The Australian-built 2011 Holden Cruze Series II has been unveiled at Holden’s Vehicle Operations plant in Elizabeth, South Australia, sporting new styling, new engines and new performance variants.

The Cruze SRi and range-topping SRi-V have joined the Cruze CD and Cruze CDX in the range.

The sports variants are powered by a new 1.4-litre intelligent turbo induction (1.4 iTi) engine, which produces 103kW of power and 200Nm of torque.

Both models return combined cycle fuel consumption of 6.4 litres/100km when teamed with a new six-speed manual transmission and 6.9 litres/100km with the six-speed automatic. All models with the 1.4 iTi engine are uequipped with uprated Watts link performance suspension.

In an unusual twist, the sports models actually produce less power than the entry-level CD and CDX, even the on-paper specs suggest the turbo will easily out perform the 1.8-litre Ecotec engine, which is carried over from the Series I model.

The 1.4 iTi produces its 103kW at 4900rpm compared with the naturally aspirated 1.8, which doesn’t hit its peak 104kW until 6200rpm.

The Ecotec engine also produces 24Nm less torque, and that is not until 3800rpm. The 1.4 iTi stays at peak torque between a much more usable 1850-4900rpm.

The smaller engine is also more frugal, with the 1.8-litre unit consuming 7.0 litres/100km with the five-speed manual and 7.4 litres/100km with the six-speed automatic.

Those after fuel savings, however, won’t be able to look past the new 2.0-litre diesel engine, which is now the most fuel-efficient vehicle built in Australia, overtaking the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Power is up nine percent and torque is up 12.5 percent compared with the outgoing model. The diesel now produces 120kW and 360Nm at 1750rpm.

Combined cycle fuel consumption is just 5.6 litres/100km (six-speed manual) or 6.7 litres/100km (six-speed automatic), and CO2 emissions from the manual drop to 147g/km.

Holden says all models have been refined to offer more controlled and predictable handling and a smoother and quieter ride.

From the front, Holden has clearly tried to make the Cruze look more like the little brother of the Commodore, rather than its adopted Korean cousin.

The grille and lower air intakes have all been softened to more closely resemble the traditional Australian sedan, and even the entry-level model scores sporting mesh material in the openings.

The rear has undergone only minor changes around the bottom of the plastic bumper.

On the whole, the updates work well and all look fairly cohesive. The orange indicator lights are perhaps the only features that look a little 1990s.

The entry-level Cruze CD model gets a six-speaker audio system with CD, USB/iPod connectivity, steering wheel audio and cruise controls, automatic headlights, 16-inch steel wheels and body-coloured door handles, as well as five-star ANCAP safety with six airbags (dual front, side and curtain) and electronic stability control.

The CDX model adds 17-inch alloy wheels, fog lamps, leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearknob, heated front seats, rear park assist and chrome exterior highlights.

The SRi entry-level sports option scores front and rear sports styling with rocker covers, rear lip spoiler, five-spoke 17-inch wheels, chrome door handles, blue cloth trim, fog lamps and leather steering wheel and gearknob.

The top of the range SRi-V adds leather seats, heated front seats, passive entry and start Sensor Key, rear park assist, and a seven-inch LCD screen with integrated satellite navigation, premium audio with 10GB hard drive, CD/MP3 rip and store capability and pause live radio functionality.

Pricing of the 1.8-litre models is unchanged, while $500 has been added to the price of the 2.0-litre diesel models.

The 2011 Holden Cruze Series II range goes on sale in late-March for the following Recommended Retail Prices:

Cruze 1.8-litre petrol

  • CD manual – $20,990
  • CD automatic – $22,990
  • CDX manual – $24,490
  • CDX automatic – $26,490

Cruze 1.4-litre turbo

  • CD manual – $22,240
  • CD automatic – $24,240
  • SRi manual – $24,490
  • SRi automatic – $26,490
  • SRi-V manual – $27,990
  • SRi-V automatic – $29,990

Cruze 2.0-litre diesel

  • CD manual – $24,990
  • CD automatic – $26,990
  • CDX manual – $28,490
  • CDX automatic – $30,490

  • Goodfa

    Looks like a worthwhile improvement.Hopefully 1.4 turbo has significantly more poke than the 1.8.

    SRi-V should have 18″ wheels.

    Now if they can just give the Commodore a decent visual update.

    • Suntory time

      “Now if they can just give the Commodore a decent visual update”

      The Commodore has always suffered because of the regular updates it’s had to endure in the past. This time, GMH has done the right thing, (by the consumer) by making only marginal changes, where needed.

      People don’t feel cheated anymore, because their brand new Commodore has been heavily revised within 3yrs of ownership. The bane of every Commodore owner, has always been the constant updates & face-lifts of models past.

      GMH finally addresses this issue because of their new ground-up design of the VE, & people now complain? The VE is a handsome vehicle that delivers the goods anyway.

      And as they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

      Agree, Commodore looks well dated. Even upon release.

      • pENCIL nECK

        You sure your name isn’t The Blindman?

    • Damian

      Those diesel specs look very appealing. Kudos to Holden for finally embracing diesel in a locally built small car. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares with the Golf TDI, Mazda 3 MZR-CD e.t.c.

  • Staggers

    A subtle but nice looking update of the Cruze, hopefully it will be even more successful as an Australian made product.

    • Princess

      Subtle and nice??? Ironically the grill changes make it look more like a Korean car than it did before.

      • birdie

        with 70% of imported parts i say it would

      • Macca

        Thats so true princess…and they, Holden, have copied the ‘eyebrow over the foglight’ idea from the Falcon XR’s????@!!!!Whats up with that???

  • Shak

    Well Done Holden. Now this is what a Series II should be. Its actually quite ironic that their Korean import Series II jobs received more effort than their local offerings. Anyway, i’m definitely trading my Cruze in for the SRi-V, as even at 30k, its very good value. The only other car in that price range in its class that comes close is the Lancer. Good Job Holden!

  • Adam

    I think Holden are onto a winner here. The 1.4T’s specs are quite impressive, although the power and torque figures aren’t overly high they are at low revs which should really enhance the driveability. Combined with the low fuel consumption this will go down well with Joe Public.

    The style looks better too, at the front. The rear still looks a a bit Korea circa 1995 but it’s okay.

    Looking forward to the hatch version of the SRi, could be my next car!

  • Techie

    Gee, the SRI versions are just crying for the diesel option.. 360NM of torque, come on Holden give us this engine in the sporty variants!

  • Terry

    Wow. Am I missing something here? The SRI doesn’t even look moderately sporty and the base model actually looks like an Epica from the front. The decent engines are also all lifted straight from the Opel Astra.

    • Shak

      You are not missing anything, your just reading too far into it. The turbo in this instance doesn’t signify performance, rather economy ala Golf and others. The performance model has been rumoured to find its place when the hatch lobs later in the year, with a 1.6 litre turbo, or possibly a tweaked version of the Astra engine.

      • Terry

        Hmmm. I think I’ll wait for the new Astra. It actually looks the part.

        • Shak

          Fair enough each to their own. But remember, you’ll be paying Golf like prices, for Golf like equipment levels, for a car that is for all intensive purposes the same mechanically.

          • Joker

            Is Holden using Direct Injection or the Turbocharger/SC combination in there engines? 7 Speed DSG Gearboxes or similar? Mechanically the same would be correct if you meant 4 Cylinders.
            You’re also paying for VW Quality/Materials.
            I still think VW is over priced but there is no denying the difference in build quality./interior materials quality.

          • Shak

            I was referring to the Astra, and how it would be Golf like, but the Cruze could be had for less and be much the same as the Astra. Sorry should have clarified.

          • Robbie

            For all intents and purposes.

    • Bill


      Cant agree more… that front end is hideous, not to mention the alloys that looks like leftover designs from the commodore…

      Instead of doing what this car needed.. an engine and power upgrade, they offer other variants but keep the slug petrol engine.

      • Shak

        Did you read the article? There are two new engines, new suspension, more technology, better efficiency, more power, more torque and just a better car all round.

        • Bill

          yeah read the article that says the 1.8 petrol engine is carried over from series 1… Everyone one would agree this engine is a slug. Not everyone wants a diesel or turbo engine.

          • Shak

            SO what do you want. A 1.8 that has less power, torque and drinks more fuel, solely for the sake of saying its a 1.8 liter.

    • bangel

      My thoughts exactly terry , its been softened and looks like the epica .

      So called sports , ba ba , intelligent turbo hahaa , have they made a great discovery that the rest of the car world has missed .

      Pathetic effort for a sports model .

  • Justin

    Thats a joke of performance model

    • Golfschwein

      Think of it as an alternative trim selection, like SV6 and XR6, and you won’t be disappointed.

      • Robin Graves

        If you are not dissapointed by a ‘sports’ version that has a 1.4 that makes peak power at 4900rpm – you should buy the pov pack instead.

  • Ash

    looks good, but sports model power figures dont look too impressive (bring on the HSV versions)

  • Eric V

    Good luck if Holden can sell enough of these to make the project worthwhile.
    Don’t understand why the Brumby government gave so much money to Toyota to build Camry hybrids in Melbourne when clearly a diesel is a much better option for the regular punter. HALF the fuel consumption of a Commodore, in a package that is big enough for most people, for under 30K, would have to be a winning package.

    • Suntory Time

      These cars have been selling like hot cakes overseas for some time now…

  • Joker

    A marked improvement over the previous model. Impressive features too.
    I wait with baited breath to see if Holden’s consumption claims will remotely live up to expectations or if it’s the typical marketing BS I’ve come to expect from them.

  • Hung Low

    Well done Holden, finally decent, up to date drive trains at a price that make VW’s look like the rip off they are!

    • bangel

      Joke , decent drive trains , VW creams this line up in performance and economy .

      Boring colours , boring mags , will suit the publuc servants and pensioners .

      • mmmmmm

        vw should ‘cream’ this line up with the extra $10 000- 15 000 you’d be paying.
        You didn’t mention quality, obviously must seen some of the early south african built golfs.

      • Hung Low

        On a measure of ‘Real’ quality, this so called Daewoo has walked all over VW for reliability and faults per car.
        They do not leak in the rain either like many VW’s!

        Sad is’nt it?

      • Hung Low

        That leaves Volkswagens for the pretentious wankers then?
        At least the Cruze will last 100000km’s without a major drive line failure! Broken camshafts anyone?

  • j

    One thing I can’t get over is that black plastic triangle in the rear quarter that’s trying to pretend it’s glass. Either put some glass there or extend the sheetmetal!

    • Golfschwein

      I’ve just visualised it without, and I’m right with you on that one. Visually, it would link it to Commodore.

  • RickyC

    Huh? Still no auto climate control even in top spec model?? And with the new 1.4T engine, why even bother continuing with the 1.8L engine? Why not have the 1.4T in all models?

    • Hung Low


      • RickyC

        Fleets prefer more fuel efficient vehicles, making the 1.4T more suitable.

        • Hung Low

          That may be washed out with initial purchase price/discounting, servicing cost. I agree the 1.8 is a POS and needs to go!

  • AussieCars

    Why oh why cant they put the diesel into the SRI-V as an option and price it at 31,990. Nothing would come close to it at that price. Just read the SRI-V standard kit, very impressive.

    • Fiesta

      Spot on.
      Would buy a diesel SRI-V, none of the others are of interest

  • http://caradvice shark


  • Alexander

    The styling changes look great, and the SRI-V is good value, especially in manual form. Overall i think the Mazda 3 should watch its back sales wise, as the Cruze is already doing well as a Korean made car, it should do even better now. It’s sales performance should become even better once the hatch is available…

  • K20A

    Big hooray for the local industry.. well done GMH!

    Not a bad looking car before, even better now… Like the new grille on the SRi-V.

    The only thing that I’m not so convinced about the car is the naming policy of the colour pallettes available:

    Alto Grey*
    Nitrate *
    Mirage Glow*
    Poison Ivy*
    Heron White
    Red Hot

    If I was in the market for one, these names are enough to put me off.. looks like the product planners / marketers have been overdoing the testosterone pills while coming up with these names.

    Imagine the conversation you’ll have with your mates in the pub.. “ah nice car, what colour is that?”; “originally i ordered Nitrate but the missus wants a Sizzle, turns out they’re both unavailable so we agreed on Voodoo”.

    I feel like having a shower now.. with Lynx Snake Peel.. then drink a bottle of Powerade Mountain Blast…

    • D

      They’re using the Commodore paint

    • Golfschwein

      Fancy your P76 in Hairy Lime? Nothing was impossible, back in 1973.

      • Hung Low

        The BMC (Leyland) colour chart options were huge, with around 10 shades of whites and creams alone. Love the old Pastel colours!

  • Able

    SRi-V diesel please! 120kW and 360Nm sounds pretty good to me and there’s finally a six-speed manual! Good work Holden for once.

    • Alexander

      I get the feeling there will be an SRI diesel in a few months, because Holden didn’t offer a CDX diesel at the initial launch, yet did a few months later.

  • Jeev

    I must admit, I’m a Ford guy. But dammit, this should have been Ford announcing their “locally-made” Focus. Instead they chose to put a dopey 4-cylinder into the Falcon.

    I’ll put my license on the line in saying this. Give this car 12 months, and watch it become Oz’s best selling car. Not that it is, but Holden’s aggresive marketing and if HSV get their hands on it (which I’m fearing they will), this will fly off the showroom floors.

    Why Ford…..why?????

    • mmmmmm

      smart comments from a ford fan
      wish there was more like you Jeev!

      • Robin Graves

        What – fake Ford fans paid by Holden’s marketing gestapo? Get real.

        • mmmmmm

          thanks for proving the point

          (whats with the gestapo fetish?)

          • Des

            Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the ‘smart comment’ from a Holden fan. Could be a while yet ……..!

  • Robin Graves

    The 1.4 reaches peak power at 4900rpm so its obviously an econo engine with a tiny turbo – why then is it put into the ‘sports’ variants? Someone didnt read the Daewoo Ikea catalogue properly. Give it 5 years and we’ll see Camira MkIV

    • Shak

      You’re a bit late today Robin, what happen your Reliable White Corolla breakdown or something?

    • Golfschwein

      You’re really miffed that a significant number of body panels and interior plastics are actually made here. I can tell.

      • Robin Graves

        Yeah I am miffed, that my tax dollars went into propping up this Daewoo Camira inbred child. A few body panels and a few clip on seat belt retaining bolt covers and an ashtray lid, thanks for the value for money gubbernman. If you laid out all the pieces ‘made’ here it wouldnt take long to get to 1500. What about the seats, instrument cluster, wiring loom, ECU, manifolds, suspension, brakes – all Daewoo. Typical Holdem smoke and mirrors and the sheep take it like gospel.

        • Golfschwein

          I really think you just need to get over it and start accepting that business is business. Korea is where GM has chosen to manufacture the bulk of its small cars outside of Europe, and this year’s purge of the current Barina and Epica will see off the last of anything unworthy. Your Holdenwoo jibes are becoming as dated as last week’s bread. And as difficult to digest.

        • Hung Low

          Holden will end up exporting this to other RHD markets, so whats your problem?
          I would rather my tax dollars go toward any form of manufacturing rather than some corrupt NBN deal and the continual handouts to the unemployed bludgers!
          Work it out Robin, whatever the government hands out, its more than verified with the return of tax with newly created jobs and business! Having a top 5 selling car also helps its case!

        • Captain Nemo

          A bit rich you complaining about your tax dollars helping Holden. When you claim the only Aussie made cars you have ever owned were rust prone old Valiants. So that means that white auto Festiva with ring smoke you drive isn’t contributing 1 cent to our country. BTW i bet your just $h!tty because someone smoked you @ the traffic lights in a diesel Cruze.

          • Robin Graves

            I dont have a problem with Korean cars – from Hyundai and Kia. What I dont like is this Aussie made propaganda BS AND paying for the privilege thru taxes.
            Those ‘rust prone’ Valiants were far superior cars to their Holden equivalents, but as usual the moronic drones bought out all the usual chestnuts, “wog chariot” etc – the 265 smoked quite a few 308 commodores and boy, did the sheep bleet.

  • Byron

    Cruze Series II looks better than ever. 3 new engines, new visual changes & sharp pricing makes this a very appealing car & I love the red Cruze version. Prepare To die Mazda 3 & Toyota Corolla :D:D:D:D GO HOLDEN!

    • Baddass

      Ahh Byron, I actually visited this post especially to see what you had posted. And you didn’t disappoint!

      • Byron

        Umm NO. I’m entitled to my own opinion & so are you xD

    • Robin Graves

      Put some chev badges on ‘n stuff ‘n do some reverse donuts down the shops ‘n stuff – how kewl.

  • Henry F

    Not wanting to upset anyone here or be sarcastic, but does the front of this Cruze look a little like the front of a Skoda Octavia?

    • mmmmmm

      why wave a red flag at the trolls???

      • Robin Graves

        It looks like all the lobotomised holden drones are all over this article, pretty sad they get all excited by a Daewoo glued together in Adelaide. Simple things amuse simple minds.

        • mmmmmm

          your responses get more and more meaningless
          must been dream what you look like in a gestapo uniform and fishnets

          • Bent 8 Brigade

            Robyn goose stepping and chanting “Daewoo Daewoo Daewoo”
            Quite a picture

        • bangel

          Yep every bogan in adelaide is excited because a foreign owned car maker with government subsidies saved their beloved crummer .

  • paulb

    All the drivers of European cars will snub there nose at the Cruze.Daewoo jokes,the timing is right to go into local production.The Cruze has already done well,go Holden.GO AUSTRALIAN BUILT VECHLES

  • carl

    I wish they changed the tail light. It looks too similar to honda civic from the rear. It looks awfull!!

  • Reality

    Is Bluetooth included on any of the variants?

  • mmmmmm

    well that is preferable to slapping falcoon badges on a big american front wheel drive import.

    if it takes sharing a line with a small car to save the large Australian RWD car from extinction so be it

    Personally I’ll applaud any company that can create manufacturing jobs in Australia

    • Des

      Sorry to burst your Holden fanboy bubble but it’s NOT gonna happen!

  • Westie

    Now Holden just need to sort out their “we’ve got your money, now rack off” dealers.
    Given the treatment I’ve had, I’m afraid Holden doesn’t stand a chance.
    Service? Hand over a bag of gold.
    Warranty? They all use oil, sir.
    Faded exterior plastic is acceptable at the age of the vehicle (12 months)
    The dimples on the roof from installing the DVD? We can’t see them.
    Rusted noisey brakes on delivery? We didn’t hear them when we took your money for the pre-delivery (wash).
    Come back again, sir?

    • Adrian

      You missed the one where the apprentice serviced the VX, took it for a test run and siezed the engine. (Apparently they need oil put back in after you drain it??). “Your car had a terminal problem when you brought it in for that routine service sir, we can fit a similar aged one for $3750″. Yeah flying leap and we’ll see you in court.

    • deco

      Every car company has isolated bad dealers. I’ve had dealings with Holden, Mazda and Mitsubishi and in my experience they have been all good for me.

      • Daniel

        Which presumably deco automatically negates anyones bad experiences.

        • Deco

          Like your bad experiences au,tomatically negates Antibes good experiences. Isolated incidences whether good or bad are isolated.

          • Deco

            negates anybodies good experiences it meant to say.


    hope your listening holden,

    steel wheels on the cd(where the korean version are alloys)…fail

    upgrated rear suspension only on the 1.4ltr’

    satnav/harddrive only on the top sports model(there is aftermarket ones out there with even more features for $500) not even an option…fail

    no standard bluetooth…fail

    no diesel sports…fail.

    the new grill and non sports model alloy wheels…fail

    2.0lts d.i.motor(mazda sky anyone)…fail

    bringing back redhot…pass

  • Todd

    Disappointing that the so-called ‘sports’ models lack any real punch. Issue is the power outputs of cars these days are increasing and so as not to have other drivers sitting on your ass you need some power. Otherwise looks good.

    • Adam

      Lacks punch? with 200nm on tap from 1800ish rpm I’m sure it’ll get along okay. Given the decent price I think it’s a fair sports model until a go-fast version comes along further down the track.

      • Robin Graves

        The problem is it wont rev. Power maxes at 4900rpm so anything after that is wasting oxygen. A 1.4lt needs to rev hard to get some volume pumping through it, turbocharged or not. The engine is clearly designed for economy and low down torque, which is fine for an A to B car where it will feel responsive and meaty (unlike the allowtorque 3.0 Crummydore) Its been contrued as a sports engine when its not.

  • Todd

    @Adam, that’s exactly what I am saying Adam! A go-fast version is needed but it’s far from a fair sports model, particulary if it’s carrying a weight, plus remember the weight of 4 adults in the car.

    • Todd

      Sorry forgot to press the reply…

    • Adam

      Well let’s see how the reviews go I think it should perform well compared to the other sporty models in its class. I.e. VRX Lancer, SP25, etc.

  • James

    My uncle went to Kalgoolie,Bunbury and back in one and only one tank of fuel.