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by Brett Davis

Due to popular demand, Citroen Racing has decided to increase overall production from 1000 to 2000 for the special edition Citroen DS3 Racing. Despite this, the boss of Citroen Racing has admitted a total of 2000 units may not be enough.

Since its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the Citroen DS3 Racing has been very popular among hot hatch enthusiasts, and has been selling extremely well in Europe, with buyers opting for the quirky little sports hatch over its main rivals, such as the Mini Cooper S.

Head of Citroen Racing, Olivier Quesnel, said in a recent report that he hopes Citroen Racing will increase the production limit even further than the now-2000 unit total. He says demand for the car has been very high.

It’s no wonder, really, with its flash exterior design and sporty interior decor. The car is also backed up by a potent little 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine offering 147kW and 275Nm – around the same specification as the MINI Cooper John Cooper Works.

Unfortunately, Citroen Australia doesn’t provide the DS3 Racing in the local line-up, but we do get the Citroen DS3 DSport and Citroen DS3 DStyle. These cars offer similarly styled exterior and interior, but miss out on the higher-spec DS3 Racing engine, sportier suspension and larger tyre and wheel package.

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  • Shak

    Hows about you guys don’t make it a Special Edition, and send a couple downunder?

  • Able

    Increase it far, far past 2000 please!

  • David

    Whats to go with Citroen??

    They (and Loeb) have dominated the WRC since 2004, yet we are yet to see any of those successes translate to a rally bred road car.

    We have had the WRX, the evo, the focus RS and ST, but really nothing from citroen.

    And now they finally bring something good out, they only make a 2000 of them?? pfff… way to make me not give you money.

  • Sumpguard

    Wow they sold quick. Lett’s build another 1000. Nice problem to have and a great looking car imo.

  • Wd

    Can anyone explain why companies often sell desirable cars in small numbers. I know some of it is to do with exclusivity. But wouldn’t it be a better business model to sell heaps of a good car…

    btw I love this thing (I assume, a drive would be great if they ever came here)

  • http://www.budgenmotorcars.co.uk Lyndsey Eason

    This is great news! I think that this is a great looking car and I can’t wait to see what they are like on the road! I can understand them wanting to keep it exclusive, but if there is a demand, make more please!!