Update: 2011 Ford Territory Review.

Ford Australia has revealed the technical details of the heavily revised 2011 Ford Territory, including the specifics of its new diesel engine, upgraded petrol engine, enhanced driving dynamics and NVH refinement.

Aside from the refreshed interior and exterior styling that was revealed in depth last month, the diesel engine is the biggest story of the new Territory range.

As previously reported, the Territory’s diesel is a 2.7-litre Duratorq TDCi V6 engine sourced from Ford’s Dagenham plant in the UK. It was first sold in 2004 has previously been used in Peugeot, Citroen, Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.

In the Territory, the diesel engine produces 140kW of power and 440Nm of torque between 1900rpm and 2500rpm.

It will be available in all three model lines – TX, TS and Titanium – and in both rear- and all-wheel drive configuration.

All three rear-wheel drive models consume 8.2 litres/100km on the combined cycle and emit 217g/km CO2.

The all-wheel drive variants of the TX and TS use 8.8 litres/100km combined (232g/km CO2), while the range-topping diesel Titanium AWD will use 9.0 litres/100km and emit 236g/km CO2.

The addition of the diesel engine makes the rear-wheel drive TDCi models 32 percent more fuel efficient than their outgoing petrol counterparts, and the all-wheel drive vehicles 30 percent more efficient than their comparative models.

Ford predicts the diesel option will lead to a significant improvement in the Territory’s market share in the medium SUV segment, which by the end of the 2011 is expected to be split 50/50 petrol-to-diesel.

All diesel-powered Territory vehicles will be equipped with a six-speed 6R80 automatic transmission that is featured in the F-Series truck and the Mustang in the US. The diesel Territory’s new drivetrain combination was tested extensively in Australia and in the US, with conditions ranging from -20 degrees Celsius in Detroit to 52 degrees Celsius in Death Valley.

The all-wheel drive diesel has a maximum towing capacity of 2700kg, which is 400kg more than the petrol models.

The all-wheel drive also incorporates an active transfer case, which is a clutch-operated control for the front driveline. When the driver is stationary in ‘drive’ and has their foot on the brake, a clutch mechanism within the active transfer case decouples the driving forces, which according to Ford leads to a noticeable impact on vehicle refinement and a minor improvement in fuel economy.

Petrol-powered Territory models will now only be available in rear-wheel drive.

The inline six-cylinder petrol engine has been tweaked, with a new fast-burn alloy cylinder head with Dual Independent Variable Camshaft Timing and a new dual-resonance intake manifold.

Performance now matches the naturally aspirated FG Falcon, with power up 5kW to 195kW and torque increasing 8Nm to 391Nm.

Combined cycle fuel consumption in the new model is 10.6 litres/100km, an improvement of 12 percent over the outgoing model’s 11.6 litres/100km in rear-wheel drive form.

All petrol-powered Territory models will feature the ZF six-speed automatic transmission, which was only available with the all-wheel drive petrol model in the SY II range. The advanced ZF unit replaces the old four-speed automatic of the previous rear-wheel drive petrol.

All models have five airbags (dual front, curtains and a driver’s knee bag), and Ford’s engineers have also incorporated Roll-over Mitigation into the vehicle’s upgraded Bosch Generation 9 Dynamic Stability Control system.

Ford also revealed the new Territory’s trip information and fuel gauge has been reprogramed, with the new models to include a ‘cruise control set speed’ display and a ‘litres used’ counter on the instrument panel.

Dynamically, Ford aimed to make the new SZ Territory more agile and manoeuvrable, as well as more enjoyable to drive and more comfortable from a ride perspective. Ford Asia-Pacific and Africa vehicle dynamics manager, Alex de Vlugt, said making the Territory a “family car” outweighed all other considerations from a dynamics point of view.

Changes include a new front-end geometry; new suspension tune with new springs, dampers and stabiliser bars; new driveline and suspension bushes; new brake friction materials; and the introduction of Electric Assisted Power Steering (EPAS).

The EPAS system provides steering assistance by taking into account the driver input and other inputs like vehicle speed, road irregularities and tyre wear. It is speed sensitive, providing more assistance at low speeds, such as when parking.

Two features of the EPAS system – Drift-Pull Compensation and Active Nibble Compensation – are designed to ‘learn’ the conditions of the road and the front tyres. An imbalance as small as a stone in the tyre tread is enough to attract the system’s attention and adjust the steering set-up accordingly.

Replacing the conventional hydraulically operated power steering system, Ford says EPAS leads to fuel consumption savings of around 1.5 percent.

Significant engineering work has also been applied to the Territory from a refinement point of view.

Among the enhancements is the extensive new sound deadening package, laminated acoustic windscreen, improved body sealing, redesigned engine mounts, an all-new engine sub-frame, isolated cross member support and exterior enhancements leading to reduced wind noise.

Ford Australia is yet to reveal prices of the new 2011 Territory range or an exact on sale date. Some final technical details are also still to be revealed.

A drive event for the automotive press in April is expected to shed light on most of details that still remain a secret.

  • Joseph

    Does anyone know if the turbo petrol Territory is still going to be offered with the SZ?

    • jeremy

      It is no longer being sold.

  • Hung Low

    Feel sorry for the blokes at Ford, they do a brilliant job at engineering a product but have to suffice with only minor exterior revisions.
    If there was more money in the kettle and the WHOLE car was redesigned (especially the roof and glass areas), this car would ultimately sell even better as it would be recognised as a whole new package not just an update that this feels like!

    • birdie

      with only minor exterior revisions? are you for real? mate ,you need glasses

      • Hung Low

        Really? I can see the obvious new front end granted all bolt on panels, and new rear lights, but what about the doors, windscreen, roof, tailgate etc that would tell it apart easier from the old model when viewed from the side or rear????

        • birdie

          what about toyota prado since 2000 ,landcruiser

          • Hung Lowest

            get a grip man!! Its an update of the existing platform not a new platform

          • Tomas79

            What the hell you going on about the prado? you on drugs?

  • Mick

    I’d get the diesel, then install a good diesel gas injection system and a Davies Craig EWP115 electric water pump and controller. Now we’re talking fuel efficient!

    • PUMP

      I plan to do the same thing with a Veyron Supersport!

  • jeremy

    Disappointing the curtain airbags dont stretch to the 3rd row like Kluger’s.

    I also hope the use split fold in the 3rd row seats.

    We wait………..

    • Hung Low

      You need the curtains more with the handling and road holding ability of a Kluger………..shocking!

      • jeremy

        Yes however I was just pointing out what should be a benchmark.

        • jeremy

          That is, having a curtain airbag covering the 3rd row should be a benchmark……

  • Bugger

    What happened to the misely sipping 6.5 diesel from last week????

    • Benjie

      What do you mean?

      The car consumes 6.5L/100km on the highway. 8.2L/100km combined.

    • http://ca auto

      some dipsticks can not read

  • Jeza

    why the 2.7 TDV6. this engine is coming up to being seven years old. Why not the 3.0 TDV6?

    • TonyB

      Totally agree with you Jeza. While its great the Territory’s finally getting a diesel, not only is it a 7 year old hand-me-down technology, its the very ordinary single turbo version. Why not the twin-turbo version (150kW+) that was used in 407′s and C5s? And as you say, why not the upgraded 3.0 lit version currently being used by Citroen and Jags & LRs?

      • Hung Low

        So you would be happy to pay $90k for the Terri with that engine?

        The Petrol engine is just as old too, does not mean it is below par or junk, the 2.7 is still up to the job fellas!

        • http://Stig paulb

          Hey Hung Low,if we put a VW badge on the Territory.It will be the best Diesel engine ever made…LOL

      • TMG

        I love the word outdated, how is it outatded, it may have been around for a while, but is it below par? you can still buy it in the entry model disco here in oz, and the Jag’s in the UK? as for the 3L the premuim on that engine would blow the costs out of the water for Ford OZ, then all of you would complain that the Territory is too expensive and why would you pay that much for a Ford….

        Price point lads,(and Ladies) you can only sell what people are will to pay for. Yes it would be nice for the 3L but would Ford OZ sell 100,000 a year to make it ecconomical?

        • dragon

          2.7L not that outdated. Just think about Prado’s gutless 3.0L diesel. this one is way much better choice (engine).

        • jeremy number 2

          Sorry to point this our TMG, but the 3L is standard in both the Jaguar and Land Rover range in the UK.
          2.7L was dropped last year over there (Discovery 3 was the last one to get the 2.7L )….

          • TMG

            I stand corrected the emission regs killed it off at the end of 2010. keep forgeting it’s 2011.

  • http://Stig paulb

    Territory is 500kg lighter than Landrover Discovery.The 2.7TDV6 will do the job well.

    • Karl

      The falcon is at least 300kgs lighter again.
      One can only hope….

  • Shak

    Good job Ford. Only one small thing i can see wrong. Why not stick the ZF on the back of the diesel engine? I dont think a truck transmission is the best option for ‘making the Territory a “family car”’. well, if they think it is up to the task then go for it.

    • dazzer01

      It is Ford’s ZF-based 6R80 six-speed auto !!

    • Karl

      Ford has also increased the towing capacity to 2700kgs, I wonder if the ZF used in the falcon was holding it back?

      • craig

        I really hope the 2700kg towing capacity is genuine?! The previous 2300kg was only valid when rear shocks were upgraded and a weight distribution hitch is fitted. Difficult with a boat as they dont have an ‘A’ frame trailer as per a caravan. Not to say it didnt tow the 2300kg BUT you certainly wouldnt be insured in the event of an accident.

  • davey

    You would think that if Ford Australia are pushing old technology onto us (this is a 2004 engine after all), that this diesel WILL NOT attract any price surcharge.

    • davey

      I have owned Territory AWD Ghia (own money down, great 5 seater…crap 7 seater), I have logged plenty of kms in Disco 3 and a few in Disco 4, both 2.7D (my mate runs a dealership), and have driven the new generation diesel in the Kia Sorrento (feels like a BMW, but doesn\’t suit my situation as I need 6 seats with ROOM). I could also comment on X5 3.0SD first hand thanks to a cute soccer mum, but that is a different price segment.

      Kia Sorrento diesel drives like a smooth petrol motor but with astonishing torque for only 2.2 litres (great NVH). Disco 4 2.7D drives like a truck in comparison (not as good NVH, comparing engines not whole car, but we are comparing engines from different generations). And Terri AWD Ghia which I owned, completes the loop of this discussion. I understand that Territory gets this “old” diesel because the engine bay doesn’t economically fit the newer and better performing TDI5 from the Ranger and the petrol I6 (TDI5 fitting kit in existing Terri front end is TOO expensive). The boy racer secretly hopes the old Jag 2.7TT gets a shot one day, but I doubt it…by then Terri engine bay will have a redesign to fit the TDI5 and EcoBoost and the I6 will go.

      I’ll stand by my previous comment…this old 2.7D doesn’t deserve the usual diesel premium (same with Prado). TDI5 with a SUV tune instead of a commercial vehicle tune is more worthy of the premium as it is a much newer engine. Pardon my informed ignorance. I hope it sells well though.

      • jeremy

        “Pardon my informed ignorance.”

        What an odd contradiction.

        I’m sure most people will be surprised with how good the 2.7L will be in the Territory.
        While you say it doesn’t deserve the “usual premium” the problem is it’s made in the UK. Ford wouldn’t pursue the engine from the UK if it wasn’t good enough and at a decent price despite the labour costs being higher than say in Korea.

        • jeremy number 2

          Maybe because there’s a large surplus of these 2.7 base engines in the UK seeing as it isn’t used in the Land Rovers or Jaguars over there any more. It might just be “good enough” for the Territory and the same goes for the US sourced auto, but will it be “good enough” when the pricing is released. With all of the money “saved” by sourcing an aging engine and a cheaper gear box surly the price for these new models shouldn’t be much (within a $1000) of the current models…oh, wait a minute, I’ll take the rose coloured glasses off now. I am truly hoping to be proved wrong when I take one for a drive and that the 2.7 is impressive or else my hard earned will be going to an overseas manufacture and not Ford, and that hasn’t happened for a long long time.

          • Daniel D

            They should price the diesel as a direct no cost alternative to the petrol in the Titanium and a few hundred dollars in all other models.

            The market is very competitive and Ford has a quality perception issue that it needs to work on. It can’t afford to charge premium for anything, without forgoing a lot of sales in the process. Also these cars while better equipped then the TS, still lag behind the Koreans for value and features.

            Given the low production rates at Ford, they need to pickup volume with Terri, because Falcon isn’t going to for a while.

      • nice engine

        Davey why throw the Sorrento up against the Discovery 4… two completely different cars… look at the braked towing capacity 2000kg vs 3500kg…the 2.7 Disco 3/4 still does a better job than it’s two main competitors in Prado and Pajero… I’ve got absolutely no doubt that if Ford have done the NVH work they claim, the light weight Territory will drive like a rocket and a very quiet and efficient one at that. I too hope it sells well.

  • Bart

    7 or so year old engine???? Mmmm I think they would of got em on a run out price trying to save money…….. This car is too little to late….


    Word on the street (OK, my local Ford dealer) is that the diesel will be the fastest in it’s class. He also conceeded that it will be more expensive than you’d think. However, considering the current outgoing model can be purchased for $35K drive away, that’s no surprise.

  • Pablo

    I’m thinking more like 70/30 split diesel to petrol.
    Will probably out sell the Falcon in it’s first 6 months.

  • JD

    Ford did an amazing job on this vehicle.

    All they now is a REALY GOOD marketing dept

    • mjb

      Couldn’t agree with you more. In all reviews Ford stacks up very well, model to model, against Holden and Toyota yet can’t attract the same volume of customers as they do. I reckon it boils down to the messaging and branding. Holden’s TV ads are very direct, clear and are all aimed at a particular demographic. Ford’s on the other hand are a little too abstract and don’t show enough of the car.

      • MattW

        The last Ford ad that stuck in my head were the ones for the Territory when it launched. I’m not an Alex whatever-his-name-is fan, but the ads with his song stuck and you knew it was a Territory ad. Not saying use the same song again, but perhaps look at what they did right with those ads

        • delux

          how could you forget the old XR8 on the salt lake commercial? “must be stuck in 3rd”

          • Andrew M

            Ute adverts have always been half decent from Ford.

            They have never struck a good series with the Sedan though

  • Disco

    I have a disco with this engine. I tow a 3.5 ton boat and the engine is great. With the weight reduction this will be one quick suv. I have drive Mazda and kluger and this will drive a step above. With value for money, engine, drivablity, sound and practicality this will fit it all. I have had 8 falcons over the years and have loved every one with there strong inline 6 to the dynamics they have been good value for me, the territory is an all rounder. I hope australia see this as the product it is and buys it because with out it we would have to drive all the other s**t that is out there from the kulger and captiva. If any one says the kulger or captiva a good to drive they have no idea. So Australia support our products they are good

    • bangel

      Better off load that crappy disco for the wonderful terry.

      The faires at the bottom of my garden told me to believe ever story about how great the falcoon was .

  • jeremy

    The 6R80 Transmission is a great unit built by Ford capable of high loads. it has been in service in a variety of Fords since 2007.
    As used in the F150:
    Normal maintenance schedule: Transmission fluid change not necessary – Filled For Life
    Severe maintenance schedule: Change fluid at 150,000 miles.

    Sure the ZF is a great box but Ford’s unit does a good job and costs a lot less – this means lower end cost to the consumer.

    • Shak

      If its so good and can handle such high loads, why dont Ford use it in the Falcon?

      • jeremy

        I honestly don’t know but my guess is it’s smoother to have the ZF on the output of a petrol engine with it’s wider range of RPM.

      • davey

        Comes down to dollars.
        Its cheaper to use the existing (and more expensive per unit) ZF as it already has the engineering and validation (the expensive part)in mating it with the I6 engine.

    • matt

      i reckon it’ll be in the ecoboost falcon, and XR8 if ever..

  • infernodelux

    Great article, any further news on the Eco boost motor. Shame they cant add this diesel motor as an option to the G6 Falcon range. No surprise concerning the diesel pricing unfortunately diesels are always seen as premium product. Stupid really.

    • jeremy

      It is a shame. If fact I wish Ford’s decision making process was more transparent.
      CA – can you press Ford on why it’s not an option in the Falcon? I’m sure it would be a real boost to the large aussie car and would likely steal sales from the Commodore as people want the diesel option. It would also likely perform really well while being frugal and having a massive range.

      • Andrew M

        When they can get the ecoboost doing 8L/100k in the Falcon, why would they want a diesel??

        • jeremy

          Towing and range.

          • Andrew M

            So 8L/100k in a diesel is better range than 8L/100K in an ecoboost??

            Yes diesel will deliver more Torque than Ecoboost, but Ecoboost will still be not far from 400nm.

            If you want huling muscle I would be sticking with the I6.
            Im not certain Diesel in the Falcon would be a big hit. I reckon people who buy Falcons prefer the punchy motor.

            But Hey, I may be wrong, how hard could it be to option it??
            If I was chasing economical motoring in a Falcon, whilst still getting my 400nm odd of torque, I would be keeping one eye on the upcoming LPI model

          • jeremy

            The reality is ecoboost will be lucky to get 350NM.
            Andrew, when you tow to capacity with a modern diesel, the consumption creeps up by anything from 10% to 35%.
            With petrol vehicles you can expect 40% to 80%. The smaller torque output and bandwidth only magnifies the effect of increased consumption.
            The I6 is a great, torqey petrol engine. As you rightly assert, it will be even better with LPI. The ecoboost will also be good in a lot of applications.
            Despite this, diesel reigns supreme whenever you have a large mass to move. Again, ask yourself why it’s used in trucks and locomotives.
            I’m not trying to denigrate petrol engines. It’s horses for courses and in bigger vehicles diesel is the way to go.

        • Carl

          Yes Andrew, V8 torque and probably low 5′s on highway cycle is why in my opinion this diesel in a Falcon would be a big hit!!!!

  • nickdl

    Looking forward to it, the diesel seems to be a winner on paper and it was the one good thing about the Peugeot 407. The only thing I’m not too sure about is the electric power steering. Will it really be as good a steer as the previous ones are.

    • Adrian

      The electric power steering is lifted from the FG. It IS good in the Falcon, no reason why it won’t be good in the Territory.

      • http://Subaru Sumodog

        There is no electric power steering in FG Falcons…

      • Andrew M

        The FG got a newly designed Hydraulic power steering unit, not an electric unit

  • jeremy

    “The all-wheel drive diesel has a maximum towing capacity of 2700kg, which is 400kg more than the petrol models.”

    Will be interesting to see if it’s the same 2700KG for the RWD diesel models.

    • Andrew M

      I wonder where the extra 400kgs came from too because the I6 is also a very good solid hauler.

      I reckon its the new Transmission that has allowed the extra 400kgs in capacity, perhaps they have been limited by the load on transmissions previously??

      • Adrian

        2.7 tonne towing capacity for the AWD diesel is as a result of the different transmission. RWD diesel uses the same trans, so should be the same?
        Either way 2.3 or 2.7 tonne towing capacity in a good hadling SUV is excellent. The Territory has been a favourite with the Grey nomads – they will be buying even more Territorys now.

    • Who Knew

      The Ford site lists the RWD petrol and diesel as 2300kg and the AWD diesel as 2700kg towing capacity. There will be no AWD petrol with the new model.

      • jeremy

        Thanks for that – cleared up now! :)

  • Joseph

    I know with high fuel prices, a high performance Turbo version of the Territory is not very relevant, but I’m still a little sad to see it being axed.

    It may not have made great business sense for Ford (the take up rate for the Turbo model here in NZ was pretty low), but the engine made it pretty fun to drive, especially racing away from the traffic lights!

    This new Territory looks pretty good in my opionion. The diesel engine makes the Territory sound like quite a refined package. Looking forward to test driving it and seeing all the improvements (hopefully interior materials) over my current Territory Turbo.

  • MK

    A mediocre effort. Mazda and Hyundai must be relieved.

    • http://Stig paulb

      In ten years time,this Territory will be sitting on a ramp at a second hand dealer.The same aged Mazda+Hyundai will be in the wreckers yard

      • Daniel D

        I own a 2005 Territory and a 2005 Mazda 6 MPS. I beg to disagree as my experience so far, is the complete opposite. The Mazda build quality and engineering is noticeably better then our Territory and the issues we have had with the Terri are up now to about a dozen to the Mazda’s 1.

        Our Territory is a very practical vehicle but its no class leader on build quality or on some aspects of engineering.
        Its a good seven tenths vehicle let down by Fords usual looking to save a buck attitude to quality and customer service.

      • craig

        WOW, not sure what i have been looking at coming thru my mechanical workshop for the past 5 years?? U are the 1st person i have heard say the Ford quality is better than Maz & Hyundai. When customers ask what to buy we exclusively steer them towards Mazda, toyota and Hyundai. Excellent build quality and FAR above the Territory. That should be good for around -20 votes i think ;)

        • http://Stig paulb

          Just making the point craig that the Territory is designed for Aust conditions,Mazda+ Hyundai are not.Dont know what goes through your workshop but Mazda has transmission problems.And Hyundais are just the worst crap drive around

  • PoisonEagle

    Will this diesel engine make it more desirable to export markets?

    • jeremy

      South Africa used to import the Territory quite a few years ago. There is certainly interest there with the new model.
      It will certainly end up in NZ.

  • Gerg

    A G6ETD and a taxi pack would drag Facon out of the sales dumps and on to buyers radars.

    • Adrian

      Actually buyers are waiting for the new Liquid injection LPG, that returns petrol economy levels, with cheap LPG fuel. Add in ecoboost and Falcon’s future looks very bright.
      I know that many fleets have held over purchases for 6 months or more waiting for these updates. Unfortunately the Territory upgrade, along with the Figo and T6 Ranger development, has caused the delay.
      Wait for December when we will see Falcon whole of year sales to be the best for several years.

    • jeremy

      Gerg I agree. Particularly for many retirees. They would love it being a big solid comfy car which could tow plenty with ease. It would also be gentle on their hip pocket.
      On top of all that I’m sure it would be reliable meaning peace of mind. They would buy them thinking it would be their last car.
      While I’m not anywhere near retirement, I certainly appreciate those features. Just once I’d like to buy a car and intend to have it for at least 10 years.
      As mentioned, a G6ETD would seem to provide a big tick to all those areas.
      Guess the new Terry roughly falls into the same categories only not everyone wants an SUV.

  • Mani

    Well done to Ford for finally seeing the light and introducing a diesel. However, I will add that the specs for the 2.7 diesel on the Ford really makes the 2.2 diesel engine available on the Santa fe and Kia Sorento look especially good. It’s a smaller sized engine but it puts out more power (145kw), almost equal torgue (436nm) and uses far less fuel (7.4l/100k combined). Makes you wonder why the Koreans can design and build a better diesel engine then Ford.

    • Mani

      I’ll also add that the Sorento and Santa Fe use it’s full torque at only 1800 rpm as opposed to the Fords which will have to rev all the way up to 2500 rpm before it gets the full benefit. Translated all that means is that the Sorento and Sant Fe do their pulling a lot easier then the Ford and again, a smaller engine.

      • dazzer01

        I don’t think so because peak torque for the new engine is available from 1900rpm through to 2500rpm. Research before you put fingers on keyboard :-P

        hahaha … Antispam is Hyundai

        • Mani

          I stand corrected, maximum torque for the Ford is BETWEEN 1900 rpm and 2500 RPM. Be that as it may, the Santa Fe & Sorento still have max torque topping out at just 1800 rpm so my point that it pulls easier then the ford diesel is still valid. Again I make the point, if the Koreans can make 2.2l diesel this good and use a lot less fuel, why cant Ford?

          hahaha, Antispam is KIA for this one. Perhaps the anitspam is trying to tell us something…

  • PoisonEagle

    I would venture that refinement of the Ford engine would be leaps and bounds ahead of the Korean. Also, real world testing will verify acceleration/ drivability compared to the Rdiesel.

    • Mani

      Really? Have you taken a drive of a sorento lately? Read some of the reports about them and then take one for a drive. You may be very, very surprised about just how refined an engine the 2.2l diesel is. In fact, its been described as class leading by many car journo’s including the ones on this website who actually tested it.

      • Damian

        I have driven the Kia Sorrento with the 2.2L diesel and the Hyundai IX35 with the 2.0L diesel. Whilst the power is sufficient in both, the steering, handling, and general ride compliance, leave a lot to be desired.

        Having had a Territory for an extended period of time, I still remember its car like handling qualities and its sublime steering. The Koreans still have a long way to go in this department. Whilst the Ford had steering that actually offered feel and responsiveness, the Koreans in contrast, felt wooden and lifeless. It was almost as if there was a disconnect between the steering and the wheels.

        However, fit and finish in the Sorrento was done very well – perhaps not to Toyota Kluger/Mazda CX-9 quality, but pretty darn close. The Territory, on the other hand, was a disaster. I still remember the hard, grey, ill-fitting plastics strewn over the interior. I had to take mine back to Ford to get some rust repaired in the tailgate. Apparently, the rubber seals retain water that lead to rusting. If Ford fix these quality niggles, it’ll have a winner on its hands.

        • Mani

          Interestingly the Sorento recently won NRMA’s best SUV car of the year award for over $40,000. Not bad for a korean made vehicle which in your opinion “steering, handling and general ride compliance leave a lot to be desired.” I too owned a territory for the past 5 years. Not a bad car, used heaps of petrol, lucky to get 480km out of a tank. Got sick of waiting for Ford to introduce a diesel option and looked at what was out there as it was time to upgrade. Took the Santa fe, Kluger, Mazda 9, Territory and a Sorento for test drives. After driving the Sorento for 20 minutes the car had me sold. In my opinion, it was a far superior vehicle then my old territory in all departments, handling, steering, balance, comfort, ride and power. In relation to the other cars I tested, the ride was perhaps a little more refined in the kluger but I could not justify the extra dollars it would cost to buy plus the fact the kluger uses more fuel then boeing 747. Have since puchased one and owned the sorento for the past three months. Now I get between 750 and 850 km per tank of fuel. The car has a heap of grunt and doesnt miss a beat. First time I ever owned a korean made car but after only three months, got to say it probably wont be the last korean made car I purchase. Can’t say the same for Ford.

          • Damian

            I don’t care for NRMA reviews because they lack credibility. You’d give the NRMA reviews a skip if you valued driving pleasure over value for money.

          • delux

            Would the Korean driving Ford hater please stand up?


    personally i have some reservations about this new fangled steering and front suspension (epas)set up.why not stick with hyd steering,and make the front end fully adjustable(camber,castor,toe),instead of some electronic system which is bound to have problems…

  • Tony M

    I am surprised at the number of people bagging the 2.7 diesel motor that will be offered in the new Territory. I wonder if they remember that it was originally in the Jaguar S type that was regarded as one of the smoothest driving cars around. No one’s driven the vehicle yet but so many know just how bad it is.

    Maybe what we really have here are people from other motor companies trying to deflate the positives of the new Territory because they don’t have anything that is capable to match it. That to me sounds closer to the truth behind the negative dribble I have been reading so far.

    • TonyB

      Yes, but as I’ve said above – the 2.7 diesel engine used in the Jag (and others) was the much better twin-turbo version of this engine. This 140kW diesel is the single turbo version. You are right – no one yet has driven it – but I’m predicting there are going to be some disapointed people out there. Yes it will still better than the diesel Craptiva – but it could have been better still with the twin-turbo 2.7.

      • AB

        The Jaguar twin turbo engine produces the following figures

        153kW @ 4000rpm

        Torque 435Nm

        Do you really want the added complexity and cost of twin turbo’s for such a marginal gain?

        • TonyB

          Its not the numbers that are important about the twin-turbo version. Its the way the sequencial turbos worked together to produce the smooth power delivery without any turbo lag. So yes – I would have taken the twin-turbo version.

          • AB

            Would you have paid $2000 extra for it?

            If so you would be a rare person!

  • http://Subaru Sumodog

    FG falcon hasn’t got electric power steering :-)

  • frog

    Ford, HOLDEN, GM etc etc are mediocroe
    Toyota, Honda, Hyundai are superior

  • frog

    KIA sorento sucks, my neighbour has the deisel and the car is truly a budget car.. The interior is cheap and the engine isn’t smooth and is weak.

    • Mani

      And yet it won NRMA SUV car of the year award! Funny how it could win such a highly sought award from an independant mob like NRMA if it in your words it “sucks”. As for the engine being weak, considering it has more power and equal torque figures as the new 2.7l ford diesel, I guess your saying that that BIGGER Ford motor must be even weaker. The facts speak for themselves, Ford are releasing the new territory with a diesel that is not up to scratch to other diesels that are currently on the market. Again, if the Koreans can do it, why can’t Ford?

  • mmmmmm

    great they finally have a diesel (5 years late) but dropping the petrol AWD models could cost them some sales and they need every buyer they can get.
    Any existing owners wanting to update now have to chose RWD or Diesel.

  • http://ca auto

    anyone taking a Sorento diesel for a test and comparison drive, make sure you put ear plugs in for city driving.

  • megaphat

    Diesel Territory? About bloody time.

  • Daniel D

    Interesting that those who have had the money to buy a Territory and found it wanting and have moved on to another brand or are holding off to see if the new Territory fixes the flaws of the old one, are down voted by the Ford fan boys.

    Of course the same Ford fan boys vote up the “Terri is awesome” comments.

    Problem is Ford need to sell the Territory to the first group – the ones who actually have the money to buy a $50K car. The latter group, from Fords perspective don’t matter as they are all talk and don’t buy new product. Second hand BA’s and AU’s or school boy enthusiasm dont keep the factory turning over and the profits coming in.

    Lets hope for Fords sake they fix the issues well in this release and support the car if there is any problems during the new warranty period, because the first group will punish them if they don’t and that group is what matters.

    Ford fans, you can mindlessly vote down now.

    Dan (Territory Owner and owner of five previous new Fords and in the first camp)

  • Save It for the track

    Hmmm. A bit of internet surfing shows that the 2.7L twin turbo produced 150kw, and identical 440Nm. It also reveals the following, “The V6 utilizes a 60° V configuration. Output is 147 to 152 kW (200 to 207 hp ECE) and up to 440 Nm (325 ft.lbf).

    Land Rover version is called ‘LR-TDV6 Diesel engine’. It has a single turbocharger, of a larger capacity than the twin-turbo design. This is to improve the engine’s low-speed torque range for off-road and towing applications. It is also fitted with a very large, engine driven cooling fan to support low speed, but high load driving such as those that may be encountered in desert conditions. Other changes made to the Land Rover version of the engine over the Jaguar/Peugeot versions include a deeper high-capacity sump with improved baffles to maintain oil pressure at extreme off-road angles and multi-layered external seals to keep out dust, mud and water.

    The engine is a member of the Ford Duratorq family of engines and is produced in Ford’s Dagenham engine plant. 35,000 were produced from April through the end of 2004″
    The question becomes then, is the version in the Territory going to have these features that were in Land Rover. If so seems worthwhile. Although how many Territory’s are or will be used in the manner of a Land Rover?

  • http://hilly78@bigpond.com.au Cobra

    Good one Ford, great for the company and local industries..

  • Josh

    I keep seeing the Ford advertising, on their website etc. referring to new territory, mentioning ‘high series’. Eg. The Y-Spoke Alloy Wheels page on their website says “only available on high series”… any ideas??? It says it on the big billboard that CA got a shot of too.

  • A N Lec

    is sat nav the same as is in 2010 SHELBY COBRA Mustang and can you download local maps onto Mustang sat nav

  • Pmicallef63

    i have a 2010 territory good car all round but noisey gearbox ford changed gearbox twice but still noisey i need advice what shall do next

    • Sumpguard

      Sell it.