adrian

      Max, “Some might say that its “only” 50% local content” and they would be the lying propaganda merchants.

      The truth is that, by the indusry standard method, the Cruze maxes out at just under 25% local content, to be tho lowest of any locally made car.
      In fact it’s almost 20% lower local content than the next up the rung (Commodore around 30-35% local content).

  • Goodfa

    Considering the biggest gripe with the series 1 Cruze was the 1.8l petrol engine,why don’t they just have an old fashioned drag race between the 1.4t and the 1.8 so we can actually see how much improvement there is.(I know it won,t tell the whole story but it would help)

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      $1.04 odds on the turbo…

      • Robin Graves

        Until it hits 4900rpm and you go thru the window – might as well go the diesel.

    • Adam

      The turbo will smash it.

      8.9 seconds to 100km/h.

      The 1.8 does it in about 10-11 from memory.

      • Goodfa

        Adam where did you get that 8.9 second figure to 100 Km/h.

        I read an article on the Chevy Cruze which was 9.3seconds to 60 mph.(Which is a little under 100 km/h)

        • Glenn

          Hmmmm….think I’ll keep my WRX.

  • Save It for the track

    Based on the current engine specs, I can’t help but wonder what a diesel in SRi-V spec with the Watts linkage suspension would be like.
    Interesting pricing strategy. Surely if they dropped the old 1.8 altogether, they could have made the 1.4 turbo and the diesel both slightly cheaper.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      problem is this(how i understand it)…

      .option 1…turbo mtr(tick)electric steer(cross)watt link(tick)
      .option 2…petrol/diesel mtr(just ok/tick)hydro steer(tick)standard rear(cross).

      in the words of one b.joel..don’t ask me why…

    • Adrian

      Don’t be fooled by the “Watts linkage suspension”. It’s just a less dumb beam axle rear end.
      No ‘high tech’ IRS for the Daewoo (now GM Korea) designed Cruze.

  • Joker

    Looks really good!! …But then there was the 2011/12 Focus…

    • Adonis

      If it’s anything like the 2007 Mk2, then no thanks.

      I bought one brand new, Zetec model and it was a great handler. However in 120,000 km’s I had it over 3 and a half years (with mostly highway diving), I had the following faults:

      1. Broken clutch spring
      2. Oxygen sensor x3
      3. Car when locked would then immediately unlock
      4. Car chewed through rotors like nothing else
      5. Ignition coils

      And I’m sure there’s more. Until they lift their game, I wouldn’t buy another ford.

      Ford = First On Rubbish Dump

      • Joker

        And you know, almost any car you buy will have warranty issues of some sort. As for chewing through Rotors, that’s strange…never had it myself…
        For every one disgruntled Focus owner, you will find a stack more that are happy. Why do you think they sell so many else where? I’ve owned an LS Zetec, LS XR5 and now a Mondeo XR5.
        Holden until now really had nothing to match the driving experience not to mention next to no warranty issues in my ownership
        They’ve gone through a rigorous change in production philosophy.. One Ford will bring then entire Ford Empire behind one car.
        Don’t expect the same from Ford…they’re a very different company now.. hence why they’re parent company didn’t go Bankrupt…

        • Adonis

          I ended up changing the rotors as much as the break pads. After having a ve commodore, hyundai lantra, toyota camry – some of which were brand new I have never had warranty issues like that. The car was from south africa which may have had something to do with it.

          Chassis wise foed do some great word. QC is where it let them down

          • Devil’s Advocate

            What part of the pads broke Adonis?! 😉
            Seriously though, many Euro cars do wear through rotors as quickly as BRAKE pads. They generally use softer rotors and BRAKE pads which in turn gives more ‘bite’ when you depress the BRAKE pedal as well as provide a better ‘feel’. The downside is that the rotors wear more quickly and produce more BRAKE dust and the dreaded ‘black BRAKE dust encrusted front alloy’!

          • Stoney

            I got 30,000k’s out of the pads on my golf so far and have just under 60% left, I thought that was pretty good?

        • Golfschwein

          Euro cars are probably not kind to the type of driver whom I describe as a ‘brake pedal dabber’. I watch these people: speed crept up to 64 kays. Dab the brakes. Slight bend coming up. Better watch that. Dab the brakes. Someone changes lanes safely ahead. Dab the brakes.

          It’s amazing. I drove behind a current model Corolla two days ago on Perth’s 5 kay long Riverside Drive. The brakes came on 8 times, yet I maintained a steady distance behind it.

          I was warned on these pages of the horrors of Golf rotor replacement, but they went 64,000, double the predictions of this site’s ‘knowledgeable types’.

          • Adrian

            SA police changed rotors on VT and early VE Commodores at 15,000 km on the police cars.
            Yet Falcons can go well over 250,000km without being changed. Go figure?

      • james

        Ohhhh diddumssss

        • Adonis

          I was getting 40,000km’s at max from the focus – and that was from highway driving mostly

      • ddd

        my cousins 07 model has 180 thousand kays on it now, its been abused from new, and has had a clutch done ( too many attempts at skids ) and brake pads.

        THATS ALL

      • Glenn

        The decision makers at Ford are their Accountants, hence the lack of impressive cars and quality.

  • http://Porsche MB

    Holden are on to a real winner here. It could be argued that they sold alot of series 1 Cruzes beacause of payout cheques from hail damaged cars in Victoria with a minimal payout on your 10 year old shopping trolley Cruze was a good new car at a cheap price.

    Now Holden need to get their techs working on them. Histroty has shown they have no idea outside of a Commodore eg Vectra, Calibra when it comes to servicing.

    The hatch will be the big kicker

  • http://Stig paulb

    Holden have done a really good job with the Cruze.Good range of engines,smart interior finish,good looking vechle.
    Looking at the rivals,Civic,Focus,Mazda3,VW Golf.Cruze has trumped them all in looks and style

    • ddd

      you mean

      holden have done a really good job FIXING WHAT DAEWOO MADE MEDIOCRE.

      nice tuning work holden! seriously this will sell well, and i hope all the 90s korean-ness is gone from it now.

      • http://Stig paulb

        Thats what i meant to say ddd,,,lol

  • Paul

    Yep, it looks good now, but I have a series one cruze on fleet with the 1.8 and what peice of poop it is.

    I wonder if Holden screw it together at least as well as Daewoo?

    Will it enter the market like the last series Camira, not the first?

    Yes, the first series Camira was a winner on paper and degraded like an old banana from day one, no one builds crap small cars like GM did in the 80’s and 90’s, Ford was flat out to match the 4 cylinder rubbish GM has brought to market, Camira, Astra, Vectra, the only decent 4 cylinder car was the Gemini, that was an Isuzu, so let’s see what the Cruze is like in a few years, the current crop of Astra’s have made our repair business flourish, thanks GM, please keep building crap for me to fix, your mechanics usually don’t have a clue.

    Give me a Cruze after 80,000 klm’s, please give it a faulty cam belt, fuel and oil pump and I think I can open another shop and retire early.

    God Bless all the engineers at GM.

  • pezza

    “Australians have a lot riding on Holden’s new small car for a big country — they helped pay for it.

    The Adelaide-built Holden Cruze — the smallest and most fuel-efficient car made in Australia — finally hit the road yesterday as the company admitted it wouldn’t have been built without taxpayer assistance, and that fewer than half of its parts are from local suppliers.”

    not relevant to the actual review – but interesting none the less

  • James

    Paul you won’t have to wait that long. I drove a Series 1 with < 5000 km on it recently and it was already rattly and felt like it was very, very tired. I've also driven a slightly more elderly Focus (15000 km) and it had started to rust around the rear hatch hinges so the Ford/Holden debate for small cars can perhaps be settled – they're as poorly made as each other.

    • Sumpguard

      …and yet I spoke to a couple who have had their’s since new in 2009 and they love it. Goes to show there is good and bad in all makes. I spoke to plenty of tradesmen who have had D40 Navaras and they have been faultess, but mine like a few others had everything imaginable go wrong with them.

  • Zej

    I do hope that the Holden Stealerships will lift their game.
    I covered 55’000kms in the first year of Cruze CD turbo diesel ownership. At the 60k km service, I needed new brake pads. Of course, they weren’t in stock. I mean, it’s only the 6th best selling car in Australia and 2nd best selling car in their showroom. Had to wait 3 months and 4000+kms with the pads worn 3-4mm from the backing plate to have them replaced.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Yep, Holden have the marketing thing down pat as well as providing some reasonably good products now, however their dealer networks generally leave A LOT to be desired. I have owned a few different brands of cars over the years and Holden have been BY FAR the worst IN MY EXPERIENCE when it comes to “after sales”. This has been from more than one dealer as my job requires me to move around a bit.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        I should also mention that one of these Holden Dealers was “supposedly” one of the “best” dealers in a large capital city. If they were meant to be “one of the best”, I wouldn’t want to see their worst!

  • nickdl

    I really like the new Cruze. The SRi-V looks to be a really good offering and sells for money similar to a low-specced Golf, I know I’d prefer the Holden. SRi review coming up CA?

    The two things I didn’t like about the series one Cruze were the 1.8 petrol and the black-on-grey leather interior. Thankfully, the diesel and 1.4T are much better and the interior is looking much better, especially in the SRi models.

    • bangel

      As the leading UK car magazine says ” competent , but nothing more , rating 2 stars out of 5 , and its ugly ”

      The golf is a classier auto than this offering .

      • Joker

        And if it gets anything more than that here.. we’ll know why..

      • nickdl

        The Golf is a German Corolla, only less reliable and much more expensive to own. Honestly, why do people pay a premium for a car which runs on premium and has far less standard equipment than its more reliable Japanese counterparts? You can’t say it’s for the engines, because Holden’s 1.4T and the diesel seem to be more than up to scratch. Because it’s classy? So the slightly better quality interior plastics presented in a conservative manner make a car classy?

        I never said that the Cruze was best in class, because it isn’t, the Mazda3 is better and the new Focus will be as well, but both for less standard features and a higher asking price. But for the value-for-money; the fact that it’s supporting the local industry and the fact that it’s a roomy, quiet and good-handling car make it one of my top choices in the small car market.

        • bangel

          YEP bit like buying teac over sony , looks good has lots of features , but long term does not cut the mustard .

          While the sony just rolls on the teac is on the dump rotting .

          Not supporting OZ at all, supporting a foreign owned american co who ship the profits back to USA .

          • Captain Nemo

            “Not supporting OZ at all, supporting a foreign owned american co who ship the profits back to USA”

            And how is owning a Golf like you do supporting AU? well i’ll tell you it’s not it’s helping Germany and every time a VeeDub breaks down which is quite often it helps Germany even more with its overpriced spare parts.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            However Captain Nemo looking at it another way, in the process of the Golf breaking down it is still providing work and supporting Australians at the various dealerships/workshops around the country etc that would be required to fit those expensive “German” spare parts to the car! So in reality, foreign cars still support Australian jobs etc, just not quite as much.
            As a side note and something random, our 2003 Mazda6’s original side mirrors were made in Australia…

          • ddd

            and yeah, teac actually make some things equal to sony. the only thing sony does better is tvs

            (i sell them for a living)

            the golf IS like SONY but made in a TEAC factory.

        • Glenn

          Euro snobbery….thats about it, they fall for the marketing and image. Go to Europe, they are every where, not just owned by people who think they are special.

      • Snorkel

        The Golf may be a classier auto, but its also a much more expensive auto!

  • Nick K

    Anthony, has the new diesel banished the previous diesel’s initial turbo lag and overall noisy and clattery nature? If the lag is gone and diesel refinement is way up, 120Kw and 360Nm behind a torque converter auto looks good at the asking prices. I suspect the auto diesel will use around 9 to 10 L per 100Kms in urban conditions though.

  • Max Power

    “Series II Cruze, will offer Australian buyers a quality alternative to more expensive small car offerings from Asia and Europe.”

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. If you want good quality, buy a European built car, if you want the alternative to a quality built car, buy the Cruz.

    I will take my Golf 118TSI over this cheap looking over priced monstrosity.

  • Ray

    geez…they’ve been making cars for over 100 years now…and they’re still pumping out sh#t…especially from Korea…For my money…give me an Audi any day…or the Japanese equivalent…a Subaru!

    • nickdl

      It’s quite funny how every one of your statements is wrong. Holden have been making cars since 1948, not 1911. They can hardly be “pumping out sh#t from Korea” – unless your idea of Korea is actually Adelaide. And an Audi? Well a base A3 costs $15k more than the Cruze, and the low boost turbo is double the price of the 1.4T Cruze. Hardly a good comparison then… Oh and Subaru aren’t the Japanese version of Audi…

      • ddd

        they are the japanese version of……


      • Max Power

        Adelaide, Korea, not that big a difference really. No way I would spend $22000 give or take on a car assembled in the most backward state in Australia. Any car built in Adelaide by South Australian’s will be plagued with quality issues and mechanical failures.
        I will take the German Corolla (Golf) over the South Australian Cruz any day. I just hope the Cruz comes in Lemon yellow, it will be a fitting colour.

        • nickdl

          Well that’s a bit harsh, you’ve obviously never seen a late-model Magna or 380 which were built in Tonsley Park, Adelaide. They were probably the best built Australian cars, and easily outdo a lot of imports. There are many, many Holden owners who would disagree with you, but the build quality is hardly worse than that of Ford’s in Broadmeadows, Victoria (the least backward state IMO).

  • Adonis

    Also reflecting more it’s probably the south african build quality. I’d give anything from there a wide berth – Ford, BMW, VW included.

    • Kieran

      I really can’t get my head around why it’s such a big deal that some BMWs are built in South Africa. It may not matter so much to VW and Ford (and any other brands in the lower price range), but BMW has a brand image to uphold; do you think it would make ANY sense at all, for BMW to allow sub-standard build quality from ANY of its factories, be they in Germany, South Africa, or the US? If they had a plant in China (they probably already do), they would ensure that every single vehicle rolling out of there was built to BMW quality, because their brand relies on it.

      On the other hand, we owned a Daewoo for ten years, and it never once put a foot wrong. Maybe we got lucky? Or maybe Korean cars aren’t quite as bad as everybody harps on about!

      • Adonis

        I’ve still got a 1996 hyundai lantra as a daily run about and it is mechanically the best car I’ve had – it doesn’t miss a beat.

        I have had a pretty poor run the with focus, and it seems that a lot of people on here have issues with VW’s.

        Personally my mechanic has seen countless BMW’s with numerous electrical faults – one of his customers has a 335 with is a $110k paperweight.

        Leads me to believe it’s SA

        • ddd

          European cars are like apple computers.

          trendy, and for the “im better than you brigade” yeah they might be ok, but they certainly arent as good as they are exaggerated to be!

          • mmmmmm

            hopefully unlike the applemon they won’t have 10 warranty claims in 8 months

          • T

            Can’t agree there. I have had my WQ Ford Fiesta since new (2006) and it’s covered 78,000km’s. It was made in Cologne in Germany. I have had no warranty claims, no break-downs. It’s the best car I have ever owned. I had a Euro Holden before that and no problems there either. I understand some people have suffered quality issues but there is usually, at least, a few bad lemons that fall from the tree.

          • Sumpguard

            Clearly ddd is refering to the grossly overpriced prestige brands and I agree with him entirely. They are reliant on buyer ignorance to justify the ridiculous prices they ask. The E class Merc is a good car and the BMW 5 Series is a good car BUT they are no more reliable than a new Falcodore and cost 3-4 times as much. Vanity rules in the auto world.

  • http://Subaru Sumodog

    apple is great :-) bmw, merc, and audi make some great cars , provided one can afford them…

    • Anto

      Apple is a joke, never be used in main stram business and never replace microsoft. European car have the same parts as any holden, ford or toyota, they all come from China.

  • james cortez

    You sum it right ddd? Especially downunder, many people buy euro cars because of the badge. Koreans have improved and their prices have crept up. Value for money wise 2nd hand Mitsu 380 is the best. Underrated but solidly built

  • anthony

    VW seem to be very aggressive larely with their worldwide sales figures,and although its going to be more expensive,all the compact-medium sedans better beware of the upcoming all new 2011 Jetta range.

  • Snorkel

    My last 2 cars have been a VW GTI and a Subaru Impreza. The VW had the gearbox replaced under warranty at 20,000 km and had several other issues fixed under warranty, the Subaru fared little better. Both of them developed extensive rattles after about 15,000 km. Despite having done as many kms my daughter’s 10yo Hyundai is still as tight as a drum and has given worry free motoring. I firmly Korean cars are much better than many people believe. The only problem with them is brand image!

  • Maya

    I bought a 2/2011 Cruze Cd for my wife. Very disappointed. Holden advise a vibration / Shudder experienced during low speed operation is a characteristic of the model. Engineers are working to resolve. No one from Holden will advise what the problem is yet they are happy to put in writing that it is safe to drive. Our vehicle has been sitting in the dealership for almost 4 weeks 300 km on the clock. If considering a CD Cruze…..test drive the actual vehicle not a demo as you may end up like me. The shudder was not in the test vehicle but you sure need to check you haven\’t bought one with a bonus characteristic. It is, in Holden\’s words a characteristic of the model….go figure! Consider a second hand P76 before you buy a Cruze. I have been advised by a senior customer relations officer the improvement by Holden engineers has something to do with the CV joints being packed with incorrect grease. I am a noddy when it comes to mechanics but I sure as heck know the difference between a fault or characteristic

  • Jerry

    This car would make a great companion to my golf gti. I like how cars are trying to be fuel wise but still deliver the needed power.

  • jerry

    This car would make a great companion to my golf gti. I like the idea of making cars ever more fuel wise but still deliver the needed power.

  • Jason

    Do some rearch before buying a new car, the Mazda3 is the highest selling car in this country, it outsells Commodore/Falcon and of course the Holden Cruise. As much as Holden tries to glorify the Holden Cruise, its still a DAEWOO.

  • CheviesAreLame

    Whether we like it or not, Holdens are essentially Chevies.

    Now being made in Adelaide, and also being made in Korea.

    Daewoo made good cars until GM bought over the factory. lol.

    Enough said.

    I have a 98 Commodore VT. I’ve changed the clutch to a single-flywheel Exedy unit, and lowered the suspension with aftermarket stuff from a Chevy/Holden aftermarket chappie.

    Essentially got it ‘cos the 12″ sub-woofer’d sound good in it.

    Having said that I love my car, I’ll admit that Chevrolet aka Holden make pretty crappy cars.

    And this is more because of the way GM manages its QA rather than anything to do with Adelaide or Seoul.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if many people who’ve had their Cruzes for more than an year or two end up with jammed ignition barrels or headlight assemblies letting in moisture, or even inexplicably feeling that the car is shakier.

  • brett

    All my Cruze does is break…

    So many problems with it, just bad build quality.

    Never buy anything like this again….

  • Angela

    I bought a new Cruze in 2010 and have had problem of the front tweeter speakers crackling and popping loudly when using ipods and iphones in the usb input. This happens usually after driving for over 2 hours at highway speeds. I have used 4 iproducts, 2 USB cords and an rva cable and prob still occurs. I have had head unit replaced, usb wiring replaced and speaker wiring replaced. Prob continues. Holden tells me its an external problem even though it happens with differnt cords and devices. Has anyone had a similar problem?
    Any help greatly appreciated!

    • bw81

      Yep, got the same issue with mine. Have to disconnect then reconnect the device and it works ok for a little longer. Pretty crappy

    • Aussie

      I see your problem “iproducts”.
      Ditch apple and you will solve lots of issues!

  • Gary

    Just driven a CDX Petrol 6sp auto for a week in Cairns. Very unimpressed,the engine and transmission seemed mismatched, the auto was always searching for the right gear and drove better in sequential mode. Interior whilst boasting leather seats was overall disappointing. Would never recommend one of these to anybody. BTW my regular drive is a Cerato Koup SLS 2011 auto which puts the CDX Cruze to shame. The Koup’s 6sp auto is way superior and the performance of the 2.0 engine makes the 1.8 of the Cruze pedestrian. Drove up some twisty mountain roads and the Cruze was almost dangerous where it would surge between gears out of and into corners and I resorted to sequential shift for safety.

  • Steve

    Had my series II diesel Cruze with the 6 speed manual for 5 days and put about 500km on it. Had a huge case of buyers remorse between sign up last Monday and delivery Wednesday.
    Would have ducked out of the deal if I could have.
    After 5 days driving the car I have a grin that wont go away. The Diesel will pull up Greenmount (east of Perth) in top gear at about 82-83km in top gear at just over 1,000rpm on the cruise control without laboring but seems to use a little less fuel and do it easier in 5th. Between a combination of urban fringe, freeway, country and city traffic and a bit of “performance testing” and showing off it is averaging 5.7L/100km so far.
    If you beat it up (so to speak) it goes pretty damn hard.
    Best fuel economy seems to come from keeping the revs around 1200. best power between 1800 and 4000. No torque steer to speak of and heaps of fun. Clutch is a little heavy at the take up point and as a long time auto driver I have stalled it a couple of times. However a somewhat heavy clutch is to be expected behind an engine that develops more torque than a 253 V8 did in an HQ Holden.
    So far this car has exceeded my expectations.
    I haven’t enjoyed a car so much since my 3litre V6 GT Capri back in the late 70s. The E34 VG Pacer was pretty good too. So was the 66 Pontiac Parisienne, and the 49 Chev Fleemaster. The ZD Fairlane with factory air was a bit good too. As were the the 73 and the 75 LTDs. The XP Coupe was a pretty classy ride as well. I have owned over 40 cars in my 52 years and I rate the fun factor of the Cruze up with the above company, and way more practical.
    Just don’t bore yourself with the petrol.
    As an aside it was interesting to listen to the salesmen all trying to sell me a petrol, while diesel sold itself to me.

  • Tom

    My dealer told me these are produced alongside the Holden Commodore, and the quality should be about the same. That was enough to put me off. Bought a Golf instead.

    • Glenn

      Sucker, and I suppose you own an Iphone as well……

  • Steve

    3004km on the Cruze, now on its 4th tank of fuel. Still having fun, if the Missus lets me drive it. Fuel usage has settled to 6.5L/100km including the school pickups, soccer and ballet runs and to work and back. On the same duties the old 4L auto EF falcon used about 13L/100km on petrol or 16L/100km on LPG. No rattles or any bad habits yet from the Cruze. Interior ergonomics are typical GM. Arm rests a little too low to be useful, door top a little too high to be comfortable. If you put the steering wheel low enough to make the centre and side arm rests useful you obscure the instruments a little. This has been the case with GM product since the 1970s. Ford has always had a more ergonomic interior. Cruze is still good, but not great.

    • Roger

      Hey Steve, looking at getting a CD diesel Cruze. How is yours going now given your last update was in August?

  • Mbrann24

    Just been told I need new rear & front break pads + plus new rotors on my series one cruze, it has only done 45,000km quote $800… Not happy!! Will this happen every 45,000km?! Never had this issue in other cars…

  • Chad


  • Alpha101

    Series II Cruze Sedan Diesel Manual
    Real world fuel consumption:

    After 7 Fill-ups covering 4380Km averaging 7.02L/100Km with 60/40 City/Highway split.

    Best  6.55L/100Km
    Worst 7.96L/100Km (driven fairly hard in the city – start/stop traffic).

    To date – bang for ecconomic buck – brilliant car.
    Never thought I could (would) say that about a Holden……

    • Alpha101

      After keeping tabs on fuel consumption for more than a year, the long term average, real world figures are 6.72L/100Km.
      Long term observations:
      It lacks torque for it’s mass below about 1800RPM. This means you need to rev the engine hard to have any brisk movement. This can also be felt as you shift into higher gears. The engine will pull from ridiculously low RPM, it will just do so slowly. So even as you go through 2nd and 3rd you don’t feel any strong acceleration at all until above that magic 1800RPM figure.
      Despite big improvements to the induction system compared to the Mark I Cruze, it still suffers turbo lag. The Auto may be better in this regard, I have no experience with it.
      The airconditioner controls can be inadvertently changed by accidently bumping them with your knee (or passenger on passenger side).
      The car works well – it’s just not built for rapid driving. The gear changes are good and solid but it’s very difficult to change them quickly.
      I can reinterate that I believe it’s a good car if bang for your buck is important.
      I’ve had no such fabric problems as experienced by Warren Hacket below despite 3 kids doing what kids do to car seats!
      Would I buy a Cruze again? If my motoring requirements called for a cheapish sedan, manual transmission and I didn’t like visiting fuel stations frequently –  sure.
      Just remember this is no rocket.
      Although I’d now like a 7 seater and sadly I don’t believe I could sing any such praises for the Captiva. Perhaps I’ll soon be looking at another brand.

  • Warren Hackett

    I’ve had my cruze for 6 months and the fabric on the drivers seat has worn so much you’d think the car was 20 years old

    • Alpha101

      I’ve had mine over a year and had no such problems.

  • GuestAU

    Forget about support Au, I almost goes broke just to keep the damn AU car on the road. Now I have 2 corolla and never look back for any car that made in AU!

  • Geoffclack

    who makes the motors for diesel cruze

  • Alpha101

    VM Motorini in Italy.

  • Tommy

    Hi bros, i plan to buy 2011 Holden cruze CDX diesel model as it said very good in fuel and machine performance on the review. Has anyone using it, pls give me advise the real performance of it. Many thanks!

Holden Cruze Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$8,800 - $10,000
Dealer Retail
$10,360 - $12,320
Dealer Trade
$7,000 - $8,000
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
176Nm @  3800rpm
Max. Power
104kW @  6200rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
7L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:695
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/60 R16
Rear Tyres
205/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
On the cross member LHS
Country of Origin