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by George Skentzos

Ford Australia has returned with a significantly revised powertrain line-up, sporting a new generation of its proven inline-six and BOSS range of engines as well as two new transmissions which are available across the range.

The new FG Falcon engine range encompasses 4.0-litre I6, 4.0-litre I6 Turbo, 4.0-litre I6 E-Gas and 5.4-litre Boss V8 power plants mated to either a new six-speed manual or a new five-speed automatic, in lieu of the previous four-speed unit, on petrol sedans and utes.

“The comprehensive package of upgrades delivered with the all-new FG Falcon program has broadened the technological reach of the I6 and V8 engine families, building on the extensive engineering and development undertaken for BA and BF series Falcons.

Revisions to the iconic naturally aspirated 4.0-litre I6 engine has yielded more power, more torque and improved engine efficiency.
Maximum power has increased by 5kW to 195kW at 6000rpm, with more torque than any engine in its class – up 8Nm to 391 Nm at 3250 rpm, an advantage of more than 18 per cent compared to its direct competitor.

“The latest generation I6 engine has tremendous torque and driveability, with a flat torque curve and wide powerband at the top end as a result of all the new engine hardware and calibration developments that have been engineered for the FG Falcon program,” Ford Australia Powertrain Engineering Manager, Lee Kernich said.

An additional power boost can be achieved whilst running a higher octane fuel, liberating 198 kW and 409 Nm respectively when used with 95RON fuel.

One of the key sources of this increased performance has come from an all-new dual mode, split plenum composite intake manifold, incorporating a new electronic throttle body and fuel rail assembly.

2008 Ford Falcon powertrain line-up

The new manifold design increases peak power over the previous Barra 190 engine, as well as improving power delivery and drive ability through enhanced responsiveness to throttle inputs. Other benefits include improved fuel efficiency and sound quality, and a 4kg weight reduction by virtue of using composite materials in lieu of an aluminium casting.

The highly acclaimed turbocharged variant of the 4.0-litre I6 engine has received a major overhaul, now producing V8-rivaling performance figures.

Maximum power is up by 25 kW to 270 kW at 5250 rpm, while peak torque has increased by 53 Nm – or more than 11 per cent – to 533 Nm, which is available across a wide rev range from 2000 rpm – 4750 rpm.

2008 Ford Falcon powertrain line-up

Maximum turbocharger boost pressure has increased from 0.4 bar to 0.7 bar, or from 6 psi to 10 psi.

“With 80 per cent of the peak torque available all the way from 1250 rpm to 5750 rpm, the new I6 Turbo engine transforms the performance feel of our turbo models, delivering seamless power and fantastic responsiveness across all driving conditions,” Kernich concluded.

Complimenting the increased boost pressure, the new intercooler and ducting also delivers substantial gains, boasting a 50 per cent increase in intercooler core volume and size, a 40 per cent improvement in heat rejection and a 34 per cent reduction in flow restriction.

2008 Ford Falcon powertrain line-up

While the calibration of the I6 Turbo engine has been optimised to improve fuel economy, it also incorporates a transient over boost feature, as well as launch assist and adaptive variable camshaft timing (VCT) anti-lag technologies.

“The transient over boost feature allows the engine to over boost by up to 10 per cent for several seconds, increasing available engine torque for improved performance during driving events such as overtaking manoeuvres,” Ford Australia Powertrain Development Manager, David Mitchell said. “Manual transmission turbo models are also equipped with a launch assist anti-lag feature, which increases available engine torque for more consistent maximum launch acceleration, as well as reducing turbo and exhaust temperatures, and minimising turbo lag and clutch wear.”

The I6 Turbo engine also employs cylinder cut on gearshifts in automatic transmission vehicles, for improved shift timing and overall shift refinement. Shift times have been reduced by more than 50 per cent during wide-open throttle applications, giving a sportier shift feel via the shorter, sharper gearshifts.

2008 Ford Falcon powertrain line-up

The (arguably) flagship BOSS 290kW has made its transition into the FG Falcon XR8 range, producing maximum power of 290 kW at 5750 rpm and 520 Nm peak torque at 4750 rpm.

For the first time, the BOSS 290 engine is complimented by an all-new Semi Active Muffler (SAM) and exhaust system.

2008 Ford Falcon powertrain line-up

The SAM comprises a cylindrical valve that is mounted on the muffler end-plate protruding inside the intermediate muffler, which opens and closes to change the vehicle’s exhaust sound characteristics.

During low speed applications and cruising, exhaust gases pass through a baffle to reduce noise for optimum comfort, however the gasses are redirected during spirited applications of the throttle, allowing a full, throaty V8 sound quality.

Ford has likened the system to a similar one found in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage – arguably the world’s best sounding car.

2008 Ford Falcon powertrain line-up

The 5R55S five-speed is a new rear-wheel drive (RWD) automatic transmission, which has been designed in conjunction with Ford engineers in the USA and is produced in Bordeaux, France, for use in the new FG Falcon.

Revised gearing and software behaviour in performance mode offers instinctive gear selection without the need for driver input.

A back-out up-shift inhibit function holds the current gear for a short period of time after the throttle is released, preventing constant upshifting in performance situations such as balancing the throttle through a corner.

2008 Ford Falcon powertrain line-up

Specific transmission calibrations for the sedan and Ute allow for the sedan to be more performance-oriented, while the Ute has been optimised for its workhorse duties, such as carrying heavy loads and towing.

The new Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission is a major upgrade of the previous T56 six-speed manual transmission comprising of three variations in gear rations for the I6 engine (Falcon Ute/Falcon XR6), I6 Turbo engine (XR6 Turbo) and V8 (XR8) for improved performance and a more defined sports feel.

  • o

    pretty good value for xt if theres little or no price rise seeing as this has better exterior with no crappy black handles more tourque and powere and better interior

  • F@ GTHO

    i agree i wood probly buy one second hand in 2 years time

  • JT

    Is 6 speed auto still an option for xr range.Should be standard.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Great upgrade, smart work done on donks and cool upgraded gearboxes. Stinky filthy hot looking…love the ute heaps, love the base model look, real good model differentiation and interior slick as. Love the dash and console and shits all over the Commodore! Love the Euro look of base models!

  • PreetR34

    wow..smartest thing ive seen Ford do in a long time
    hopfully a diesel or hybrid is in the pipline to keep the greenies happy..
    and hopfully this engine is more efficient than the last

  • Richo

    its good for the time being, problem is that in early 2009 commodore is getting direct injection V6’s and 6 speed automatics accross the entire range, which will see power go past 210kw in omega trim and around 230kw in calais and SV6 trim, along with much improved fuel economy thanks to direct injection technology and 6 speed auto.

    So although this update unquestionably puts the falcon infront of the commodore in terms of drivetrain’s, the advantage will be short lived.

  • alec

    I think you’re pushing it for those upgrades to be made available on base model commodores.

  • Richo

    and at the same time the commodore will be getting the 307kw LS2 V8 currently doing service in HSV’s range as standard in calais and SS models, and HSV will move onto the LS3 V8 with 325kw standard as well as the supercharged “blue devil” V8 out of the cadillac CTS-V with 410kw as standard in the GTS, and the uprated 462kw version from the ZR1 corvette will go into a limited edition GTS-R version along with its 807nm of torque!

    dont believe me? all will be revealed at the melbourne motor show later this month, or just pick up the latest edition of Motor at the newsagent!

  • Richo

    Alec, the alloytec currently comes in two versions, the low output 180kw and the high output 195kw. This will be the same with the updated alloytec except that it will now be 210kw and 230kw, and they want the 6 speed accross the range to get the fuel consumption better then what the current aurion is acheiving, which they need the 6 speed to do because even though it has direct injection, its still heavier, so it needs the 6 speed

  • Richo

    all of this means that the duratec V6 going into the falcon in 2010 will need to be a very good motor indeed

  • Westy

    Richo power doesn’t make it go fast…Torque does. Get a grip, all that spinning without torque will mean it will still lag the Falcon!

  • Andrew M

    ford already had it over the commy in terms of drivetrain/engine setup.
    they have been infront with that for a long time and all this upgrade does is reinforces that

  • Richo

    you may be right Westy, but dont forget the falcon is still heavier.. bugger

    also, dont forget fuel economy, something that isn’t ford’s inline 6’s strong points…..

  • Richo

    Andrew M – in 6 cylinder terms i don’t doubt that, ford has had the jump for a while now, BUT when it comes to V8’s holden kill ford, hence why the SS outsells bot the XR8 AND XR6t combined

  • JT

    Richo the gts-r you refer to is a concept.And i didn’t make much sence out of the article in MOTOR mag.But it would be great if they decided to build it.

  • BK

    All these stats about new falcon just cream the holden VE.

  • Phill

    Now holden know what to do for there next car.HA HA HA

  • Andrew M

    fuel economy is a stronger point for the falcon than the commodore so i dont see how you figure it isnt.

    also they are claiming better economy again.
    ive also read a 4kg weight loss from re configuring the inlet and a 22kg weight loss due to suspension upgrades/improvements

    also its not the fact that the SS is faster than the XR8 that it sells more…….
    its a better marketed name plate on holdens behalf.

    on the other hand holden doesnt touch fords XR6 name plate.

    they have tried by introducing the name plate SV6 and toyota have ZR6, buit the XR6 name plate is a little more established and hence gets the sales.
    in the same way the SS plate was established a little longer than the XR8 name plate

  • TP

    Aurion remains most powerful in its class.

  • Watto_Cobra

    More power by 5kw, but much less torque.

  • Andrew M

    well how are you going to explain this “most powerfull aurion” being beaten by the falcon this time no questions asked?

  • BK

    Falcon has just got to much torque over the other OZ brands. It easily wins on the track even though some people think its kilowats that wins race but there wrong. Go ford show em all how to win on the race track.

  • Westy


    sorry mate but I have owned a Ba falcon, now a Territory with a 6 Speed auto and the fuel economy of both have been excellent. The BA Falcon SR with a 4 speed auto averaged around 9.5 L/100km and had it for 3 years. Now have a Territory, and it weighs over 2 tonnes and I still get 11.5 L/100km. Bad economy, ummm not for the cars I have owned. I have other family members with Falcons/Fairmonts of the BA flavour and they report better economy than what I got. So don’t quote economy figures unless you can back up the figures with real world numbers.

    WESTY :)

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    391Nm torque @ 3250revs

    336Nm torque @ 4700revs

    Yet TP reckons the game has changed and AURION top of heap. One revs and worked more and one some 33% less revs and stress on motor with 55Nm torque. I do like the Aurion and Falcon more so now….but dare say the times and performance will change here.

    Annoying that Dedicated LPG only comes in 4sp auto form only, yet base models have 5speed autos as standard and 6speed autos as option.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ….55Nm extra torque (useable torque)

  • Abacus

    Any further details on the LPG motor. Have they gone to SVI or is it the same old obsolete mixer system?

  • TP

    55Nm more…. 150kg more weight!! Which effects performance and stress on engine Mr NM. Only a 5kw increase is disappointing, as a Ford fairy if you deny this you are flat out lying, given the speculation around here which said it will in words to the effect of ‘definetely have more power then Aurion’.

  • JT

    TP the aurion is a medium size car THAT IS WHY IT IS LIGHTER.Game over.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Well, I know I never said that Mr TP, o he who slanders people. Now and then you say something nice, then go straight back to madly insulting people. So I don’t know what to make of you.

    We’ll see what the real world performance says when some testing gets done. You spruik on Aurion, and many (many many) people don’t agree with yo. Well the FG is more efficient and has more torque than ever before, so there should be now doubt then.

    And as much as I like the TRD Aurions looks, its performance won’t touch an XR6Turbo now, let alone an F6.

    “Falcons extra weight stresses the engine”???? You are joking aren’t you? This is the most under-stressed engine there is in an Australian car and has been for YEARS.

  • TP

    Interesting JT… might have to ring Drive and inform them, Aurion shouldnt have won best large car!!!

    As for people not agreeing re Aurion, the only people who disagree with me on that are the people, like yourself and BA, who havent actually driven the Aurion!

  • Watto_Cobra

    That was true, until 2 weeks ago. Regular Aurion, well, let’s just say it doesn’t “do it” for me. I would like a drive of a TRD sometime.

    My bro-in-law and I went and checked out an Aurion. Took a test drive, he jumped back in his BF XR6 with ZF 6-speed. Now remember, NA XR6 has the same engine as a common taxi, it’s the handling upgrades, bodykit, etc that lift it over an XT.

    Zipped out to a quiet road, both floored it. He leapt ahead a length, then ever so slowly crept away up to 140. I was pretty impressed with the Aurion, it was a little quiter in the cabin, but most other things (steering, handling) I would say were about on par.

    We tried a second run, swapping cars, same result. I’ll trust real life experience thanks.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Drive? You mean Drivel?

  • Watto_Cobra

    Just looking through the new pics. I have to agree with you on the XR8 TP. It should have dual exhausts. I see the GT has the huge duals though. XR8 should’ve had duals too but a little smaller.

    You were wrong about the ute taillights though, saying they were copies of the VZ ute. The directly rear camera angle in those first shots made it look that way, but some angled shots have shown that not to be true.

  • Yianni

    5kw makes the Aurion more powerful? Please…

    It’s all about useable power. Have a look at the torque figures and at what RPM it’s produced.

    The Falcon will be pulling out of a car with low range torque and the Aurion will be revving its t*its off trying to keep up.

    An easy way to find out is to throw them on a track and see which one is quicker. I’m sure we will get some great test drives and comparisons soon.

    And all I have to say to the comment about the engine being stressed in the Falcon is LOL

    The Falcon is by far the less stressed engine compared to the Commodore/Aurion/380. Go and drive one and see how it doesn’t even need to rev that high to produce its power and how stress free it feels when pulling.

    I don’t dislike the Aurion but I don’t feel its anything special. Great fuel economy and a pretty decent drive. Typical Toyota I guess.

  • Watto_Cobra

    We have come to the same conclusion Yianni.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP….if your going to call me a Ford fairy get your facts crystal clear! Iam not a one eyed car follower like you. I would appreciate facts and not emotion

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Right on Yianni, the stats clearly speak for themselves and its a shame some Toyota Tossers cant see that. I like the Aurion, but its tad bland and not stunning at front for me. The headlights are a tad bland and devoid of aggressive lines as too cardigan for me = more so in TRD form together with the too wavy front spoiler. In Sportivo form in the great tan colour I looked over – it was like real sweet as! If I was to buy a V6 I would still plump for Sportivo….would suss out the Falcon but as nice as!

  • Andrew M

    as already pointed out but i will say it aswell…..

    its all about “usable” power and torque.

    i can tug along a 1 tonne trailer of gear in my falcon in 4th doing 60kmh and around 1800rpm and when i hit the slopes there is no need for me to drop it back to 3rd nor do i have to press any harder on the pedal.

    once you have it in the 2000-2200 rpm you can really notice that all the muscle is on board and you will not only hold the speed whilst climbing but easily accelerate up grades with a big load behind you.

    also the power figure is just for the simple people that dont understand how to read out puts of motors.
    they call it “power” so people instantly think it is a direct comparison of a cars might.

    TP how about you do a weight to cubes ratio and tell us that the extra kgs will stress the 4.0l falcon motor more that the high reving aurion motor.

    then do a torque to weight ratio and tell us the falcon is the higher stressed motor

  • Andrew M

    ok ive found the fuel economy.
    the main drops come from the performance models.

    the base I6 drops .1L
    the XR6T drops .6L
    the boss drops 1.0L

  • No Name

    What no diesel….poor show…snigger snigger

  • Jason

    I agree with No Name. Ford hasn’t announced a diesel or displacement on demand, and the wagon is still virtually unchanged. Pretty disappointing, this is supposed to be a new model launch not just a revised model.

    Sure sales figures will be plumped up for 6 months but I don’t see anything in the range (other than the XR6 turbo) to keep sales flying high long term.

  • Adam (aka Mada)


    Did Aurion win wheels car of the year?
    Have you driven an aurion back to back with the new FG falcon?
    I currently am driving an aurion as a work vehicle and ive driven plenty of BF11 falcons.
    Guess which still feels more punchy and handles weight better!? not to mention falcon still handles better too.
    Use premium and FG is 2kw of aurion while the gap for torque just gets bigger and bigger.
    The add turbos engine choices, transmissions choices and suspension turing and options.

    It would appear Ford has surprised many with orion just like they did with mondeo.

  • Frugal One

    That the best they can do?

    Nothing more than a rehash, the glory days are long gone.

    Holden and Toyota MUST be having a big giggle!

    Countdown to close-of-shop [magna/380 style] has began…….



  • Duck

    The BOSS XR8 has 20 kw more than a SS but 10nm less than the SS, why?

  • Oz.

    Frugal One, what’s that got to do with the price of eggs in china?

  • Adam (aka Mada)


    Do you understand engine capacities? Why do you think Toyota can stretch 200KW out of a 3.5V6 but can’t win the torque ratings?
    KW is for marketing purposes only, torque is the more important figure that Holden and Toyota fans glaze over all too easily, wonder why…

    Ford has effectivley improved the new falcon in every measurable area, while the new VE and camry didn’t when they were released and people still maon over 20% carry over items.
    Ford has no global RWD platform or volume like Holden and Toyota yet manages to make a better car???? who would have thought!!
    shall we now list the carry over components in aurion/camry and VE!? i bet you the figures would come close to 20% also.

  • joober

    I thought the Orions would have the Duratec cyclone motor, a bit dissappointed but at least its not pushing the same stats or worse. 5wk more and 8Nm more at 21kg more heavier.

    Suspension would be the key for this car as they based it on the territory somewhat.

    Lol wheels dont even mention that magazine… its like Bush talking about nukuler.

  • joober


    mate, how does having more torque become a better car. Theres more to it in large cars than performance, otherwise put this car against performance cars. It just came out so theres still alot to prove who knows the car might have 5 recalls in 2years we don’t know that and then become the biggest POS ever, or it could have no recalls and gain high recognition and be the best large car 6er in its class in the world.

    I think Holden said the same thing thats its going to an improvement and look where the VE sits now.

  • joober

    21kg = 10kg

    referencing the structure weight over the outgoing model.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    FO….freaking ogre

  • TP

    Power is not merely marketing Adam…. Torque and Power are linked, in fact there is a formula for it which Ive forgotten. The Aurion has a better top end then Falcon, Falcon has better bottom end. BUT the Aurion is by no means an embaressment in its bottom end, it is afterall lighter then the Falcon so it doesnt need as much torque, so yes it does have less torque but the NET torque advantage isnt as big as some would like to think.

    As for VE, I got a laugh out of your claims they didnt improve it, they improved handling out of sight and actually made a NEW Commodore… the Falcon will no doubt perform just as it looks, like a BF!

  • Andrew M

    dont pretend you are a professor on the subject.

    you dont “know” the formula but rather you had someone throw it at you on another post.

    you still cant srgue though that the falcon has a reasonable torque advantage.

    the torque advantage to the falcon is even greater at lower revs. overall it is 55nm odd, but at “usable” range say 2000rpm, the advantage is even greater again in favour of the falcon

  • BK

    Holden commodore VE is only a 4 star in world class safety. So what the hell did they spend there billion dollars on. There engines are gutless and trannys dont work properly. New FG is allready rated a 5 star in world class safety. Nowonder Ford is the best aussie made car in the world.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Regarding the amount that has and has not changed from BFII, if you visit the official Ford Australia site they go into great detail. The list(s) of differences is HUGE. Takes quite a while to read.

    How about looking at that before saying its the same underneath fellas?

  • Adam (aka Mada)


    Again i ask you, list the carry over items in the current camry and commodore.
    Torque is far more important than a difference of 5KW, use premium and the difference drops to 2KW.
    Ever see Toyota marketing use torque figures?
    Orion is a ONLY 10kg lighter than BF11, also remembering that when the new V6 does go into falcon by 2010 that engine will be lighter again, makes the VE seem overweight.

    Also TP, have you driven an aurion? a BF11 or the NEW FG??
    I just handed my Aurion work car back and the fuel consumption was no better than the BF i drove prior too.
    Yeah perception vers reality once again.
    The difference being i’d rather drive a RWD VE or BF if i had to put up with aurions no better fuel consumption.
    It torque steers and doesn’t ride or handle as well.
    Come back when you can actually drive these cars for REAL

  • Bavarian Missile

    Adam ,babe…….your wasting your breath.

    He won’t listen to fact!

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Opps i meant to say orion is only 10Kg heavier!

    Bavarian Missile…

    Your right, i guess ignorance is bliss!!

  • joober

    Well from my Experience ive kept a car length ahead on a XT on my aurion, and not to mention beating (0-100) a few more faster cars with their unfortunate not matching drivers.

    Ive read and and yes from the Ford forums, that theyve seen stock aurions do 14.6 1/4 mile passes. There is also mention times of high sixes to low sevens for the 0-100 dash.
    Theres videos on UTube but i’ll wouldnt bet my life on those videos there.
    Im yet to go to time at the strip but would love to see the numbers my Aurion comes up with.

    Also an Aurion with PULP gets around 204kw.As for fuel eco, i get 9.8-10.4 city/suburban driving which I do 80% of the time.

    Thats my experience, im no Toyota fan or a fan soley on any Brand whatsoever, one day a brand may make good cars the next could be a POS. At the time when I got the Aurion, it was the only car
    that did it for me, the VE, incomparable and the recalls put me off and the BF (comparably a Good car, but too taxi and evey jimmy round the block has one)

    Only if the Aurion came in a rwd/awd platform and has the DFI engine from teh IS350 (same engine) I might turn to fanboy haha.

  • Frugal One

    Mark my words…


    Not anti-Ford-manufacture, just they should build something somebody wants to buy!!



  • Bavarian Missile


    Geez your another Eeyore………just as well us Ford fans are Tiggers! hahaha…….

  • Ross

    For you TP:

    Power = torque * angular velocity.

    So yes, they are related.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Arrrrrrr.Ross our techno guru ! Watto had a question the other day on the difference between the way HP is measured Din ect .I answered as best as I could but you would have done a better job for him.

  • TP

    Yes Ross I knew it was something like that.

    Andrew as Ive said a million times, RWD lose more power to the wheels, so yes based on paper figures Falcon beats Aurion… little less power, more torque. However using common sense, it has 150kg more weight offsetting to an extent this extra power and RWD will lose more power to the wheels. Once you factor this in, the Falcon wont be faster and as Ive said previously, I think this is prity sad given the differences in engine size.

    Adam re fuel consumption how accurate do you really think your driving is? Somehow I will go off official figures under controlled conditions… not someones inconsistent driving which returns varying figures. You say its not great, many Aurion owners say its better. Whos right? Official figures is all I go off.

  • TP

    * offsetting torque

  • Watto_Cobra

    Yep, I read in a comparo somewhere between Ford and Holden that Holden using a more conservative method .ie. 270kw in SS might be almost the same a 280 in XR8. But I also heard on FAF that Ford are switching to the same way Holden measure so direct comparisons are more accurate???

  • Adam (aka Mada)


    I drive all makes and models week to week. The rate at which the aurion i drove consumed fuel was no different than the BF falcon i drove just prior too.
    meaning i had to put the same $ value of fuel back into aurion as i did falcon.
    If fuel consumption is negligable between the two, i’d rather drive a falcon, simple.
    If fuel consumption was a huge difference then i could see the point of a big FWD vehicle.

    Now TP just to correct your bullsh*t in relation to weight differences between aurion and falcon.
    The figures i foudn were…

    aurion 1590KG
    falcon 1672KG

    Is that a difference of 150KG!!?? now add another 10KG for orion and the difference is what?? 92kg…not 150KG.

    So for a stronger shell, split folding rear seats, a bigger engine, a bigger body and RWD a difference of 90KG exists, not bad hey…

    Now if the 6speed ZF FG falcon is rated at 10.1L/100klm that 0.2 of litre of the lighter aurion while having far less torque. Not to mention the ZF trans is better than the 6 speed auto in the aurion, along with better handling dynamics. Oh the falcon can tow more too.

    So when an aurion can easily trounce the FG for fuel consumption not just either 0.2 or 0.6 of a litre i might actually consider it. As it stands the difference is minute and not worth the argument.
    Like i have said many times in the past if Toyota could actually sell an affordable RWD platform, come back to me.
    As it stands Toyota sells a big FWD vehicle that doesn’t produce any impressive fuel consumption figures. If falcon and commodore are gas guzzlers, so is the 380, aurion AND camry 4cyl.
    heck even the heavier mondeo can beat the camry 4cyl!

    Take a look under an aurion/camry and tell me if Fg falcon beats it for tehcnical suspension layout and dynamics!?

    Come back when you have driven these vehicles back to back like i do every damn day mate…

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    In actuall fact the fuel consumption difference that will show between aurion and FG falcon are far smaller than the fuel consumption difference that used to exist between falcon and commodore prior too AU and VT.

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Frugal One…

    hate to inform such an informed person but the falcon still outsells aurion and camry…so Ford IS building a vehicles people want to buy.
    Did you know the current falcon dates back to 2002? did you know that falcon primary competition the VE dates back to 2006 alonf with the aurion/camry??
    What was the total volume of falcon/territory vers camry/aurion sold locally again??
    perhaps Toyota should start building a vehicle locally people want to buy as exports don’t count towards what people want to buy locally!!

    Jeez some of you spit some crap out.
    I know your ignorance will continue to blind you from the truth…

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    No response TP??

  • Oz.

    Frugal One, this is a car people want to buy!!!!

  • Oz.

    Mark my words…


    Ford are just building something somebody wants to buy!!




  • Andrew M

    every time you make these efficiency statements i keep throwing this question at you……..

    how come the heavier, less efficient drive line driven (RWD) and apparently less technically advanced falcon can easily match the Aurion on fuel efficiency and 0-100 times?

    you still have not been able to answer that for me.

    im guessing yet again that you will simply move on and pretend you never saw the question posed like you always do

  • http://tvr TP

    Ummm Andrew its a 4L engine… if the Aurion was 4L they would be able to get 228kw from that engine with similar fuel consumption. The issue Im most concerne with its fuel efficiency, its engine efficiency… getting max power for minimum fuel use. The Aurion is the clear winner. Adam again you cant hack your test isnt accurate, the diffference isnt huge yes but Aurion is faster while consuming alittle bit less fuel = winner.

  • Adam (aka Mada)


    What happened to the 150KG weight difference you kept sprouting about?
    Another lie?
    When you only drive one old camry, how can you judge i guess…

  • Andrew M

    so what would you predict the fuel consumption of a 4.0L rear wheel driven and heavier camry/ aurion would be like?

    bloody terrible i would guess.
    the falcon does quite well to have so many theoretical things against it and can still match the camry/aurion for fuel figures

  • http://caradvice scott b

    I recently brought a fg xr6t 6speed manaul , I have run 13.03 at wsid in a stock car . FORD have built the BEST falcon ever .

  • Bavarian Missile

    Thats pretty good going Scott,wait till it loosens up a bit more be even better! What mods can you sneak on it under Fords warranty watching eyes?

  • http://caradvice scott b

    Exhaust& flash tune will bring it up too f6 power or just above I hope

  • http://www.youtube.com/klbar2005 cars lover

    why all ford products becomse used plastics material parts alot arround all cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    God, Soon, Reality,Figjam ,Sob…….arent you back in bed yet.

    We can spot your idiot remarks.

  • phil denner

    I now own 2 FG falcons, the wife has a XT and i have a G6 both petrol 4 ltrs. how anyone can not like and prefer the FG to any equivalent car in price and size is totally beyond me. The technology in the FG compared to its rivals in unquestionable.the car is quiet, powerful, handles well and looks awesome. Well done Ford for producing the best Aussie car ever.