• m2m

    Looks good! Better than no update!

    TDCI will sell like mad if it’s priced right. Although the new Grand Cherokee brings some stiff competition!

  • nick

    Looks okay … the interior is the same as the current falcon so nothing special


    dont no about the tail lights…..look to small to me….need to be a tad larger…..

  • Joker

    Looks like the Ghia Name plate will die with the FGII.
    Titanium sounds much more modern and in line with Ford of Europe (not sure on America??).
    MyFord looks great.. will take it to and with those features knock Holden’s IQ system for Six.
    Ahhh I love healthy competition :)

    • mark

      its a good idea moving to the titanium name. Brings some much needed consistency to the naming of models

    • Andrew M

      Ghia name plate died with FG1.

      You mean the next series of the Terry….. SY111???

      • Joker

        Let me rephrase
        It’s died with SYII :)

        Would be nice to see it come in on the FGII’s

  • nickdl

    I think the refresh is good. The overall shape in SUVs changes a lot less than normal cars. The current Pajero for example is the same basic shape as the NM model from 2000 but with a redesigned front and rear end. The current Territoy is still quite handsome, if a little dated but this looks great.

    Interior looks good as well. I like the current Falcon interior but it has a few too many buttons for my liking IMO. With the touch screen that looks to have reduced the number of buttons. With features like that I’m sure it will be best in class all round. It and the new Grand Cherokee certainly look best inside and out.

  • Suntory time

    Looks good, probably a better drive than the new Jeep Cherokee as well?

    • Jack

      Yep, I’ve driven both the new Jeep and the current Territory. The new Grand Cherokee was in LHD form; beautiful interior, very light steering, smaller inside than current Territory. The new 3.6V6 and 5 speed auto is absolutely slaughtered by the current Territory inline 6/ZF 6 speed combo, so if you choose the Jeep, I’d recommend the V8 (without testing that). After hiring the Jeep, it was so nice to return to our Territory!

  • JD

    Impressive job by ford. Will surely beat the Captiva any day.

    • Suntory time

      That’s because the only good car with a Holden badge is the VE Commodore, the rest are total mediocrity.

      • Jeremy

        VE good?

        • NSX

          The rest of the range (except the Astra *correct me if wrong*) are mainly from GM’s Korean subsidiary Daewood.

          I still wonder why people even buy the captiva over the kluger and territory.

          Now the competition is going to be against Jeep Cherokee and Territory. I expect the kluger be matched with the captiva considering the middle row seat isnt really a seat at all…

        • BOB

          If I were to buy a VE, it would prob be the GX series, otherwise the falcons my ideal choice. That is the day when they introduce rear headrests in the car. Hopefully this is during the falcon face lift at the end of this year

          • Damian

            Whats a GX-series VE????

          • BOB

            Gx series SS or XR6T

            @Damian.. GX series looks like commodore SSV and Pontiac GTO put together. Try searching commodore in carsales.com and u may find some pics of the car by some dealer. It has a Chevy badge on it and is a 2011 model. I just like the looks

        • Suntory time

          Is ignorance really bliss? because you seem like the type that would know…

      • NSX

        The rest of the range (except the Astra *correct me if worng*) are mainly from GM’s Korean subsidary Daewood.

        I still wonder why people even buy the captiva over the kluger and territory.

        Now the competition is going to be against Jeep Cherokee and Territory. I expect the kluger be matched with the captiva considering the middle row seat isnt really a seat at all.

  • Will

    Wonder if it comes with a complimentary front end, to be installed at about 60 to 70k?

    • Cranky Franky

      Better than the free engine reuild in the Craptiva at 30,000 K’s

    • nickdl

      Well if you’re not good enough to judge where the front of the car is it’s not Ford’s problem.

    • fourl6

      the ball joint problem was fixed with SYII

      • Andrew M

        And Ford also warrants all ball joints till 150,000k’s regardless of age.
        It was pulled up as a supplier fault, not a design fault so its been corrected. None the less Ford still puts an extended warranty on them

        • Daniel D

          Umm it is an engineering fault, hence the reason why a major revision of the suspension geometry was implemented on the SY series II. Suppliers gave Ford what they asked for, which was fine, but the front suspension design geometry was flawed in the original Territory and caused the wear. Ford tried to keep it secret until news leaked out into the press and they were staring at some possible legal ramifications.

          The replacement parts for earlier Territorys are identical in function and thus will suffer premature wear and failure the same as the original OEM parts fitted do. There were some minor revisions, none of which are obvious to the eye, but since Ford wont replace the front suspension with the superior SY series 2 design (they should!), it is inevitable that premature wear of this component will happen again and you will end up with the unsatisfactory and dangerous situation you started with.

          Warranty is restricted to 150000 km’s even though these cars will need replacement parts for as long as they are on the road. Not good enough from Ford and they should come with a lifetime warranty. Ford will approve replacement on a case by case basis after 150000km’s. I would suggest anyone who is knocked back at that point should employ a solicitor. Current Territory owners should check the lower balljoints for wear every 10000 km’s and immediately seek replacements at the first sign of wear.

          So far, stories suggest these parts seem to fail when the car is travelling slowly and on or near full lock and the ball joint is under load. If they do fail, they usually cause thousands of dollars damage to the car, as the wheel moves around now it is not locked into the correct geometry. Make sure you inspect often for you and your families safety.

          The lack of an offical recall is absolutely inexcusable and Ford are bastards for doing this, as they know these cars are used as family vehicles. All earlier Territorys should be retrofitted with the SY series 2 design, which is possible and is the only proper fix.

          Territory owner.

          • Cranky Franky

            Great piece of fiction. Talk about a drama queen!!!

          • http://Ferrari Daniel D

            Once you are over the personal insults cranky you might also like to contact Car Advice or The Age, who might be able to put you in touch with some familes who have had balljoints fail on their cars, so you can tell them and their experiences are fiction. Then Ford can help compile a list for you of hundreds, if not thousands of Territory owners (like me) who have had to have their suspension ball joints replaced on relatively low mileage Territorys, before they prematurely failed.

            Since we won’t all fit in the local community hall, perhaps you can put together a form letter to tell us and Ford it was all fiction.

            Next you will be saying Territorys don’t rust, don’t have window clips that fail, bushes that prematurely wear or rubber seals that shrink on the doors and tailgate.

            I must have made them all up too. Dam I am a good fiction writer! Even Ford believed me and others on it!

            I think you resorted to the Ford fans equivalent of I don’t like the message, so I will shoot the messenger. Ironically the best thing a Ford fan could do is point out this stuff so Ford don’t get away with it and lift their game, not shoot the messenger as you just tried.


          • Cranky Franky

            Exagerating the facts again Dan, well done!! I would argue the complete opposite is more closer to the truth than your version. Obviously your bitter and twisted.

          • HosDoc

            @Daniel D your arguement about the balljoints does not make engineering sense

          • Suntory time

            Ford Australia is notorious for not recalling vehicles when they actually should be. And that much vaunted auto gear box in their Falcons, yeah, keep an eye on it if you own one…

            And as for the people that think Daniel D is making this stuff up, are you sure your not Ford PR trying to keep a lid on things? Everything he’s claiming is a 100% true.

          • ScumtoryTime

            Now the gearbox has problems what next DAN……

          • Suntory time

            @ ScumtoryTime

            If you know where to look the information is publicly available.

            But oh, that’s right, your one of these “adults” that needs to revert to undermining peoples comments by snidely calling them names. So I guess research might be to hard a task for you then?

            And no, I’m not Dan, I just happen to be familiar with the problems he’s talking about. And unlike your anonymouse comment, I’ve got plenty of comments on this web-site that support my ID.

          • Jack

            Top Post Dan.
            All of your points are true. Like us, you probably have the SX-SY Territory with the flawed ball joints (same design as in HQ-WB Holdens amongst others). We keep an eye on them in exactly the way you describe. Ours were first replaced at 105,000km. These cars really should be retro fitted with the SYII system, which is available from Repco – if I really want to keep what has otherwise been a fantastic car, I’d do this. Despite this flaw, ours has been a safe and well handling car in 125,000km.

  • NSX

    Yessss… cant wait for the My Ford System

  • Dan

    As soon as this hits the market it will be a back to back comparison with the Grand Cherokee for me.
    Keep the info coming.

  • Alexander

    Ford should also use the TDCI engine in the Falcon? With ZF’s Stop/Start equipped 8 speed auto it could get around 6.5l/100km?

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      while we’re dreaming,what about the 3.0ltr diesel as well…

      • zahmad

        That won’t ever happen…Ford believes in its e-gas too much.

  • pezza

    would love to see as many of these on the road as when territory first came to the market. Would be really nice if this was a preview as to what was going to be in the FGII update – ie myford and the updated centre stack…..along with new LPI system. Won’t hold my breath on the diesel being under the bonnet, even though i think it would be a good move, but dont know that Ford Aust could manage that many drive trains (eco boost, inline 6, turbo 6, LPI and diesel).

  • jorge

    great job ford
    a lovely australian car indeed

  • Richo

    Am I the only one who thinks the front looks terrible? I don’t know what car the rest of you guys are looking at but this car looks like a minga to me.

    The front and rear styling don’t match the sides of the car, the proportions look stupid, its just a bad looking car! No one else sees this?

    • Josh

      I am not sold on the front end look yet, but just give it a chance to see it in person, they usually end up okay :)

    • Golfschwein

      I think it’s a good graft, and I hope Ford sells lots of them for their own sake. I hope they sell lots of diesel versions, just to give Holden and Ford the message that Australians accept diesels!

      The only thing that looks silly is the privacy glass. Makes the front windows look as though they are down. I’d go none or all.

      • Frosty

        Captiva has Diesel so Aussies have the chance already to see if a Diesel is worthwhile to accept. Not really enough of a change to me after how many years on the market. The Captiva update is just as substansial as this.

        • Cranky Franky

          I hope that Holden fix their engine issues with this Captiva upgrade

          • http://Ferrari Daniel D

            Don’t be a drama queen Cranky. If Ford won’t fix the Territory properly, why should Holden fix the Captiva?

            I’m sure Holden fans will brush off the problems like you do with Ford.

      • Andrew M

        I think the privacy glass is throwing awkward shaddows, I thought it looked weird too when looking at the first pic.

        Privacy glass has been available on the current Terry and it doesnt look as odd as this.

        In Australia it is against ADR’s to have privacy glass on front windows, thats why those that do offer it you will only see it on rears. I still cant figure out what difference it makes versus a dark tint, so why isnt it legal here??

        • Zandit

          Plus you can never get a really good match in Aftermarket tint any way…..not one thats legal anyway!!

          • Andrew M

            Yeah thats the problem trying to match it with tint, it always looks like a tint job gone wrong.

            Im still waiting to hear a justified reason why privacy glass isnt allowed on the front windows here in OZ

    • Blitzkrieg

      yeah the rear side window doesn’t flow or match the tailgate.

      • Jimmy James

        I’m with Richo…proportions are not quite right with this update…but it will be a good car with the diesel in it.

    • Daniel D

      Not convinced by it either. Looks like what a Cylon designer would come up with. Just needs the little red light going from side to side on the front grill and the voice control to go “by your command” in a Cylon voice when you start the car.


  • davie

    I don’t think they will use the 3.0 twin turbo diesel. Its performance numbers (on paper at least) make all the other ford engines look less impressive.

    and its probably more expensive as well.

    pity though, it is more fuel efficient than the 2.7

  • sammo

    Looks exactly like a Ford SUV should, well done! :)

  • Russell

    Ford should have had this in about 2006 not 2011. I hope for their sake they havent missed the boat. They need everything going for them by the look of recent sales figures.

  • Shak

    I truly commend Ford for putting so much effort into the update of the Territory, but Jeep have come out with a home run in the new Grand Cherokee. Ford will really have to play it hardball with the new tezza if they wish to compete with the brilliant value that the Grand Cherokee represents.

    • Bangel

      Right on SHAK the strong aussie dollar is making US built cars very attractive , bloody hard for exporting aussie crummers.

      The jeep is going to make some serious inroads into the market , which even the japs will feel .

      Just hope its well built .

    • Andrew M

      What is the Aussie Jeep list price??

      Cherokee doesnt have a diesel either does it??

      • Shak

        Going by a whole list of other articles about the Grand Cherokee, its starting at 45K for a whole lot more equipment than most other cars in this category.

    • Cranky Franky

      The Jeep Grand Cherokee needs to get over its reputation of poor reliability, quality and after sales support, not to mention resale values before it can be taken seriously. This will take more than one generation. Amercan cars are poor in all of these respects.

      • Daniel D

        “The Jeep Grand Cherokee needs to get over its reputation of poor reliability, quality and after sales support, not to mention resale values before it can be taken seriously.”

        In other words Cranky, its on a level playing field with the new Territory,

        • Cranky Franky

          My we are busy today,aren’t we Dan

  • KelBel

    Yuck yuck yuck looks like a big mash up of a bunch of different parts that do not flow nicely at all..

  • LJSearles

    Grill fail

  • Jeremy

    Make mine diesel with 7 seats and AWD tyvm

  • Infinate Stages

    Nice looking SUV…..cant wait to drive one…….should put the Territory back on top where it belongs seeing the current model is still the best medium SUV going around.

  • Spork

    As with all new Fords, ugly ugly ugly. Looks like a current model Ford Escape from the rear with a Focus. Grand Cherokee looks 100% better than this effort.

  • Mikko

    The 2011 Ford Explorer still looks better than this. They should make it more masculine like the Ranger.

  • Blitzkrieg

    Titanium is a good name but i think they stole the idea from Nissan as thier top of the line cars are called Ti which is off the elements chart meaning Titanium.

  • http://CarAdvice Onepoppa

    The new front end looks good – much better than the drawings released some time ago.

    I have seen the car in the metal – the one that featured in the many “scoop” photos taken around Melbourne, and in dark colours at least it is far less extreme than might have been feared. The one i saw had the rear tailgate taped over so i suspect it was a diesel.

  • nik

    i just can’t bring my self to like the look of this car, to me it looks dated and out of proportion, the front is also to soft.
    I’m sure it will drive well but the looks just don’t do it for me, this is probably what the new falcon front end will look like.

  • FluxCapacitor

    Just one question though. The article says it will be previewed ath the Melbourne 2011 International motor show… Didn’t they change the date of the motor show to July? Does that mean we have to wait until after that to see in in showrooms. I hope not.

  • Lynchy

    I think it’s a good looking up date, would of been nice if they could of put some scalloping or fresh lines in the doors as well. Also i notice the front guards have been reshaped and now represent the standard “One Ford” wheel arch shape ala Mondeo and Focus, why they didn’t do this to the rear guards is an unknown, now it looks like a bit of mismatch between front and rear. MyFord Touch will be awesome but it should be standard across all models, the days of the cheap, old version should of passed by now.

    Also the release date seems to be out of whack with a lot of other reporting, most scoops have had the new Territory on sale mid to late March with customer delivery early April. I’ll be disappointed if it’s release is after the Melborne Motor Show which isn’t until early July, Ford certainly can’t think it’s worth holding off the new model just to cash in on some motor show publicity, I think it’s crazy that most car manufacturers now feel that they have to release a new model at a motor show prior to it going on sale. Ford would be better off spending there money on empolying Holdens marketing department to do the commercials because those guys know how to attract buyers.

  • PaUL

    Is it just me or does the rear end (tail lights in particular) look very similar to the current Forester?

  • CK

    Sad as it is, I think it is still too little, too late. The diesel engine should have been here 4 years ago… and now rumours of no catalytic converter on it as well… a dirty old engine… it’s simply all over before it has even begun.

    All this new technology the Ford spokesman keeps banging on about simply equates to the MySync system, which is really just a glorified iPod connection. Is this really going to make the car competitive in the marketplace in 2011/ 2012???

    The decisions Ford made a few years back under Tom Gorman’s leadership could have long term ramifications for the Australian manufacturing industry and employment in this country. It is why people are so passionate about these products… so why it is really dissapointing that Ford has done so little, so late to try and turn the situation around.

    At the end of the day, the market will determine the success or failure of the companies products… and its not looking good.

    • MattW

      If you think MyFord Touch & SYNC are just a glorified iPod connection, you need to go and read a few reviews of the system from the US. I’m quite liking the fact they are putting it in, means the next Falcon update should get it too – craps all over the system in the VEII Commodore

  • Rob

    Why are people comparing it to the new Grand Cherokee?? Does the new Territory come with a Low-Range gearbox?? If not its in a completely different league of cars.
    AWD does not make a car an Offroader.

  • Byron

    A couple people commented why anyone would buy a Captiva over Territory or Kluger? Diesel is the advantage that Kluger nor Territory have.

    Hmm Holden Captiva will still lead the medium SUV market. Ford waited too long for a diesel & only now realise they need to update their car visually, which explains why it’s sales suck. With new petrol/diesel engines, alot better visual updates than Territory, Captiva is sure to increase it’s sales even more. Captiva 5 too will get the big update to it’s engine, so no more bagging it out either :D Bring on the ’11 Captiva due March,

    • Lynchy

      Good to hear your normal praise for the Korean Byron. lol.
      Regardless of what perception you have of the Captiva and Territory the fact is the Territory is a much better built car and you’d be hard pressed to find any motoring journalist who’s driven both give the “better car” award to the Captiva.

      The advantage Captiva currently has with the diesel option is soon to disappear and I think you’ll see Territory once again leading the segment in sales, people forget pretty quickly that they were selling 1500 – 2000 Territorys a month a few years ago.

      The end of the Australian designed and built car may be drawing near to an end, that’ll be a sad day, when it happens and where left with foreign designed cars that weren’t built for our country a few more people might realise how good some of these local cars have been.

  • Joe

    As someone who has driven many Territory’s over the past 6 years I like this new model and I am confident that it will drive extremely well and will look better in the flesh than in photo’s.
    As for some of the poster’s bagging Ford for not enough, not soon enough, not the best Diesel motor etc. they need a severe reality check. The Territory is the ONLY SUV designed and made in Australia. It competes against SUV’s from all over the world and with other model’s that are made in far greater numbers and sold all over the world and not just in Australia and New Zealand. Imagine the differences in economies of scale.
    I would love to have every feature available and new models every couple of years as well, but on a car made locally it’s obviously not affordable.
    It’s looking more and more certain that in this day and age when even brands like Hyundai and Kia are considered “cutting edge” in design etc.(if not in drivability)that the days for uniquely Australian cars is rapidly coming to a close as to be competitive with other products that have a much larger development budget is fast becoming impossible.
    Bring on the 201? Territory/Explorer and Falcon/Taurus.

  • c.o.

    that would look awsome with some 20s and a dark tint! who cares about the diesel when the petrol will be faster. i wish they still made the turbo. i want to put a fpv v8 in it. 8 inch touchscreen is a big touchscreen my iphone is only 4.

    • Mustafa

      that sounds fully hectic bro

  • Frenchie

    I would hope that front grille could sustain a bump into a wheelie bin otherwise there are going to be alot of damaged radiators!

    Is this getting the TDV6 diesel engine?

  • Bob Smyth

    This would have to be UGLIEST front end since the FORD EDSEL, this ugly duckling with a Huge gob the main saviour for this AWD vehicle is thats its a oil burner which is 7 years overdue and this vehicle can not be compared with the Grand Cherokee 4×4., or such !
    Having been a Ford owner for 30 years and having had two TERRITORY\’S… I will say Ford has become a follower and not a leader….Take the Ranger and Focus range out what have innovative NEW CARS have come out off Ford AUST


  • Emmanuel jessey

    I am looking used ford territory to buy now

Ford Territory Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
380Nm @  3250rpm
Max. Power
182kW @  5000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
13.1L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2300  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/60 R17
Rear Tyres
235/60 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning, Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System
Adjustable Pedals, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio Compact Disc Player
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking
Central Locking Remote Control
Optional Features
Third Row Seats
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control
Body Kit, Fog Lights - Front, Rear Spoiler, Tow Pack
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin