• sammo

    These are two quality light cars. I personally can’t think of a good enough reason to buy the Audi over the VW, apart from the prestige associated with the Audi badge.

    I ordered a Polo 1.2TSI in November last year, I still don’t know exactly when it’s going to arrive, but was told ‘April or May’ this year. It’s a long wait for these vehicles, but from all the positive reviews I have read I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

    • Haydn


      I ordered a Polo GTI in November 2010 from Denlo at Parramatta. I received a call yesterday form the salesman saying that they have orders for 12 GTI’s but they have been told that they have only 4 cars delivered in 2011.
      Yes……I’m told to wait another 12 months, or I can I have a full refund. Bummer….

    • Lang Chye

      We ordered a Polo 1.2TSi in May 2010 and were advised that delivery would be in Sep. After a couple of delays, we finally received the car in Nov. So, VW is still testing buyers’ patience in 2011.

    • AB

      A friend of mine ordered the new Golf last year and paid required deposit on the understanding of a 6 month wait for delivery…..
      After 6 months there was still no word on delivery date, and upon ringing dealership were promptly told their order had been lost and needed to wait another 6 months!!!!!!!
      I told them to ask for their deposit back PLUS interest! The saga is still ongoing with the dealership!!!!!!!!!!

      It seems this is not an isolated case!

  • jokc

    I’m really liking these comparison reviews as its often hard to toss up on what type of vehicle you want and even harder to pick between the alternatives in that class! These really do provide a review of each car and a comparison between the alternatives as well = win win

  • Ox

    It’s the same as Golf vs A3 but on a smaller scale.

  • KM

    CA – the polo gti can actually be factory ordered with a full moon roof now.

    And I am pretty sure the normal speced polos can also be…

  • BarryHamburger

    Damn that A1 is overpriced. Polo GTI anyday and everyday.

  • Al Juraj

    A1 – designed for those who simply want the prestige badge.
    Polo GTi – giant killer for under 30K, as fast as Golf GTi which costs heaps more, only downside is 6-month wait.

  • Michael

    Picked up my Polo GTI last week and love it – I actually traded in my 6 month old Polo 77TSI for it. Dealer told me the wait for Polo GTIs is now February 2012!

    • seriously

      really? my dealer told me today the wait is until end of 2012! but luckily ill be receiving my gti sometime this year.. most likely mid year. i cant wait!

  • http://Neptune Rabbit

    I’m in love with the VW Golf R myself, but find the exclusivity of both VW and Audi unbearable to the point that they have simply lost a sale in me.

    Purchasing a car at ‘new’ car price, to only receive it when it is already 1 year old, is rather ridiculous to say the least.

    It’s a marketing ploy for the upper class and those who want to stand out in the crowd for 6 months with a ‘new’ 1 year old car, that is if they receive it in time.

    I think I’ll just wait until enough pop-up second hand, won’t even have to wait then :)

    • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

      Rabbit et al, this is not exclusive to VW/Audi. I ordered 5 Subaru Impreza sedans mid 2009 and had to wait 5 months for delivery.
      In September last year I ordered a further 4 Subaru Impreza hatches and these wil arrive next week (another 5 months).
      I recently ordered 4 Hyundai i30 hatches and was told if I wanted factory fitted cruise I had to wait up to 6 months.

    • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

      I forgot to add I ordered a VW Polo 77 TSI for my wife in November last year and it was delivered in December.

    • bangel

      Keep saving

  • Reckless1

    I hear a rumour that VW production plants are 100% committed to building ordered vehicles for all of 2011.

    Ordered vehicles will include those ordered by dealerships for their own stock, as well as those already ordered by customers.

    Making things worse for Aussie customers is the fact that the production runs for RHD vehicles are limited, and Aussie cars have to be specifically built for ADR so the powers that be who schedule production might be forgiven for saying “stuff the RHDs for Aus – too much ADR hassle” and delay a production run until they ave a full 2 or 3 days worth to build.

    The latest news I have on my Polo GTI order is “Your Polo GTI will be heading into production approx March 13th. The vehicle should be arriving to us in approx 4 months. Once the vehicle arrives to our dealership we will require it for 1 week to allow for any accessory fitment, pre delivery and a full detail.

  • bruzzer

    given the length of time some of you and other buyers have to wait for the Polo GTi
    i wonder sometimes if this is purely a marketing exercise.
    if i was to buy a polo gti today and have to wait until 2012 i sure would ask for my money back…
    between now and then there will be other cars and models coming out.

  • macca

    a 6 month wait for the polo gti is unacceptable. just think, by the time mid-year comes around, the next model update will be released in europe. if they swap-out the twincharge engine (as rumour has it), for a more reliable single-turbo setup – wouldn’t you want to switch over? with a wait as long as that, you’re better off ordering the 2012 model as soon as it is announced. if it’s a 12 month wait (as it probably will be) – then consider keeping your money in the bank to get some interest on it. it won’t be long til the ACCC get on VW’s case..

    • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

      Macca, see my comments above … it isn’t just VW. Subaru and Hyundai have upwards of 4 to 5 months wait (personal experience).

  • Robert.B

    I am a bit confused over the above pricing on the GTI, can someone tell me what i should be paying for a GTI or an R for that matter. I feel like the dealer was quoting way over the top.

  • Eagerly Waiting

    I am unfortunately one of the ‘has to wait’ group, I’ve ordered my Polo GTI and have paid the deposit, was told it could be a year. I’m still leaning towards the somewhat happy to wait side of things, especially after the test-drive (what a car!).
    I did have concerns like some of you that when I did receive it, it would be the year-old model (or what’s current now). I was assured by the dealership that if that was the case, I would receive the current model, not the older model.
    That worries me a bit as well though because I hear VW are discontinuing the twincharged engine in the current Polo GTI. Could become a collector’s item, and since I’m organising a novated finance lease through work, I’m not really worried about the reliability.

  • karl

    The polo is worth the wait. I’ve had mine for a couple of months and its great and matches or surpasses the claims made by VW. However we brought ours as a short term toy with a plan to sell it in the first quarter of the year (I want a yeti when they come out).
    So if you don’t want to wait, check out carsales for an immaculate car with less than 2000km

    • Ron

      Have you sold it already? More details, please!

  • http://Speed tay113

    The polo gti i have just ordered and drives as good,lighter and nimbly,very responsive in take off,7speed dsg,$12000 cheaper to the golf mark 5 gti 6speed dsg which i just sold off due to overwhelming problem on the dsg machatronic.I will play by ear and if i have to wait too long,might get a 2nd hand mark 6 golf gti.Best of both worlds with option a and b

  • Tristan

    No wait for me to get the Polo GTI, picking mine up tomorrow the 25th of Feb, lucky me i guess!!!

  • Ron

    I agree about the long waits – doesn’t seem worth it. I approached my local dealer, and when I was told how long it would take, I thought, well, I guess I’ll see what the competition has to offer by then. Surely some will have caught up…

  • the Insider-er

    “…David Lye, director at independent car brokering service Private Fleet, said if you ordered an Audi A1 today it would not be delivered until the last week of May. The news is even worse for Volkswagen fans, with waiting times for the Polo GTI blowing out to July/August….”

    I’m sorry, but whereever they are getting these figures from leads me to believe it’s from their sitting-parts. At last check, Polo GTI if ordered now won’t be delivered until June/July alright, BUT NOT THIS YEAR, JUNE/JULY 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    @ the insider-er. This article was published early February. It speaks to the popularity of these little tykes that the wait is even longer now! When will they learn??!?! Think of how many sales they are missing out on….

  • http://www.qaeg.com.au Bob Rona

    WOW .. all the too and fro’ing of opinions makes me want to run out and order the 2012 model!!!

    Can anyone give a truly accurate delivery date on a current order.. or are we all at the mercy of the ‘ Power that Be’ and have to suffer accordingly??

    I am happy to wait till late this year, but if a new model is in the pipeline.. I am worried my ” ordered car’ might be ‘old stock’ before I get it !
    Any comments??

  • Gazza

    Ordered the A1 last week, and with the specks ticked – perfect car for my wife and she just loved the test drive and that was that. Delivery in 6 weeks (July)

  • Bum

    Why is everyone worried that the car will be ‘old’. That’s pretty neurotic. It will get old either way! And the current design IMHO will look good even if a refresh is released.

  • Glen

    I am in the UK and due to trade my A3. The problems with the A1 are that it has been stripped out to save weight. You cannot adjust the height of the setabelts, the parcel shelf is as thin as paper, as are the carpets. You cannot get a sunroof on the sport model. The upholstery is also dower and old (check Ford Fiesta L 1979 and the same houndstooth cloth is used). I also think next to the Polo GTi the A1 dash is untidy, and the seats nowhere near as comfortable. Running costs are better with the A1 that I concede, but some of us don’t want a small car that has been over-economised. Polo for me.

  • Wont say

    I work at a dealership in brisbane, I am really pissed off at the powers that be VW Australia. It is really embarrassing for us to see this happen. However I have seen an improvement of late and most orders coming through around 2 months earlier than expected. I cant give an accurate date as to when a car will be available. Its different at every dealership too, we are allocated production slots for each quarter. so at some dealership they are a 12 month wait and some are a 5-6. We are looking at April at this stage.

  • Sozithi

    I was window shopping for a car on the 10th of Jan 2012, went past VW midbay and i saw a new polo GTI parked outside. went in for a quote and by the 17th of Jan 2012 i was recieving my new polo GTI. Midbay is the best guys..and my 2012 polo GTI is fantastic guys…its a car to have trust me..

  • Rx350

    i was told the updated polo gti will have a single twin-scroll turbo, so just wait guys

  • Mahdi

    I ordered my Polo Tsi last week and they said it’ll be here by end of January to March 2015. I’m hoping they’ll call me before that date :)