Yep, news is a little slow, so I am writing about Vans, more specifically, I am writing about the new 2007 Toyota HiAce Turbo Diesel Van. I guess its not too boring, for anyone interested in buying a new HiAce, you’d be happy to know that Toyota has given teh HiAce a new release on life with a a 3.0-litre intercooler-equipped high-pressure direct-injection engine. The Toyota 1KD-FTV engine has 26Nm more torque at lower engine revolutions than the 2.5-litre Turbo-diesel engine it supersedes in all HiAce Turbo-diesel models.

It will be fitted to all HiAce Turbo-diesel models from October 2006 production, so we should see it towards the end of the year. The 3.0-litre engine has 5kW more power than the non-intercooled engine it supersedes in HiAce LWB Turbo-diesel models. The Toyota 1KD-FTV engine delivers 80kW of power at 3000rpm and 286Nm of torque from 1200 to 1600rpm.

It meets Euro IV emission requirements and has already been proved in Australia in Toyota HiLux. Toyota HiAce turbo-diesel recommended retail pricing starts from $34,940 RRP* for the LWB van. Petrol model pricing begins at $32,240 RRP* for the 2.7-litre LWB van.

HiAce Turbo-diesel’s 1KD-FTV engine is matched to a larger-diameter clutch in manual transmission models. It can also be matched to the electronically controlled Toyota A343E transmission in automatic models.

Toyota says that the introduction of the 1KD-FTV engine is part of a broad technical upgrade to the Toyota HiAce range of vans and commuter buses from October 2006 production. Other Improvements also include Euro IV emissions compliance for the VVT-i equipped 2.7-litre 2TR-FE petrol engine.

In addition, upgraded HiAce has a range of new security, comfort and convenience features. All HiAce models now have an engine immobiliser and illuminated ignition key lock. Interior upgrades include the adoption of front passenger seat recline adjustment on all van models.

HiAce Commuter bus models adopt front passenger seat slide adjustment and a centre console from October production. Front mud flaps, a rear under-mirror and fabric and vinyl-covered sun visors are now standard equipment across the HiAce range.

  • Norman Rothsberg

    I test drove the new Hiace a little while ago and found it to be much better than the old version, though there are still better vans out there. The drive wasn’t as bad and loading was a breeze. It’s still not the coolest looking van but one thing the Hiace does provide is value for money.

  • D Burstow

    Have a 2006 Commuter Bus which has a fixed front passenger seat which is very close to dash with poor leg room for any size adult. spoke to Toyota about getting new sliding seat and quoted sums of between $2000-4000 to make modification. Seems exorbitant and i argue this should be a compulsory modification as fixed seat is dangerous. Great vehicle otherwise

  • http://MSN Adish

    too slow!!!! need a 3.2D engine, or more>> The 5L engine is good only for the small format of 9 seaters, not for the 16 seaters.
    with air cond. and its 15 passengers, it developes same as the 2L engine.

    • Leon

      adish the hiace doesn’t have a 5l it is a 1kd

  • Regeena

    well.. it is beautiful but i am certainly looking for some hot cake… a real beautiful hiace for 9 seaters.. or 12… im trying to find.. but not up to it yet!

  • Rob

    try put a deposit on one and see how long they take to give it to you.

  • Sanjay

    Hi there. I own a 2006 Hiace,Diesel, and it has its problems.

    The suspension is shot, it gives a loud knock at even the slightest turns into driveways with the wheels touching the body at full turns (standard tyres of course), and the ac stinks!

    I paid Toyota to have the stink removed but it came back in a week. The suspension…well they messed with the bushes and allignment on two seperate occasions and still couldn’t get it right.

    My mates got a 2007 model with exactly the same problems.

    Its not all good news about this release after all…

  • Gary

    Just wandering can the new hiace be fitted with a blow-off valve in the turbo diesel model?

  • Andrew

    I just bought one.
    Took 6.5 months to arrive as Telstra bought a whole lot of them.
    Friends have had VW and had alot of dramas so looking forward to smooth sailing -I hope…

    And Gary- I’m sure they already have a plumb back blow off valve standard.

    • David

      Andrew was it smooth sailing after all the wait??? Can anyone out there give me a report on the 2007 Diesel manual in economy and comfort as I want to purchase one. Regards, David

  • john

    The hiace is a let down. Took the dealer 3 months to deliver, another 3 to fix all the immediate problems that came with the car, diesel engine shudders and is gutless in 4th & 5th gear. location of gear stick will end up giving you grief, paint work on van is thin, ( do not wash if you want to keep paint on vehicle), radio works stronger on left channel than right, been told by dealer tough luck cannot be fixed, van vibrates badly when cold (we live in Qld , god help those in southern states). Van is economical and aircon is cold. Have found Toyota attitude to fixing faults poor with head in sand attitude.

  • Gary

    Can anyone tell me where can I get my diesel injectors for the new HiACE? Tried so many places in Sydney but they all say that it is not servicable.

  • Gary

    Can anyone tell me where can I get my diesel injectors for the new Hiace serviced. Tried so many places in Sydney but they all say that it is not servicable.

    It’s a 2KD-KDH common-rail turbo diesel.

    • tyrone

      you can get them in jamaica west indies cost about us$2414 for the set of them

  • Arieal

    We bought a Toyota HiAce 2007 van in in Guatemala City last May. It has been Ok till three weeks ago. The engine died suddenly without any warning when when it was running on a highway. We took the van to Toyota’s service center for inspection. After almost three days’ waiting, Toyota called and asked us to pay Q 2800 (which is about USD370) in advance just to take out the engine so they could check on it. How ridiculous it is, right? And there’s more… though the van was newly bought, Toyota does not provide us with warranty simply because we didn’t change the engine oil all the time in their places. We were later told by the machanics in Toyota that the HiAce 2007 has a design defect that the air filter is installed too low. When it’s raining or the water is splashed to the bottome of the van, the air filter will absorb and transport the water little by little to the engine and then cause big problems. It has happened to many HiAce 2007 vans in Guatemala. How about the vans sold in Australia?
    Anyway, we’ll never buy any Toyota!!! (Our van is still under fixing!)

    • brett

      i brought a brand new toyota hiace van in 2005 , van has major problems, toyota say its the fuel, they also say could be injector pump, problems ocurred 80,00 ks over warranty exspire , the say to fix could cost 17,000 dollars, have been diffucult to deal with, and would rather i just go away, please if any body out there has simalar experience please, tell others , i for one will never touch toyota again , !!!!!1
      thi is in new zealand !!!

  • Nadzry

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  • Nadzry

    Dear Gary…

    Injectors can’t be service, but can only be adjust/programmed using computers set up at dealer centre/ tune shop. If your injectors spoiled, got to replace them.

    If no parts availables, contact me, we can air freight to you…. very fast direct from Bangkok.

    Cheers mate..

  • Nadzry

    Dear Arieal,
    Try to replace your Shock & Coil spring/ Add on extra rubber for your suspension,
    You will see the different.

  • Nadzry


    Your waiting list for almost famous trucks like toyota are 4 month and we can supply immediately.
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    • Joeterekia

      hi am wanting from thailand the 12 seater toyota commuter

  • nick


  • hany

    does anyone know what amount of boost the wastgate of that car set ? and what is the model od the turbocharger.

  • http://toyota Brian

    We bought a 2007 3.0TD manual passenger van at the end of 07, delivery took 3 months, the NZ version has 12 seats only. It has wind up windows, which is OK. It doesn’t have a centre console which is not OK. Power is fine, fuel ecomomy is 12.5l per 100 km , towing a shuttle trailer, which seems high. Does anyone have comparable numbers.

    I’m wondering about some of the problems above, especially the one of sucking in water, that was aproblem for 20 yr old lite aces, and certainly wasn’t a problem with the 1990 shape hiaces.

  • ganny


    My name is ganny from singapore.

    I bought a toyota hiace.

    Make/Model: Toyota Hiace High Roof 2982cc turbo 2008
    Engine no: 1KD1756066

    This euro4 exhaust system design comes with the Dust Particulate Filter(DPF). It keeps getting plugged-up causing the Electronic Computerised Unit(ECU) to perform DPF “force burn” sequence automatically, but the butterfly valve located in the exhaust piping keeps jamming up and sends signal to the ECU that it is not in correct positioning.
    Therefore, ECU send an alarm display in the control panel “yellow engine fault alarm” and limits the fuel supply, preventing the vehicle from travelling at normal speed.

    In order to clear the DPF, manual “force burn” it have to be done in a vehicle service workshop. And this problems keeps repeating. Each manual “force burn” cost me about $SGD150.00 and some 6 hours lost of use.
    The workshop blamed the plugging of the DPF to the high sulphur content in the diesel, and said, Spore fuel stations have not comply to Euro4 diesel standards yet.

    May be you have a clearer understanding of how the EURO 4 exhaust and its Dust Particulate Filter works.
    I’ll most appreciate if you can share the knowledge with me.

    Some questions i would like to ask:
    1) What specification of diesel must this model use? example: sulphur content.
    2) How does this model automatically cleans or “burn” the carbon or dust trapped on its DPF?
    3) Is there a device or switch that can be installed in this model to manually perform the DPF cleaning function?

    I am very glad that i came across this forum page.
    I hope, i can get this problem solved.


    warmest regards.

    • joel

      Hi Ganny my name is Joel I am having similar problems with my Hiace can u email me or send me ur contac info…if u got ur problems sorted out..thanks…my email address is

    • Hamish

      HI Ganny

      Were you able to fix the problem. Just wanting to know if there was a cheap soloution.

    • Divs Pro

      hi ganny,me have same problem,your van is ok now?help me plzz

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    LMAO massively. Some points come to mind; including, but not limited to:

    1. TuRD might be able to addresss the issue with all its might
    2. Toyota can back TuRD as has so much profit and so successful (aka TP Accountant and other bods who strongly believed the Big T can weather any storm) to have the low down on such a basic issue you tell us of
    3. Go back to the Big T and let them know….. its about time you get customer service all the way

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    and….if all else fails switch car supplier!

  • http://mazda Manuel Rosales

    hi there my brother bought a Hiace 07 in Guatemala. and suddenly the engine start shimming, so he took it to a shop in the closes city but they told him that the injector probably are cloght but they can not do anything because they do not have the computer to check it,
    Is it true that those injector can not be fix because they are seal?

  • gannyroy


    I bought a toyota hiace.

    Make/Model: Toyota Hiace High Roof 2982cc turbo 2008
    Engine no: 1KD-FTV

    Can anybody explain to me how the “butterfly” valve located in the exhaust pipe(after the DPF)works?.
    And what is its purpose?


  • Pete

    Over here in the UK they dont even sell the new hiace.The one they sell over here is a diffrent shape.When i went to the toyota main dealer they said its not coming to the uk.

  • MARK




  • http://nil Shammie singh

    i have a Toyota Hiace bus 1kd Toyota diesel

  • otzi

    Hi all. First as am old man I am not athletic enough to get into theses vans:) I need to park about 40cm. (16″) from wall, can’t get foot out between wheel arch and door. So am considering VW transporter or MB sprinter. Hiace vans have in the past been reliable if a bit dated.

  • otzi

    Hi all. First as am old man I am not athletic enough to get into theses vans. :) I need to park about 40cm. (16″) from wall, can’t get foot out between wheel arch and door. So am considering VW transporter or MB sprinter. Hiace vans have in the past been reliable if a bit dated. At present I own a spacia auto and had a townace. Both SBV very satisfactory vans, my problem is to go bigger, todays technology seems to create higher ownership costs and seems to reduce basic reliability. :(

  • svd

    Do you still die if you run into something with one of these? European vans seem to be much safer.

  • Robo

    Hi, I have two late model hiace vans (2006 and 2007)
    The 2006 is a 2.5l td. I have done 260000 kms with no problems at all but just (today) had to replace alternator. Consistantly returns 8l per 100km. The 2007 is the 3L turbo D which has also been excellent 170000km no problems but it is a very noisey motor compared to the 2.5. Toyota inspected it at 45000km and they too thought it was noisey but wernt prepared to do anything about it!
    Apparently, they have the wrong injectors in them. Has anyone else had this problem?
    The 2.5 drives smoother than the 3.0 but the 3.0 has slightly more power. If I was to buy secondhand Id be more than happy with the 2.5l (there is very little diff)
    I have also heard that the aftermarket performance chip increases power another 20% without putting the engine under stress.

  • YashWins

    Hi all iv bout the 2010 hiace n I love it I’m using it as a courier van and love my job lol been working 4 two weeks and the 3L turbo goes lol up hills doesn’t Worry it at all and handling is great, it’s got pritty good take off lol good to gt in front of traffic n it can carry a load no worrys.

    Now some crapy things bout this van lol
    it’s 1 wheel drive I got stuck once one a angle, got towed out by a nother hiace like mine but he works for diff courier glad he was there to help we both said that both rear wheels should spin that way we hav more traction

    the seat gets pritty uncomfortable sitting in it all day mite change it any suggestions on a good seat for this van

    the bloody things so high lol sumtimes I fall out tryin to jump on the seat lol

    my first diesel lol bloody noisy clakk clakk clakk lol can’t complain great on fuel lol I mean diesel lol

    Gotta lov the stereo I’m young dude it’s fooli sick mp3 USB aux load speakers that sound like sub woooooofers lol

    Well that’s
    all I got to say
    great van I mean have a look on the roads there everywhere I see them everyday lol well I see mine everyday lol

  • Andrew

    Had mine for 2.5 years now.
    Had couple dramas but still fairly happy.
    Clutch had rattle in it and was fixed under warranty.
    They said happens a fair bit with hilux and prado’s as well.

    Also had turbo stepper motor go and then fixed itself..
    Toyota also say this is a known fault and may have to replace the turbo! This also will be done under warranty if happens again.
    All power died and the check engine light came up with code 1251.

    My mates has the same clutch rattle.
    He has also had the chassis creak and knock.
    Tightened everything up underneath and fine again.

    • Andrew

      Further to the turbo dropping all power- my mate hiace has just had the same issue.
      Complete loss of power and same turbo stepper motor fault.
      Toyota reset the ECU and fixed but happens on prados and hiluxs as well.

    • tyron

      hi andrew do you no wat the rattle is in the clutch?is it release bearing…

  • bill towers

    i have a 2008 commuter bus.if you travel on dirt roads the back door will not open.this is a common problem with toyota.mine has 70000klms and has had the door fixed 6 times have told me that these vehicles are not designed to travel on dirt roads.the coaster buses do the same charge a premium price but refuse to find a permanent solution.the local dealer told me that this problem has existed for 20 years also on tarago and liteace vans.also that it would be too much expense to make a modification for a handfull of users on dirt roads.oh what a feeling!!! toyota.

  • Javier Leito

    Hallo I have an Toyota Haice 2007, how can I resolve the problem that no rain water com into the airfilter box to damage the engine

    • shannon

      Hello toyota aint stepping up the pace at all, they r going backwards I got a petrol 2003 toyota hiace and trust me it encouraged me to get a 2005 toyota hiace but I got more problems with the latter model than the older, it really sucks when u purchase a vehicle, within 6months it stops, even though u service on time and use genuine parts, the transmission wont go, its a turbo diesel. The mechanic recommends an external transmission cooler, thats ridiculous toyota did not install these coolers on the hiaces b4 they put them on the market, big time ripoff man toyota needs to do better, better vehicles for people money.
      I am a jamaican and it aint easy to buy these toyota garbage for for our hard earned money, money back until u people can make better products

  • Pete

    I am writing from Nigeria. The air cleaner of the New Hiace is so low it is a problem here. Only a few of them on the roads still have the cover in place. My engine is damaged now because water entered through it. No wonder it is not in the UK. They don’t want to pay for recalls.

  • sam

    I have toyota Hiace 2008 petrol van.I bought it recently and now I wan to change it’s engine oil filter and the oil.But I cant find the location of the filter in the engine and the type ( size,number) and most suitable type of oil for the van.Van has done 235000 Kms. can any one help me .thanks.

  • carl

    can anybody help me please,i have a toyota hiace regius 1997.the problem i have is that the rear suspension is very low because of sports,so i am after the standard coil suspension i would be very greatful if anybody could help me. Thank You.

  • tyrone

    our toyota hiace in jamaica is made with 5le engines

  • tyron

    hi ive got 2006 toyota hiace,it whinds over fast when cold in the morings.i put new glow pugs in & 650 cranking amp battery & still the same.otherwise it goes good all day long.any ideas or can some one help or had same problem..

  • tyron

    also have rattle in clutch,can some1 tell me wat to replace,is it just release bearing cheers..

  • george karanja

    i have toyoto hiace new model for 2004 automatic diesel i will like to know the consumption of fuel for 300km

  • Novlette

    hey tyrone can u tell me where in jamaica you can get the 2kd diesel engine injector for a 2004 toyota hiace. could you send the reply to my email address please.

  • Pat

    Any ideas why my Regius is using a Litre of oil per hundred kilometers, Ive changed the oil type with aslight reduction by still using excessive amounts help please

  • Kumar 88

    I hve seen many peoples say they hve problem with the new model haice .i was actually planning to buy one second hand 2006 diesel . But now i am scared . What to do. Is it true that there are so many defect . Pls can somebody advice me , .

  • Riaan Bosch1

    The turbo packs up after driving about 250km On my 2005 HiAce. Have checked all possibilities. This is the fourth turbo i have replaced. Advice please?

  • Logan Pillay

    Can anyone advise me how to remove the alternator on a toyota hiace 2006 turbu diesel please?

  • david

    what causes the ecu on a 2005 highace to burn out

  • what is PLOTH

    Hi guys- we’re looking at a 2006 Hiace Commuter that has 190kms on the clock. I am wondering if any of you could tell me what is ‘normal’ for the amount of air that comes out of the rocker cover when you remove it when it is running (blow by gas)?

    This one has more than I would have expected – like enough to put little splatters of oil on the window. Of course this may be normal depending on how the engine is designed – does any one care to comment on theirs?