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by Brett Davis

Skoda has revealed an early preview of its new Skoda VisionD Design Study concept it plans to unveil in full at tonight’s Geneva Motor Show. The car presents a glimpse of Skoda’s new design language and also showcases Skoda’s new badge logo.

Looking rather handsome, the Skoda VisionD was created under Skoda’s new design philosophy, a philosophy that is similar to Volkswagen’s current language but at the same time, one that distinctly separates the two companies.

The VisionD offers a five-door hatch layout with a swooping rear section and a large glass panel that runs from the windscreen, over the entire length of the roof, down to edge of the rear hatch. With the five-door layout and short front and rear overhangs, Skoda says the cabin is capable of offering class-leading interior room.

As for the new logo, Skoda has adopted a green-winged arrow encircled in the traditional fashion. Jurgen Stackmann, the Board Member for marketing and sales, recently announced,

“We are keen to express the new power of our brand not only through our future products, but also in the way we present ourselves to partners and customers.

“Skoda is synonymous with attractive cars offering exceptional value for money, countless clever solutions and precisely executed work. All this is clearly reflected by our updated corporate design.”

Stay tuned for more details on the Skoda VisionD as CarAdvice will be updating the site throughout the evening with loads of Geneva Motor Show coverage.

UPDATE: Skoda has just revealed the new model in the flesh at the Geneva Motor Show.

Skoda Board Member for marketing and sales, Jurgen Stackmann, spoke about the car and what it meant for Skoda as a company at the unveiling, saying,

“We are keen to express the new power of our brand not only through our future products, but also in the way we present ourselves to partners and customers.

“Skoda is synonymous with attractive cars offering exceptional value for money, countless clever solutions and precisely executed work.

“All this is clearly reflected by our updated corporate design. As it forges ahead, Skoda is eager to flex its newfound strength in the international arena.”

  • Ima Hogg

    The logo is okaay. But I like the old one more.

  • Ezzagun

    The old logo has more character, steeped in history as it is, although I guess the ‘winged arrow’ has been retained to link the two… I dunno, the new logo is a little too clinical for me, a little too industrial-design language, like something you might find on premium-grade medical equipment. It may grow on me over time.

  • ScottB

    Neat, tidy little design, I like it. Now if only Skoda will reconsider its prices in Aus……seriously, an Octavia with the 118kW engine should not cost more than a Golf with the same….

    • Andrew

      Isn’t the Octavia the mid-size sedan?

      If it is, why should it be less than the Golf? Its a larger car. It’s all the same tech underneath so it realistically should be roughy Jetta pricing…

      • fishman

        Skodas are substantially cheaper than VW in europe, which explains why they sell like hot cakes over there.

        Octavia is a Golf under the skin, just has a larger body. If you look at UK pricing of equivalent model you can see the difference:

        Golf Hatch 5dr 1.4 TSI S rrp 17,645 GBP
        Octavia Liftback 5dr 1.4 TSI S rrp 14,390 GBP

        Octavia is 3k GBP ($5k) cheaper, yet over here its pretty much the same price.

        As always we are getting ripped off here in Oz…wouldn’t you buy a Skoda over VW if it was $5k cheaper? I sure know what I’d do….

    • Ezzagun

      Scott, don’t forget that Skoda Australia IS actually Volkswagen Australia… so the pricing of Skodas here in Oz may represent more of a brand-placement strategy by VW Aust than anything else, ie they don’t want Skoda sales to cannabilise VW sales to any great extent.

    • bangel

      You will get a discount on a skoda , not so easy on vw .

  • Homer

    Stuff the logo, that’s a pretty good looking car!

  • Peter

    Scott the Octavia 118 TSI is a larger car with a lot more standard kit including the RNS510 voice control touch screen nav with voice control,30 gig hard drive and LCD DVD player

  • Valet Dabess

    Wwwwwwwwwwwow… a decent looking skoda

  • Techie

    It looks like its the same design language as their current cars…? Ie the headlight to grille relationship, the flat roof, notchbak rear, flat tailights. I see no ‘new’ language at all, just a more modern car.

  • Jimmy

    I’d buy a Skoda Octavia if they weren’t so damn ugly. They’re one of the best value cars going around. Here’s hoping this concept is a solid indication of the next generation Octavia.

  • Andrew Juma

    That car looks amazing. If it was from Audi, Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes, it would sell in droves. But Skoda still has an image problem. Perhaps more investment in advertising to boost the “cool” points.

    • bangel

      Not so in germany saw droves of them in munich , which is BMW homeland .

  • Ox

    I heard the badge nicknamed as the flying turkey ha!

    • 3D4

      Ha ha, you obviously have no idea what you talking about…

  • Save It for the track

    The 118tsi in the Octavia is the same 1.8T as Passat and in Audi, not the twincharge 118tsi in Golf’s. More standard kit, larger than a Golf (almost Passat size), for golf (or a bit less) money. Wagons aside, the sedan (liftback) is much more practical and roomy than a Golf, I know if I was in the market for a small/medium sedan or hatch, I’d probably go Skoda if I was going to hang onto it for more than five years. After all with 560L of boot space, the Octavia sedan (liftback) has more cargo room than Falcon or Commodore sedans. And Octavia wagons are just about Passat size, with more standard kit.

    • Golfschwein

      Octavia uses Golf’s wheelbase and tracks. Width is within cooee, but they’re longer, courtesy of the beaut boot.

    • PROJET – L

      I went from a Passat to an Octavia Wagon.
      Best car decision I’ve made in a long time.
      It looks like they have toned the shape of headlights down a bit now that Mercedes have decided to copy the Octavia headlights in the C class update.

  • Aussieitalian

    impressive looking vehicle. hopefully the end result will look as suave as the concept.
    great work skoda

  • Shak

    Umm, it doesn’t look as if they actually changed anything much in their design language. They still have the same essential headlight and tailight design, and the profile looks mostly the same. All it looks like they did is modernise the actual lines on the car.

  • Golfschwein

    The design has an edgy starkness that I so liked about certain Audis once, like the first TT and the 1997 A6.