by Brett Davis

A Chrysler Twitter account in the US known as @ChryslerAutos accidentally posted a tweet with the f-word in it last Wednesday. It wasn’t posted by a direct Chrysler employee, it was accidentally tweeted by an independent media company employee responsible for the account. The employee has subsequently been fired.

New Media Strategies handles the automotive manufacturer’s Twitter account, which is then managed by various employees. The employee responsible for the offensive tweet was responsible for tweeting on Chrysler’s behalf multiple times throughout the day. On this occasion, however, the employee got his/her personal account mixed up and accidentally posted the tweet on the Chrysler page.

The tweet in question read:

“I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f—— drive.”

The Twitter account, @ChryslerAutos, is said to have around 8000 followers whom all would have seen the offensive feed. The tweet was removed a short time after but was reposted by various witnesses.

The employee was not only fired from New Media Strategies, Chrysler has also said it won’t be renewing the contract between the media company in the future. Chrysler has since posted an apology of the incident on its blog site, saying,

“Chrysler Group and its brands do not tolerate inappropriate language or behavior, and apologise to anyone who may have been offended by this communication.”

Chrysler also said it would have been just as upset if the comment was made through a private account. Chrysler spokeswoman, Dianna Guitierrez, said in a recent report,

“Even if it had gone out under their private account, we would have had issues with it as it indirectly referenced a Chrysler ad and violated the company’s policy about texting while driving.”

  • Fiz

    Does anyone see a dilemma? Maybe not the one you expected.

    People are desparate to know every emotion that passes everyone else’s forebrain. We know this because we devleoped (and use) a tool that allows us to express the minutae of our lives.

    And yet we can only say and do certain things!

    All very silly and sad I think.

  • DGS

    someone made and observation and swore. Well what can I say, it’s the end of civilization as we know it!

    Some people need to step outside their Ivory Towers and have a look and listen to the real world. It’s a trivial mistake. Chrysers responce is to me, far more offensive for it’s excessiveness.

  • Jacob Martyn

    Why does 4 Corners every 2nd week say “this program contains coarse language”?

    Why cant they just bleep it out like they do on Top Gear!

  • DGS

    Some interviews might soundlike morse code.

    reasonable chance that four corners just presents it as it is could be that it is a real news program for mature people who can handle the real world, and not an infomercial worried about scaring off customers.

  • Dan

    What I find funny is that a company pays another company to manage its twitter account. That’s hillarious!

    • Family Guy

      Welcome to the world of business! It’s actually very common for major corporations to out-source digital media management to a specialist company. Often it entails a range of services and not just social media.

  • john

    O well the person in question used the wrong account. But texting while driving is a big no no. Who decides what words are offensive anyway?

  • J

    Chrysler is the most offensive word there.