by George Skentzos

The new Maserati GranTurismo is a staggeringly beautiful car, but with only 302kW on tap, it is out-powered by even your average HSV.

To nudge the GranTurismo into super-coupe territory, Maserati have unveiled the new flag-ship GranTurismo S which is set to make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Featuring a more powerful 4.7-litre V8 engine, the Maserati GranTurismo S produces a more appropriate 324kW, matched to a new dual-clutch gearbox which replaces the previous ZF six speed automatic.

Maserati GranTurismo S unveiled

As a result, the new GranTurismo S is expected to sprint from zero to 100km/h in just 4.9 seconds.

Maserati GranTurismo S unveiled

Additional enhancements include more powerful Brembo brakes, subtle exterior styling tweaks and a leather and Alcantara interior.

Source: AutoExpress

  • jbot

    The rear end has put me off liking Maseratis in the past, but I love the look of this one!

  • Mitch

    rear is great, front not so great

  • Nick

    Is it just me or does the rear resemble a DB9

  • acfsambo

    Even though the normal GranTurismo has less power than a HSV, it has a smaller engine. The HSV’a have a 6L while the Maserati has a 4.7L only a few kw from 1.3L, what are GM doing wrong with there engines, they should be able to get atleast 320KW from a 6L, Ford can get 302 from a 5.4L.

    (This is not a shot at GM or Holden but a mere obsevation)

  • TP

    Im with Jbot rears have been something I disliked…. front is hot now the rear is decent… very niiiiiiiice.

  • Joober


    Its probably due to expensive parts, stronger and more effecient than what Holden or Ford or any mundane automobiles will have. It all can be tweaked better/harder to get those power figures.

    All I can say thats hot… whats the weight btw?

  • Max

    hrm where have i seen that rear before… *looks at bottom of this page*

  • No Name

    I have this over a fararri anyday. Its a bit more subtle, not so in yer face. A great tourer. Carry on dreaming
    Yeh Aston bum on it. Or even Mondeo rear lights

  • dlr1

    the kW output only tells half the story, especially when there’s no rpm or torque figures mentioned. The method of its power delivery is no doubt very different to that of larger capacity engines, but more suited to a car of this type.

    What would you rather listen to? This ferrari built engine screaming along at 7000 rpm before changing up or a 5.4 Ford getting breathless at 5000?

  • acfsambo

    Personally i would rather hear the Fod engine but experience the ferrari engine. The big block V8’s have mosterous torque low down in the rev’s compared to the smaller capacity european ones, which is why in the 70’s cars with small HP compared to today could accelerate as good as or even better than todays cars. The ferrari engine could get you to a higher top speed, the Ford engine would get you to its top speed quicker.

  • Max

    acfsambo, you’ve got to be joking right?

  • http://mazda James F


    1) In part answering you Q – the HSV abd FPV bigger capacity engines are derated. Throw a new chip (or mod) and you quickly get your 320kw +… Spend $ 10K with someone like CAPA Performance and youll get 500+ kw.

    2) Its not JUST engine here. The Masserati (and Ferrari etc) are simply better built. I own a 07 GTS and would rather the Masserati or equivalent any day… It still pumps out 4.9s 0-100 and is much better built and comfortable to drive…

    I think I would go the for the Aston over the Masserati…

  • BMWsauberF1

    almost as beautiful as the DBS

  • http://impreza dlr1


    your argument seems to ignore the fact that the vehicles gearing and/or final drive ratio has as much to do with acceleration as does horsepower.

    Many “sports cars” have higher revving engines that can take advantage of the lower gearing to achieve better acceleration. Sure some V8 will pull like a tractor low in the rev range but that doesnot mean they will accelerate faster than one tuned to deliver peak power and torque at higher engine speeds.

    Ask yourself why are F1 engines tuned to rev up to 18000rpm?

  • Kenzo

    isnt a maserati better built than an aston?

  • berry