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by Karl Peskett

BMW’s ballistic 1 Series M Coupe, the latest in the M stable, will come to Australia at a whisker under $100,000.

BMW Australia today confirmed to CarAdvice the BMW 1 Series M Coupe will be priced at $99,900.

BMW Australia tells us that it will be specced with just about everything: Harman/Kardon surround sound stereo, internet, BMW Professional Navigation, voice control, remote alarm system, adaptive bi-xenon headlights, an alcantara trim on the dash, and of course, M-Drive.

We’re told that all you’ll have to do is specify a colour, of which there’ll be three – Alpine White, Sapphire Black, and the hero colour, Valencia Orange.

Of course, with 19-inch wheels and a 250kW turbocharged straight six under the bonnet, plus aerodynamic, suspension and brake upgrades from the already potent 135i, the new M car will be aimed at the serious driver.

Only 100 examples are allocated to Australia, and we’re told that all dealers have already been given a certain allotment. Almost all 100 have been spoken for with plenty of deposits already laid down.

CarAdvice will bring you a full road test once the 1 Series M Coupe arrives in Australia.

Note: Story updated February 4 with official confirmation from BMW Australia.

  • malaysian

    Guys, there will be 3 colours and not the entire 3 Series palette as suggested above.

    • jorge

      valencia orange
      alpine white
      & sapphire black…

      • dadarjapit

        damn, i would’ve liked to see one in interlagos blue… =\


    kind of reminds me of the m3 when it first got started.good looks,straight 6,100k…

  • jorge

    another beautiful car, affected by ridiculous “oz pricing structure”

    • Pinky

      you have to be kidding me – i bought a 135i in alpine white with all the options and that came to $98,000 drive away….
      only reason i did not hold out for the 1M is that everyone including BMW told me it would start at around $110 – $115 ex on roads.
      Well suck it up i’m selling my 135i and moving to the US so i can buy 1M and enjoy it on proper roads without speed catching devices!!

  • Jimmy James

    Have a look at the price of this car in the US…and start weeping. Its less than 50k, plus on road costs.

    And why did they spec the hell out of it?

    Answer – so people can’t buy a basic one and save some money, because then the price would be too close to the 135i.

    All they had to do was price it in the low 80k range without all the trimmings and that would have been fair and reasonable.

    But alas…once you pay BMW’s ridiculous delivery fees this car will be more than $110k on the road.

    What about $99,990 drive away BMW? Do you think you could actually manage that? A decent car under 100k Australian? Didn’t think so…

    • jorge

      my point exactly

      • Vince

        I told you it would be about 120k delivered, you are kidding yourself if you thought it was going to be any less. $99k delivered would of been competitive but for a little extra you could get a real M3.

  • cools

    To be honest, that’s bang for the buck. If it was hitting $100k without options, I’d say see ya BMW…but spec’d like that as a base….wow…very surprising and impressive.

    If only I had $100k…….

    • George

      Pfft, the best bang for buck is getting S15, and spend only 1/4 of the price of an M1, and weep at the outcome of S15.

  • Aussie Convict

    Less money buys a 335kw Supercharged quadcam V8 FPV GT-P! And you do not have to be an amputee to fit in it!

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Much, much less money again would get you a 200hp, 200kg Kawasaki ZX-10R with unlimited headroom. With the change you could buy a 4WD ute and a good trail bike with money still left over for other hobbies. Your point being?

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Oh, I forgot. I would like to see the FPV GT-P keep up with the 1 Series M on a mountain road…

    • The Realist

      Or about the same money will get you a 2006 BMW M5 that will sh## all over the rep mobile. What’s your point?

      • Spork

        What is it with you and second hand BMWs? Seriously

    • Damian

      And buy yourself a glorified taxi with bad build quality, cheap plastics, and bad resale.

      • stuzz

        I dont disagree that the comparison betwween the falc and the beemer is silly but lay off the taxi insults. Go to germany and see what they sport as taxis….

  • Jimmy James

    Anyone who thinks a buyer of a 1M Coupe would also consider a 335kw Falcon or vice versa is losing grip on reality.

    Completely different buyer profiles, and thank Christ for that.

    If a Falcon is your performance dream car, be my guest AC! Its all yours!

    • Bangel

      Correct jimmy , the guys who buy the M1 dont give a toss about the price , they want they get it, whats $15k when you up to 100k .

      No way would they be interested in a bogan falcoon .

    • http://BMW wxthree

      That would be an easier truth to swallow if you weren’t able to buy the same car fully optioned for less than fifty grand in the US and not much more in the UK, in truth no one thinks you’re a person of better taste for choosing the BMW, rather you’re just a fool for buying into BMW Oz’s BS about premium car ownership. I’d hate myself for being so weak as to pay so much more than the cars value just to be another BMW badge whore.

  • jcas20002006

    Jimmy James, I own an FG XR6 Turbo, admittedly with some sensible modification to dampers and brakes.., and yes, I would also buy a 1M as I am a passionate enthusiast of european cars. Own several in fact, one I use for competition. Why do I drive an XR6 daily? Because I dont view vehicles as a fashion accessory, rather I appreciate value. Very few options exists if you are searching for a traditional manual gearbox and mechanical limited slip differential in a rear wheel drive chassis. In my opinion, Falcon has the most feelsome steering on any car this side of a 997 GT3. If you take a close look at the front suspension of the current FG, the entire assembly is cast from aluminium utilising a multi-link design a generation or two ahead of BMW’s strut based systems. The driveline is a little cluncky, but driving around it is part of the challenge. Cars are becoming so good that enjoying them is becoming difficult, the limits are way to high. E92 M3 case in point. Falcon is raw, a great all rounder and a driver’s car. Who would have thought it ever possible. In actual fact a Falcon is the grass roots and honest type of car that BMW have recognised their fans want them make once more. Ford/Holden just need to move on from wings and stripes in driver orientated models. Take one for a drive, even if you have no intention to buy one,, you will be proud of what Australia has designed on small development budgets.

    • Nick01

      Well said mate!!

    • The Realist

      “small development budgets”

      Are you kidding? Those small budgets suddenly become significant if you start to add the tax payer billions that keep the industry afloat. Or don’t those count?

  • Jimmy James

    most feelsome steering this side of a GT3? Ever driven a lotus, or a boxter….or cayman…or a clio 182…or or or…

    Also thanks for assuming I have never driven an XR6 turbo. FYI I have driven two XR6 Turbos – the current car and the previous model, plus a mate’s G6E.

    They’re good cars, and the steering is good, but their size means they’re not nimble. Also the driving position is comically high. To me they’re a family sedan in a fancy frock and stilettos. If you need a big family car with grunt and acceptable dynamics, they’re a good choice…second hand that is.

    But last time I checked the story on this page was about a new small german coupe, which is nimble, agile and has big power and excellent weight distribution. And then some clown gets on here and says a big falcon with a supercharger will beat it. Different car, different market, different appeal. There might be some that would consider both, and for you it sounds like the 1M might be one car in a fleet of many…but would you really expect the average person who owns one car to have narrow down their choice to a falcon xr6 and the 1M and then choose one of them?

    And don’t for a minute assume I am some euro snob. I have chosen all my cars based on bang for buck and thus far they have been japanese turbo coupe, 4wd turbo sedan, and french hot hatch. If I am lucky, and can scrape together the money, one day I might get a lotus or a porsche, or an BMW M car of some description. Unless of course something comes out that’s much cheaper, appeals to me, and can match the above mentioned cars on steering and dynamics.

    As I said before, if a falcon floats your boat, go for it. Fine car. But I won’t be joining you because I dont need or want a car that big and I (like many others I suspect) wouldnt consider one against a car like the 1M.

    • http://Facebook Jerome Jackson

      French Hot Hatch….. hahahahahaha

  • Charles

    if i’m buying i don’t want any of that fully specced crap in whats suppose to be a pure drivers’ car.

    • Radbloke

      Go buy a Caterham then.

  • The Voice of Reason

    $110K-$120K on road for a 1 series… OMG!!!

    BMW have gone mad – I’m sure it is going to be a hoot to drive. But a 1 series for over a $100K? Give me a break.

    I imagine it won’t have those awful bloody runflat tyres though…

    • David

      Well to be fair, its not BMW’s fault that the price is so high. There are factors such as GST (10%), Import Duties (5%), Luxury Car Tax etc that add alot to the final price of the car….thats why when you look at the U.S or Europe the price is much lower…..oh and of coarse, look at the quantity of units they can sell here. Our smaller population means they need to have a slightly higher margin to cover things such as dealership costs, advertising and of coarse shipping to Australia. We ARE a nation far away from most major markets for these cars. Even in Asia, China and Japan are the largest importers of such brands and they (Europe, U.S and Central Asia) are located within equal distance to each other.

      So basically we get screwed….mostly by the government imposed taxes and duties though.

      P.s: Look at the price of buying a Holden Commodore (Chevrolet in the U.S) in the States and its actually cheaper than in Australia….AND THE CAR IS MADE HERE?!

      What we need is some major reforms into this whole industry….the whole country needs to take a step back as see what is going on…we are moving backwards in many respects actually and no one has the ballz to do anything about it

      • Jimmy James

        the key word there David is ‘slightly’ higher margin.

        something BMW know nothing about. try giant margin, which is something BMW australia understands.

        don’t get me started on dealer delivery fees either…which should be abolished. I’ll wash the bloody thing myself!

      • Smoothcall


        This car costs less than $70k ON THE ROAD in the UK. They have a 20% VAT. If you don’t think that the problem is with certain importers and their margins then you need to brush up on your year 7 maths.

        P.s: Look at the price of buying a Holden Commodore (Chevrolet in the U.S) in the States and its actually cheaper than in Australia….AND THE CAR IS MADE HERE?!

        —> kind of shows that the price of shipping isn’t that great doen’t it?

        • Davin

          we should just buy cars from the US and ship it back here.

        • Suntory time

          BMW M3 $60,000… in the US.
          BMW M3 $160,000… in AUS.

          Pontiac G8 GT (Holden SS-V) $35,000… in the US.
          Holden SS-V Redline $55,000… in AUS.

          Ask yourself, is the badge really worth 100k?

    • Lars

      I do like the car but I agree…way over prised!

  • delux

    I bet you guys are already arguing over who gets to test review this thing when it lands. Such a gorgeous car.

    • Adonis

      Really – the 1M is a lot of things, but gorgeous isn’t one of them. I think you need your eyes checked.

      the 1 looks arkward from read 3/4 or full rear angles and the front just doesn’t look proportionate.

      The only thing that helps it is the low stance.

  • “james”

    can half the people commenting here afford this car? It’s a great car, a return to the ethos of some of the first 3 series BMW’s. Looks pretty good, and will no doubt be an instant classic. If you can afford a 135i you can afford this car. BMW knows that.

    comparing a falcon to this is silly.

  • http://BMW wxthree

    OR in other words $49,000 more than it’s worth, only in Australia would our collective convict guilt (or some such thing) allow us to believe that a sporty version of the most base model of a cheap car in most other countries could be worth near $100,000, I guess Holden should be thanking you for subsidising their manufacturing process so that they can sell a car priced upwards of $50,000 in Australia to the Americans for under $40,000, well done.

  • http://BMW wxthree

    Wake up Australia, until we start demanding value for money we will continue to get ripped off by a self serving government and a long list of very greedy automotive importers. Use the internet look outside your four walls and start asking what the hell is going on. Don’t worry badge whores I’m sure when these vehicles are reasonably priced they will still be a bit more expensive than the average Bogan’s car.

  • Zoom

    Top Gear just priced the 1m at GBP 40K in the UK. That’s AUD 60K. I wonder what would happen if the Oz governments stopped protecting the local production lines and got rid of luxury car import tax? competition perhaps.

  • Dave

    If idiots like myself keep paying these ridiculous prices for over valued cars,then what incentive is there for dealers to reduce pricing? I mean seriously,why would they reduce pricing? out of the goodness of their hearts? Gimme a break!
    My current car is my second euro and it’s also my last.I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be stitched any more by these ridiculous prices,the internet has opened my eyes at the shafting which is occurring in this country.
    I’ve decided to vote with my wallet and if more and more people did the same,then and only then will distributors and dealers realize the party’s over.
    I know very well though that this will never happen,as we are a nation that is just too passive,and are used to just accepting things no matter how unfair they are……

  • Ron

    wow to perfomance specs, but looks like shit, look at the headlights  : P
    the only WOW factor are those quads at the back. thats all. give me a 2nd hand C63 anyday.