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  • pezza

    ok admitedly when the impreza came out I wasn’t, however now the hatch has grown on me. Maybe this will prove me wrong, but that looks bloody ugly

  • D

    Overall it looks good except that I don’t really like the reflectors in the rear bumper

    • Sting

      Looks more like reverse lights than reflectors.

    • R-Bone

      Looks great and thzt diesel appears to be a cracker

  • Richo

    The side profile looks excellent, but the rear end looks a little fussy, quite often however cars look either better or worse in the metal so as always I’ll reserve judgement untill I see one for myself.

  • Wd

    If you walk in the middle of the road you’ll get run over, this is very middle of the road, pretty average.

    • Philthy

      So’s the sedan, but it’s been selling pretty well. I hope this does well so that we can keep at least some engineering and manufacturing capability in Oz.

  • Leigh

    Still an ugly car. Still a cheap Korean very average car no matter where it’s put together. Focus Mazda Hyundai to name a few are way better than this. It feels cheap and nasty inside just like Commodores.

    • Lalala

      I actually think its one of the best small car interiors around. Very impressed to the ones I sat in at the motor show and is much better than my Mazda 3.

      • Leyianart

        Great to see Australia produce this car but it does not have a good quality interior.

      • Ausbloke76

        are you on drugs?? We have a fleet of these (I co-manage a 3000+ fleet for a car rental brand)…..unfortunately we are loosing sustomers over them as they are very unpopular. Not only unpopular with customer’s but just as unpopular with staff.

        Gutless, unreliable and crook gearbox just to name a few inherant habits. Anything form Hyundai/Kia, Mazda etc is way ahead of this shocker.

    • Shak

      How can you claim that “it doesn’t matter where its put together”, and then signify Korean heritage as some sort of downgrade factor.

    • DWS1

      Hello, they are designed here in Australia, can you not read the text in the story above.

  • Justin

    Side profile is very similar to the impreza

  • mac

    Makes the Corolla look good. Oh yes, I did just say that!

  • Bart

    How is it cheap Korean average crap if it has nothing to do with Korea??? Dude get a life……

    • Ausbloke76

      umm…the sedan was designed and built by Daewoo in Korea. Aussies have taken the car, designed a hatch and are now building them here….nothing has changed it is still essentially a Korean car.

  • Sumpguard

    I like it. The styling is fine to my eye.

    I also think that with Falcon sales barely hitting 1400 last month and fuel privces skyrocketing that ford’s decision not to build the focus here will be one of regret. We are clearly moving away from large sedans and the ecoboost falcon is a big gamble that I personally doubt will pay off.

    I’m certainly not a Holden fanboy but this is the right sort of car for today’s market. Well done Holden.

  • Nick K

    Styling is too Nth American, however a hatch with a 400ltr boot and a diesel auto will mean strong sales. This could be an alternative to a Golf for many.

    • Nick K

      Is the Golf a much nicer car than this, of course it is, however, there are not many diesel autos available at the lower end of the price scale. My prediction is that those that can’t afford a Golf will opt for one of these as a more affordable option (especially if you can get fleet pricing). An added bonus is a bigger boot than Golf. As a result watch the upgraded diesel version of this car sell like mad.

      • toxic_horse

        If i owned a golf i think i would be constantly falling asleep at the wheel. because thats how i feel when i look at one.

        • Dave

          Don’t just judge by looks, keep the idea of driving dynamics in mind. The Golf has this in spades.

      • Golfschwein

        I think you’re on the money.

    • Lazybones

      I’ve been saying this for ages. The front end needs a re-style. The hatch part looks pretty good. But that yankie front end needs to go.

    • Ausbloke76

      hahaha yeah until you drive it…the old saying \”you get what you pay for” is so evident here. It is a generation behind and far from pleasurable to drive.

  • bangel

    Golf buyers not remotely interested in this car , looks generic korean , not classy enough .

    Current model sedans look dowdy already , not aging very well .

    • Golfschwein

      You’re right, I wouldn’t have one. But that’s more to do with me loving my Golf and wanting to replace it with another, more than anything else. A little chime also goes off in my brain going ‘Commodore SS, Commodore SS’, but that’s another story to be told in a parallel universe (along with another two dozen cars I admire from afar), not here and now.

      I think Holden have done a good job on disguising the double decker Chev grille horror on these cars. The engines appear to be competitive and the rest is sufficiently generic-everything to be a success for Holden. I hope they enjoy it.

    • Nick K

      Agreed, Golf buyers will avoid this car, however the spec and price of this car will means serious sales to a lot of non-Golf buyers as well as to Golf wannabe buyers who can’t afford the real thing.

      • vince

        Ive had 2 new golfs over the past 7 years. Both have given me merry hell. It took 3 years…yes 3 years to get the AC to work in the 2nd one. I had an XB falcon in the 70′s which had an AC that never refused to work yet i take the Golf back to the dealer 7 (yes seven) times & it was only fixed with my own online forum research.

        Dont anyone in here tell me the VW is a sorted out car.

  • Justin

    *** that’s why they r selling so well…. Even more that the falcon last month????? Hmmm

    • Ausbloke76

      if sales figures are good, then go and look at the biggest car rental company’s yards around Australia….you will find thousands of them as rental cars, especially the orders that have been placed recently. For no other reason than price and ability to supply when some other brands had delays on getting supply. Only Bogans who will love anything with a Holden badge (aka Daewoo Kalos now rebranded as a Barina) will be the private buyers in this market. I co manage a fleet of these and trust me, they avery unpopular with staff and customers, a shocker of a car to drive.

  • Shak

    Well people can bag Holden all they like, but the customer is the one with the deciding factor, and so far with a very limited range Holden have managed to create a truly competitive product out of the Cruze. Now with all this extra kit and a lot more choice in terms of models, Holden will be laughing from the rooftops.

    Holden haters can hate all they want, but we’ll see who is left laughing when sales figures come out.

    • Lynchy

      As always Shak it’s all about sales figures for you. Sales figures don’t mean a thing if your selling cars with very little margin, I haven’t seen any projected profit lines purely for the Cruz but I suspect they don’t make much off each sale, but the demand is there so that’s the biggest hurdle already overcome. Manufacturing in Australia isn’t exactly cheap so it will be interesting to see if local production was a good move from a business point of view, it’s certainly a good move for Australian employment and my hat goes off to Holden for that at the very least.

      • Golfschwein

        With what General Motors has just been through, it’s naive to assume Holden haven’t done a business plan to ensure they make a profit.

      • Shak

        Lynchy, Golfschwein put it perfectly. The GM of the past would have been the one that made the silly decisions. After their Chapter 11, they would have made well sure that this car was making healthy profits for them. And seeing as you dont work in the inner circles of GM Holden accounting, i dont think you would have any idea on how much profit is made on the cars.

        • Ausbloke76

          yes and making sure that the Australian government gives big handouts to make it cost effective. tax-payers are essentiall paying for this car to be built here and it’s not even a car designed and built for Australia. As I said, go and test drive one, compare it to anything else in this class and unfortunately unless you are a total Holden brand snob, you will leave it with the dealer.

      • JEKYL & HYDE


        here’s something to digest.

        kia cerato sells for $18990.cruze for $ really think gm aren’t making money…

  • Richo

    Haters gonna hate, but at the end of the day the bullcrap stops when the sales figures are released, and Holden ALWAYS does well in that regard, so hate on all you like, Holden doesn’t give a stuff!

    • bangel

      Yes they will sell truck loads to the brainwashed holden lovers who believe the jargon , probably never will drive another product for fear of ridicule from bogan peers .

      I call them BADGE KNOBS .

      • birdie

        75% of parts imported ,but maaaate its got a holden badge on it . so it must be made in australia

        • stoney!

          actually over 50% is locally manufactured and will continue to climb as more local suppliers come online. Things like these is why its great this car will sell so well.

          • Robin Graves

            50% of what? Hubcaps? Glove box lids? Is the percentage calculated on number of parts or value? Engine – 1 part, transmission – 1 part, steering rack – 1 part, all Daewoo. Floor mats – 4 parts, door trim clips – 32 parts, all Aussie. Another Holden propaganda campaign swallowed whole by the flock.

          • Adrian

            Stoney, enough of the propaganda BS spin.

            The facts are that over 75% of parts to build the Cruze are imported. The remaining “almost 25%” (Mike Devereaux) costs up to 40% (including factoring in tooling & development costs). By those costing standards Falcon is pushing something like 94%, which makes the Cruze content the sham that it really is.

            I could import tins of fruit from Mexico at $1 ea, but it costs me $1 ea to design and print new labels. Does that really give me 50% local content for my tins of fruit? No bluddy way.

            Holden spins propganda lies and the blind faithfull lap it all up, ignoring the facts in blissfull ignorance!

      • Captain Nemo

        As opposed to the bogans who buy Golfs hey Bangel.

        The same Bogans who never look at anything else but a Golf and think owning a couple of cheap suits & pushing a pen in an office makes them professionals. Then there is the legendary unreliability only a VeeDub can offer.

        • bangel

          YEP just like the imfamous unreliable VE with its chinese electrics , same in the cruz

        • Golfschwein

          When was the last time a Golf driving blogger offered a critique of you and the other people who drive your car, Captain Nemo. Never? That’s right. We don’t know what you drive and we don’t know what you like. We do know that the only thing you like is coming on here and slagging off at other people’s opinions and choices, unsolicited.

          And for that, you get what? An unbelievable, yes, UNBELIEVABLE, my good friend, 5 or 6 thumbs up. From whom? Are there truly another 5 or 6 people on here at the same time who also weren’t taught basic manners and decency and reckon so and sos who drive ex why zeds are wallies, rather than respecting the choices people make?

          Let’s see if I can do something about that, hmm? ;)

          • Captain Nemo

            Quote”When was the last time a Golf driving blogger offered a critique of you and the other people who drive your car” Maybe you should read some of fellow VeeDub fanboy Bangel’s comments anything made by Holden/Ford/Toyota cop a bollocking from him/her.

            And i don’t see you having a shot @ him you hypocrite.

        • Ausbloke76

          haha come spend a day at work with me and see how many complaints our customers have about the Cruze. One guy was on his 3rd in one week…..we decided the to find him a Lancer so he could continue his holiday un-interrupted (I work for a major car rental brand).

          • vince

            I wouldnt really consider a hire car as a benchmark. I mean i hire a lot of cars & honestly some of them ar piles of garbage (not model specific) at 30k. They are belted like a red headed step child & then some.

            Your argument is completely pointless.

    • Chili Dog

      -1 for trying to present a legitimate point and using the word ‘haters.’

    • Ausbloke76

      Brand snobs, thatas why. Explain to me why when I worked for a Dealership that had Daewoo as one of it’s brands, that we couldn’t sell a Kalos for love nor money. Then Daewoo closes in Australia, and 6 months go by and the same car is rebadged and sold as a Holden….suddenly they are everywhere….

  • mohamad is right when he

    watch the chev badges on them in oz lol.. god help us

    • Robin Graves

      Goes well with the backwards hat, white sunnies and 75 IQ

    • Ausbloke76

      hahaha and yes I have seen one already….unfortunately the car has a multiple personality disorder….am I Korean, American or Aussie?? hahaha

  • birdie

    well done subaru

    • DWS1

      Problem is Subaru would be better if they looked like this, I tried to like the Imprezza or Outback as our next car, but gezz they look worse in the flesh.

  • Save It for the track

    Why is it that VL Commodres didn’t get around with Nissan badges? After all it was a Nissan Six cylinder under the bonnet.
    I always have a chuckle at Commondores with Chev badges.

    • bangel

      Yep bogans who wanna be yanky bogans , detroit drongo’s .

      • Lynchy

        It is amusing, it really shows how much pride they have in there local brand when the first thing they do is rip it off and throw a Chev badge on it. Maybe I’m being to harsh, the bonnet does house a Chev afterall but as far as everything else goes the VE Commodore is the closest thing GMH have to an Australian car yet you see more of them with Chev badges than any of there other vehicles. For some reason people have this perception that Chevs are tougher or better received than Holden, I don’t think so, people who put chev badges on their Commies should also have stickers saying “we support Chapter 11″.

        • R-Bone

          ha you rocket scientists are priceless, like heaps of Fords wouldn’t have US badges on them if Ford was called something different in America

          • Lynchy

            Ahh that’s priceless R-Bone, Big problem with your logic because Ford is Ford, that’s the beauty of having a global name, your comments are probably best left in the world of make believe.

        • Ezz

          On one hand we love being Australian and everything about Australia – so much so we even buy Commodores in great numbers.

          On the other hand, we have a terrible cultural cringe element that looks up to either a) Britain or b) USA.

          Evidence lies in Euro number plates, chev badges and er….the monarchy!

          • Dave S

            You could argue that: Chev badges on VE’s represent the fact that the VE is one of the most exported Holdens made. Sold in almost every continent. It was designed as an exports model. Is most other countries the VE wears Chev badges.

            It is a credit to Australia that our VE wears Chev, Buick and Pontiac badges around the world.

            and now we get an Australian Cruze. well done Holden.

        • Mad Max

          Funny thing is when you go to the US, they rip the Pontiac badges off and replace them with Holden. In South Africa, they pull of the Chev Lumina badges and replace them with Holden Commodore. I’m not sure if they are all bogans or not or just want to be different.

    • TMG

      My Brother had chevy badges on his commy a few years back, until I sent him a pick of the “New Chevy dealer” in Brighton (UK) with a row of new Chevy Matiz’s and a big Chevy sign in the background, ah what a site,even sent him the broucher of the 900cc powered by chev Matiz,

      Back on topic, not a bad looker for a hatch back I’m no fan, but it will sell well, the mazda 3 is no picture either, and it seems to do well.

  • material_guy

    how did they get it so wrong? from that nice looking concept to this rubbish?

  • zahmad

    Those alloys are also straight off the Subaru Impreza!!!

  • nickdl

    Well I don’t mind the styling. Agreed that it looks a bit fussy around the rear but so does Hyundai’s “Fluidic” range which is invading our shores. I’m sure it will look better in the metal and a 400L boot in the hatch would make it very practical, hard to see why anyone would pick the sedan to be honest. I quite like the Cruze, I’d prefer the new Focus but it is great value and wouldn’t be bad to own.

    What does seem exciting is the fact that Holden consistently sell 2500+ Cruze sedans per month; without them being built here, without the hatch and without the turbo 1.4. I reckon they’ll easily have the Cruze as Oz’s best selling car by the end of next year.

  • Goodfa

    The Photos are not the best quality.
    I agree that in these photos it looks average at best but I think once better quality photos are released it will look a lot better and even more so in the flesh.

  • Zej

    A very welcome increase in boot depth and access over the Cruze sedan. I didn’t mind the sedan’s small boot opening and goose-neck hinges at first, but now they always seem to get in the way. Hopefully vision out the back has improved, but I’m not counting on it.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    The release of the updated Cruze has further highlighted how stupid governments are when it comes to P plate restrictions etc. Holden went to the various state traffic authorities pushing the case for an exemption from the “banned” list for P platers for the 1.4T. All states but Queensland agreed. So in Queensland, P platers will be allowed to drive the 120Kw/360Nm diesel version, but not allowed to drive the 103Kw/200Nm 1.4 Turbo. That sounds logical to me……. (sarcasm!)

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      true devil,

      my mail is that holden are trying to get a “cruze badge exemption” for p-platers out of the gov’t(this could be very hard for them,as i believe that different states have different rules)rather then potential buyers applying to the gov’t for exemption(like the story of “new car ownership” from this site)…

    • toxic_horse

      Thats because they will remove the turbo and screw on one twice the size. that is before putting on 20″ alloys and chopping the springs in the cousins back yard.

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        made somewhat harder now that the turbo is housed in the exhaust manifold,eh toxic…

        • toxic_horse

          you really think that will stop people. i would be suprised if there is not a kit available already.

  • http://caradvice Row

    They have done a good job selling this Daewoo. Holdens marketing of this very average Government Motors Daewoo is exelent. Not so much the car shes a mullet.

  • Mike

    Well done Holden. Nice looking car. At least is isn’t smiling at you when you look at…Mazda3. Like it or not at least they are creating jobs in AUST. I’ll be getting the sedan turbo when it comes out.

    …all you FORD people complaining about the Holden products why don’t you get off your backsides and buy one of your own cars before they disappear into history?

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      yep,they’ve sure been busy in all the treads,usually when the oppositions product is better…

    • Ausbloke76

      well considering I am not a Ford fan, but work in car rental with numerous brand’s I can confidently say that if you put ANY Holden up against the equivalent Ford….that Ford wins Hands down…..let’s see:
      Ford Fiesta Vs Holden Barina (Daewoo Kalos)
      Ford Focus Vs Holden Cruze (Daewoo Cruze)
      Ford Mondeo Vs Holden Epica (a bad Daewoo Joke)
      Ford Falcon Vs Holden Commodore (a close one but FG is a better drive)

      Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo are all great cars to drive, the Holden Daewoo line up is unfortunately not.

      Anyways if you want reliablity over both of these brands then buy Hyundai/Kia with a fleet of 3000+ plus cars where I work….Hyundai/Kia prove this time and again.

      • Dave

        Got to hand it to you with your comment on the Focus. I hired a manual one for the Great Ocean Road and just LOVED it. Didn’t see much scenery as the drive was far to good. I was chasing a motorcyclist through the tight stuff and he couldn’t lose me. Caught up with him later and found he was from Portugal and told me his girlfriend had a Focus back home and he was impressed with it. Takes a European to know a good driving car and we’re learning too.

  • Hung Diep

    Looks a lot better than any vanilla Golf imho.

    • vince

      Having had 2 Golfs in the past few years i agree. Im ready for a new car now & the Golf today looks the same as the 1st i bought in ’06. Oh…diff wheels. That does not get rewarded with more sales in my book. VW has been over taken.

  • Dave

    Too little has been made of the Ford Focus. I drove a manual one on the Great Ocean Road (they asked if I wanted to “upgrade” to an auto but I told them to stick it, I’m not lazy and too scared to use the third pedal). The only complaint is that I wish it had a SIX speed and not just a FIVE speed. I just LOVED its dynamics. Only the Renault Megane beats its handling and the Golf equals it. One of the sharpest steerers in its class and THE sharpest in its price range. If the Koreans wish to emulate something then the Focus is it. Ausbloke76 is RIGHT. Going into a mortgage now, I wish I didn’t hire the Focus now as I know what I’m missing. It will have you searching for the twistiest routes and avoiding freeways regularly.

Holden Cruze Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
138Nm @  4500rpm
Max. Power
74kW @  6000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.8L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:800  Unbrake:350
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
175/65 R15
Rear Tyres
175/65 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
15 Inch Alloy Wheels
Leather Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors, Roof Racks
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Anti-lock Braking
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin