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Hyundai has been photographed testing a Left Hand Drive (LHD) version of its Genesis Coupe in Victoria’s mountain region this week.

This is no ordinary Genesis Coupe, though. The Genesis Coupe pictured is believed to be testing with Hyundai’s new 5.0-litre V8 ‘Tau’ engine.

The new direct injection 5.0-litre V8 won’t replace the 3.8-litre currently used in the Genesis Coupe, but will most likely run alongside it in an ‘R-Spec’ variant of the Genesis Coupe. The Tau V8 produces 320kW and around 500Nm of torque. The claimed fuel consumption figures are 9.4L/100km on the highway cycle and 14.7L/100km on the city cycle, coming to a combined fuel consumption figure of 12.05L/100km.

Luckily, the R-Spec badge also earns styling changes, bigger brakes, thicker anti-roll bars, unique tyres and a new suspension tune. This is in addition to a styling update planned for the next model year.

Hyundai is also expected to employ an in-house eight-speed automatic transmission to work with the Tau V8.

The appearance of this vehicle on Victorian roads also begs the question – will it eventually be available in Australia?

I contacted Hyundai’s Senior Manager, PR and Events, Ben Hershman and asked what the vehicle was doing testing in Victoria, he said:

“Hyundai Motor Company utilises Australia as a hot test region for global model development. This has been happening for a number of years.”

For anyone living in Victoria during the summer just gone, they would know that it has been anything but hot.

An optimist would suggest that Hyundai is testing the Genesis Coupe in Australia in preparation for a Right Hand Drive (RHD) variant.

This would be very exciting news and give Hyundai the ‘sporty’ edge it has been yearning for in the Australian marketplace.

  • Tim

    YES please!

  • mrxandthexfactor


    • Chili Dog

      No need to shout.

  • Steve

    i was under the impression the genisis coupe was not built with the 4.6 v8. All the information I have ever seen has it coming with the 2.0 t4 or a 3.8 v6

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Paul Maric

      Sorry guys, that was a typo. Meant to read 3.8, not 4.6.

      Now corrected.

      • Robert

        You mean 5.0?

  • Kang

    I hope they bring it here! I would love to buy one.

    Just one correction. Hyundai never fitted the genesis coupe with 4.6 V8 engine. They only have 2.0T or 3.8 V6 varient.

  • Bimmer M5

    and Hyundai need to bring the Genesis and Equus, too

  • Jacob Martyn

    Hot weather testing should be done in Dubai, where it gets up to 50°C AND has 90% humidity!

    If it does ok there, it will do fine here.

    • Andre

      Exactly right.
      Especially seeing as the car pictured is on top of Mt Hotham where yesterdays top temp was 20c and most of the rest of the state was 30.
      The rest of the so called summer down here has been in the mid 20s apart from a handful of warm days.

  • vti07

    This car will well and truly shake off the Hyundai’s image of “cheap and cheerful” cars.

    It will do well.

    • Jacob Martyn

      The i30 did that, it won Australia’s Best Car under $25,000.

      But unfortunately a lot of people still thumb their nose at Hyundai…

      • Robin Graves

        Its not unfortunate really as they themselves are the ones that are losing out.

  • Alexander

    They brought a lime green Genesis Coupe to Topgear Live in Sydney a fee years back – it seemed to get a very positive reaction from the crowds which I’d imagine would translate into good sales if priced right…

    • Shak

      It would be a smart idea to position one outside the next AIMS with the badges covered and see what brand most people think the car is from. Would be good free market research for Hyundai.

    • Kang

      They have been displaying same model in North Ryde HQ. Not sure whether it still there.

  • Shak

    Well Hyundai in the US have been recorded saying that if the Genesis range were to come downunder, it would be the next generation vehicle as the current one wasnt engineered for RHD markets. Either way Hyundai, just bring it here quickly!

  • Who Knew

    When I look at this, I can’t help being reminded of Honda and their Legend sedan and coupe. They tried to go up market with these when they introduced them and it has never really worked for them. I suspect that no matter how much the fan boys here rave about it, it will remain at best a niche model, probably selling about as much as the Grandeur ever has. (that is, bugger all sales) I can’t imagine that Hyundai are really interested in a money losing venture that this is likely to be, just to get some more profile in the market. They seem to be doing that OK with their current products.
    It is interesting to note that those who are keen on seeing it go on sale don’t seem to be too serious about actually buying one themselves. I would love to buy a Mercedes S63 AMG, but that’s not going to happen either.

    • MW

      The problem with the Honda legend is that, to an average person who knows nothing about cars, the Legend just looks like another Accord. Whats Hyundai is doing is totally different. It is introducing cars to its lineup thats not only exciting but beautifully designed. On top of that, it has already suceeded in the US. Bring on the Genesis and Equus I say!

      • Who Knew

        If you read what I said, I was referring to the models when they introduced them in the 1980s. They tried to price the Legend at about $45K, which would by you a smaller Merc or BMW, same as what Hyundai would face today. The early Legends were quite different to the Accord of the day. Honda were identified with Accords, Civic and the smaller cars, plus the Prelude and other sporty coupes. Similar to how Hyundai are perceived in the market place. Really do you want Hyundai to move up market and increase their prices across the range? That would be the outcome. They have tried it with the i20 and got caned for it and now they are flogging them off much cheaper than originally offered. Cheap and cheerful is their market. I don’t think they can do a Toyota and generate an entirely different brand perception as they did with Lexus. Mercedes, Mazda and Nissan have tried it an failed(except in the USA) and I suspect the same awaits Hyundai.

        • MW

          Between the i20 and Genesis & Equus, they are very different propositions. I dont agree with their i20 lineup. It is by no means class leadng, its bland and doesnt inject anything special to the brand. But Im certainly excited about the proper RWD sports car they might bring to Aust.

          Hyundai moving upmarket is not a bad thing either. Look at the Equus. It has all the kit you would expect from a 7series or S class, but at a fraction of the price.

    • ddd

      Legend was doomed…. it was NOT a sports car, it was a luxury car. no one here wants a luxury coupe that size… and it was 90 grand way back then. it was also NOT a v8, and iirc, fwd? or was it 4wd?

      this is a whole new thing… australias only affordable v8 coupe… a new monaro without the creepy bogan mid life crisis tag to go with it.

      This is only being tested here, we arent getting it. Its getting a bit old now, and hyundai have said, its NOT engineered for rhd. maybe, underneath this is the replacement???? its nice to be hopeful

      fingers crossed!

      • Paulo

        Oh it TOTALLY has the creepy bogan mid life crisis tag to go with it.

  • Jason


    You guys know there is a Genesis Coupe in the showroom in the Parramatta dealership Sydney right?

    Looks great in the flesh.

    • Shak

      Really? I drive past it everyday, i may drop in today and check it out then.

      • Jason

        Yep. Church street.

        • Shak

          Thanks for that mate!

          • MW

            convince them to give you a test drive!

  • Lovin it

    Bring it NOW…..want one real bad.
    This will crap all over the Z, the RX and of course the new ’86 Celica. This is what the Monaro should have been.

    • Jak hammer

      I suspect “Lovin it” is a VW fan with a bias towards front wheel drive and a dislike for new Toyota coupes

      • Devil’s Advocate

        What has FWD got to do with Lovin it’s comment jak hammer?

  • qikturbo

    They’re testing the new direct injection 3.8L,not the V8.

  • http://www.lukehimself.net Luke

    We need the Genesis here!

  • autoboy

    I’ll have the DI Five Point O, thanks.

    Were do I sign?

  • LRE

    They were testing there in January too. They also had the Equus and i40W. They seemed to be based in Bright and heading up to either Buffalo or Hotham each day.

  • Andrew Juma

    I think Hyundai Australia would be mad not to have this car here. It will definitely be a winner, if priced right.

  • War Rocket Ajax

    I remember a new Camaro being tested here a few years ago and everyone (including Car Advice – correct me if I’m wrong) were speculating about whether it was destined for Australia. This case could well be the same.

    As much as I’d like to see it here, I think it’s just a good old hot weather test mule. Shame.

  • nickdl

    Odd that they’re testing it for ‘hot’ weather at the top of Mt Hotham…

    Looks great, price it at around $50k and there’d be a good war against the locals (assuming it drives better than all other Hyundais).

  • Nobody

    I have seen this car in green colour at the Macquarie Park Hyundai dealer from outside. Not sure what engine it has but Im positive it had Brembo brakes in red(assuming its 4 in front and & 2 at the rear by its size). It may have a V8 but honestly it does not look that great in flesh. On the other hand FT-86 looks like a car straight from NFS it looks far better for its price!

  • hyundaikia

    its so obvious the g.coupe is coming

    they have been displaying the thing for months in showrooms here


    OR ELSE!!!

    • Who Knew

      Or else, what?

  • James

    Pffft look all the pants creamers… for this it’s like ooohhhh it looks like a supercar priced cheap… bahahaha

  • Hung Low

    This 3.8 has been out in the states for a while and is pegged against the 370Z which craps over it!
    I would say same story here in Aus, similar price to a Z but will be overshadowed by the Nissan!

    No brainer with the 370z really, and you get a bit of heritage as well!

  • Lukaas

    Its not bad looking, but outdated now… especially after seeing Toyota’s offer with FT86 styling, and the propose S2000 replacement (google it)… if they bring it here late this year, the styling is on par with the 350Z and thats 5 years old…

    the engine output is indeed nice.

    It has a similar shape to the previous Hyundai Tiburon, a RWD Tiburon!

  • Old Dog

    Yep, this thing is getting far to long in the tooth to be bringing the current gen here. And that’s a good thing. It really is ugly as sin. Kind of looks like the perv gen elantra.

  • PoisonEagle

    I have not seen any RHD Genesis so how can you speculate about it coming here ?
    I would love it to though, a 5.0 Genesis would be the best value car for sale in our market, if under $60k. A Korean Mustang.

  • Where is Button

    If Senator John “badge engineering” Button were alive, this would be brought to Australia as the new Mazda 626!

  • Vicmartin58

    It’s here now. 3.8 Lt V6 fuel injected. Yes Brembo brakes and comes in a race variant.
    Possible March release. Most comments here are about the “OLD” Genesis not the new
    2012 model — many changes inside and out.

  • Bob1

    Hyundai would have a real winner if they can price the 2.0T to undercut the ’86. I’m sold… though I’d rather the 5.0, if it ever happens.