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by Brett Davis

TIME Online Edition in the US has released The 50 Worst Cars of All Time list onto its website. The cars are separated into era categories but they have all been included into the list because they are horrible cars in one way or another, according to TIME anyway.


1. 1899 Horsey Horseless – Included into the list because of its ridiculous wooden horse head featured on the front of the car. The horse head was also used as the petrol tank.

2. 1909 Ford Model T – Although it was one of the first mass-produced cars, and one of the pivotal industry products that demonstrated production line cost-saving capabilities, the car itself was very difficult and complicated to drive and presented a kind of reverse clutch that had to be held down in order for the engine to be engaged.

3. 1911 Overland OctoAuto – The Overland OctoAuto doesn’t really need an explanation of why it has been included into the 50 Worst Car of All Time, just look at it. The eight wheels provided unnecessary length to the vehicle which resulted in very poor sales; not one order was made.

4. 1913 Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo – The Bi-Autogo was basically a very heavy motorcycle featuring ridiculously small rear wheels that almost looked like training wheels. Enough said, really.

5. 1920 Briggs and Stratton Flyer – Briggs and Stratton are still around today and famous for the production of small engines that are used in a wide range of motorised equipment. The Flyer, on the other hand, was basically a billycart with a motor providing absolutely zero safety and comfort.

6. 1933 Fuller Dymaxion – The Dymaxion was a vehicle derived from an aeroplane cabin. It also featured a single rear wheel that provided the steering through a swivel mechanism. The rear wheel also provided atrocious death wobbles at any speed beyond running pace. A truly terrible car.

7. 1934 Chrysler/Desoto Airflow – It looked like a promising package, with a proper streamline body shell with steel panels. Unfortunately, the Airflow didn’t do well on the market thanks to its timing in the US market and that fact that the engine was prone to falling out on most drives.


1. 1949 Crosley Hotshot – The Hotshot had the recipe to be the first true post-war American sports car but instead it was designed by a chap who built and designed radios; Powel Crosley Jr. Cars, however, were clearly not his forte. The Hotshot’s engine wasn’t a typical and reliable cast-iron job, no, it was a concoction of brazed and stamped tin. It failed on most days.

2. 1956 Renault Dauphine – Arrh the Renault Dauphine. It produced pretty much as much power as you or me from its 760cc four-cylinder engine (14kW). It recorded a 0-100km/h time of 32 seconds, making it one of the slowest cars Road and Track magazine ever tested. The Dauphine was also poorly made and featured paper-thin panels.

3. 1957 King Midget Model III – The King Midget was a car developed that everyone could afford. Pity it was modelled on a toy car and was well behind its time.

4. 1957 Waterman Aerobile – The Aerobile is regarded as the first attempt at making a flying car. It featured dangerously small wheels and a dodgy retractable wing set. No one wanted to take it to the skies except its creator, Waldo Waterman. It now remains in a museum as a static-only exhibition.

5. 1958 Ford Edsel – The Edsel was big, heavy, very thirsty on fuel and above all, downright too expensive for American motorists of the Fifties. Critics also said sales didn’t take off for the Edsel because of its vertical front grille that was said to look like a vagina. The car was eventually pulled from the market.

6. 1958 Lotus Elite – The Elite had it all; looks, a reliable Coventry Climax engine producing 56kW, and above all, it was light. It was light though because it was made from fibreglass. Non-reinforced fibreglass. This meant the chassis was prone to all kinds of torsional splitting, especially around the suspension mounts.

7. 1958 MGA Twin Cam – The Twin Cam was a fantastic little car, apart from the fact that its heart, its whole reason for existence, the ‘Twin Cam’ engine, was truly terrible. It was renowned for sneezing all of its internal components out onto the road with no warning.

8. 1958 Zunndapp Janus – With a name that sounded like a comic character, the Janus featured an interesting rear-facing rear seat. Interesting, but certainly not a car any sane person would actually buy and drive on any sort of routine basis.


1. 1961 Amphicar – The Sixties was a time of getting innovative. There was all kinds of technology bouncing around trying to break through the market, like a bunch of flies trying to escape a small gap in the window. The Amphicar was an amphibious car that didn’t work well on the road – loud and not that fast – and didn’t work well on water – it leaked most of the time and was very slow on water. It was one of those flies that didn’t get through the gap.

2. 1961 Corvair – The Corvair was General Motor’s answer to the Volkswagen Beetle. It even featured a flat-six engine behind the rear axle. The suspension setup meant it spun out of control a lot of the time and it was renowned for killing occupants through various measures; the non-collapsible steering column that speared through the driver’s chest; the in-car heater which tended to pump exhaust fumes into the cabin; or the optional petrol-burning heater that nestled under the front boot which had a tendency to set fire to everything.

3. 1966 Peel Trident – The Peel Trident was regarded as the smallest car ever, but it didn’t mean it was a good car. The Plexiglass roof had a tendency to pressure-cook its occupants in the sun, while the sheer smallness provided very little in terms of on-road safety against other motorists, and cyclists.

4. 1970 AMC Gremlin – What an ugly little car. It featured vacuum-powered windscreen wipers, very little creature comforts and was terrible to drive. The design was also one of the laziest around; simply a hacked-off version of the AMC Hornet.

5. 1970 Triumph Stag – It looked good, like most British sports cars of the time, but it lacked aplenty in engineering prowess. The chrome-trimmed pillars gave the impression that the driver was driving about inside a fish tank, while the 3.0-litre V8 engine seldom provided meaningful propulsion – when it managed to remain as an internal-only combustion engine that is.

6. 1971 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Two-Door Hardtop – The LeBaron was needlessly massive, ugly and provided no real positive aspect to the motoring industry at all. The interior wasn’t even comfortable or a nice place to be.

7. 1971 Ford Pinto – The Pinto is renowned for its famously calculated lawsuit costs. The rear end of the car had a very strong tendency to go up in flames at the event of any sort of rear collision. So what did Ford do? It was calculated it would cost Ford $121 million to re-engineer the rear end, but would only cost Ford $50 million to pay out legal claims from customers. It chose the cheaper, latter option.

8. 1974 Jaguar XK-E V12 Series III – This car was spawned as a successor of the glamorously beautiful Jaguars of the day that were imported into the US. Only, to adhere to the US governing bodies, the eventual car that made it there was this. The original 4.2-litre six made way for a really heavy 5.3-litre V12 due to failing emission standards of the 4.2. It also came with hideous rubber bumper blocks on the front and rear, while the elegant shape was elongated into a larger, ugly two-door coupe or convertible.


1. 1975 Bricklin SV1 – Despite the fact that the SV1 looked like a shovel-nose shark the car is actually called Safety Vehicle 1 and was designed to expand the boundaries in car safety technology. But because of these added ‘safety’ features, the car was really, really heavy, so it was an absolute pig to drive. The gullwing doors alone weighed 45kg each, which meant getting in was a decent workout.

2. 1975 Morgan Plus 8 Propane – Due to new emission standards in the US, Morgan cars had to withdraw from the market… until the Propane came along. It was more environmentally friendly than previous Morgans, but it ran on propane feed from a tank of liquid propane sitting gingerly in front of the rear bumper bar, ready to be compressed from behind. It was more than dangerous.

3. 1975 Triumph TR7 – Although quite popular, the TR7 was simply a bomb of a car. The engine gave up being an engine at every chance it got. Whether its timing chain snapped or the oil pump exploded, the TR7 was a dreadfully under-engineered package.

4. 1975 Trabant – The old Trabant. Need we say more. It was actually made from recycled materials like wood and cotton; good for the environment, bad for engineering and structural integrity.

5. 1976 Aston Martin Lagonda – The Lagonda tried to be a technological marvel. It was. None of the ‘innovations’ ever worked though, including the engine.

6. 1976 Chevy Chevette – The Chevette just didn’t really offer the world anything meaningful. It was a car, but only just. The engine was all out of ideas at 38kW while the interior offered nothing significant to its occupants at all. It also looked like a bad smell, if that is possible.

7. 1978 AMC Pacer – Seriously, do we need to say more? Just look at this hideous little thing. It was actually very unreliable, heavy and then later in its life, quite unsafe.

8. 1980 Corvette 305 “California” – A pure disgrace and embarrassment to Corvette fans around the world. The 305 came in as US emission laws got tough. It featured a 4.9-litre V8 engine outputting 134kW of dismal power. What’s the point of a V8 Corvette if it struggles getting up hills?

9. 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8 – Riddled with electrical problems, the Mondial was heavy and only offered 160kW – not very Ferrari-like at all.

10. 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood V-8-6-4 – This was perhaps the first car to offer V8-like performance when given the beans, but four-cylinder economy while trundling about the city. Because it was 1981 though, the system seldom worked. Usually it performed as a jerky, multi-cylinder engine, firing anywhere between three and eight cylinders whenever it felt like it.

11. 1981 De Lorean DMC-12 – The Back to the Future car may have been an icon and fast enough to time travel in the movies, but as a non-fiction road car, it was heavy and the Peugeot powerplant was inadequate.

12. 1982 Cadillac Cimarron – Often described as all of GM’s bad-bits bins bolted together to form a car, the Cimarron tried to imitate German sedans such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, but dropped very short of the mark.

13. 1982 Camaro Iron Duke – The Camaro that had a 67kW four-cylinder engine that could only just manage the 0-100km/h sprint in 20 seconds.

14. 1984 Maserati Biturbo – Just because it’s an Italian exotic brand doesn’t mean it’s good. The Biturbo was a disaster in every aspect. The engine, interior, exterior all fell apart, snapped, melted or caught fire at every chance they had.

15. 1985 Mosler Consulier GTP – Although it was designed like a race car, the GTP was actually made using a compilation of crap parts, including steering that was taken from a van and an engine taken from a Chrysler. It was also extremely ugly.

16. 1985 Yugo GV – It was built in Yugoslavia and was famous for offering floor carpet “as standard”. It also featured a rear window heater/defroster that was supposedly there to warm up your hands while you pushed it.

17. 1986 Lamborghini LM002 – It was designed as a military vehicle except it was turned down as a military vehicle, so Lamborghini built it for the road anyway. It was massive, heavy, drank copious amounts of fuel and handled like a tank.


1. 1995 Ford Explorer – The very reason this car is so popular is what makes it a bad car. The Explorer pretty much pioneered the entire soccer-mum SUV market segment. They use a lot more fuel than more necessary MPVs yet buyers continue to purchase these big SUVs simply because they like the high-riding driving position.

2. 1997 GM EV1 – GM eventually terminated one of the first ever production electric vehicles, the EV1. It was very small, unpractical, offered a very short driving range and was expensive to build and purchase.

3. 1997 Plymouth Prowler – This was a car that was designed to look like something from the Forties or Fifties. A sort-of futuristic hotrod, except it wasn’t. It was powered by a run-of-the-mill 3.5-litre V6 offering 187kW – slightly more than a Ford Falcon of the day, hardly worthy of the outlandish body style.

4. 1998 Fiat Multipla – Simply here because of those disgusting looks. A disgrace to the evolution of the car.

5. 2000 Ford Excursion – One of those cars that is entirely unnecessary. Weighing in at around 3100kg, the Excursion offered an 4500kg towing capacity yet it was bought mainly by soccer-mums who used it for shop-to-school journeys carrying 40kg kids.

6. 2001 Jaguar X-Type – Added to this list because it was formed simply to fill the market with more alternatives to the BMW 3 Series and the Mercerdes-Benz C Class, and for that reason alone, it was an insult to the proud, majestic British marque.

7. 2001 Pontiac Aztek – Described as a “plastic-clad mess”, the Aztek was a concept car that was hated by most pretty much as soon as it was unveiled.

8. 2002 BMW 7-series – The first car to offer BMW’s iDrive system which was, at the time, an over-complicated interface consumers and journalists critisised as soon as it was launched. For this ‘too much technology’ reason, it was deemed as a terrible car.

9. 2003 Hummer H2 – It was introduced shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and couldn’t come at a more inappropriate time. It was also not a very good off-road car nor was it good on road.

10. 2004 Chevy SSR – Mechanically lazy, poor quality ride and overall terrible interior quality meant the SSR was simply an interesting retro design, nothing more.

  • andronicus

    Oh come on Lagonda and De Lorean?!?!
    They should be listed as FANTASTIC cars on anyones list for looks alone.

    My personal addition would have been the Chrysler Neon.
    Or Sebring.
    Or Dodge Nitro.
    Hmmmm….the worthy mentions list couldve been 500 pages long.

  • Jim

    Quite a fun list. The only surprise for me is the Maserati Biturbo. I remember seeing quite a few of them in Europe in the 80s. I did not know it was so unreliable.

  • bangel

    And the winner is the corvair, death on wheels , did not know about the faulty heaters .

    American derived list , pity australia was not included , or we would have the CAMIRA and the SUNBIRD on the table .

    • R-Bone

      death trap 6 cyl Cortina? AU Falcon?

      • Ima Hogg

        Ford never recoverded from the AU. Such a shame. It only looked good in v8 and you hardly ever see those on the road these days.

      • http://caradvice OSU811

        what about original EA falcon!!
        and VN commodore?

        or Subaru Vortex?
        or Holden Camira?
        or FSM Niki?
        or Lada Samara?

      • Joker

        The AU Falcon Came into its own 10 years after it was made.
        A neat example of the Series 1 looks very modern and the back end mirror’s some of Mercedes designs.
        The interior however is very much from that era.

        • mw

          “The AU Falcon Came into its own 10 years after it was made.”

          @Joker – no it didn’t.

          Ugly back then, ugly and dated now.

    • Steve

      camira is kinda on the list. Cadillac Cimmaron was aversion of The J car. Check the dors and you can see that is just a blingedup camira

      • bangel

        I see it , wow even the yanks were burdened with the J car rubbish , thanks steve .

        • darkone

          what about the aussie built magnas from the early nineties what a heap of crap

    • Doctor

      Ah, you forgot the Leyland P38 (half a car)!

      • Yonny

        Hey, don’t diss the P76!

  • Baddass

    Putting the Lotus Elite on the list of Worst Cars of All Time is crime. It would seem that Time ran out of bad cars, so stuck a few in their for trivial reasons. The reason for the Jaguar X-Type’s inclusion: ‘because it was formed simply to fill the market with more alternatives to the BMW 3 Series and the Mercerdes-Benz C Class, and for that reason alone, it was an insult to the proud, majestic British marque’, is pretty pathetic.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the small premium sedan market is highly competitive, with entries from many different brands with illustrious history. Jaguar made a half decent car based off a Mondeo,and sold it presumeably to make money. Why is it an insult to the marque?

    • smokin’R32

      “made a half decent car based off a Mondeo,and sold it presumeably to make money. Why is it an insult to the marque?”

      You just answered your own question

      • Roadtard

        Like Porsche made the Cayenne just to make money…

        Arguably a greater insult to such a marque.

  • Shak

    What about the current pile of sh*t that we call the Sebring?

  • MF

    The Americans failed the big time…

  • Aussieitalian

    Some nice cars here (e type, x type, lagonda).
    Can’t help but agree with the AMC Gremlin though. I can see a bit of Hyundai i30 in the rear window and c pillar styling…

  • nickdl

    I’d love the very first one. Never heard of it before but that sounds awesome.

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Its got horsepower that you can actully see.

      • nickdl

        I’m sure the Corleone family would have liked one!

  • Hansome_AL

    Funny to see so many Toyota bashers at CarAdvice, therefore I would like to see 50 Worst Japanese Cars of all time.. I guess someone who really want to see 50 Worst Japanese cars needs to create a lot of excuses.. How do you complain to a washing machine which works all the time?? “You know.. I hate my washing machine, it is too square…” “Look at the design of this washing machine.. it is so white…. and boxy…” “Ohh my god.. my washing machine works all the time.. it drives me nuts…” Something like that I guess…

    • HmmSquare

      the toyota my have little problems.(except the mass recalls witch are still being announced). but thye are just sooooo boring.

    • Milk Was A Bad Choice

      Cool story, Handsome_Al. If that IS your real name.

  • mac

    Add – the 1990s Ford Capri convertible…considered by Ford to be a genuine competitor for Mazda’s MX5. Ouch, that has gotta sting!

  • Michael Sutcliffe

    I thought the Hummer H2 was very capable off road.

    • Tomas79

      Well you thought wrong…
      Anyone who knows anything about 4wding, can tell it’s a crap offroader just by looking at it!

      • http://www.facebook.com/vibram.guy Vibram Guy

        Hummer not capable OFF ROAD?? Hahaha..perhaps that why the US army uses them in Afghan deserts..and they never fail. Looks like YOU thought wrong.

  • Gan Tan

    With a few styling changes and obvious engine-steering\suspension work I reckon the small chevy ute would be a winner here in Australia. Tradies are dying for a new Brumby

  • V

    Sure the BMW 7 series had a dodgy idrive system but the car itself was not criticized by the media. Most loved it apart from the Bangle styling, which was simple ahead of its time, as evidenced by the number of cars that copied it since.

    Agreed the Ford Capri (1990’s) should be on the list, poor engineering and it simply ruined the Capri name which had a good deal of cred.

    Others, how about the Mercedes ML Class, poor engineering and build quality with many faults which wasn’t true to Mercedes.

    • Trump

      A-class can be added aswell. Failed moose test and poor build quality led to terrible resale that hurt the entire brand

    • Milk Was A Bad Choice

      The E65 7 series was actually pretty good. Once the I-Drive software was updated it was pretty easy to use, once you got used to it. This list looks like it started out as the 25 worst cars of all time with some last minute fillers.

  • The Realist

    BMW 7 series in the list but no VN Commie? I know it’s a US list but come on!

    • BarryHamburger

      Its a joke that car is on the list. It pretty much only to include some token foreign cars as to not get a backlash from overly patriotic readers. that list could be filled 50 times over with 100% of american cars. The lambo LM002 was badass and has tons of character.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      vn=30k lemon.7 series=$200k lemon.its got to count for something(like 7 vn lemons)…

      • Al Juraj

        Even if that 7 Series was ugly and had a geeky iDrive, it’s still one of the best big sedans to play around with.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Goose

    XH Falcon ute and van.What an insult to the XD’s once graceful,intergrated look. What about all Falcon wagon’s since the EA? Total styling disgraces. Triumph 2500TC should raise a mention-it broke down as my father drove it out of the showroom in 1975.

    • Andrew M

      I reckon XE was the better looker of the D, E and F.

      I dont think the XH ute ruined the look, infact I think it was one of the better lookers of the “X” series utes. The Rear got a fully integrated bumber which brought it right into the mid nineties.
      Only downer about the XH was it still had an XF dash (although slightly revised) and not the much better looking EF equivalent

  • Valet Dabess

    i wanted a h2 when i was like 15, 16 i thought they looked so cool

  • And the list prove what?

    What a larf. It’s a list of what some journo ‘thinks’ are the worst cars. My money says that he/she’s never seen some of these vehicles let alone owned any, so their inclusion, and the subsequent comments justifying their inclusion, are in some cases the mother-lode of crap. It must have been a slow news-day when the list was compiled.

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    De lorean definately does not deserve to be on the list!
    it is a Legend of a car now! thanks to Back to the future making it a a classic and just look at it!
    great looking car!

  • Yeti Man

    What about my mate’s car, Ssangyong Rodius. I don’t want to be his friend any more.

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Obviously American-centric list which is understandable. Some Aussie sold “classics” would have to include:
    Toyota Piazza – hairdressers car of the worst kind
    Ford Capri – FAIL
    FSM Niki – 0-100km/h in 42s or something ridiculous
    Lada Niva – how many bags of wheat did that cost?
    EA Falcon – made the VN Commodore seem awesome somehow

    • Milk Was A Bad Choice

      You mean the Holden/Isuzu Piazza? Ever drive the turbo version? That has to be one of the scariest cars I’ve ever driven.

    • Tomas79

      Is that an attempt at humor? Cos it’s lame!
      Cheap car is a virtue and not a negative!
      A lada niva kicked ass offroad, and even won the paris dakar in it’s class!

      • Jober As A Sudge

        Attempt at humour? I’m freaking hilarious!!! Lada Niva’s were imported into Australia in exchange for wheat. Wasn’t Brocky involved in re-engineering them for Australia once they arrived. Great for a farming piece of equipment but dead ordinary at everything else.

      • DGS

        To be fair they where very good off road, which is just as well as given their handling and brakes you could be heading off road sooner than you had planned.

        The design concept was actually quite good. If it had been built by toyota at the time it would be a cult off roader. But as it was thrown together out of crap materials in a vodka haze somewhere in the Soviet Union, the end product allways looked best on paper. If you wanted to get to know your mechanic really well it was the car for you.

  • 3D4

    No Skoda here? I can give you some examples from comunist era if you want……

    • Tomas79

      Skoda was still superior to all the other alternatives from the communist blog, so why mention it?

      • 3D4

        Tomasi neser..! They all were crap back then.


    g.m. sure new the ev1 was bad,they crushed them all(except one),much to the leased owner’s horror,as they all loved them.big oil had something to do with that…

  • DeskDreaming

    Shame they didn’t have a “Current” category for Ssangyong and great wall

  • ohyea

    “”8. 2002 BMW 7-series – The first car to offer BMW’s iDrive system which was, at the time, an over-complicated interface consumers and journalists critisised as soon as it was launched. For this ‘too much technology’ reason, it was deemed as a terrible car.””

    this seven series launched bmws new design era!
    its a marvelous car!

  • Blanch

    Y’all are mean :-(. Gremlins aren’t ugly!!!

    • Ray Charles

      I agree.

  • Mitch

    How about CA comes up with there own list of cars

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      Good idea!
      what do you say car advice??

  • Kerrigan Bros

    What about any Volkswagen built after 2000?

  • Andrew Juma

    There is nothing wrong with a Plymouth Prowler. I would still buy one.

  • Andrew M

    You lost me when I saw the De Loreon in the list.

    Half the cars dont even have a proper reason for being on the list.
    There is a car on the list for being too popular, and then the one for leading the revolution in the automotive industry also makes an apperance

  • Al Juraj

    No one from Ford was sent to jail after that fraudulent barbecue of a Pinto roasted a number of lives. And worse, they knew the design was potentially fatal but chose money over morals. That is just wrong.

  • jeremy

    Holden Camira.

  • Robin Graves

    Craptiva, Camira, Sunbird and 4cyl Crummydore, VK, VN and VS Crummydore

    • DGS

      Anyone driven a 6 cylinder Leyland Marina?
      “Ordinary” would be a compliment.

      • Al Juraj

        Similar to Morris Merino?

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      ford ka,cortina,escort,ea falcon,territory maybe roybn(your a big harsh on vk and vs)…

      • Andrew M

        Yeah mayme a bit harsh on the VK, but all the VS’s Ive known have fallen to bits.

        Dont think you are also being a bit harsh Jekyl??

      • Robin Graves

        The ‘black’ six in the VK was a disaster, even the injected ones. V8 Vks were ok tho. VL was the best six cylinder crummydore because it had a Nissan RB30 engine.

        The EA was no worse than a VN (not saying much), ka was rubbish, tincorna wasnt too bad but better than a 4cyl or 6cyl Torana of the same age, what was wrong with escorts? They had problems but so did most ’70s cars.

  • Sputnik

    Datsun 120Y
    Holden Sunbird
    Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.8 – It convinced me that the Italians had ways of making plastic rust.
    4 cyl Commodore

  • ChineseDriver

    the new VW Beetles.

  • Captain Nemo

    How about all the Aussie made Valiants damn POS were rusting whilst still on the showroom floor.
    Only car in the world where the dealer gave you a tetnus shot before you were allowed to drive/push them off the lot.

    • Robin Graves

      No different to any Holden or Ford of the same era, especially Holden tailgates on the station wagons. R and S series had a 12 port cylinder head, something GM didnt get around to until VH crummydore. No matter which way you look at it, E49 Charger was the fastest Aussie car over the quarter mile for a very long time, and one of the best looking Aussie cars ever. Hemi 6 was way ahead of the 202/253 & traumatic and on par with a 308.

      • http://peugeot Captain Nemo

        Miss Graves

        You seem to have a soft spot for old Valiants that soft spot being abel to put your hand through a rust hole in the doors at just 12mths old.

        And a quarter mile drag was all a Charger could do try going around a corner any faster than walking pace and the POS would be on it’s roof. Then there was the stupid sinkhole they called a boot where you had to lift items up & over the spoiler just to place it in.

        • Tomas79

          Falcadore fanboys seem to love their rusts spots, the territory is a prime example!

  • Gerg

    Datsun 120y, 180B, 200B, Sunny
    Early Coronas whose interiors cracked and fell apart in about 18 months.
    Rotaries that bankrupted Mazda. All 70’s cars had a degree of dodginess but JapCrap was a generally fair descriptor in the era.



  • http://www.onelist.com/group/Crosley CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB

    Among all the other fabrications here (can’t TIME find a genuine, knowledgeable automobile historian to write about historic cars?), your Mr. Davis says that “The Hotshot’s engine wasn’t a typical and reliable cast-iron job, no, it was a concoction of brazed and stamped tin. It failed on most days.”

    The Crosley HotShot and Super Sports used only the honored Crosley CIBA (“Cast Iron Block Assembly”) engine. No tin, no brazing, no stampings, ever.

  • Kirk Hoffman

    I don’t know who wrote this crap but the guy obviously doesn’t have a clue. the only car on the list that I agree with him on is the Aztec. I’m guessing this is a kid in his mid 20’s that is brainwashed by the modern manufacturers. If I had a Chevette I would not trade it for the best piece of junk they make in 2011. Almost every car he mentioned on the list is a better piece of engineering than the new ones. This kid needs to get a job criticing food or something because he knows nothing at all about cars.

  • Rvrevox3

    1997 GM EV1 was never sold. It was LEASED only. There’s a documentary on what actually happened on the EV1. GM decided to recall all the EV1’s and terminated all the leases from everyone in one fell swoop. A lot of celebrities that had the EV1 (either as a gift or on a lifetime lease) were stunned when their eco-friendly cars were repossessed. GM handled everything badly as the vehicles were impounded for a couple of years and then destroyed. Fortunately history smiles on us car collectors as a couple of EV1’s were put in private museums. Now that GM has missed the boat in becoming a leader in eco-friendly cars all eyes are turned to Europe and Japan. Toyota and Honda have the Hybrids, whilst Nissan has introduced the fully electric Nissan Leaf boasting zero-emission. Its priced to sell. 

  • Ltztruck

    Kudo’s to the most of you who seem to be as I insulted by these obvious “not a clue” writ-ups and opinions of these “out of the box” thinking design and attempts…. Having being around when most of these machines came out and had opportunity to drive them, practically all should not be on this “worst” list…. “quirky” maybe but definately not the worst!  I will agree that the Cimmaron did in no way deserve a Cadillac emblem (fact-was really a tinseled Chevrolet Cavalier. And that model year Jaguar if had been throughly described was not much more than a run of the mill Ford family car. Granted the Aztec was & is bold and different in styling and design but again also was in fact a Buick Rendevouz that overall most owners well enjoyed. Chevette & Pinto were simple little “tractors” when treated well…. And the Hummer in question, actully a Chevrolet Colorado Pick-Up Truck !  Who are these people writing these ???? Being a fan of most anything with an engine, Making as bold a statement as “worst” should require such a thing as experience and knowlege… Good Luck on Both Counts !!!! 

  • Ltztruck

    In retrospect my above comments are probably a bit brash. Just seems a bit unfair to me to label some of these machines as 50 of the worst…. Also a correction of the Hummer… Mentioned was the H2 (pretty much GM’s Tahoe/Yukon w/the 6.0 that came in 3/4 ton GM )  ( where as the H3 were basically Colorado/Canyon platform)   The H2 on or off-road does indeed have its draw-backs…. This machine was in my opinion designed as an afterthought to sell more Trucks to a different buyer. (sometimes no style is the style) I cannot recall one time ever getting in or out of one without banging my 5’10” frame somewhere in those squared off boxes and blindspot city ! As far as being good offroad, they were about as good as could be expected in a Tahoe platform with large tires and a 325bhp 6.0 …. I personally could go over aprox 2/3rd’s of this list in diagreement just from experience which at a very early age driving field bombers and also 25+ yrs of Auto Sales I believe has bestowed unto me.  To be fair… From the “Sales” perspective you as a salesperson would be looking for something positive in all machinery in some way…. After all…. I wouldn’t win if the customer didn’t.  But think about this one moment if you will…. If it had not been for GM’s EV1 Maybe the still being perfected (and tech-speaking still brilliant) GM “HY Wire” would not be where it is today…. And that AMC Gremlin seems to look darn familiar to alot of very popular machines selling out there today !  Daring to Vary in Design and TechnoIogy  Forces One to Think Innovation, is a Trial and Error…. Thank the “worst” for being or we would all be driving the same boring suppositories…  Oh Wait….!!!!  A Bunch of Us Are !!!!…. 

  • Bob Jarvis

    Hey! Say nice things about the TR-7! I had one of the last ones imported into the US, in the EXACT COLOR shown in your photo (China Red – but it was orange. No, really – it was orange… :-). The only thing that failed while I owned it was one of the headlight motors, and that was a relatively easy fix. Sold it to a friend when I bought my next car, and after having it for two weeks he froze up the transmission – something about “no transmission fluid”. Oops… But hey – it was a great car for me!

  • anoynamouse

    EV1!?!?!? Seriously…this was an experimental car at best and the only tragedy is the way GM leased these, took them back and crushed them. This car set the stage for everything that is and will come…it doesn’t belong here by a long shot.

    80-100 miles for a lead acid battery commuter car is exactly what we need.