by Karl Peskett

Lamborghini’s stunning new Aventador has had more leaks – deliberate or not – than any other supercar of recent memory, but then, it has a lot to live up to, so we’re all desperate to see it.

New pics leaked online reveal the big Lambo’s interior and (offset) engine bay, while spies on the Geneva show floor have also spotted the Aventador completely unmasked, and posted them up at Autogespot.

The fuel-cap treatment echoes the Murcielago SV’s tribute to the honeycomb shaping.

For the first time we get a look at the rear of the car, which is far more aggressive than its precedessor.

CarAdvice will bring you a full wrap up from the Geneva Show this week.

  • Valet Dabess


  • Shak

    Yikes, i need a band-aid!

    • Roadtard

      It’s sharp alright. Looks great!

  • Jazrod

    Brb, changing my pants . . . wow . . .

  • Jetta

    Love it, combines the best bits from the Murci and the Reventon.

  • bob

    is it me or does the engine seem to not sit straight in the engine bay? check the support struts crossing over it. seems to be off centered and on a slight angle

    • stevo

      good pick up. You would expect perfect symmetry on a car worth this much!.

  • 8235

    Wow those live shots quashed any view I had of the Aventador not being evolutionary enough.

  • Able

    MUCH nicer in grey!