Following yesterday’s revelation that Italian luxury sports manufacturer De Tomaso was back in business, the De Tomaso SLC has been revealed ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1.

The ‘Sport Luxury Car’ (a working codename that will be replaced before production) is described by De Tomaso as a large all-wheel drive crossover, clearly styled in the mold of the BMW 5 Series GT.

Designed by famous Italian artists Pininfarina, the SLC is, to be honest, a little underwhelming.

The front, while clean, lacks the character and emotion we expect from red-blooded Italian designs, while the back is a flat, bland, American-looking slab.

The interior shows a little more potential, with an intricate diamond pattern stitched into the leather seats, a large display screen and a sweeping centre console.

The SLC promises to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, however, with three high-performance engines to power the vehicle from launch: a 184kW V6 diesel, a petrol-powered 221kW V6, and a range-topping 405kW V8.

De Tomaso initially plans to build 3000 SLCs per year and prices are expect to range from 100,000 euros to 130,000 euros ($135,000 to $175,000) when it goes on sale, potentially towards the end of this year.

Those after a more traditional Italian sports car should not lose all hope, however, as De Tomaso plans to follow the launch of the SLC with a sedan and a coupe, promising better performance and sleeker styling.

  • JML

    Either it’s an SUV, or those old men are tiny.

    ANyway, that’s a lot of money for a car that looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer.

    • Dave S

      Looks like the lancer or a mazda 3. I hope it looks better in person.

      • Sonic

        Looks nothing like a Mazda 3 or a Lancer. I’m thinking more towards a Ford Tourus at the back, and Tesla Model S on the front.

        Though I do agree on the size. My house is smaller than this car.

  • Roadtard

    More pics, please.

  • tt

    Eeeek! What were they thinking. A most unusual re-launch for an Italian sportscar brand…….

  • Ohh Noo

    It looks like BMW couldn’t sell all of its 5 series GT stock so they jammed a few into the italians to save on their own RnD

  • Justin

    Dissapointing is an understantment, de tomaso are supposed to look like Lamborghini smaller brother who has to prove himself to everyone

    • Anthony Crawford

      totally agree Justin. All they had to do was create a modern version of the Pantera GTS5 and they would have a winner!

  • Hansome_AL

    It is clear to see that the new owner doesn’t resurrect De Tomaso for the enthusiasts, but simply to where the money and market is for big vast car, MIDDLE EAST and CHINA.. where I think he prefers Middle East though than China.. China is a bit unpredictable..

  • http://no Joe D.

    First it was Lancia with rebadged Chrysler models and now De Tomaso with this. I remember how excited was my father when repairing the Delta Integrale. He used to tell me: you see this son? This car is way ahead of its time… De Tomaso was best of both worlds, Italian design with huge American motor. And now this?!? They should be ashamed of themselves. What happened to the Italian designers? Are they all working for other brands now? This is revolting…

  • david shapero

    I’d love to see them come out with a sports car along the lines of an updated Pantera GT5-S. But after viewing their all new sedan, I doubt they will be in business for any new models.

  • nickdl

    It’s hardly Italian. No design flair whatsoever. The back just looks American and from the side it looks like an Audi A5 Sportback. At least the V8 sounds interesting, but the whole car just doesn’t reflect the De Tomasos of old.

  • matt

    It has nice seats..

  • s5driver

    Exterior sure is bland.

    Kind of looks like the kind of cars Pininfarina typically designs for those Chinese manufacturers…

  • mark

    looks what my ass produce