by Brett Davis

Toyota has revealed images and details of the Toyota Yaris HSD Concept unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The car is claimed to be the world’s first B-segment hybrid car and promises to offer class-leading fuel economy and emissions figures when the production model hits the showrooms.

The Toyota Yaris HSD features Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system which allows the Yaris to be driven in full-electric mode. In this mode the car emits zero tailpipe emissions and uses zero fuel. The system also provides the Toyota model with reduced maintenance costs as there is no alternator, starter motor or any drive belts.

Unlike most typical past hybrid vehicles to hit the market, the Toyota Yaris HSD is actually relatively good-looking and features a smart exterior design. There’s relatively short overhangs on the front and rear, providing maximum interior room, while certain elements of the body contour have been created to benefit wind flow.

Adding to the Yaris HSD’s sporty look includes a wind-sheering rear spoiler, sharply-sculpted front bumper bar design, rear diffuser incorporated into the rear bumper bar design, and 18 inch ‘aero’ alloy wheels. Even the doors handles and external components such as the Toyota badges and side view cameras have been designed to cut through the air.

Official fuel consumption and emissions figures are yet to be announced as this is only the concept model. However, a production version is planned for market arrival in Europe in 2012.

  • Valet Dabess

    toyotas hybrid cars always have better bodykits then the normal ones

  • Martin


  • Able

    Peugeot 207 from the side, 107 from the front and eeewww all over!

  • MF

    Geez…whats so “eww” about this car? just because it has a toyota badge? what losers

    • Martin

      I couldn’t really give two sh!ts about what badge is on it. That front is horrible and completely unappealing to me. A small car is meant to look happy, not depressed.

      The side and the back on the other hand are quite good.

    • Able

      I don’t care about badging either; this car is abominable! WHY is there a need for a Hybrid Yaris when the standard 1.3L version gets excellent fuel economy already and the diesel in Europe is even better? Stupid answer to a question nobody asked, especially in Europe…

  • Pinky

    I LIKE IT!
    It looks handsome very Polo with its hard lines.

  • delux

    when do we get the new shape yaris in australia?

  • Tael

    Wait until it trades in the concept 18 inch’rs for 15 inch standards.