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by Brett Davis

Toyota has finalised all the votes from the recent Toyota Pruis plural survey, and after a month-long search, the winner is: Prii.

From now on, if you see more than one Toyota Prius driving down the road and wish to address such excitement to your friend, Toyota and voters say to call them ‘Prii’.

A number of  different examples made up the survey, including Priuses, Prium, Prien and plain old Prius, but it was Prii in the end that made up the majority (25 percent) of the 1.8 million votes worldwide.

Toyota announced the new name in a statement saying,

“Prii becomes the word not only endorsed by the public who chose it, but also as the term recognised by Toyota. As such, Dictionary.com has updated its entry for the word ‘Prius’ to reflect this.”

Runner-up term ‘Prius’ had a close shot behind Prii, and made up 24 percent of the votes.

  • dilligaf

    Who really cares?

    • JML

      Over-paid marketing types who work at Toyota?

    • Jeremy

      It’s just a marketing stunt to grab headlines.

    • Jeremy

      I have an alternative.
      The collective term for a group of Donkeys is, among others, a “pace”.
      Why is this relevant?
      Donkey, being another name for Ass – it seems that to call a group of Prius drivers a pace is accurate.

      I can’t help but notice the irony.

      • Jeremy

        By the same logicm a group of Commodore drivers can be called a “congress”. This is the collective term for a group of Baboons.

        • Shak

          So Washington DC is full off red assed baboons?

          • Jeremy

            and Liverpool

        • Jeremy

          God I make me laugh

  • RickyC

    Sorry, but Prius is a proper noun (name) and as such it follows strict rules. With proper nouns ending in “s”, you simply add “es” to the end for the plural. So the correct plural is Priuses. For example, while the plural of the noun fungus is fungi, if someone had the last name “Fungus” then you would call their family the “Fungeses”, not the “Fungi”, because proper nouns follow different rules.

    • Grammar Nazi

      It’s actually a Latin word (not a noun) meaning to ‘go before’ (adverb).

      In Latin, the plural of filius (noun) is filii and the plural of radius (noun) is radii. ‘Priora’ would be most correct.

      In this case, it’s kind of a noun, which means that English is probably that easiest decider = Prius.

      Having said all that, it’s all a bit of marketing wnak designed to get people talking. And look what we’re doing.

      • Grammar Nazi

        Sorry, I meant ‘Priuses’. My brain hurts.

  • Golfschwein

    Blardy stupid. Imagine the dealer releases going out this afternoon. In sheer defiance, it shall remain, properly, Priuses, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Westie

    So Toyota would spend millions on this nonsense.
    GM would spend it on corporate jets to visit Washington to plead poverty…
    Mercedes, on making their cars drive like BMWs used to.
    BMW, on making their cars look like they used to.
    Aston Martin, on making all their cars look alike. Beautiful, but alike.
    The Chinese, on making their cars look like anyone else’s!
    Any others?

  • Save It for the track

    Why not just refer to them as Prius? (even in a group) Particularly in the US. After all the sales over there have been very SHEEP like.

  • ethan

    I guess the marketing department that decided to speand money on this exercise are known as pricks?

  • boss

    haha pruis typo

  • A

    Wow. Without even trying, owners of the world just made the Prius more wanky.

  • Shak

    Has anyone heard the reference made to this appliance in the Movie Other Guys? I think it describes it aptly.

    • Shak

      Go watch the movie. I cant explain it in words. The mention is too classic. I was both laughing and crying when i first heard it.

  • Jacob Martyn

    Can they have another competition for Computer Mouse?

  • Crossy

    They got it wrong, the collective term should be “Pus”