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  • F1MotoGP

    “2011 Ford Territory diesel technology has global potential”…only 10 years late. Sorry!!

    • Manual Junkie

      “Aussie Engineering”…LOL…patriotism shall not equal to blindness and ignorance. Let face it, we Ausssies are not good at tweaking machines and have always been fed by second hand foreign technology.

      Just ask ADF about 59 refurbished 1989 model M1A1 Abrams battle tanks…

      • http://Stig paulb

        The Collins class submarine is another one.Against all the odds the Aust car industry,is holding its own.
        HSV+FPV,Territory,Commodore,Hybrid Camry .The list goes on.

        • Manual Junkie

          Hi PaulB, I whole-heartedly wish to see Australian car makers thrive, WITHOUT our tax dollars being spent on them as corporate welfare. Until that day, they’re not really “holding its own”.

        • http://Stig paulb

          Hey Manual Junkie,its 3 Billion over 10 Years,$300 mill per year.The Australian Green Car Innovation Fund.
          That money finances new technologys,our manufactures cannot afford that.It is 0.25 of 1% of our Federal Government Budget(0.0025%).When you see the money the governments waste,its money well spent

        • Manual Junkie

          Dear PaulB,

          If you extend your research beyong Green Car Fund in regards to the scale of subsidy, you will certainly be amazed…I was.

        • f4ll3n

          paulb makes a very good point about the Collins Class Submarine regarding manufacturing.

          At the moment we have the manufacturing capability to build our own armaments.

          Would you prefer that our nation rely upon foreign countries to supply us this capbility?

          The Australian Defence Forces has a budget near $27 billion dollars this financial year.

          What is your price to lose this capability?

        • Tomas79

          But the Collins class sub is just an enlarged version of Swedish Kockums’s Västergötland class submarine.

          • http://Stig paulb

            Tomas79,wasnt it made to be a stelth submarine

      • Pablo

        New T6 Ranger coming out later this year was designed, engineered & developed in Australia – not going to be built here, but it is to be sold in 100+ countries globally.
        So was the little buzzbox Ford (can’t remember the name) that was for India.

        • http://Stig paulb

          Pitty about the Ranger not being built here Pablo.Ranger looks awsome with truck towing ability

        • Manual Jerky

          Keep driving your impoted junk and pay through the nose for it. Your living in a dream world

    • mmmmmm

      ford don’t have a global RWD platform.
      falcon numbers are getting too low to offer a 4th engine
      ford Aust is confident a 4cyl falcon is their saviour
      yeah good luck with that one

  • Devil666

    This engine is well off the mark, back in its’ day, let alone modern times.

    BMW 3.0 I6 diesel from 2007 – 170KW + 520NM
    MB 3.0 V6 diesel 2006 – 165KW + 550NM (2011 – 200KW + 580NM)
    Audi 3.0 V6 diesel 2006 – 176KW + 550NM

    Their 2.7 litre diesel was crap back when it was released and it’s crap now. Sourced from the discarded parts bin and shoehorned in.

    Should have used old ties with JLR for the 3.0 litre….

    • Andrew M

      And what are those diesel examples priced at?? the 2011 competing X5 for example is priced at over 90K.
      Sure, you would expect a better rig for that, but at half the price and on a competitive level the Territory offers a great powertrain package that you cant complain about

      Ford have said they could have gone all out, but they obviously know their market, and they are geared a little more volume focused. Im sure BMW doesnt sell 2000 X5’s a month.

      On the flip side I could show you plenty of modern day diesels that dont even pack the Torque of this 2.7L, and many are 3.0L units

      • Stoney

        Um, lets not forget what barges and luxo cars this terrible 2.7 engine was destined for when new. Not to mention the tiny 2.2 diesel in the new Captiva is 400nm vs 440nm for the 2.7. Pretty poor offering in the ford me thinks!

      • Devil666

        I hardly think comparing prices of cars 5+ years old with new ones is relevant in ANY way, because the new models all have around the 600NM mark, and have managed to up the power, torque and efficiency of their own engines over a relatively short time period. Not to mention they now positively destroy this pathetic offering.

        If by ‘volume focused’, you mean selling all the backlog of engines JLR couldn’t offload onto savvy international customers (read: not us), then sure, volume focused it is.

        The fact is this engine was a stinker when it was competing head to head with the Euro trio (via Range/Land Rover in the SUV market), it is older than ever, and maintains the abysmal output of the original.

        The figures on this Ford unit are being bested by European and Japanese four-bangers for christs sake! Stoney is right, even the CRAPTIVA is within spitting distance in torque. At what point can Ford Aus genuinely turn around and go “yeah this is world beating/leading tech in here”.

        Global potential for ridicule more-like.

        • Andrew M

          Totally mised my point Devil,

          An X5 for eg in 2007 still couldnt have been purchased for 30 something thousand like a territory. When I quoted the 2011 price for an X5, it was because I couldnt be bothered lookin up the exact pricing for a 2007 model. I figure if its selling for 90K today, 3-4 years ago it couldnt have been much less if at all due to the strengthing aussie dollar

          Ford made a decision to go for a very cabaple engine that still made it affordable for families rather then going for a world beater which may have put 10K on the price tag.

          Why did Ford not put the ZF6 into every Falcon from day dot??? because they have to sell to their market, and when they first started using the ZF it was a NCO on higher models, and gradually made it to be standard on lower spec once the economics of it became more justified.

          This diesel scenario will be looked at in the same way. They still need to make their cars affordable to their market which they declare as the family market

      • Paul

        Good point.

    • Paul

      Try getting your Audi, BMW or Audi fixed in Alice springs buddy… 

  • Shaneo

    I don’t know why people keep saying its too late, its never too late. Yes the Territory update and diesel engine would have been beneficial for Ford years ago but people are still buying SUV’s and the new Territory so far appears to be a class leader. Now lets wait to see the pricing….if Ford can be really aggressive against the Captiva prices, it will sell!

    The sad thing is that both Falcon and Territory would do really well globally but the IDIOTS in the US fail to support both products.

    My US relatives would buy Falcons, Falcon utes, FPV’s, Territories in a heart beat if they could. My US family alone could give Ford US easily 20 sales instantly!!!! Wake up Detroit!

    • ohyeah

      I agree completely. Watch any FPV or xr6turbo videos on youtube. .. half the comments are americans crying “why cant i buy one of these !!!!”

      They would love our cars, they absolutely destroy that lincoln towncar and taurus crap

      • Manual Junkie

        Dear Shaneo and ohyeah,

        On behalf of Corporate Australia, we applause your mentality regarding the issue. We shall continue the effort of treating Australian consumers like suckers i.e. providing outdated products and charging premium prices.

        Kind regards,

        • Lazy Toyota

          Australia is very very lucky to have its local industry and an enormous range of competition. Where else would you be able to buy a large powerful and economical car so cheaply?
          In Europe you’d get a Mundaneo and in the USA you’d get an Exploder or that horror of a Taurus.

        • Manual Junkie

          Dear Lazy T and Shakira,

          Get out more. Or if you can’t afford overseas travel at least try googling the price difference amongst developed countries.

          Kind regards,
          M Junkie

        • Manual Jerky

          I’m a badge snob and am willing to pay through the nose for it, just so I can look pseudo rich to my mates…..

  • Joe

    What’s with you guy’s? Obviously Ford have spent a lot of time and energy in getting the 2.7 litre TDCI motor to where they need it to be to do it’s required job at a target price point.

    Why keep harping on about these other Exotic TDCI motors in cars that the Territory, not in Ford’s wildest dreams, would ever compete with.

    All that Ford have ever said about this engine is that it will suit the Territory very well and that they have benchmarked some of these other exotic engines in NVH and driveability only.

    Hopefully this engine will run rings around the Captiva, Prado and Santa Fe TDCI’s and if so then Ford have done a good job. If it on some level competes with the Exotic TDCI’s, well then Ford will have done a great job.

    • Mani

      “hopefully this engine will run rings around the Captiva, prado and Santa Fe TDCI’s” Ahh, lets look at the specs for the Santa Fe 2.2l diesel, power 145kw, torque 436nm at 1800 rpms, fuel use 7.4l/100km combined. Compare that to the bigger Ford 2.7 l pecs of power 140kw, torwue 440 rpm between 1900 and 2500 rpm and fuel use of 8.5l/100km combined. Alas, it looks like its back to the drawing board for Ford…

      • Leyianart

        Mate now days it’s all about the Torque!

      • t39

        Good point, Mani. My guess is the 2.7 will weight about 100kg more then the 2.2.

      • pezza

        then lets drive the comparables and compare NVH, build quality, towing ability and reputation like an everyday consumer will and see where we are left? Not saying territory will come out on top, just saying

      • TMG

        Can the Santa fe tow 2700kg’s (nope it’s only 2000kgs) the vehicles weigh about the same (1988kg’s for the Santa Fe, 2167kg’s for the top spec Tezza) all about calibration for what the vehicle will be used for, big lazy motor for effortless travel, towing ect. My guess is fully loaded the tezza would win any fuel consumption test, Ford have been pretty accurate lately with its ADR’s. (before the negatives the Tezza wasn’t allways)

      • Tony M

        Hey Mani have you driven one yet. Oh that’s right, all you need is the numbers, they never lie. Or do they?

        • Mani

          No I haven’t driven the new Ford territory but then again no-one has so what a ridiculous question to ask. Yes I have driven a new Sorento and yes I own a new Sorento and let me state for the record, if Ford want to out do this Korean made vehicle they have a lot of work to do. The new Sorento is a gem and drives fantastically well. Yes all I have to go on at this stage is the numbers and at this stage the numbers for the new Ford diesel dont really stack up. When Kia released the Sorento they claimed their 2.2L engine was class leader and to date they have been proven right. The new 2.7 diesel from Ford reinforces Kia’s claim. Dont shoot the messenger here. If Ford are unable to produce a better product then the Koreans then they only have themselves to blame.

          • Mike

            Let’s see how your new Sorento goes when the warranty is about up, parts and service cost-wise

      • Andrew M

        Come back when your santa fe can turn corners

        • jeremy

          I agree with Mani insofar as the Santa Fe is a good value car with decent specs.
          Where I differ is the direct comparison to the new Territory.
          The new Territory is larger yet will deliver car-like handling.
          The refinement levels in the Territory will likely be a step above the Santa Fe in build quality, NVH levels and smoothness.
          I dare say the Territory will also be a faster vehicle. Despite being slightly lower in peak KW and having similar figures in Torque, the V6 will have a wider torque band which means a higher average “push” in each gear.
          In AWD guise it will also be a seriously capable towing machine.
          The flipside is it will cost more.

        • http://Stig paulb

          AndrewM my parents just bough a Santa Fe,on my test drive i had some tight roundabouts.Jumped them all.Horrible car to drive,handles very poorly in corners

  • XR

    I dont kow about the Diesel but the Territory with the I6 and ZF is a quality combination. That interior is superior to most cars in this segment too. Interiors in the Kluger for example look awkward and boring.

  • Leyianart

    How ironic Aussies love bashing French cars but now have their only Engineerd SUV powered with a French engine from Peugeot / Citroen. The HDMI engine.

    Greag disel engines the VW’s TDI, Renaults DCI diesel and Peugeot’s/Citroen’s HDMI engines, very reliable engines.

    • midi

      Mate the engine was built in conjunction with Peugeot / Citroen not by them. Get your facts straight. And secondly I would definitely prefer a diesel built by ford than anything from Daewoo/GM/Holden.

      • Leyianart

        Sorry mate the HDI engine was developed by Peugeot and Citroen a few years back.

        After it’s success Ford made some agreement to use them on their cars.

        You get your facts right!

        • Adrian

          WRONG. It’s always been a joint Ford/PSA engine.

          Funny how people who want to slam others about facts don’t actually know them themselves.

      • Leyianart

        By the way who mentioned General Motors?

        I actually hate GM and it’s siblings.

        If you are a little Ford Fanboy go to your garage and pet your Ford, hey?

  • laurie

    “We’re seeing a perfect genesis of that in EcoBoost and the implementation of EcoBoost in Falcon that’s soon to be coming.

    At the expense of the Mondeo and no 2.2L diesel,which will be on the new Peugeot 508 coming in July in the same class

  • delux

    Haters gonna hate!

    If it was my coin on the table for any of the cars in the Territorys class, I’d be spending it at Ford. The new skin looks very tidy and the engine will be a gem. I’ll take the lux pack RWD diesel thanks.

  • trippyfoo

    The new diesel certainly looks the goods with the fuel consumption.. all boils down to $$ …
    ie. . for a comparative spec Territory vs Kluger.. etc etc.

    Saying that though, Be interesting sales wise, if they can get a lot of the first generation buyers that had issues with the front axle.

    • jeremy

      Totally agree – I’m thinking it all comes down to the pricing.
      If it’s too steep, people will go for the Captiva or Korean twins, Santa Fe & Sorento.

  • Krish

    The new Grand Cherokee has 177 KW 550 Nm Torque. I really hope the Territory is priced well..

    • bangel

      Yes bad luck for ford the grand cherokee will steal sales , very good value for such a big real offroader .

      I know two people who are going to wait for the diesel jeep , much better with a caravan .

    • jeremy

      What is in Ford’s favor in this regard is the Grand Cherokee is not available with 7 seats and the Jeep Diesel isn’t proven.
      If it wasn’t for those two things, I’d be considering a GC myself.
      For starters it’s a true 4×4….

      • bangel

        The VM diesel is a proven motor , try 60 years of industrial and auto production ,it was previosly used in the disco .

        If you want 7 seats buy a kia carnival , 7 off road is dumb.

  • DWS1

    Yep, I would like to get the RWD TS and I will get the silver horizontal painted bars on the front “grill” painted the same black as the rest of the grill.
    Did it in photoshop and looked great.

  • Jacob Martyn

    At the end of the day, a 1 ton car will be more fuel efficient than a 2 ton beast.

    • Adrian

      …. and a scooter will be more fuel efficient than a 1 tonne beast. Then again a bycicle ….

      It all depends on your perspective and what the vehicle does. I don’t know what 1 ton (or do you mean tonne?) car will carry my family, all the sports gear, tow the caravan ……

  • http://hilly78@bigpond.com.au Cobra

    Good one ford great one Ford, great for the company and local industries

  • Mikko

    Instead of just the engine, why not sell the whole car around the world as well?

  • Robin Graves

    I hope for Ford’s sake this is a masked message saying that Ford will make the Falcon / Territory platform global and do away with the horrible Crown Vic and Mustang RWD platforms in favour for the Aussie design.

  • http://macarthurford.com.au Macarthur Ford Ctown

    Exciting time for Ford & the dealer network. New Territory, focus, ranger & falcon….bring it on.

  • http://macarthurford.com.au Macarthur Ford Ctown

    Exciting time for Ford & the dealer network!!

  • LibertyJack

    I came across the press fleet of new Territories 7am this morning at the Hyatt Hotel Melbourne. They had 4-5 new Territories, one prior model and a BMW X-5. Main comments:
    – they look good, nice upgrade
    – Interior looks very smart, cream leather very sytlish
    – towbar design sucks – no [apparent] quick release

    Otherwise I guess all the improvements can only be told by the driving…no doubt we’ll read about it next week…