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The next-generation 2012 Holden Colorado has been teased in Chevrolet guise ahead of the unveiling of a show car at the Bangkok Motor Show in Thailand on March 25.

Few details of the new pick-up have been revealed so far, with Chevrolet set to give a proper introduction to the car at the Bangkok show.

From the teaser image, we can see the vehicle will adopt a significantly more car-like appearance, with the clean headlights, grille and fog light surrounds following the European design trend already seen in the Volkswagen Amarok and the new Ford Ranger.

The mid-size pick-up has again been developed in collaboration with Isuzu and the architecture will form the basis of the next-generation D-Max.

The next-generation Holden Colorado will continue to be sourced from Thailand. The Chevrolet-badged Colorado will go on sale in its domestic market towards the end of this year, with Australian sales expected to commence either late this year or early in 2012.

Holden’s Jonathan Rose admitted the car unveiled at Bangkok would preview the new Australian Colorado range, and said more details would be released as its launch approached.

“We can confirm that there is a new Colorado range on the horizon,” Mr Rose said.

“The Chevrolet show car to be premiered in Bangkok marks the first phase in the reveal process of the new range. We will make more announcements around Colorado in Australia in due course.”

The current Colorado 4×2 accounts for 11.6 percent of the 4×4 pick-up/cab-chassis segment in Australia, trailing only the Nissan Navara and the Toyota HiLux.

The Colorado 4×2 is significantly less popular (due to the availability of the Commodore-based Utility), and makes up just 1.8 percent of its segment. Sales of both variants have lost around three percent market share so far this year.

In 2011, Isuzu has sold more 4×2 D-Max models than Holden has sold Colorados (164 vs 143), although Holden leads by more than 1000 units in the 4×4 category (1757 vs 745).

  • dadarjapit

    Not too fond on that Chevrolet double grill.. =\
    And I dont see it growing on me anytime soon.

  • Crossy

    Looks promising!
    Having bought four Rodeos in different formats, I’ve never had any issues with the exterior of the Colorado. It’s the interior that is way overdue for updating.
    But with the current offering from Ford and VW setting the standard, they’d be crazy not to offer something similar or better.
    More competition the better, bring it on!

  • jeffro bo dingo

    i may be wrong but i spoke to somebody from a holden dealership only a couple of weeks ago to try and find out little bit of info in regards to this new colorado/dmax and he informed me that the new colorado wont have anything to do with the isuzu name and it is being built in Brazil and he also said that they werent looking forward to it as the isuzu has been a great vehicle for them and at least he was honest to tell me that its just not going to be the same, so im not sure where your getting this info or if he is on something but i suppose time will tell when it is launched. i personally own a dmax and do hope that they do become seperated to get rid of the confusion.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      he’s pretty much right.holden and isuzu are no more(since toyota now own the gm shares in isuzu).the new ute will be a totally new design(a bit like a navarra?)…

      • jr

        From what i’ve been told GM has built a new plant in Thailand to make the new Colorado and it will have nothing in common with the new D-Max which makes sense as Isuzu’s two main shareholders are Toyota and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

        • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

          GM are using a old Daewoo plant to make the Colorado. Built to the same spec’s. Different ECU and air cond system. Isuzu also has the projector headlamps. They are changing to a Chevy product because their licence runs out to make the (Isuzu) product in 2012.

          • jr

            i would’nt buy a car off you “Salesman” thats the biggest load of dribble i’ve ever read on here . Daewoo never had a factory in Thailand ! GM don’t make Colorado’s under licence , they are made by Isuzu and sold to GM . As for the ECU and a/c story geez man can get some of what your smoking ?

  • http://caradvice.com.au Ben

    So are we going to see idiots with Chev badges on their Colorado’s now to match the idiots with Chev badges on their Dunnydoors

  • Jacob Martyn

    That’s why its so good that VW Amarok is not made in Thailand, like HiLux, Navara, Colorado, etc.

    Sets itself apart.

    • jr

      I would hardly think that being made in Argentina would be an advantage ,i did’nt think they had a history of high quality manufacturing.

    • Crossy

      The VW is a good truck but I’m not paying an extra 10K for the supposed privilege of telling people it’s not made in Thailand.

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

      What’s the difference between a car made in Thailand, and a car made in Japan or Germany? Are you suggesting it is somehow inferior? Don’t all car manufactures want to deliver top quality cars to gain repeat buyers? I think it’s a very narrow view. Manufacture of cars is very much now at a global standard.

      • Eric


        The Mazda 2 built in Japan seems better built comp to the Thai built car.

  • skeeter

    Theyre showing a lot for a teaser. Usually all you see is a nut or a bolt

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    @ JR, i did not say the factory was in Thailand. And the rest of the information (ecu ect) is from the Queensland Isuzu state sales manager.

  • Andrew M

    Does anyone really know what the go with Isuzu and the Colorado is.

    One of the blokes that works for me bought a DMax, and the sales guy told him the Colorado is a totally separate deal and is made in a cheap and nasty Korean factory ha ha ha. He believed it, and I laughed at him when he tried to tell me too

    • daniel

      mate the salesman was right. isuzu took every thing it had out of the colorado, daewoo supply the motors now for colorado they have since 2008

  • Andrew M

    Looks promising a styling point of view, it makes the current one look likes it from the 1980’s.

    Unfortunately if it is designed by one of the Asian headquarters whether it be Isuzu again, or one of GM’s in the region, I would hold concerns as to whether it will be a revoulutionary thing in terms of engineering like the Amrok or Ranger.

    But either way its good to see manufacturers realising the market for a better utility as improvements in the class are definately being made

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    They are twins. Isuzu has a different ECU, Air cond compressor and headlamps. GM no longer re badges the product as a Holden, but has the licence to make the same product until 2012 (through a Daewoo plant.) Isuzu owns the name Rodeo, this is why GM had to come up with the Colorado name.
    The different ECU explains Isuzus superior fuel consumption.

  • GM Supplier

    I can tell you guys a couple of things as I used to work for a GM supplier.

    1. The plant in Thailand (Rayong) is a GM Chev plant which currently builds Chevy, Holden and Isuzu Colorados and Rodeos. Isuzu used to co-engineer the design of the truck with GM, then Holden supplied the new V6 since the Isuzu one was full of problems. Diesel comes from Japan.

    2. New Colorado is co-developed between GM Brazil (one of GM’s biggest and best engineering centres), North America, Australia and Isuzu. The rolling chassis will be common to Isuzu and GM but the rest will be very different.

    3. It will be built in both Brazil for their own country and south american customers, and in Thailand for Asia and Australia. The Amercians might build one too but I’m not certain.

    4. GM Korea (old Daewoo) hasn’t had anything to do with this at all. But, the GMs from Korea have been designed mostly by Aussies and engineered by Yanks, Europeans, Koreans and Aussies for the last 5 years.

    Hope that clears it up for you.

    • nice engine

      Nice response GM Supplier. I work in the ESIE Industrial Park “The Detroit of the East”, in Rayong and can confirm both vehicles come out of the same GM factory. Isuzu do have KD facility on the way into the estate. I know this is a Holden thread but the Ford/Mazda AAT facility is about 300m away….orrible job really… I have to stay in a nasty little place called Pattaya!!!!

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      thank you.and i agree with everything you’ve said.its the difference between “knowing” and “being told”(no offence mr salesman,but of course the isuzu rep is going to put his own spin on it,and what better fuel economy,the isuzu has a bigger tank,thats it.daewoo???).motor/trans is isuzu,back leaf springs have isuzu stamped all over them.the average bloke would be very hard pressed to tell the differencr between the two models(front grills excluded)…

  • Curious

    Anyone know what diesel engine will be used in the new Colorado? I’m hoping GM will realise a 4cyl wont cut it anymore and put a V6 diesel like Nissan are now putting in the top of the line Narvara. Even Ford’s new Ranger will have a 5cyl. If they stick with a 4cyl they will lose sales!

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      how about a 140kw 2.8ltr c.t.d (4cyl,same as most others.the nissan is 60k you know))…

      • Curious

        Still dont think a 4cyl will cut it! Your building a whole new car, might as well put a decent engine in it. Even if they did only put the bigger motor in the top spec car! I just think all these small diesels are getting pushed a bit too much with the large towing capacity of these utes these days…

  • Holden Salesman

    Thanks GM Supplier for telling the true story. As for Isuzu sales staff who seem to think it is ok to lie to the customer and tell them the Isuzu is a far better product, when in fact are the same vehicle. I guess the fact we smashed in sales they seem to think if they lie they will sell more.